Sunday, 31 August 2014

Green and white

Amazing look from Minaj131 today! I love the use of this affordable Lace Trimmed Tee from Bizou and it gives me another way to wear it from the two I styled with it - I definitely prefer this look to mine =) The lace has been themed well through the look with the choice of the intricate Pretty 'n Love dress beneath, and kept the green with the little slip skirt. The white strapped shoes seem like a no brainer and I also adore the use of this LE bag - it's a piece I avoided buying because I had no idea how I would style it, however here is one great look!

Denim on Denim

  Denim on Denim, A very in trend look ATM. 
To pull off a look like this you need subtle colour blocking.
 I have gone with a big black bag to break up the look and tie in the shoes that I am in love with!

New Darya Shirt • MISS SIXTY
Rita Chinos Trousers • MISS SIXTY   
Basic Black Bra • IT GIRLS  
Gold Chain Necklace • P P Q   
Minimalist Alexander Heels • Bonjour Bizou

Suites on Sunday!

Lately I've been noticing suites a lot more than outfits - which both disappoints and excites me as it means I can add to the suites I've already featured here on the blog! Both of these are minimal with the same sort of colour tones and theme running through - and I love them =D Mileycoolgirl25 and Miver have each chosen great pieces to design their respective rooms and I can't help but wish I had them as my interior designers on Stardoll for my suite!!! Click on their usernames above to check out and visit their suites =D

Friday, 29 August 2014

Military Chic

Hotbuys General Jacket- Hot Buys Retro
military jacket ralph lauren- Nelly.com
Ebony Pencil Skirt - PPQ
Diva Black Heels- Royalty
Rose Buckle Belt- Giambattista Valli Tribute

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Styling Shoes Challenge #2 | Duplice Wedges

Pair #2 are a bit of an oldie Tribute pair - the Duplice Wedges from the Christian Louboutin store. Wedges are purely a summer shoe in my mind, so I paired them with 3 summer looks. I didn't mean to make them all white based, but I do think it helps the shoes stand out a little in the look! I rarely wear these and I rarely see them worn around Stardoll, but they are very nice shoes and hopefully I've shown they can be worn in more than just a very casual look - although the 3rd outfit with those ripped jeans is probably my favourite of the 3 =) Which do you guys like best?

Monday, 25 August 2014


Lots of members have been styling the new YH collection in many different ways, and this look from bornthiswaay really stood out to me! I love this dress with the shirt, the little lace insert at the bottom is a great feminine touch and is probably a slightly less girlier version of the look I styled with this shirt earlier today. I love the pairing of the LE gladiator heels with this look too, I think it makes both them and the outfit look appealing =)

YH Styled Outfits - P A R T 2

So my second (and final) Styled Outfits post from the new Young Hollywood collection, featuring the remaining items that I bought from the store - the Rosie Red Carpet Tank and the Olivia Styled Shirt, with features from the Rosie Killler Stilettos and the Keira Diamond Sandals. And I really focused on the tops for this, and think I managed to show their huge versatility in the 3 looks I've come up with for each piece!
Firstly the Rosie Red Carpet Tank which I really love (although lets face it, I've said that about most things with this collection) and I found it so easy to style - I've shown it with jeans, leather look trousers and a skirt, but I also think it would look fab with shorts. I love it with these white Denim Nelly jeans, and stumbling across it working with the Denim jacket as well was great! I also added a second gold chain necklace here and I have to say I'm pretty pleased with the boots and bag I chose as well - it's not my regular sort of 'go-to' look, but I would quite happily wear this a lot! Next I paired it simply with leather look trousers (Elle) and chose simple accessories, black and navy works well to me, but it won't be for everyone. The style of this tee makes it great to wear with highwaisted trousers like these though. Finally I went with this Nelly skirt, which I meant to write a specific post about a while ago but it definitely slipped my mind, but for whatever crazy reason, I love it with this top! It's an unconventional styling to say the least, but if I was going to take one step out of the box I thought I might as well take another and use this Royalty Black Soiree Jacket. I quite like the look overall, I'm feeling a bit weird like that, haha! I very much doubt many people will like it with me!
And secondly the Olivia Styled Shirt - which is sooooo me, it's ridiculous! It has a much more formal-y styled feel to it and is the sort of thing I could style in a mere minute. It goes nicely with skirts (although from my selection this lace one was the only one I felt 'clicked' with it properly) and also casual and smart trousers. I wanted to style jeans with it but annoyingly couldn't find the pair I was thinking of, so when I do find them I will wear them with the shirt =) Anyway, my first look is with the lace skirt, and it paired easily with the Rosie Killer Stilettos (I seriously can't wait to wear these more!) and I added the gold chain necklace again. This look gives me a Carolina Herrera sort of feel - does anyone get that too from it? My second look I went for these great pink trousers from last years Valli tribute store, chose to keep with pink in the Fendi shoes and then white with the Dior Couture bag, it's girlier look, but I really like it and feel it's a good contrast from the last look, where I've chosen the black Dior Couture trousers (the indigo ones would look fab too) and also used the Keira Diamond Sandals. I was dubious about pairing them with black, but I actually think it looks pretty good! Also finally used this shoulder bag - I bought it on a total whim and I'm quite glad I did, lets just hope I use it more often =)

