Thursday, 31 August 2017

Goodbye August

Earrings: Limited Edition | Sweater: Stardoll feat. | Jacket: Limited Edition | Dress: Archive | Heels: Just Cavali

We Wear Hotbuys A U G U S T | Acid Washed Denim Jacket

The final day of August and the final HB of the month! This is the Acid Washed Denim Jacket from It Girls priced at 21SD's. I really like the look of this piece, it's completely different to anything else we've had in the Plaza and it really stands out! I just didn't even think about how I'd style it until I'd purchased it and it was on my doll and a big '?' came to mind!! I did get there pretty quickly but there was a moment of panic with this piece as it is that something different^
I really enjoyed styling this actually, and I think it's pretty fun and people will have a good, and creative, time working with this piece! There is somewhat a range in our stylings, seeing that everyone else went with skirts I wanted to show some versatility and it does look pretty nice in a multiple-denim styling =D And remember to vote in our poll too:

Flowing fancy floral

Super sultry and very different styling today from Tara_1994 =) I thought this was such a cool was to reinvent an older style dress - I'm sure some of you don't even know about the Vivienne Tam store?! Anyway, it's a soft styled dress with a loose shape and this outfit transforms it into something modern and sultry and cool. I love the thinning of the waist with the tied flowing belt and the addition of the mesh polo at the neck, it definitely adds a little class to the look. The boots are good, I like minimalising the amount of leg on show with them. And that red lip sure pops!

Bag It Up Challenge #186

Next challenge post today - this next bag is the Hotbuys Precious Handbag from Fallen Angel which came out back in January 2016 and we styled back then. I much more prefer my current styling for this piece over the one although I still think it is a tricky piece to style really well. As it's quite a small piece, the printing on it is quite hard to see so all that stands out really are the red segments and the pearl-chained strap that I really like wrapped around the wrist like that^ So I went with the red for this one and I quite like the outcome - it's a little different for my doll and gives a chance to wear this fabulous Gucci skirt! I wish I had another red belt, as this is a little bright for the look, but I love this grey sweater with the skirt and I think it's a good calming piece for the bag to be added to!

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Y O U N G H O L L Y W O O D | Release Review

