Friday, 28 February 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #26

Sorry I've been absent, I've had a really busy week with a lot of different stuff going on! Plus we were out last night, I'm convinced I've fractured something in my foot =/
Ricamo Pull, Young Versace
Hotbuys Valentin Dress, Pretty 'n Love

Hot Buys Voyage Big Bag, Hot Buys
Hotbuys Stiletto Sandals, Bizou

Thursday, 27 February 2014


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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #25

I'm so exhausted today, so much studying and work to do still - must ... keep ... going ... ! But I am gonna try finish my fanfiction too - if anyone reads Hunger Games fanfiction let me know and I can send you my story names =) 
Leopard Face Shirt, Junior Gaultier
Metallic Hareem Trousers, Archive

Camel Clutch, Yves Saint Laurent
Tangerine Ankle Strap Pumps, DKNY


Millaxx has done it again! I simply adore this outfit focused on that Zebra print coat which can be ever so difficult to style! I love this combination of it with these LE heels, another item I have bought and struggled to style so far - I think it not only works with them but compliments them as an item in their own right. Chosen a good strong black and white base for the look and topped it off what that cute LE bag - this was a piece from the latest collection I wasn't so sure about, but this styling makes me think differently!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #24

Crazy decisions going for these prints - I'd have to wear each at some point, why not wear them together?!?!
Floral Black Blouse, Roberto Cavalli
Floral Pants, Roberto Cavalli

Double Chanel Purses, Chanel
Black Round Toed Pumps, Nelly

One, two, three... start!

Hello everyone, 

My name is Sara and I am the new guest writer of Kirsten's blog. Finally, I have decided to write my first post. At the beginning, I think you ought to know that I have created my account on stardoll in 2006 (when I was 15). I remember that stardoll looked completely different then. Now, despite my age, I returned after a long break and I love it! For me it is a perfect place where I can create and express myself through clothing and interior decorating.  
My outfit today, is simple and consists of only 4 pieces. (still I have to somehow figure out how to modify pictures in such a way that they were more attractive in the perception). So please, be understanding towards me (and also sorry for my English, I hope that everything is understable for you).
I would like to thank Kristen for inviting me to write for her blog!
Faux Fur Coat Dress - Fallen Angel
YSL Leopard Glasses - Saint Laurent Paris Tribute
Chanel Chains Handbag - Chanel Tribute
Iris Shoes - Nelly

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!


Silver sparkles

A great rock/party look from HayWilliams! I think this is a great way to wear the skirt - I just bought it recently myself and have been working on styling it but have gotten nowhere! It works so well with the leather jacket, and the white vest is a perfect minimal addition to not take away from the effect. The accessories are wonderful too - I love the necklace, it's another piece I own and haven't managed to wear, and the Chanel bag and LE heels work well together and as complimentary pieces to the skirt - great job!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #23

Managed to style this skirt - not sure I like it so much/if it suits me, let me know what you think!
Basic White Frilled Shirt, Basics
Roaring White Blazer, Decades
Abstract Printed Skirt, Callie's Picks

Chelsea Belt, It Girls
White Snap Purse, Callie's Picks
Carrie Stiletto's, Young Hollywood

Face x2

Just had to post this second fab outfit wearing that face sweater that I featured last weekend! This time it's from Asya2004, who has styled it perfectly with some of my favourite trousers around Stardoll! She's kept it simple with blacks and whites, which is effective. I really like the addition of the headscarf, it's not seen so much around the site and it's worn well here =)

Friday, 21 February 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #22

I actually think this is the last kinda 'dark' outfit of the ones I have planned for the next couple of weeks! I'm looking forward to prepping my doll for summer with some brighter things! And I have my dolls Oscars outfit picked already, I'm looking forward to wearing it - just have to plan some accessories =)
Round Collar Blouse, Bizou
Stud High Waist Leggings, Valentino
Hung Up Blazer, Chanel

Black Classic Pumps, Chanel

Black floaty maxi

Just happened to come across two very different but equally fabulous looks with this floaty black maxi - Dimitsuri and Rituskaritka =) They both chose to wear this dress as a skirt, and it works perfectly! Dimitsuri has gone for a bit of colour in her look with that great striped sweater and a white collared shirt, the jacket is a perfect addition over the shoulder, and surprisingly the brown ankle boots work well! You wouldn't think they would just thinking about it, but it's been portrayed super well! Rituskarita has gone for a dark sporty styled look, with the baggy white patterned shirt and black flats, but it's been glammed up with that amaaaazing Chanel bag which I love! Overall both great looks and great individual uses of the maxi!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

In Prada, In Milan

So our next fashion destination is Milan. I'd suggest you to get your eyes ready for the high-fashion you'll see this week as the Milan hosts lots of world famous big guys such as Versace, Fendi, Moschino, Dolce&Gabbana... And PRADA.

I'd like to share you what my doll wore to Prada show held today.

Prada's Spring/summer 2011 collection which reminds me of a mix of Mexican culture and a funky modern line was such a great collection for me. So my doll took this statement dress from a dark side of her closet and wore it to the show with a black jacket on shoulders and basic flat boots.

Hotbuys valentin jacket - It Girls
Salvador tropical print dress ( Prada ) - A freebie
Black Chelsea boots - Basics
Chain handle tribe purse ( Louis Vuitton ) - ELLE

Afterwards the show my doll stopped to have something to drink at Terraza Aperol but oh no, clock is working if she wants to be on time for Moschino show she should leave. 

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Hurry up Spring...