So that's my looks all done from the new YH collection - what did you guys think? Any other ideas for styling the pieces that you want to share? Just do so in the comments!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Bringing Simple Back

Hey Dolls, 
Im back with yet ANOTHER simple look!
I have to say out of all my outfits I have created this is in the top 5! I never though something SO simple could make such an statement!
The laced top is amazing! and the dress alone would have been too dated! Which is why I matched it with a straight cut skirt to modern the look up. 
This Look can be done in black also but for my dolls skin tone, how could I not do white?! 
I hope you all enjoy this look simple sexy and affordable look as much as I do!

White Lace Dress • BASIC
Basic Long White Skirt • BASIC   
Interlock Necklace • P P Q   
Gold Block Heels • Riviera

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Styling Shoes Challenge #1 | HotBuys HiTech Heels

My brand new challenge - Styling Shoes, where I've picked some of my lesser worn shoes and aim to style them in a handful of different ways. As these are just my lesser worn pairs, they won't all necessarily be available in the Plaza, but should be easy enough to come across in the bazaar. These posts won't be strictly my only posts and there isn't a schedule for them, but I expect it to run over 2-3 weeks =) 
So - pair of shoes #1 are the HotBuys HiTech Heels from Original Future! I've worn these once previously as past of my Wear My Closet Challenge but I really wanted to get them into more everyday wearable looks and I think I've achieved that with the 3 above looks for them! I've stuck to a white base and then really taken on different colours into each look. Let me know what you think, and if you have the shoes, how you styled them!

Friday, 22 August 2014

YH Styled Outfits - P A R T 1

So starting with the dresses! I bought 4 - the Selena Capri Gown, the Kendall Much Music Gown, the SJP Romatic Gown and finally the JLo PFW Jumpsuit. Now I think they do very much speak for themselves and really don't need a 'styling' as such, but I still wanted to put together some looks =)
Both of these dresses are alllllllll about the legs and you're able to wear a good pair of shoes and be able to show one off nicely with them - I ended up going simple black for them both, choosing the Night Out Heels (also from this new release) for the first look. These are incredibly similar to the Jennifer Pumps from the, also new, Pals store, at 11SD's you make a 19SD saving so they might appeal to some people much more! And I settled on the Minimalist Alexander Heels for the second look. Choosing a pair for this dress was more difficult that I'd thought it would be - I just didn't seem to have the perfect pair, so if you find a great pair that look amazing with the dress, let me know! For bags I went for two I haven't actually used before, a black Saint Laurent one for the first look and a Versace for the second, I am glad I finally got to actually get these into looks and I think they work pretty well with their respective dresses =)
I love the dreamy quality of the first piece against the modern and harsher feel of the jumpsuit - however I love both pieces and I love how they look on my doll! For the first I chose pastel Fendi shoes, I would have loved something in baby baby blue or a very pale lavender however I don't have shoes in either colour (new mission on Stardoll!) And then I chose the Museum Mile Dior Inspired heels for the jumpsuit - another pair I'm not sure about with it and I'll definitely be trying a few out later on to see if another pair can give it that wow-factor! I also added this small silver Nelly clutch to this look which I feel is a good addition and despite the different tone of silver to the jumpsuit itself, it works well with the look.

Look out for "Part 2" with the rest of my YH Styled Outfits!

Young Hollywood Outfit

 Herrera Gown • V O I L E
    Another AMAZING yes simple look! 
Inspired by Kendall Jenners MMA (Much Music Awards) outfit, stardoll had recreated this look to a tea! 
I am absolutely blown away by it!!

