Friday, 29 March 2013

The No White Challenge #5

I haven't worn this mint skirt in a long time, so it was the basis for my colour choices:
I chose the jacket because it works, it's not my go to item for when I am lazy like you all tell me it is, I wear it because it works. It has the blue tones more than black, so it works with this outfit based on blues and greens.

Funky fresh

I love this fabulous bright fresh look from emo-niunia-, it's got a great base of black and white with the almost neon fuschia as a stand out colour.
A great, simple but trendy look!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

The No White Challenge #4

Definitely went for a bright colour today:
I'm really feeling this outfit, I love the two yellows paired together, for me, they work. I then chose simple pieces, like black skinnies, plain t-bar wedges, a belt and sunnies to keep the outfit as minimal as possible, you can't choose clashing yellows and make something with hundreds of different colours or patterns, it just wouldn't work!
I'm gonna be at home this weekend, so I will schedule posts - please don't be disappointed if you don't see my doll wearing the outfit I feature, as when I'm at home I do homey things, and I haven't been at home in like 3 months and this is my little break before the real hard work begins for exams!

Harrods closing sale

So today we all got a message letting us know that Harrods is closing, and they're having a 25% off sale before closing its doors, so now is the time to get those pieces that you've been considering buying! 
My aim for this post is to show you the items I think are worth your consideration to buy - I have taken photos of each store, and indicated on them my top choices =) Click to enlarge.
So those are all my top choices for the stores, I know they wont be for everyone, but I've had a lot of you ask for suggestions of what to buy in sales before, so I thought it could be useful as there's so many shops there to sort through!
No White Challenge #4 coming up soon!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The No White Challenge #3

When I set out to make today's outfit I really wanted to wear orange trousers, and this is what I came up with:
Hmm, you're wondering, no orange trousers ... ? =/ Yeah, I wanted orange but I had nothing of the right shade, so maybe tomorrow I'll spend a little time in the StarDesign and come up with some!
Anyway, chose this blouse as a base, I really love it, I saw one just like it in Forever 21 which has just opened here. Anyway, paired it with blue skinnies, and kept with the blue scheme with these shoes - these are amazing heels, first I bought them and was like meh, then after seeing one of Kociara074's stylings, something clicked and I fell in love with them!
Couldn't decide on a jacket, so included pictures with my two choices, and also without any jacket =)


As you can see, I have sorted us out with Bloglovin, so if you have an account there go ahead and follow! This is all in prep for the deletion of Google reader, which I actually hadn't heard of until like last week, I always keep up to date with blogs and things on my blogger dashboard, so until it gets deleted I really don't know how the blog will be affected or anything.
All of the major RL blogs use bloglovin, I'm sure some of you will follow them with it, so go ahead and click the follow button =D


Again a look from on of our kinda regulars, millaxx - I love this black and white look, and just because I'm on a no white challenge, doesn't mean I can't feature people who wear white! Anyway, I love this look for both its simplicity and the detailing in the belt, yeah I know it's just a belt and it was made that way, but it still looks pretty! I think the look was put together well, and I'd love to wear it myself someday =D 

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Cobalt floral

Crazy beautiful look from one of my favourite dolls, elebachia, I love this style, it's exactly the sort of thing I want my doll to be looking fabulous in!
I love the choice of colours, the cobalts and turquoise pull it into spring, but the jacket and ankle booties being dark, hold it in winter for that little bit longer. My favourite part is the use of the floral applique belt as a decoration on the top, I think it looks beautiful and Stardoll seriously needs to take note - I want some tops just like this!!!
Anyway, another fabulous look as always =D 

The No White Challenge #2

Ok, so I promised some colour and I really haven't given much:
This skirt just looks so much better with a white blouse and courts! But I persevered and chose the cute t-bars, which I used to wear all the time actually, and a black tee/blouse which I haven't worn before - I would have gone without the jacket, but the blouse doesn't look so good without it!

Sorry for the rubbishy post, I was studying in the library from 9am-5pm today, I am soooo looking forward to May 3rd when exams are over and I begin my summer holidays!!!