Another store which had a release while I was away was Young Hollywood! This was somewhat of a surprise to me as we quite recently had another YH release too, but nevermind, the more new clothes the better^ The homepage advert is bright and bold and definitely catches your eye - you can't ignore it! And alike last years release at this time, it's based on the Teen Choice Awards.
Highlights It is a pretty small release, with quite select pieces from the event chosen, and overall I think they made some good choices - I had a quick look at the celebrity looks and it could have been a lot worse for us! At the same time the collection could have been bigger! There's not so much a theme with the pieces, but I do see popular trends emanating from the release - I quite like it =)
Accessories Just a small number of accessories but that can be expected for the collection size. There are two paired of paired shoes, the Silk Blood Orange Heels and the Velvet Criss Cross Heels which have been done on a similar design but are a pretty decent offering of heels. I like both pairs, they seem easy to style and the colours are pretty wearable too^ There is one bag, the Black And Pearl Handbag which looks very classy and I love the box hand-held design of it, it looks pretty great! Lastly there is the Enamel Flower Belt which was super popular and I'm sad I missed out on! It looks great for summer stylings and I can easily see it slung around the hips in many different styled looks. Overall pretty decent accessories - maybe missing a pair of earrings or a necklace however^
Clothing With the clothing there are 5 looks and everything is either a one-piece or a co-ord set, this doesn't bother me at all, I like this for a small collection like this. First the co-ords - there are two of them, the Blood Orange Feather Skirt and Criss Cross Blood Orange Top, a cute pairing, but not something with huge versatility, then the Sequin Pajama Shirt and Pants, which are much more appealing with more neutral colours and much more versatility, plus the sequins aren't hugely obvious so I don't think they'd be an issue in stylings at all. I think the second set is much easier to pair separately than the first and I'm excited to work with the Pants^ And then there are 3 one-pieces, a jumpsuit, the Structural One Shoulder Jumpsuit which is in a pretty white colour and is a beautifully designed piece with great shapes and fit on the doll and cut-out sections along with creative style, it's definitely pretty! And then two dresses, the baroque styled Velvet Embroidered Mini Dress which is a little oversized in the body shape and has cutout panels on the side between the two segments of the dress. I like the design and the colours used, but it's not really a hugely flattering piece, not on my doll anyway, and there's still quite a few pieces of it left, so it's not been as popular as other items. And lastly my favourite piece, the High Slit Buttoned Dress in a bright yellow tone with a very casual style, there's a high slit on the leg, cutout sections (a trend in this store^), cute buttons, and an overall loose fit about the body. I really really like this piece, I'm super excited for it, and can't wait to wear it - but I wish we had longer left of summer as it's a perfect summer piece!
Prices This release ranges from 30 to 135SD's but actually the pieces really were ranged across that whole price bracket so hopefully you found something at a price which worked for you! None of the items were limited to SS or Royalty only, so that's a good point too.
Styled Outfits I just bought 2 pieces from the store and from my first experiences styling them, I'm very pleased with them! First the Sequin Pajama Pants, which have a range of stripe colours and therefore give plenty of options for styling, I found a lot of deep red pieces that looked awesome, but settled on this navy set, love pairing this jacket (again) and this time with a velvet cardi, the gaps in the front are a sweet style addition, and I really like these two items with the trousers. Stuck minimal with some pointed heels, they work out well and fit the look nicely. And then the High Slit Buttoned Dress which I love and I'm so glad it looks good on my doll! I stayed simple and didn't add too much to this one, but these flat sandals were ones I knew I wanted to wear with the dress immediately, and they introduced the use of black and gold in the other pieces. I just love this styling, it's perfect for summer and it just enthuses me about this dress =)
Features Alike Marc Jacobs, as I was late to the party I just have a couple of features for you, although still awesome! Firstly here is keshaa wearing the YH Black And Pearl Handbag in a cool casual styling. The accessories fit together perfectly in this look, the belt and boots are great for this bag! It's great to see smart pieces like these working well in dressed down looks, the jeans stand out well and attract attention to the bag and I think they were a good choice to tie the relaxed sweater with the accessory pieces =)

And secondly a brighter look from Marta-43 going with a neon base for the YH Sequin Pajama Shirt - it works out! I love that the neon draws out the yellow tones in the shirt, I like this combination and I'm glad someone used it^ The white skirt and shoes are good additions, they are stylish but don't pull attention from the colourful pairing where focus is intended to be. Also loving the belt-bag, the red is on point, and I do think it works out with the outfit =D

Gingham girl

Again another classic-based styling, today from parisgeller who really has been standing out in styling looks recently! I loved the use of gingham in this styling, you'd never think that blue and white gingham could look this good but it totally does^ I love the quirky trousers, the hem design makes them an interesting choice for a look, and the navy colour is good for the gingham tones. The nude long sleeve tee is a nice addition and makes for a different outfit. The accessories are stylish, the buckle shoes are spot on and I love the pearl-decorated bag in there too^

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

We Wear Hotbuys A U G U S T | Miu Miu Inspired Pink Pearl Earrings

Getting to the end of the HBs now, this is the penultimate one! These are the Miu Miu Inspired Pink Pearl Earrings from Pretty 'N Love costing 14SD's and the great thing about these is that although you just purchase a 'left' one, you automatically get the 'right' earring upon purchase so you can choose to wear one or two however you wish - awesome =D These are pretty cool earrings, not my typical jewellery choice but I quite like the glitz and glamour they will add to my jewellery selection. I love the bright pink colour and think it will make a great pop in an outfit!
For all my moaning about wanting pairs, this is the one hairstyle that really just needs one earring!!! I really quite like these earrings, they're quite gaudy but I think they somehow work out just fine^ It's interesting seeing completely different takes on them - I think I'll need a couple more tries of styling them to feel comfortable with them. And remember to vote in our poll too:

