Sunday, 31 July 2016

We Wear Hotbuys J U L Y | Black Print Wedges

Ah the last day of July and the very last Hotbuy, they sure did drag this month out, right?! Anyways, these are the Black Print Wedges from the RIO store and they cost 12SD's - a reasonable price for the piece. I go through phases with wedges, sometimes I love them, sometimes not, I'm a little leaning towards the 'not' right now, but I'll give them a good try. They sure are an individual pair with the black dipped sole, definitely gives them a unique edge for selling!
Some quite different styles for this one. They're definitely not my favourite HB from this month, but they're certainly workable into different styles. Our poll:

Pasel denim

What a perfect summer styling from allasha today! I loved this pastel denim combination, it's great for the summer season and really makes you think twice about pieces like this pastel printed shirt or this knee-length denim skirt! They're a great pairing and the cardigan is a perfect choice for the both of them with the hints of blue at the sleeves and hem. The shoe choice is perfect, the tone fits in nicely and it's a great styling for them also =)

Saturday, 30 July 2016

See through the dots

 So I bought this dress in a heart beat! Little did I know how hard it is to style but I tried to do something with it! I have to say that for me it is still missing something but this dress speaks for itself and I  wanted to keep it simple yet a little different from usual!
Pink Lucite Choker - Fallen Angel
See Thu Dot Dress - Callie's Picks
Belt - Bonjour Bizou
Basic Black Long Skirt - Basics
Designer Purse With Scarves - Buy & Get
Magenta Shades - Archive
Rich Burgundy Satin Heels - LE