Monday, 25 March 2013

The No White Challenge #1

So the first day of this new challenge - really went for the opposite end of the scale today:
Chose a rather dark outfit, I kept going "Ooh I'll wear those jeans, they'd go perfect with my white ... oh wait =/", so I chose a dark top, jacket and shoes, and forced myself to go for trousers that would work with them, and not find several items that would work with the trousers!
Anyway, I'm happy with this rather basic, but non white look!
Tomorrow I promise I'll wear something with a bit more colour, I kinda feel like yellow or orange in this little weather 'blip' we're having here in Scotland!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

The No White Challenge

Starting on Monday is a new challenge, and I feel it really embraces the word "challenge" - my aim is to wear no white clothing! You all know my love for white, so this will indeed be challenging for me!
This challenge will last 7 days, so from Monday until next Sunday =)

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Weekly Hotbuys

Another set of Hotbuys was released yesterday - this time based on Chanel Resort:
I loved this collection, so I'm pretty happy with it overall! Here are some of the items from the RL collection[I'm not including the bag or boots, they're not for me!]:
 There are different colours of the hat, Stardoll chose the pink, I like the blue too though!
 I feel that a lot of people will be happy with this weeks set, I think they are what people are looking for in Stardoll - designer clothing at a reasonable price and pretty well designed!
I don't plan on buying the hair right now, it's super cute, but it doesn't suit my doll, however it might in the future, so it's sitting on my wishlist right now along with the hat - I love it, but it doesn't sit on my head nicely, and I'm unsure if a hairstyle change will fix that, so some experimenting is needed!
I did buy the dress right away, there was no doubt about that! It looks great on my doll and I can see it coming in useful for my stylings in the summer =)

Hope you guys enjoyed this Hotbuys release as much as I did!

P.S Sorry for not posting as much, we are about to finish up for the holidays tomorrow, so I am swamped in work, had a presentation for today, and a test to study for tomorrow, I also entered an essay competition so had that to finish up, which I just did before writing here!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Kenzo ahoy!

Kenzo's popularity has definitely raised a lot since that sweater, I think we all know the one I'm talking about, but just in case:
Anyway so Kenzo has been brought back to my attention by the ever wonderful xxemowaxx who has designed this wonderful suit from a Kenzo print for us to wear on our dollies!
Above I have paired my suit (total price 19 SD's) together, but this is just quickly to show you how it looks, I will do a designated Styled Outfits post at the weekend showing how I plan to style each piece individually!
I very much look forward to getting wear out of my Kenzo suit, and I hope you take time to visit xxemowaxx and congratulate him on the success of his wonderful piece =D

Love K xxx

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Style makeover: mgirl07

Finally getting around to the 4th style makeover (the last one was in December!) seeing as recently quite a lot of people have been signing up for them! I do it in the order signed up for, ignoring people who haven't been active on SD or who have been deleted. In case you didn't read the post about it before/are new to the blog, basically this segment is where people who have signed up get an outfit styled by myself. I only use clothes they already own(so if you have few items it will be more difficult) so no purchase is necessary.

{Before is on the left, after is on the right}
I chose something much more minimalistic than her 'before' look, there was too many different things going on, and it didn't really all work together nicely. The pattern on the leggings made the legs look quite short as she wore flat shoes, and the accessories didn't compliment each other or the clothing. I went for light bright colours with pale pink and white, the two look nice against each other, and they don't look boring. I added simple nude kitten heels for shoes, and didn't add any other accessories - partly because there were none in her closet that worked well, and because I don't think that the look needs any!
Overall, I think she looks great in the look I've styled!

Love K xxx

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Another week, another set of Hotbuys

So Wednesday has come and gone and it brought a new collection of Hotbuys:
This week is based on denim which is very popular right now =)
The only item that I really like and have bought are the jeans, which are inspired by Marc Jacobs - but having said that, I have a Kociara074 pair, and I think I like those Star Design ones more! They just fit my doll a lot better, but it will definitely be personal choice.
I didn't really like many of the other items, I felt like a lot could have been done with denim, and it just wasn't - I do however like the presentation of them, I think it works well and is different, in a good way!

Colour galore

polinapolinka has again wowed us with another great look!
Today wearing a fabulous mint and fuschia combination. I love the pairing of these two more unconventional colours. The pairing works nicely with the clothing being focused on the the mint/turquoise side and the accessories being much more flare-y in the bright tone - I just love it, and it works great together =D

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Baby baby blue beauty

A wonderful beauty who appears inspired by FW as much as I am, is xxemowaxx!
I love this styling and combination of very baby baby blue clothing items, neither are pieces I've though of wearing myself, so it's a refreshing view. I also love the addition of the black accessories, I think they work really well - great job!