Lacy lady

I love this lacy feminine styling today coming from Symphonia. - I thought it was striking natural beauty! I adore the lace cami, it's paired classically with these cream trousers and looks super elegant. The thin fringed and lace detailed long cardi is great, the turquoise tone stands out and draws your eyes in, plus it's paired perfectly with the little bag - it sure is one great styling for this bag! I love the pink shoes paired with the pink lip, and the golden accessories are minimal but add so much to the look ... I'm in love =D

Bag It Up Challenge #185

Feeling light and bright and still a little summery with my next challenge look centred around the Riviera Vintage Suede Purse which is in a very nice red tone with some very nice fringe details^ I've really liked the look of this bag since I bought it, but getting around to styling it has been the tricky part. Although I love my all-white styling with little hints of red in the belt, sunglasses and the heels of the shoes, this bag could totally take on some colour like a yellow or an orange, I just need to confidence to do that with it! Anyway, this was an easy piece to style and I wish I'd picked it up to style earlier in the summer - next year I can see I'll get good wear from it =D

Monday, 28 August 2017

I N S P I R E D B Y M A R C J A C O B S | Tribute Review

You probably thought this next Tribute Review wasn't coming - but I was away during the release and then this is the first chance I've had to sit and write about it ... our final Tribute, Marc Jacobs! We've had Marc Jacobs before and it was a pretty alright release, so I definitely expect the same from this one^ The advertising sure is colourful with a lot of glitter on the pieces, so lets dive in and see^
Highlights This store has two floors and as per the advert, it is quite colourful! There's a lot going on - I amn't familiar with the original collection so maybe it's all over the place too, but I think there should be something for everyone in the mix there!
Accessories It was a pretty small accessories collection this time, just shoes and bags and one pair of socks, and overall I'm a little disappointed with the accessories on offer. The shoes seem quite unappealing to me, all being huge platforms which to me are quite unwearable with the styles I like, and I haven't seen anyone discuss these or purchase these so maybe this is the same opinion with others too. The colours of the shoes are fine, and I don't mind that there's a lot of glitter and shimmer with them, but the platform puts me off completely sadly. The bags are a little better, with two to choose from, the MJ Inspired Bowler Bag, which reminds me a little of something from Miss Sixty, if any of you remember that Plaza store, I don't like the bulk it has, and I can't see it being styled well with my current style, and then the winner of the accessories, the MJ Inspired Cat Shoulder Bag which I think is sweet and it a nice wearable piece. The orange leather colour does seem a little too artificial, but I like the shoulder-bag style along with the cat design and the size of the piece - I definitely hope to see this piece getting some reasonable wear =)
Clothing In the clothing there are a lot of short lengths, in fact there's just one pair of trousers and the rest of the pieces are looking like mini skirts and dresses! This doesn't entirely make the store greatly relatable I think, which is a little disappointing. There's also a lot of disco-style going on, very individual pieces in terms of design and style. So there are 7 dresses and 3 skirts in the store. Starting with the skirts are the Leather Mini Skirt, Leather Skirt and Two Tone Jeans Mini Skirt - the mustard tone of the Leather Mini Skirt definitely stands out and really attracts me, possibly also because it's one of the more minimal pieces in the store. I also like the blue tones in the second two skirts, but I very much doubt that they are my style. I'm leaning to the Leather Skirt with it's range of colour panels a little more than the ruffled denim one, but I'm still not sure - I need to see some stylings before making my mind up! And then all those dresses - well, I digress a little, there's also a sweater dress and a playsuit that fall into this category, but dress-like pieces^ Pinks and purples do get a hefty feature, so I like this, I'm just not sure how wearable the items are - the Feather Lace Jumpsuit, Sequined Dress, Scalloped Lace Dress and Ruffle Draped Dress. They are all quite delicate intricate pieces, particularly the Jumpsuit, but they're also all pieces I can't see getting day-to-day wear, they're very evening focused, particularly the Sequined Dress being completely shimmery with a keyhole cutout on the front and with cool puffed sleeves - don't get me wrong, it's a nice dress and the pattern is pretty but I just wouldn't wear it a lot to make it worth buying! Moving on from the feminine tones, the Sequined Mini Dress in a leopard print keeps the shimmering going, I like the style of this being fitted and with long sleeves with a little puffed section at the cuff, and also the polo neck, the length is just a tad short for me - however I do think being this short means you could pair it with some different bottoms and trousers might work out alright with this if they're the right style, so I'm keeping this one on my radar right