R U N W A Y | Release Review

Our special release this week was a brand new Runway collection yesterday! The advert is pretty good, I love the pinky tones to the logo and I think it suits the outfits chosen for display pretty well. They give a good idea of the range of the store and the models aren't too bad, I think the one in pink is stealing the show though =D
This collection is definitely quite big compared to the previous two releases of Runway. There are two floors with 6 looks on each, however it is all dresses and one-pieces available this time - which I totally don't have anything against!
First off the accessories. There's a pretty good range available in this store with a good selection of shoes along with bags and other pieces included. Firstly the shoes, where there is a variety of colours and styles although quite an emphasis on flat pairs, which I quite like as a change to the usual heel/platform emphasis. The Armani Inspired Resort Flats and Coco Cuba Flats were quite similar to me, despite the first pair having a detailed lattice over the foot and  the second resembling loafers, but they had a very similar vibe and style. I ended up choosing the Coco Cuba Flats as for me they're more wearable, but I'm waiting for an awesome look with the Armani pair then I might change my mind! I also purchased the Alexis Mabille Inspired Resort Sandals. They're fairly basic but are in a classic design in a nice colour which will suit a lot of different looks and styles. There's also a pair of wedges, the Elie Saab Inspired Wedges which have a classic summer straw-type sole and a minimal pokla-dotted strap design. These are a nice pair of shoes, but I wouldn't say they're too special or anything. Also a little different, the Red Valentino Inspired Clogs, I do quite like the clog style of shoes, but not so certain about the versatility of the patterning on this pair, it's intricate but it does look very different up close and further away, so is it really worth splashing out on something with all that detail if it's not going to be made use of? I'll leave that up to you! Lastly in the shoes, the only heels, which are pretty small at that, the Michael Kors Inspired Patent Shoes, which again don't seem all that special to me - if you're going to pay that price for something, I feel like I want a little more. So they're not for me, but they might be for you^ Then there are 3 bags in the collection, all reasonably different in style and design. There are two black bags, the Michael Kors Inspired Clutch and the Armani Style Resort Purse which are pretty basic in terms of style, with the Michael Kors option being most 'out there' in terms of additions - I really like the strap on this one, I think it gives it more wearing options than the holding position of the Armani. Then there's also the Red Valentino Inspired Purse which has both intricate detail and an interesting design feature in the body placement - the shorter strap means it sits pretty high up on the doll. I quite like this design but not sure the pattern is one for me this time, it is very pretty, but I'd rather something more minimal or different if I was going to try out this design style. The rest of the accessories are pretty mixed, there are belts (the Elie Saab Inspired Studded Belt and Gucci Inspired Tiger Belt) along with the Gucci Inspired Runway Gloves - something definitely different and I'm intrigued to see styled in a modern way - and the Coco Cuba Fedora - something quite street and casual compared to the rest of the collection. There's just one piece of jewellery, the De La Renta Resort Bangle. It's quite pretty but I just don't see myself wearing it to justify purchasing it. I think I'm missing a necklace from this collection really, that would make the accessories of the release seem quite complete I think!
And now the clothing! As I mentioned, it's all about the one-pieces with this release. I'll start quickly with the jumpsuit pieces. There are two of these and in pretty different styles giving you a good choice for these. There's the short, sweet and casual Armani Inspired Dotty Romper which has a tie waist and a sheer shoulder portion at the top. I love the spots, I think they're a great addition to many looks and I think this is a great casual piece to purchase from the collection. The short legs also give it a good versatility as use as a top, always a bonus^ Then there's the fitted and formal Tailored Elie Saab Style Jumpsuit. The fit is great on the doll and I love the style of the trouser part particularly well. And then the dresses! There is a pretty even split between long and short pieces and within each length there is a range of sheer items - definitely a style focus from Stardoll in this collection! The long dresses also have quite a focus on prints, particularly of the floral nature with both the De La Renta Inspired Resort Maxi and Marchesa Inspired Floral Gown falling into this category. They are both beautiful pieces, but I'm not a huge wearer of long dresses, so they don't suit my style so much, but I have seen quite a few members choosing the De La Renta number, so it's a popular choice among others! Also in the longer length but focusing on sheer are the Red Valentino Inspired Dress with an awesome bird print and cute cap sleeves - both aspects I love but it's not something I could pull off well I think given that it's completely sheer! - and the Chanel Inspired Sheer Maxi, which is again sheer all over but I think the tone of the dress hides it a little better than the Valentino piece. I also love the shape of this one, it's very wearable and I think seeing a few looks could really make me purchase this one and give this sheer business a go! Sheer is also popular in the two white shorter dresses, the Erdem Inspired Ruffle Mini with added floral detailing in fab shades of blue and purple and the Chanel Inspired Resort Dress with an understated checked print and amazing chiffon billowing sleeves. I bought both of these pieces immediately, because from the spoilers they were both pieces I knew I loved from the start. I also love that they both are quite high necked, a style which I'm enjoying a lot right now. There's another short floral piece available too, the darkest piece of the release, the Fendi Inspired Ruffle Dress which has great ruffle design and some bright flowers against the solid black of the material. I'm not sure it's for me, but again, a great styling from another doll could easily sway me. And lastly metallics were also popular in the shorter dresses - gold with the Alexis Mabille Inspired Silk Dress and silver with the Michael Kors Inspired Sequin Stripe Dress. I love both pieces with their individual styles and designs, and I think they'd both make great looks.
Prices for this release range from 24 to 140SD's with quite a few pieces being maybe a little too expensive for what they are. I would say accessories do seem a little more expensive that they usually would be in a limited collection. The prices of some dresses definitely put me off purchasing a few things which I quite like but am yet to really love for my doll, so that's a little disappointing.
I made a few quick styled outfits for this one too^ Firstly the Erdem Inspired Ruffle Mini, which is a piece which can easily be styled minimally to let the print stand out - and I did just that! All I had to do was choose a pair of shoes, and for me that can be done from the blues and purples in the dress, this pair are perfection^ With a little creativity though, I think this dress can go a long way! Secondly the Chanel Inspired Resort Dress, and I didn't want to stick with too minimal in all of these so I added some outerwear and a matching bag and shoes. I think it does work for this piece, but the awesome sleeves do deserve the limelight too - a minimal look for this one next time^ And lastly I styled both the Coco Cuba Fedora and Alexis Mabille Inspired Resort Sandals in this very beige-all-over look, but I love how this overcoat really works well with the both pieces, and adding any other colours would definitely take away some of the attention. I do really quite love this hair with the hat too =D
And a couple of features! This is pilo7, wearing the Gucci Inspired Tiger Belt in this minimal casual styling, letting the glamour of the belt stand out. I think it looks great with these jeans, and is something a little different to how I would typically want to style it. It suits the laced body and leather jacket pretty well too =)
And Bimbacoco, also choosing the Gucci Inspired Tiger Belt, but going a little further and also using the Coco Cuba Fedora, Tailored Elie Saab Style Jumpsuit and Elie Saab Inspired Cape. The pieces look great together and the golden accents on the shoes and in the bag and earrings look awesome with the belt and really help it stand out against the white base of the clothing. A great styling^
And lastly France25 being quite creative with the Tailored Elie Saab Style Jumpsuit and the Chanel Inspired Resort Dress. I love this combination and think it works out pretty perfectly for both pieces. The top has been made very well and looks oh so stylish with the chiffon sleeves. Love the accessorising, it's an awesome look for this bag and the matching red lip is spot on!