Inspired by #4

A RL fashion blogger.
This is the next skirt in my styling series, I'd been looking for it for quite a while before managing to get it 2 or 3 months ago I think at a reasonable price of 60 SD's - however that was all very good until styling it came around. It's rather tricky! The shape is pretty specific and such, so to get something to work can be a challenge, but along came my regulars!
Typical white top and courts were worn, and I really changed it up by adding this necklace. This style of jewellery is pretty popular right now, so I'm glad I kept this piece when it was a free Royalty gift, as I tend to recycle a lot of the free gift pieces! So the purple shade worked nicely with the deeper shade of the skirt, and was really emphasised by the white of the look.

P.s. any of you tried those 4 new Kit Kat Chunky flavours? I had only managed to get the Coconut so far(and LOVED it so much), luckily today I managed to buy multipacks of them all at the supermarket, tried the Hazelnut, that praline layer was a great surprise! Very much looking forward to the Mint tomorrow!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Yesterday the new Killah collection came out as planned, AW12 again which I'm not too pleased about, that season was sooo last year, like literally! The clothed are very winter based to me, the collection is quite heavy with the coats and jackets, so it's not really suitable for right now.
Anyway, there are two floors filled with clothes, I'm about as disappointed with this as I was with PPQ, I just don't think the collection is any good!
I haven't bought anything, and currently I don't plan to. For me a collection should have some sort of theme, something to make it flow, and this is like a random bunch of clothes to me.
I'm sure some people will love this collection and be able to buy several items and actually wear them, I'm not one to buy things for the sake of having them, I need to have a purpose for them before purchase. 

I can give one tip though if you plan on purchasing any of the coats, they're all generally expensive (around the 24 SD mark), so really think if you need that specific coat before buying, as there are many other nicer ones in the Plaza or the Bazaar that are often cheaper =)

Sorry for the lousy review - but if I don't like a collection, I'm not going to sing it's praises!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Inspired by #3

This is just a general fashion week inspired outfit, plus it snowed last night and it's just lying in a gentle layer on the ground so I wanted to style something a little more wintery (note, this does not mean I like winter or snow, yes, it is March, but Scotland has no concept of normal weather or seasons!).
Anyway, I bought this skirt about 3 or 4 months ago when it was released, and tried to style it at the time, but didn't get anywhere, so it was hung in my closet along with many other skirts of the same fate!
Like yesterdays I'm not sure if this is the best styling for the skirt, I wanted a really nice jacket with it, but I had nothing that was right, I think a big furry black one would look good, but I don't have anything of the sort =( Anyway, went for a sheer blouse tucked in, and chose simple black tights and ankle boots, I really didn't want to add many colours as I feel the skirt has enough of those with it's deep red and green.
I think this skirt is something people would think I wouldn't normally go for, but I actually do really like it!

Styled this skirt yourself? Share in comments! 

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Inspired by #2

SFW (Stockholm)
I'm a big fan of all fashion weeks, not just the big 4, so I'm happy that Stockholm inspired this look, which I got from looking at several street style snaps. I've had this Versus skirt for a long time, but have never come up with a way to wear it, I'm not sure if this is the best way for the skirt, but it sure is a nice outfit!
I feel this is more mainstream than yesterdays outfit as the skirt is so much more basic in style. I love the over the knee length, and the blue and yellow colours used. I kept the skirt as the focus point, and left on my peplum shirt and courts, and also added a simple yellow necklace. It has small details which I feel add to the look rather than detract the eye from the skirt.
Oh, and I know the skirt is a little sheer - I solved this by adding some white bikini bottoms underneath, such a simple fix!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Inspired by #1

PFW street style.
 Today I am wearing this outfit, something came over me to wear this skirt, like I just wanted to wear it! I've had it since the Perfect Day store came out like 2 years ago for the Royal Wedding when there was that glitch and I got it (along with several other items) for free, I don't know if I'd have bought it with SD's though, but I'm glad it was sitting waiting for me in my closet today =D
This will most definitely not be for everyone, people might think I am crazy wearing this, but something clicked in my head after viewing many thousands of photos from PFW and I just wanted to do something different!
Anyway, you may not like it, but I do! I paired it with my classic white items - a long sleeved top (it's the peplum Basics one) and white courts, I topped it off with some round sunnies.

Spring Jacket Challenge - Day 6

Hmm, turns out I hate the rest of the spring styled jackets I own (might definitely be time for a closet clean out!) - well there is one, but I have failed on about 30 attempts with it now:
You know I'm not one to give up easily, but this jacket has beaten me, it's impossible for me to style it nicely! It's just not going to happen!

Anyway, sorry to cut the challenge a little short, but I hope you enjoyed the 5 days you got, look out for a new styled outfits series soon!