Kendall Much Music Gown • Young hollywood
Bikini Bottom Beige • Underneath Stardoll   
Kendall Much Music Gold Stilettos • Young Hollywood      

Y O U N G H O L L Y W O O D | Release Review

I have to say I think everyone was in a bit of a craze yesterday when the spoilers were released for this very very very long awaited new Young Hollywood collection (and an actual collection not just a window) and I will admit I was crazed with them! I saw the spoilers before they were posted anywhere so had a lot longer to freak out, and it definitely didn't do my brain any good! Haha =) I love the above image on the site homepage, I think it's perfect for the store! Anyway, so it's been released now and lets take a look at the store.
The store is amazing! People went mad over it from the second I posted a screenshot of the spoiler of it at USD and that was definitely reflected when the pieces were available for purchase - the Kendall dress was sold out within 15-20 minutes =O Although I probably could have predicted that one =P The pieces are a lot more limited this time around, a good thing in my opinion, but the prices don't reflect an extremely exclusive collection, which is fantastic! Prices range from 29 to 165 SD's - thinking about that in respect to LE and Tributes etc. those are good prices for the pieces as, in my opinion, everything is very well designed and has stuck very closely to the great RL versions{you can check those out at our partner, Stardoll Real Brands =)} Plus they fit nicely to our dolls - there's not much more we could ask for! Oh, and the accessories and tops of the collection are super versatile, there are so many ways you could choose to style them, so there really is value for money here!
I ended up spending 883SD's - I bought things on whether I liked them or not and didn't even look at the prices until afterwards in my Transactions list (not always the best thing to do!) and for 10 items, I don't think this is too bad, also considering I thought I'd buy a lot more. A quick glimpse at what I got:
I am very delighted with my purchases, and although the rest of my clothes in my virtual closet are screaming at me to stop cramming more in, I can't wait to have them in there to wear!

Alike the last LE collection review, I'm going to do my Styled Outfits separately - so expect a post later on today then maybe another over the weekend or early next week! Let me know what you think of the collection and which pieces you ended up buying =D 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Hey Dolls! 
MSW is around the corner so with that Stardoll is releasing some new chic, trendy and sexy items.
 The look I put together is an easy way to make a simple yet elegant outfit! 

 Herrera Gown • V O I L E
    Azure Zebra Stripe Purse • Callie´s Picks   
                    Minimalist Alexander Heels • Bonjour Bizou      
     PPQ Gold Chain Necklace • P P Q       

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

V O I L E | Release Review

This morning we had a brand new floor of VOILE delivered to us - after seeing the spoilers a few days prior, I was already excited to get my hands on a few pieces and styling them up in a less formal/Voile way, so lets take a look!
This floor has some great pieces, and I have to say all at very reasonable prices for the style they're in - from 4 to 18SD's, although the dresses are at the higher end of that range, had they been in Tribute stores for example, they would cost much more. A few of the pieces do seem a little out of place with the more pretty of the pieces I'd say, for example the Neoprene Colorblock Dress which I really amn't a fan of. Some good heels in this release actually and they're priced well, I bought both the Beaded Couture Bottines and Fringe Gala Stilettos which cost 11 and 10SD's respectively which I think is good for their great design.
My ultimate favourite piece of the collection though? Has to be the Beaded Couture Tee - it's so fabulous and versatile and gives me the same feeling that the the MM Fashion 'Shining Star Blouse' gives me, however at 5SD's less! I thoroughly loved styling it =)
I've kept my purchases to a minimal for now although there are a few more dresses and clothing items I might purchase in the future!
P.S. Have any of you listened to Taylor Swift's brand new song, Shake It Off? I can't get enough, I've had it on repeat for about 2 hours!

Pretty grunge

Now I know we've just had brand new Hotbuys ripped denim jeans, however I like this older Hotbuys pair that voula_beauty has styled! They have adorable lace inserts, have a great fit on our dolls and have a good length for showing off a fab ankle strap on any heels! This look just has simple heels, but they work well all the same. The jeans have been 'prettied' up by this silver dotted blouse (a piece I love!) but kept very much down to earth with the biker jacket and black clutch in hand - fab look!

And Today I Wore

My version of street casual - very tame I'm sure! I actually love wearing this long sleeveless tee but never really know what to pair it with, so kept it light with these white Killah trousers {Baham Trousers, 13SD, Available in Plaza} which are always a favourite of mine. Finally (I think?) getting around to wearing these Chanel inspired trainers from Subcouture, and I am really loving them in the look actually - I'm already thinking of different things to wear them with, maybe a styled outfits post soon (opinions-yes/no?) Clear clutch and Saint Laurent necklace to accessorise. I actually am really liking the colour scheme with this suite room too =)

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

P L A Z A P I C K S | O R I G I N A L F U T U R E

Planned this post quite a while ago but haven't had the motivation to put it together - today I did! Original Future is one of the stores I don't browse regularly so I made an effort to find some great pieces in there! Unfortunately all SD prices, but nothing over 10SD's!