Nudes and creams

A little glamour for a Saturday lunchtime from MissySleepy today! I really liked seeing these glittered nude toned trousers get a wear, because they're a great piece and the shape is flattering and stylish. The waist style suits this blouse perfectly and I love the use of the necklaces to fill the deep-v neckline, it's perfect =) The rest of the accessorising is also great, I really loved the pink tones on the detailed shoes, plus the nails had a little pink in them too^ And also the butterflies on the bag, a cute way to add a girly detail to a look =D

Birds of a Feather

I had to dive in and style this new Valentino inspired Runway dress before anyone else had the chance to!
I call myself Dolce & Gabbana trash, but being honest here, I've lost count of the times I have said bury me in Valentino.

Lookit. It's just so demure.....

Ingredients / You Will Need
Red Valentino Inspired Dress | Runway
Light Fringes Dress | It Girls
Demi Olympia Clutch | Young Hollywood
Mint Couture Heels | Dior Couture Tribute
Pink Cluster Ring with Spikes (worn as earring) | Mawi

Friday, 29 July 2016

S P E C T A C U L A R | Release Review

This is a little unusual for me - but I'm doing a Spectacular review! This very seasonal appropriate sunglasses release came out last week (maybe the week before?!) in time for us to dress for the sun! I love the homepage ad, the blue sky pulls you in and the orange is a great bright contrast and catches your eye well - ticks all the boxes for a good advert I'd say =D 
So we got the usual one floor of Spectacular, that means twelve brand new styles of sunglasses to choose between! Choosing was somewhat difficult because of the huge range of colours and designs available with this release, which is great - there really is something for everyone!
The majority of this release are 'inspired by' items, meaning they come from a designer brand that we have, and with something like sunglasses, I think a lot of us like that for Stardoll, I know I do In fact, 9 of the 12 pairs available are 'inspired by' items - so I think I'll start with those^ The 9 pairs are split pretty evenly into printed/patterned and then the more minimal items of just one or two colours. There's two leopard-print-esque pairs, the Dolce Leopardo Shades and Prada Inspired Shades. The first have a more rounded style with the popular square cut top corner, while the second are metal-framed with individual rectangular lenses. Not all styles suit everyone, for me the rounded ones work much better, but I'm sure some of you have noted the opposite^ Then there are the more floraly styled pairs, the OTT Dolce Shades and Fendi Inspired Confetti Shades, and I have to admit, I'm a sucker for both pairs, I think they're great! The Fendi pair have a more cat-eye design, with the print solely in the top corners, which I really like the effect of. I also love the perspex taupe tone of the frames, it's a classic colour which I think will attract a lot of people. The Dolce pair are very much as described, OTT, with their huge frames and rounded lenses with a whole hoard of floral additions. They are pretty large on the doll, but with the right outfit I think they could look amazing! And then the minimal 'inspired by' pieces, of which there are 5 in a decent range of colours and shapes. Within that I'd say there were definitely 3 levels of minimal, starting with the basics, the Chanel Inspired Two Tone Shades with their black frame and orange/brown tinted lenses along with a classic shape. On the next level is a little colour, the Marni Inspired Green Shades in a fresh tone with a cool perspex frame, and the mauve Miu Miu Inspired Shades which have a sleek modern design with hints of metal and cool bottomless frames, these are such a unique pair to have in your collection! And lastly the least minimal of the bunch, the more blue pairs, the Dior Inspired Sky Shades which have mirrored portions to the lenses and the Matthew Williamson Inspired Shades which have a cat ear shape and a different blue streak design across the lens, it's certainly something different to choose for your doll! Quickly the last few pairs, the non-inspired items. I'm really only a fan of one pair, the Monochrome Gradient Shades which are great in the brown/nude tones and I think they suit my doll pretty well. The shape is fairly regular for sunglasses but nevertheless, I think they're a pretty flattering style.
Prices in this release range from 10 to 15SD's and there are a pair in SC's, which is a great inclusion. There's also the typical inclusion of a SS only pair, but this doesn't really bother me much given the huge range available in this store.
And I did some styled outfits for this one! I bought 3 pairs in the end and I've styled two of them today. Firstly the Monochrome Gradient Shades, the SC pair, and I styled in similar brown tones. I think my look is pretty autumn, but sunglasses work all year round^ I really like them paired with the faux fur and I think this is something I'd repeat. Secondly I've styled the Marni Inspired Green Shades and knew immediately I wanted to pair them with this YH dress, the shades are a great match! Kept it a little casual with this sweater, but really liked wearing these sunglasses so I look forward to putting them on again =)
And a couple of features now! Firstly ccaauu1414 also going with the Marni Inspired Green Shades in this slightly retro-styled white based look. The white scarf is a great choice and I think it really helps the green tone of the sunglasses really stand out, in fact they were the first thing I noticed about the look which is exactly what you want!
And secondly MUNCHKIN_XD, who has chosen the Fendi Inspired Confetti Shades. The colouring of these suit her doll very well, especially the hair shade. The patterning of the sunglasses is continued in the outfit with this fruit-printed dress, and I think it works out pretty well!