now! And then there's the Military Dress with similar skirting to the Two Tone Jeans Mini Skirt, I don't really like the camouflage print for my doll, but I think others will. I don't like the top half of this dress either, I don't think the vest style suits it very well or makes it a flattering piece. And lastly the Sweatshirt dress, which I think I'd be sold on if it was a more fitted shorter piece with just the stripes and no pattern on the front - for the stripe design and colours are great! The pattern ontop of that is just a little funky for my doll. Again this is something I haven't seen anyone wear and I think I'd like to as I think it might be worth a chance^ I wish we had the ability to return things to the Plaza if we purchased then decided we didn't want them anymore! Now moving onto tops, the store has 3 on offer - the Sweater, Star Blouse and Cropped Top, and they're all pretty different pieces which I quite like. The Sweater, with a grey base and purple pattern is quite a basic piece and I think pretty wearable. The fit is nice, although I don't like the print on my doll, so sadly I won't be purchasing it. I did get the Star Blouse - I can't pass up a good blouse when I see one! This again has a nice fit and the star pattern makes it a unique one in my blouse collection. The Cropped Top really passed my sights when I first went through the store, I wasn't hugely enamoured by the cut or the heart print on it, but looking again now, I'm quite liking it! Sure I wish it wasn't cropped, but the hearts and colouring are quite nice^ In the outerwear category there are 4 pieces - the one I know I have no interest in is the Feather Jacket, an extravagant piece with beading and lace and big feathers, completely not me, but I'm still umming and ahhing about the other outerwear items! The Military Oversized Jacket, Embroidered Bomber Jacket and Metallic Biker Jacket are all sticking in my head - I like the differences each of them has and they're all pretty unique in our Plaza, it's just deciding if I would wear them enough to make them worth it! The silver Metallic Biker Jacket definitely is holding the front position for a purchase as I've been wanting something like this for a while - it's just taking the step and purchasing it! I like that the Embroidered Bomber Jacket is something compeltely different and unlike me, but it really is something that I don't know how well my doll would wear it! Decisions decisions =D And the final piece to discuss, the only pair of trousers, the Metallic Pants in a pretty silver with a nice wearable fit. I like these on my doll and even though they wouldn't be something I would wear every week, they're the sort of piece that I know wouldn't come around again next week and I think I would regret not purchasing them!
Prices This release ranges from 12 to 39SD's, with most clothing items coming up quite expensive in that range, which is a little disappointing as the pieces are certainly not easily wearable so I'd rather not spend a lot on something I can only wear once or twice. Definitely not affordable for everyone!
Styled Outfits I was feeling quite uninspired when it came to styling these pieces, I think it's just because I've been out of the styling game for a few weeks now and I just need to get back into the swing of things - maybe I'll restyle these pieces in a few weeks time^ First up is the MJ Inspired Star Blouse, I liked the idea of the leathery-effect trousers with it, but I don't like how I've gone for the overall look, the high waist looks goof with the shirt, but too much black I think ... a silver midi skirt is looking very appealing right now! Then secondly the MJ Inspired Leather Mini Skirt, of which I love the colour and also the combination with the mustard sweater, but I think I panicked when I couldn't find much else to work with them and randomly picked a beige coat and booties - I do think booties is a good way to go with this skirt, but maybe not these ones! And lastly, somewhat a success of a look, with the MJ Inspired Cat Shoulder Bag, I went all white to let the orange leather colour stand out, and it definitely does, I love it with this blazer too. Accessorising could have been better, none of my orange pieces were quite the right tone, so I need some more trial and error with that^
Features So as I was a little late to the party on this one, just a few features for you today! Firstly from Mia1435 wearing the MJ Inspired Military Oversized Jacket in this cool-dark-girl styling also featuring some previous Marc Jacobs - I think the bag is a perfect for the jacket in colouring and style. I like the long baggy jeans fitting with the looser style of the jacket and also the deep-v black blouse. The burgundy lip is a perfect beauty choice and the tousled hair is spot on =)
And then also pandaribbon - styling the usual 4 looks from this store incredibly well! I'm very impressed and it really sells me all of the pieces styled even though I know I couldn't wear them even a fraction this well. I particularly like the second look - the MJ Inspired Leather Skirt paired with the pink polo and leather jacket, the colours are great together and make such a fun combination - and the last look with the MJ Inspired Embroidered Bomber Jacket which I really doubted at first but this look rocks, love the ruffled skirt and the use of blues in the styling! 