Monday, 18 August 2014

And Today I Wore

I featured these trousers last Friday here, and I bought them soon after. And now I've worn them. For me it was absolutely essential to pair them with a white shirt, and I ended up choosing this DKNY one (quite readily available in the Bazaar actually) for it's open collar quality, to which I've decorated with this pretty Nelly gold necklace. Went with simple pieces for the rest of the look with the basic black heeled sandals and over the shoulder jacket. I love that the belt comes with the trousers as it totally means I don't need to consider what works! I did think about adding a Fendi black bag, but decided against it at last minute. And I've also changed my hair - giving the new(ish) Tress Up pieces a chance and I'll try each of them out for the next couple of weeks, I do think this one would look much better paired with white dressed however!

HotBuys Hard Rock Tee - Styled By You

A handful of days ago, one of the latest Hotbuys was released, this tee - now I'm not much into Rock, I think that's fairly obvious for anyone who has come across me, so I haven't bought or styled this piece, but luckily some of you guys have for me to feature! Both lulluplix and Diana.Miss2 have rocked their stylings of the tee, seeing these I know I'd never be able to pull it off - it looks great with both leather-look leggings and a plaid skirt, but both have gone for ankle boots, a staple in rock-styled looks it would seem?
What do you guys think - love this tee? Styled it yourself? Let me see in comments!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Epitome of minimal

Gosh I love this main suite room - it's what I'd like mine to magically turn into =D Please please view the full size version or even just lula.l's suite because this deserves so much recognition. I love every aspect, and although I class it as minimal there are great details hidden in, making it fab! It's the perfect fashion-den, with little bits of Dior, Chanel and LE splattered through, with amazing bags hanging right at the start - I love seeing great little combinations like this! 


Having a reminiscing type of day today - and reminding myself of that time I ran a magazine (TREND - and I still have a (inactive) club for it)! Some of you probably remember it, others might not have been around then, but I thought I'd share some of my work from it from 2 years ago, I honestly can't believe it was that long, maybe one day I'll work on it again =D
Now the graphics were quite bad, I mean just take a look at some of those collar bones ... makes me want to scrunch them up and delete forever, but hey, it's all part of progress! I'm still bad at hair, always was, maybe hopefully won't always will be?!?!
^^I quite like this last image actually - it was the cover for the second issue that never happened, then almost kinda sorta happened with these two images, both of which I still really like nowadays, particularly the white dress one - oh, and I also do quite like the hair in these two:

Friday, 15 August 2014


Love this look from shazaib12 - the trousers leapt out to me and I knew I had to feature the look (and buy them=P Bizou, 10SD) Anyway, I love this biker-esque look with the leather jacket and hat, along with the cut out vest - normally this isn't something I'd bat an eyelash at, but I love this! It's a great combination and it looks perfect on her doll =D

Thursday, 14 August 2014

A room with a view?

I quite like what I came up with for this room in my suite - I'm dreadful at good suite design, so I have to go for minimalistic. I made this at the time the Dior Couture and Missoni Home stores were just at the end of their time in the Plaza so I grabbed a few pieces from those stores and also pulled from my storage. I think it looks quite nice, I love this interior and totally not sure why I didn't purchase it previously! Hopefully soon I will work on the rest of my suite to get it looking nice and similar to this =D 

Black and White Classic

Adore this look I've just seen from jjgangstevenjj - those black trousers are a great investment, I think I've spoken about them before, but I love the white shirt combination going on, I think it's perfect! Plus I've never seen that white jacket before I don't think, it's a good piece for this season and pieces of that style are pretty spot on right now. Hat and heels also great additions to the look. I also added a little of the interior to the picture because I love love love its' simplicity yet effectivity =)