Beauty Snaps

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #66

It's been a while for a challenge post! This next bag is the Nelly Big Zipper Bag which didn't come out all too long ago. The piece itself isn't complicated, in fact it's a great style and size, so I really do question why I haven't given it enough love yet^ I've put it in this pretty minimal styling but made use of some great pieces, like this LE vest along with the basics, this skirt is a great bargain! I love the colour pop of the long vest and it really sits this look in a summery setting =D

Split leg

Another look featuring the latest Subcouture, this time from Lollapalooxa. This is a great styling of the High Slit Long Top as a dress, and it's soft feel looks good withthe white polo-body beneath. I love the inclusion of this patent jacket, it's something I wear a lot and I think it suits the top well. The Subcouture Studded Bag also looks good in this look, I think it's a good overall style for it =)

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

We Wear Hotbuys J U L Y | Barbed Wire Bikini Top

Another Hotbuy and we're getting close to the end of July now! This is the Barbed Wire Bikini Top from Fallen Angel and it costs 14SD's. It was actually released a day early, due today but came out yesterday, so that gives me a little more time to think of a look^ I do think it's a little pricey for what it is, and the barbed wire - the only detailing in the piece, is really quite small (which I see as a positive, not a trend I want to work with!). Anyways, we've styled it:
A lot of black pieces with this one, but I liked injecting some colour with these summer trousers! You can vote in our poll too:

Burgundy boots

A little of a darker look choosing these great burgundy Subcouture boots from natusia_182! The split skirt (which is actually a long cardie, how creative^) is a great way to show a little leg and also show off the boots. The burgundy colour looks great with the muted green tone and the green definitely doesn't overshadow too much either. Love the bag choice and there's even a little burgundy there too with the tassel keychain =)