Denim days

Denim, denim, denim for days! Love a good denim look and this time from a firm favourite Heneda =) There are lots of things which I'm seeing that keep reminding me of this dress and that I need to style it - this look is too awesome to follow! I love it paired with the jeans to give it an even more casual feel to add to the ripped hems, it just really works out nicely! The light wash denim cap and the paler quilted bag look amazing with the dress and the gold chain opens up accessory additions in the earrings, glasses and keychain, as well as a good shoe choice^

Sunday, 27 August 2017

We Wear Hotbuys A U G U S T | Sophie Hulme Inspired Micro Bag

Super excited to finally get to this HB - I have high expectations for this one! This is the Sophie Hulme Inspired Micro Bag from Bizou costing 23SD's, yes expensive, but also a very nicely designed designer piece^ This bag is in the perfect pink colour, and I think it will be popular because of that, there's also gold detailing which again make it an easy piece to add further accessories to. The over-body style looks awesome and it suits the dolls and the bag really well - I'm very pleased with this piece and it totally lives up to my hopes for it =D
Look at all that pink! Honestly, the bag will work with other colours too^^ The pink is an obvious choice for starting styles with this piece and I'm feeling quite inspired with this bag that I think it will be a versatile and easy piece to work with - I'm looking forward to it! And remember to vote in the poll as always:

Too cool

Very very cool-girl look from tolady in this styling today! I love the loose fitted clothing, the coat and trousers fit nicely on the doll and together. Normally I'm not a fan of the lack of the shirt, but the bralette in this look fits the style well and everything is just cool enough to suit it^ This bag is the perfect choice in this outfit, I just love it here and can't wait to style it again myself =) Also fitting are the sunglasses, they just suit this doll so well! And the room style, I love the decor choices which show off the outfit nicely^

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #184

Another challenge post! Today featuring the Olivia Shoulder Bag from It Girls. This was a popular piece for quite a while after it was released, but I do think it's fallen a little into obscurity recently^ I still like the piece, it's in a simple black making it an easy item to style, and I like the over-shoulder design along with the golden details on it. I went super simple with my look, choosing black clothing, but I love styling this frill skirt with the dress, making a cute creative piece that I think stands out nicely! I tried to choose some outerwear but nothing worked out right, so I went without, and chose some simple shoes to fit the look - jewellery is probably definitely missing!!!


This is just the sweetest boho style for summer from Najka. today^ I love these pieces a lot and I think, on their own, they can be hard to get right - I've tried to wear this dress so many times and it just never works out - but this combination is completely spot on for them =D I love the combination of the flowing sleeves and skirt with the trim on the blouse, the pieces fit so well. The socks are super cute too, love the frilly trim, it's very fitting for the look^ And the makeup - the blue tones are perfect!