Monday, 11 August 2014

R O Y A L T Y | Release Review

We definitely had a busy week with releases last week because along with SubCouture and Fever, we also had Royalty! It's definitely been about time for a release and I think there's been enough mention of Elie Saab for Stardoll to finally do something about it - I for one am very happy at getting our bit of this designer, although I would have preferred a Tribute store, I really can't complain =)
So we were treated to two floors filled with 12 gowns along with several pairs of shoes and along with bags, and a price range of 8 to 28 SD's, which is great and marginally cheaper than the Tribute stores from this year, but it probably can be expected to be as we pay quite a bit of money to attain the Royalty status. So I think the combined designer status and the appealing price have made this a popular release and I've seen people wearing the dresses around quite a bit over the week (the Architectural Nude Long Dress seems to be the biggest hit I'd say!) So far I've easily managed to pick up several pieces but I think there could be multiple further trips to this store! The collection has 3 bags, which all look good, the Runway Shoulder Bag leapt out to me immediately so I very much look forward to wearing this at somepoint, and I'm feeling it won't be with the Ville Lumiere Jumpsuit in which it's paired with at the store (I did buy this too, but I'm feeling like styling them totally separately!) My favourite piece of the collection? I'd have to say the Black Soiree Jacket, this sort of piece is very much needed on Stardoll and is pretty easy to use and slip into current wardrobes without needing to buy other items from this collection, I do love it with that black dress though, which also has a great individual shape that we don't have much of on the site, so I may have picked that up too^ The shoes of the collection are absolutely fab! All black and white and pretty much all classics, Stardoll really couldn't have gone wrong here! The White Mesh Stilettos were my immediate purchase, they're just so me and I look forward to wearing them - maybe give some of my other white shoes a little break =)

What did you guys think of the collection? Have you styled any looks yet - show me in the comments!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Gold Strap Valli Heels / F I N A L L Y S O M E O N E W E A R S T H E M

Recently these Giambattista Valli shoes seems to have had a little rise in popularity and I keep seeing people wearing them! Today two looks - HEROtheSPICY and Mia1435 - which both style these shoes very well and make me consider taking them out of my sale room to try and wear! The looks show the versatility, being worn with a dress in a more formal setting, but also casually with slim trousers and that very nice Fever Khaki Jacket. I also love how both looks have stuck with that golden sort of colour, I'm wondering how I would style them with a different tone now - definitely some food for thought!

Dreamy Pink

Subcouture Short Dress- Subcouture
Coco Jacket- Chanel Tribute
Nude Heels- Fendi Tribute
Blush Pearls Necklace- Dior Couture Tribute

Saturday, 9 August 2014

S U B C O U T U R E | Release Review

Yesterday we were given a new floor of SubCouture, and as per the previous releases from this store, it won't be around long! Just 2 days - so if you think you might want something, you better make a move on it now before it's gone! I actually thought that we hadn't had the last collection that long ago but then I checked my posts, turns out it was released in MARCH! How did that happen =O I honestly thought it was like a month or maybe 2 ago, but not like 4/5! Right now I feel like life is passing me by too quickly =/ Now SubCouture has never been one of my favourite stores, I quite liked the last collection, but really wasn't a fan of the one before - for me this one isn't really the best and isn't something I'd run to like a crazy lady! But on with the review =)
It's quite a nice collection filled with pretty gowns (which was very much expected to be honest) and costs from 7 to 35 SD's, which I think are good prices {the last collection ranged from c.10-30SD's} and I think the high fashion and designer based clothing really makes a lot of the users happy! It makes no difference to me whether it's designer inspired or not - if I like something, I'll buy it, and if I don't then I don't - quite simple really! There's a good range of styles present among all of the items with variety in shoe style and also the gowns, although most are quite short so for me I doubt I'd wear very many of them. The two maxi dresses are actually pretty nice, although not everyday pieces which I really look for, but I think the Ombre Grecian Dress will be a very popular one around Stardoll for the next few weeks! I've seen a lot of people fawn over the jackets, particularly the Death Metal Jacket, but I much prefer the Chromatic Jacket - for me it's the slightly more versatile and easy to style piece:
A piece that I surprisingly woke up today and knew I had to buy, were the Oyster Faux Croc Shorts - I don't know what came over me, but I suddenly decided I really liked them and wanted to give styling them a go - so that might come later! The headpieces for the collection were quite interesting too, I like the Camo Veil Headpiece - it's a little quirky but also screams high fashion, my only problem (and probably others' problem too) is that it doesn't sit ontop of the wigs in the Plaza so I can't tell if I'll love it and wear it or not - so that might be a very last minute purchase for me while I think about it! 
Overall I don't think it's that bad of a collection, although if I were choosing pieces I doubt I'd choose any of the ones chosen, but hey, that's another story!
So now some featured looks of members I've seen wearing the pieces so far:

Hope you enjoyed this post - please comment comment comment because it very much feels like I'm writing to no-one!!!