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

F A L L E N A N G E L | Release Review

So this is another release which came out a little while ago - new Fallen Angel! The homepage advert looks pretty cool - it's dark to be in-keeping with the whole store ethos but I think the clothing choices included really pique interest in the release. The models are pretty fitting, but I don't think they entirely add much to the advert, so let's get on with looking inside!
As usual, there's a focus on black colours and different textures, but other styles have definitely not been forgotten in this release for Fallen Angel! And there are a couple of male pieces available too.
A quick start with the accessories and the shoes pretty much win out for me, with a huge interest in two of the three pairs! The Saint Laurent Inspired Sandals are great for summer and have been designed well with a lot of detail which makes a pair of flat shoes very much appealing for me. For something more embellished and decorated there are then the Luxe Embroidered Booties which I think are great for autumnal stylings - we haven't really had many (if any) shoes like this on Stardoll which I think works greatly in their favour and I do hope to see these get a lot of wear! There are two bags with this release, personally I'm not a fan of either - I think the Lovebirds Purse could be better as just a birdcage without the black background, as for me this decreases any versatility the bag could have had. There's also a pair of earrings in the accessories - the Excquisite Skull Earrings, and while they're not really something I would wear, I certainly appreciate the detail that has gone into them, you guys should zoom into them and check it out for yourselves^
So now the clothing! Personally I quite like seeing what the Stardoll designers do with black for this store, because there's always a great variety and I certainly find myself surprised on a few occasions with how much I like some of the pieces which get released into this store. This time there's tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, dresses and outerwear - a little of everything, and that's just the minimal designs of the more 'plain' items, in detailed pieces there are a couple of dresses as well. The first piece that caught my attention was the Lace Insert Jumpsuit. I love the flowing legs and the main attraction, the lace inserts. They're very unique to this piece and I think are a great selling point! Lace has a huge feature in many other items throughout this release, like in the paired Lace Trim Black Shorts and Crop Cami, they're a great set to sell the trimmed detail and I love how it looks. We've had lace trims in items before in the plaza but I still like a cute set and something fresh for the wardrobe. There's also a little lace on the Gothic Drama Onepiece around the neckline which is also made of a velveteen material, something else which makes it appealing. A body is always a good piece to have so this one could be pretty popular from this release. I'll finish off this little 'black base' section with the outerwear, neither is lace, however the Gold Leaf Blazer brings some great golden embellishing to the store. The shape of this piece is also great and it's very fitting to the body - it will look fab in the autumn with a polo-neck I think! And then there's the Stylish Velvet Jacket, which is something I'm on the fence about, not so much a fan of the shape but I think my arm could be twisted by a really good styling of this piece! Then there's the black detailed dresses - the Beautifully Embroidered Dress, which does live up to its name with the detailed embroidery that is on it although to me it's more an autumn to winter transition piece rather than summer to autumn, and then the Embroidered Sheer Kimono, which isn't something that I'd want to purchase, but I'm sure some of you will make awesome looks with it! Now for the remainders! There are two pale skirts, the nude Tulle Sections Skirt with a great midi length and layers and the Fine Feather Skirt which is almost a little shimmery, I can see this one being easy to style in glamorous looks and think it could be a popular piece. There's a bustier, the True Romance Corset, and while I like the muted floral print I'm not so much a fan of the piece. And lastly the Cream And Black Pattern Mini - I like the colours and the print is ok, I just think the shape of the dress could be a little better, a polo would have suited this a lot I think!
Prices for this release range from 12 to 19SD's which isn't all that bad for a regular store release. There's a few pieces in coins and also the regular few SS/Royalty only items - on a whole I'd say not bad really =)
And I made some styled outfits! Firstly the Lace Trim Black Shorts and I tried a summery look with these sandals, but I did very much like this slouched sweater with them^ I stayed minimal on the accessories with this gold-trim clutch and some sunglasses, I think it works well in letting the lace detailing have some light. Then secondly the matching Lace Trim Crop Cami in a little more formal look with this maxi skirt - and again very simple with the accessories but a necklace this time, I quite liked the contrasting chunky feel to it and like the black tie of the gold to tie in with the cami. And my final look with the Luxe Embroidered Booties. For me black skinnies were a go-to item for these and I loved picking out the red colour in them with the use of this jacket. A simple white shirt was all that was needed to finish the look off and again I chose a necklace which really helps fill the white space a little, I like it very much^
A couple of styled outfits now. Firstly Mia1435 who has chosen the Saint Laurent Inspired Sandals and styled them in a street summer look. The sheer skirting of this dress lets all the details of the sandals be seen, and I think they're a great pairing with the bag. The street feel is really emphasised with this jacket, and I think that overall the look ties together very nicely.
And secondly pandaribbon who is styling the Perfectly Sheer Coverup. This piece fits in really well to the look of the sheer purple-hued midi dress, and it really gives versatility to pieces like this. Accessories use a similar purple tone, I think the bag works particularly well here. Plus I love these sunglasses, very chic with a little retro twist^

Summer darks

Darker summer style today from Isabella8103 styling this Balmain Feather Stripe Skirt in a very (good) creative way! I love it worn over these wide flowing trousers, it's a great way to go for a difference with this skirt. The leather bustier is a good fit with the leather aspect of the skirt, and the sunglass pairing (two pairs worn together, I love them!) and the bag give great emphasis to this great blue-y grey tone. Love the almost burgundy wood tone to the hair too, it's fab^