Today I thought I would change it up for my outfit and give you a Spring outfit your doll might want to pull of so I present to you the Spring Outfit of Yoko

Hope you like it :)
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Hilmy | emmahunt4

Paris pale

GMonster has done it yet again with another amazing look! Gone for a pale base this time with some super super washed denim jeans, then chosen to pair them with the wonderful Paris tee and a very fashion-y white faux fur coat, a hard item to pull off! Accessories are simple yet complimentary to the look, I love the use of the bumbag (as we call them here in the UK) and its quilted effect, plus the blank chunky plaforms definitely add a whole lot of high-fashion-street-style to it! Plus I like the hair, I think it's a forgotten style these days, but it sure does look good here, most particularly the purple =D

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #21

Booked my June holiday today, couldn't wait any longer and now I'm dreaming of summer all the time! All I want to do is make summery outfits! But I'll get through the last of my currently planned winter ones for the time being! Right now I'm thinking I might reach in the region of 50 outfits maybe - I have around 15 or 16 planned and sorted already, and still many pages in my closet!
Feather Collar Vest, Voile Holiday Boutique
Alexander Wang Inspired Blazer, MSW
Baroque Print Skirt, RIO

HotHotBuys Pearls Heels, Hot Buys

Oh, and I rewatched the very first episode of Dance Moms yesterday, how young they all were! Now I'm slightly addicted to this song:

One cardigan, two looks

I fell in love with that pale blue cardi that was released in the last few weeks, and I've been loving seeing it styled in many different ways around the site! On the left we have SoniaBellaStone and on the right DieDunkleMaid. They both wear it very differently, but very well! One going for complimentary pale tones in the greens and whites, the other choosing a much bolder look with gold leggings matched with a printed top. I definitely don't have a favourite, but I can't wait to see how I choose to style mine - bold or complimentary, question of the day! 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #20

Can't believe I'm at number 20 - the concern right now is that I have literally hundreds of pairs of trousers, jeans, skirts and dresses, and a very very tiny amount of tops and jackets - really didn't think this scenario through!
Controversy Dress, Saint Laurent
Edwards Stripes Skirt, Decades

Martie Clutch, Nelly
Studded Stilettos, Velvet Orchid

Lavender Hair

Lavender hair has seen a much increased popularity the past few months, both in real life, as shown above, and on Stardoll! For me it can be very much a hit or miss style, but here are 3 dolls looking stunning flaunting the colour in their hair:
xxlovexx polarbearmonkie Jainijain
These 3 look great, and showing the colour looks good in different styles - I'm not sure I have a favourite, I think it will need to be trial and error really! Right now in Doree there are two options for you to choose from - the "Lavender" option itself, which is a much brighter and lighter tone, or the "Rosy Brown HairColour" which is a bit more subdued but still has the same great colour! They both cost 6 SD's so there's no price element which could sway you to one colour, it'll all be personal choice - for me it would be Rosy Brown HairColour, but you might prefer a lighter tone of lavender =)

Flippy skirt revisited

--Kayley stuns as usual with this fabulous look featuring the Voile Holiday Boutique pink flippy skirt! I bought this because I love it and am yet to style it, so I'm always on the lookout for some inspiration. I love combining it with a long jacket, I think that works really well for both the shape of the body of the skirt and of the doll. Plus great simple accessories, I think the black heels and the No5 bag are perfect =) 

Monday, 17 February 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #19

Playing around with a different hairstyle for this look, don't think it's my favourite, but it's worth trying every hairstyle once!
Tartan Mock Neck Top, Versus Versace
Hotbuys Trousers, Folk

LE Stud Belt, LE
Iiovelle Boots, Nelly

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Fall 2014 - LFW#1

All images from style.com 
Eudon Choi
Felder Felder
Holly Fulton
Julien Macdonald
Markus Lupfer

#LFW with a new cut

Hey everyone! As you know right after New York Fashion week ended, models started to walk on London catwalks. And here is what my doll wears to London Fashion Week;

London and rain are a inseparable couple, and their threesome mate is -of course-  a trench coat. So I've chosen this adorable trench and wore it with a matching green trousers. With a pair of sandals it turned out quite like a summer outfit but who cares, fashion weeks are time which you can't think about the weather!

Floral printed trench - Spring Surprises
Pastel green trousers - Callie's Picks
Rocker heels - Callie's Picks
Classic chain strap purse (2.55) - Chanel Tribute

Hope you like it!

Monochrome Tulle

Kadet12 looks absolutely beautiful in this incredibly simple monochrome look. I love the huge contrast between the black top and the bright white tulle skirt - I think it's perfect! She's accessorised simply with basic black heels and a decorative golden necklace, both pieces really add to the look but don't take away from the effect!


A super cute and casual outfit from Miver - I had this sweater but sold it quite a while back. I found it kinda tricky to style just how I wanted it, but this is one look with it styled to perfection! I love it with the print of the jeans and the loose blouse underneath. The glasses are cute and add a little of a hipster feel to the look. Plus I love the red on the finger and toe nails, ties in with the outfit perfectly!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Fall 2014 - NYFW #7

All images style.com
Hugo Boss
Jenny Packham
Michael Kors
Oscar De La Renta
Ralph Lauren
And that's all from New York!

Wear My Closet Challenge #18

Happy Valentine's day! I am on my own with some Haagen Dazs Macadamia Nut Brittle, it's sooooo yummy! Gone for print today =)
Soft White Top, Pretty 'n Love
Ytor Jacket, Diesel
Black Pants, Bizou

Geo Spike Pumps, Christian Louboutin