Friday, 25 August 2017


A couple of weeks ago now, Stardoll gifted SS and Royalty members this Special Offer freebie piece, the Pearl Beaded Denim Jacket - I looked at it at first and wasn't sure if I liked it, but decided I should style it a few times to really get an idea of it, and it's definitely growing on me =D
I think this is a 2/3rds success! I love the first two looks, I think the trouser lengths are perfect, and the pieces are great fits for the jacket style. The pearls on the jeans in the first look are definitely not too much, and I like the double denim here with the huge contrast in tones - the styles of the two denims work nicely together! The white shirt and belt smarten up the look and I love these shimmering heels to compliment the pearls. In the second look I think the culottes are a perfect piece for a non-denim pairing, these ones have a great design and I like the smooth front rather than a pleat. I decided to keep this a little summery with this loose cami top, and the black line design opened up black in the accessories, the belts and shoes add a little but aren't too overwhelming of the white or light denim =) I don't like my final look so much, I think the clothes are a little too dressy for the jacket, what I do like though is the use of the black blouse, I think some playing around with combinations could make this piece work out well!

Pastel petals

Baby blue pastel all over with this end-of-week styling from ThePerpetua! I love these trousers particularly, and I think they've been styled super well here - the other matching blues look awesome, the socks are fab and I like the attention drawn to the very cool bow-tied white heels. The hat is also pretty cool, definitely a hard piece to make look good and it really works out here! The floral jacket is a good break from the blue and the style works in the outfit. I like the nipped waist and use of the belt giving a slimming profile^

Thursday, 24 August 2017

We Wear Hotbuys A U G U S T | Light Denim With Side Stripe

And finally caught up with the Hotbuys - here's our most recent one, the Light Denim With Side Stripe, and I just wanna add 'jeans' on the end of the name there! These are from Bizou and cost 22SD's. I definitely agree in that they show huge similarity to previous HB jeans in their colour, fit on the doll, and ripped hemline (I like the fit and ripped hem, so no complaints about that^) and I think it might be time for a break from this style, but the stripe on these make them a cool piece with a trendy twist - I'm excited for these!
Such versatile jeans I think just from looking at these 3 outfits! I hope this inspires some of you to give this next pair of ripped hem mom jeans a go^ Alike other recent HBs, I found these an easy piece to style, and clearly they work out nicely in a lot of different ways. And as usual, the poll:

Floral fancy

Flowery fresh and fancy in this very cool look today coming to you from Mr.famous.com =) Great to see these jeans getting featured in a great styling and they also look great with the denim boots - a great pairing for both the items! The tucked tee is a good choice and I love the use of the flowers and leaves - they make a good accessory and an eye-catching addition to the outfit. I also like that they do pull some attention from the tee logo. The earrings are also eye-catching and I think they're a good piece for this look =)

Bag It Up Challenge #183

I've really been trying to style this bag for a while now - it's the Chestnut Shoulder Bag from Bizou which is such a pretty piece and quite a popular one to wear as I've featured a lot of dolls wearing it, I just haven't been able to style it right myself! This one is still available in the Plaza even though it came out 2 years ago, so go get it if you're interested^
I did struggle a bit with it, but I think a winning combination is with these trousers, the colour compliments that of the bag pretty well - it's just finding the rest of an outfit that's tricky! In the end I decided to try out printing with this cool shirt, I think I like it, but I'm maybe more on the fence about it - what do you guys think?! I wish I had a perfect brown belt to wear so I settled on this black one but I think it's too dark for the styling ... maybe I'll get it right next time I wear this bag =D

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

We Wear Hotbuys A U G U S T | Vitamin D Sweatshirt

The next Hotbuy from last week - the Vitamin D Sweatshirt from It Girls and it's priced at 20SD's. I was super excited for this piece, I love a good sweater and I love navy^ The logo is fine, I could take it or leave it, but it does make the piece more unique and I think the red colour gives the sweater quite a few outfit choices to go with! The oversized style is nice, I'm on the fence as to whether I'd rather it had a tucked-in look or not!
This sweater was easy to style, I had no trouble, but I didn't intend to cover it quite so much - it's just a great fit with this jacket^ It clearly works well with both trousers and skirts and denim is a staple that it will fit with very easily if you're unsure of what direction to go in with it =) Remember to vote in the poll as well:

Buckled belt

Isn't this just a perfect stylish look?! I sure thought so when I visited SelfConscious' suite and it immediately got my 5 stars^ I love a good white-clothed look as you all know well, and this look is awesome! The white trousers have a currently trendy slightly loose fit with looks good, especially with the meshed socks and the little kitten heels with buckle^ But it's the cool shirt design that's looking the best - this is a fantastic idea for a cool modern design with a little slither of arm showing and looking all rather chic^ The belts are amazing and the draped style of them is spot on for the look =)

Bag It Up Challenge #182

Originally I put this outfit on with a different bag, but actually I decided I liked it with this pairing much better! I really like these two bags together - the Black Party Clutch and then the Small Quilted Purse ontop, both from Nelly (here then here), I think they're a sweet pairing^ I would never have thought they would work out well with a majority of other accessories in brown, but I'm really pleased with how this looks! The white makes a good base and these trousers are a super classy piece. I like the black bags against the furry shoulder coat and I hope it's something I try out again - I love this outcome =D

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

We Wear Hotbuys A U G U S T | Fenty Inspired Platforms

So today the first Hotbuy from the last week when I was away - I hope you all enjoyed the different posts! These are the Fenty Inspired Platforms from Velvet Orchid and they cost 19SD's, which does seem high ad they are a style of shoe we've had in the Hotbuys previously and are a style I know which I'm not so much a fan of. They are in a versatile colour though and they do fit the doll very nicely, definitely something I can see a lot of people wearing!
So although I don't like these or think they work on my doll, I do think they were an easy to style pair of shoes. Lots of different pieces went with them and the winning point for me was the little pink tag on the shoes that I could base my clothes on - this totally worked out for me and made me happier about these shoes! I'm particularly loving that we all chose skirts and dresses for these too^ And vote in the poll as well:

Bag It Up Challenge #181

Getting your fill of challenge posts - a whole host coming to you before the end of the month! This next bag is a pretty recent Hotbuy from Bizou, the Balenciaga Inspired Crossbody Bag which came out back in March - and this look is actually my second go, the first one was far too similar to my original styling, oops^ So I had wanted to go navy, but I've done that, so the next best colour match is white! This dress is a perfect loose summer piece and I think it's a perfect choice for the bag^ Also loving this coat use again, I think it adds a nice touch. And then the white shoes, a simple yet stylish touch, and overall I think the bag stands out really nicely =D

Monday, 21 August 2017

Suite Style

A stunning navy suite styling for todays feature from regnlee - I'm surprised I didn't see this before because it's fantastic! I love the navy seating combination with the blue tinted fireplace, they fit together seamlessly and the chimney breast is a great architectural addition to give the room more life. I love all of the decor pieces included, from the intricate styling of glass vases and candles on the mantlepiece to the offerings on the coffee table, everything looks great and fits in a nice style together =)

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #180

This next bag in the challenge is a pretty new purchase for me actually but I'm loving it so far! This is the Small Straw Bag from Nelly and so far I haven't come up with any negatives about it^ This seems a great summer piece, and with the popularity of straw pieces I'm thinking it should last into the autumn season too before being packed up until next year^ I love the light colour with the black handles and I think those make it an easy piece to work it into a range of different styles, including this feminine floral printed frilly dress and I think it looks pretty good! The dress has enough detail for a whole look and I don't think it needs anything else - I'm pretty pleased with this one =)

Tied for fall

A perfect styling for the fall (autumn; I just liked the alliteration^) today from lulluplix wearing my favourite skirt style =) This skirt has perfect style and print and colour for autumn and I love the addition of the tied scarf around the waist. It gives the skirt a more voluminous illusion with the fitting yet standout colours. The belt is perfect to tie the pieces together. The white top is a great basic, and I like the slight loose fit of it. The heels are a simple touch and I love the small amount of summer added in the straw clutch. The earring and glasses are pretty, but the beret totally stands out as a great inclusion in the styling =D