Monday, 25 July 2016


I bought this top, the Vintage Silk Babydoll Top (originally from Bizou) in the Bazaar quite some time ago with the idea that it would be good for summer - now it's summer and so here are my Styled Outfits! I really assumed my first port of call for these would have been yellow trousers, but it didn't quite work out like that, definitely a surprise for me - but nevertheless I'm super pleased with what I came up with!
The first two are typical classics for this top - loose trousers with a slight crop, for me they're a winner and I let the accessories shine too! In my first look with the black trousers I've gone with patent heels and continued the black theme with this little bag (turning out to be one of my favourites^) and the turban, which I really like in this look! Also added some yellow toned sunglasses to keep that colour alive! In my second look I focused on the grey in the top by choosing grey trousers - I did want a grey bag and had the perfect one in mind, but that was the problem, it's in my mind and not Stardoll =P So this clear perspex one made a bit of a different addition, but I quite like the look and it ties in nicely with the black strapped heels. Stayed with the grey in the sunglasses and think these are an ideal fit for the top! And lastly is my 'something different' outfit - but the one I think I love the most =D The overall shape of this top does provide it the opportunity, quite well I may say, to be worn as a skirt and I found that there were plenty of tops which worked well! I went with a crop top to make this into a sort of dress and belted it above the waist to ensure some yellow accessories went in there along with the bag! This new Subcouture Fringed Subcouture Jacket is a great fit for the look, even though I didn't initially set out to include a jacket, but I think it makes me really love this combination more =D

Let me know what you think of this top and my looks in the comments below! x

Street style X2

I spotted MeLolitka in two awesome looks this weekend and knew I had to feature them both! Both focus on pieces from the new Velvet Orchid release (not something I'm planning on reviewing I'm afraid), and I think they're really done justice in these outfits! The first has a Michael Jackson vibe to it with the use of the oversized and structured Faux Crocodile Jacket. I love it paired with the texture of these trousers and the use of red in the look, I really really want those boots now! And the second look which is a great summer street style using the Over Shoulder Cartoon Bag and I love the pink pops through the rest of the look with the booties and the lip colour. The black and white clothing really gives the piece a great base =D

Sunday, 24 July 2016

We Wear Hotbuys J U L Y | Super Tassel Necklace

The latest Hotbuy is out now, and is the Super Tassel Necklace from Pretty 'N Love costing 13SD's. I think a lot of the jewellery gets missed out as it's not shown on the homepage in the 'New' category much, which is a shame as there are great pieces - including this one! I do love some gold and the knot along with the use of tassels give it a unique touch =D
A fair range of styles that we've given you today, and I think it was easy to agree that this necklace does seem very long for what it is, I think I'd like it that little more if it were shorter, or even just if the tassels were shorter! And our poll:

Beauty Snaps


The new Subcouture release hasn't really done a lot for me this time round, but I am pretty obsessed with this jacket and these boots. 

Any excuse to wear my beloved burgundy to be honest...

Ingredients / You Will Need
Fringed Subcouture Jacket | Subcouture
Maroon Pleather Shift | It Girls
Luxe Burgundy Boots | Subcouture
Dolce Gabbana Inspired Earrings | Inspired by Dolce & Gabbana Tribute
Burgundy Leather Box Clutch Bag | Mawi

Saturday, 23 July 2016

S U B C O U T U R E | Release Review

Brand new Subcouture came out in the Plaza yesterday, and it really does feel like a while since the last release, so I'm very much welcoming this one =) I love the retro disco vibe from the homepage advert, I think it seems quite appealing and different to other stores we've had in the plaza!
I love the whole feeling of this release, I think the gold and glittery interior definitely boosts it a little in my opinion of it^ There were two floors to this release, although only 11 looks - I quite like that it's not all too crowded in the store and it really lets you get a better look at the pieces rather than everything being packed together, so this is a good point I'd say =) And I do think there's a fair mix of styles and pieces available, so there's most likely something for everyone in this release. I do really feel like Subcouture releases are improving with each one so that's great!
As usual, starting with the accessories. There's a small range to choose from in both the shoe and bag categories with quite a difference in styles between pieces. With the shoes there are two pairs of heels and a pair of boots. Of the heels I fell immediately for the Blue Suede Sandals with such a pretty tone of blue, I always love a good pair of blue heels and I think many others will too. There's also the Gold Heel Platforms, I do like gold, but these platforms aren't so much for me - they're just a shoe style that I wear less than others although from my suite search, these are one of the more popular pieces from the collection. Lastly the Luxe Burgundy Boots, and luxe really is a word I would use to describe them! The colour and design are great and I think they make a perfect autumn piece^ Of the bags there are also three pieces in very different trends, perfect for summer is the Pleather Fringe Woven Bag and I really like that fringing detail, I think the material use makes all the difference in making it a unique piece. Alike the shoes there's also a blue addition in the Vintage CC Denim Bag, I quite like this, but I haven't stumbled across anyone styling it, it's on my 'maybe' list right now, with positives definitely being colour and the way the strap is held in the hand. And lastly in the bags is a cross-body, the Subcouture Studded Bag. It's quite large for the typical cross-body pieces, so that might be a little offputting for some people, but the gold edging looks great - you just need to decide if it's a piece for you! There's not too many other accessories available with this release. There is one necklace, the Geometric Statement Necklace which I quite like but again am unsure about and haven't seen anyone styling - maybe I should give it a go in a styled outfits post and try and sell it to you guys as something that is a good piece despite it not getting much coverage of the items! And then there's also a belt, the Padlock And Chain Belt which although isn't something I would get use out of, I know some of you guys will work to perfection =D
And then the better part, the clothing! I feel like there has been one extremely popular piece in this release, and it's almost like every other clothing item has been a little forgotten about - that is the Valentino Style Sunshine Dress, and I won't lie, I love it too, it has great colour, shape and design, I can easily see why it's popular, but that doesn't mean I don't love other items too! So there are three other dresses that you can choose from with this release and they're all very different to each other. If you're wanting something a little more to stand out then you'd want to choose the Sheer Stars Gown which really is quite fantastic with all those glorious golden stars - but if that's maybe a little too over the top you can still stick with gold, albeit a little more minimal with the Gold Mesh Mini which surprised me by being one of my favourite items of the whole collection! Lastly there's a super minimal dress in the Lanvin Inspired Burgundy Dress. For me it's just an 'ok' piece and doesn't really stand out as something I'd want to purchase, the colour is fab though! Then there's the Gold Spot Jumpsuit, another of my favourite pieces with a great design in the metallic polka dots but it does have a great fit on the doll with a nipped in waist, a small crop of the leg and a flattering halterneck neckline - I don't see what's not to love^ There are a good range of bottomhalf pieces with this collection with trousers, skirts and a pair of shorts. I'll start by saying I'm not such a fan of the Knotted Leather Shorts, they just seem a little out of place with some of  the great items in this release, as with the Burgundy Mesh Skirt, it's just something I can easily pass over in the collection and looks like it would be suited to one of the more regular plaza stores. I do however very much love the inclusion of two pairs of great trousers with this collection - I can't even pick a favourite between the Gold Detail Printed Trousers and the Altuzarra Inspired Trousers! They are both high waisted in a wide-leg style and just fit right in with a lot of the pieces in my wardrobe, perfect for me =D And of course there are tophalves to match these, and again with a good range of styles, a really good range I'd say this time! My top picks include the Knotted Denim Shirt which is a great casual piece from this collection, the Contrast Zip Blouse which has a stylish sheer effect and beautiful flowing sleeves and a gold trimmed deep-V neckline, and the High Slit Long Top which could easily be used as a dress, as either it's a great summer choice and the deep grey tone is lovely for it. Lastly a quick outerwear mention, there are two pieces, the Burgundy Cardie Coat and the Fringed Subcouture Jacket. The first would be great for autumn, like the Luxe Burgundy Boots, but I find myself majorly preferring the second, the shape is great and the fringing isn't too much or overwhelming for the piece.
Prices of this release range from 14 to 45SD's. Some pieces did seem quite pricey for what they were, and when I chose the 5 items I wanted most, the total was almost 150SD's which is quite an expense - that makes this store one you really need to be sure about before buying anything when you're working on a budget!
My styled outfits are next, and I've just quickly put together three of the items I bought. Firstly the Fringed Subcouture Jacket which I've worn in a pretty casual manner with a large sweater and matching grey fitted cropped trousers, the style of which matches the jacket pretty well, but I liked the contrast with the casual-ness. I'm looking forward to trying more with this fringing though. Secondly the Gold Spot Jumpsuit which I found could easily be worn as a top or trousers with the right additions, but I quite liked it in this more minimal style to really let the piece get some limelight. Super easy styling choosing other gold and black pieces, I particularly like this hairstyle with this look actually! Lastly I've styled the Gold Detail Printed Trousers in quite a typical-me look, a black top seemed the obvious choice but I like the colour contrast with this beige overcoat which makes it seem a little more summery. Accessorising was again an easy thing by going with gold - can't go wrong =D
And two features from this collection both with the, by far, most popular item, the Valentino Style Sunshine Dress! Firstly is GirlAlmighty666 who has also used the Altuzarra Inspired Trousers in a cute cropped manner - I like the pairing of the mustard colour and the floral pattern, it's something different!
And secondly Mia1435 who has worn it as a classic dress and added some of her own layering with a white underlayer - I like it, and it's a different contrast to the darker tone of the trousers in the look above, and the layer has been paired with these white trousers. This mustard colour is a great fit for the magenta bag, such an ingenious use of this piece, and matching lip colour^^

White gold

Sleek and stylish today from a bit of a regular, Heneda! Love this classic look with a little un-classic combination of this Dior dress paired with these wideleg white trousers. Golden accessories always work and there's a whole host chosen in this look - from the heels to the necklace and earrings. I wasn't such a fan of these earrings, but in this look I definitely am. Super stylish everyday =D 

Schiaparelli Spring 2015

   I really like to play with items in different parts, using tops as skirts and vice versa! This time i decided to make this blouse (one of my favorites) into some sleeves for this lace top and I really like it for the simplicity of the laces and the way it looks with diferent bottoms!
Ice Pink Robe - Callie's Picks
Ivony Lace Cami - Voile
Bright Wedding Blouse - Voile
White Buckled Ski Belt - Apres-Ski
Schiaparelli inspired Trousers - Couture Tribute
Big Clutch - 400 Million
HotBuys Gold Stiletto sandals - Rio

Friday, 22 July 2016

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Styled Outfits

The latest Callie's Picks came out over a week ago now, but this is the first gap for posting! I really thought I'd like this one, but once I started trying pieces on the classics which I thought I would buy for sure ... well I wasn't so sure about! I decided to stick with a good ol' Styled Outfits post for this release instead =D I styled all three of the pieces that I purchased, and I think I'm happy with them. Firstly the Tulle Puff Jkt, which is something I owned ages ago but sold, so repurchasing was a bit of a 'maybe I'll give this a chance again' purchase. I quite like it with this tulle skirt and I like letting the tan-y pink shade stand out against the cream colours, and the skirt helps with an overall feminine feel. Secondly something a little more neutral on the grey scale, with the Sheer Cropped Tulle Trousers. I was very surprised that I liked them with this grey Basics cardigan, it gives an overall loose light material feel. I kept the rest simple with this grey tee and stuck with a tiny glamour in the pointed flats. Lastly I bought the Valentino Cross Body Purse because I think it looks pretty and styleable, probably not the best reasons, but I did enjoy styling it! I stuck with black in the trousers and let the gold studs shine with the rest of the minimal look. I think this is a great smarter option for summer, although I think I'm missing a little jewellery^

Let me know what you think of this store release and my looks in the comments below! x

Skirted lace

Such a creative white look today from yo_la_sopi, I really love it! This Basics skirt has really been amped up in the style-corner by adding this frilled shirt to the lower hem, totally adds a different feel - and something I've never seen before! Glamour has also been added by using this shimmering chain mesh vest. This is a piece I bought then sold when I could because I just couldn't see myself wearing it, but this look is great for it! Hopefully it will inspire others too^

Thursday, 21 July 2016


A classic Styled Outfit post today - it's certainly been a long time! This is the Striped Silk Blouse from It Girls and it costs 13SD's. I've had it for quite a while and it's definitely had a few wears from me - but I wanted to showcase it a lot more in its own right. I wanted to go for a summer styling set, however I get so much more an autumnal feel from the piece so I think these outfits are more summer into autumn than purely autumn, and they're pretty minimal in their range of colours - there's a whole lot of black and just a little white involved!
The first look was the one that made me want to do this post, I just love the blouse and leather jacket combination! I kept it smart with these black trousers and simple accessories. This is a look I'd definitely go for again once autumn is here^ Secondly a skirt, which was important for me to include, and this Nelly A Lined Black Skirt was a great fit for the shirt style and shape. I love helping to elongate the legs further with these pointed strap-less heels and I kept on a similar theme with my other additions to the look. The final look has a little something else, and by that I mean some white clothing. I really like these almost retro-styled trousers with their little gold details and I used those to choose my shoes and bag. I think this last look is still missing something, I'm undecided if it's outerwear or a cardigan or something - if you have an idea, let me know!?!

Let me know what you think of this blouse and these outfits in the comments below! x