Thursday, 28 February 2013

Same girl?

*This new segment is for fun, it is gossip, and will never intentionally have truth behind it, I have run out of people to feature, and people like reading a little fun, right?*

Model Kadet was seen earlier today in Milan, looking noticeably thinner than her normal healthy self
She left a mystery centrally located building in Milan, and walked a block before catching a taxi. She was at least a size smaller than we've seen her at, and it's worrying after her busy fashion week scheduling. It was actually surprising we saw her in Milan, Paris began 2 days ago, where we hear she was reported for 10 casting sessions before the shows began, not turning up isn't her thing at all, so we wonder what's going on.
With 14 magazines having rights to her as a model, and another rumoured to be added to that list soon, we think the modelling industry is beginning to take its toll on this young girl - maybe some home comforts and time off in her home country of Poland is what she needs, although her gap could quickly be filled by a number of up and coming models, will she risk her position or not? Who knows!

Love xxx

Gal after my own heart

Miver has done it once again with her style - prints and white? Totally me!!! Love her cute styled outfit so much:
 Don't you just love it!
Also, look how amazing her loft is:
So much love!!!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


So tonight I caved in and renewed my SS membership! And I'm not going to lie, I did it mainly for this sweater:
It's one of those gifts you get for logging in 5 days in a row if you're SS.
I can't believe that it was a free item that cracked me and not the royalty clothing store or the last collection of Antidote that got me, although I went and checked out the Antidote store to see if there was anything left, and to my luck and also joy, the bag I had wanted was there still, I'm amazed, the store was released 4 weeks ago yesterday! So I'm super happy =D
I'm guessing a lot of people weren't keen on it seeing as I got like number 700 out of 1300, and it was only 25 SD's! My main suspicion is that people have passed the Stardoll + neon phase now, I am clothing-wise, but I do love a little accessory, I think this bag will look good with one of my typical white outfit combinations =)

4th week of Hotbuys

I have to say the overall presentation that Stardoll is giving of these Hotbuys is pretty impressive, they've come up with something individual and unseen every week so far, and I think it really make people enticed to check out the Hotbuys I think, it's pretty good for them =)

This week I love the jacket and skirt, I bought them as soon as I'd seen them! They remind me of MiuMiu a bit, not sure if that's what they're inspired by, but I definitely see something MM about both of them! 
They look good together, but would also be easily paired with other items:
 For the jacket, I paired it with my favourite navy trousers, which I seem to have neglected recently! I added some purple platforms which I bought in the bazaar recently, and went for a white shoulder bag - I like this addition as it keep the look a bit fresher, and it stands out(I also didn't have a suitable purple bag ...) and it picks out the white details in the jacket.
Went for a retro sort of theme with the skirt, paired it with a crochet cropped sweater, and chunky black heels, I think overall it's much more summery, so I think I'll be saving this look for June or July, but nevertheless it's good to plan ahead =) I was a little unsure of the black shoes at first, but after looking at it for a good 30 minutes, I'm happy with my choice =) 

Have you had a chance to style any of these Hotbuys yet? Share below!

Love K xxx

P.S. Have a little listen:
This song was in last weeks PLL which I have only gotten around to watching now, and I'm hooked!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

These hotbuys

So I've finally had time to sit down with Stardoll this week, I've been super busy with uni, we had a block of 6 hour labs everyday last week, so by the time I got home I was beat! I struggle to understand quite how I went for a 2 mile run on Monday after the first lab day! Anyway, so this weeks Hotbuys came out last Wednesday:
I have to say it's a kinda random bunch of items, like I feel they don't necessarily fit together as a group like the past weeks have, but anyway! I somehow really love the sunglasses, they're so out of the ordinary for me, not something I would go with usually, but these ones just intrigue me!
I think with the right look, they could be amazing - I'm yet to buy them, but I think I will =)
The jacket is what I'm on the fence about, like I like it in the picture on the model, but then on me ... :
It just looks odd, don't you think?

Has anyone bought the jacket and styled it super super well? If so, post below, I want to see how you guys have managed with this challenging piece!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Sale galore!

So stardoll launched a pretty big sale across many stores in the plaza today, and I think it's worth some time checking out! There are a whole range of clothing stores with 50% off, so now is your chance to grab some bargains, and get those pieces that you would grudge paying full price for!
So what am I buying in the sale? Well to be honest, if I see a piece I really want I tend to buy it when it comes out, but there are many pieces that are worth considering buying, mainly ones which I don't think are worth the money!
I might show some of my top sale choices later, but I don't have time right now, we have a full week in the labs this week and so much nightly reading and questions to do!

Sunday, 17 February 2013


Came across this pretty suite just 10 minutes ago and had to share it:
It is the suite of roksana3, and I love the super simple theme going on - it is almost minimalistic, but there are quite a lot of items in the room, but there's a clear black and white influence on the room with small coloured details and plants, which I think really stand out. Plants are what I think help makes a suite look almost realistic, makes it seem more lived in.

Love K xxx


Friday, 15 February 2013

Aspiring graphic designers?

I know quite a lot of you are beginning graphics, so I want to introduce this wonderful new project to you that you should definitely take a look at!
The Artist is run by Lindsey, LoveGossip4Life, and is a brand new graphics contest which has just recently started. Applications for cycle 1 have just opened up today and you have until March 8th to apply.
There's quite a bit of information about all the different rounds on the About page over at the blog, so if it interests you in the slightest, I'd suggest you go and check it out, because you may get accepted and go far! That's how I started my graphics career, I had a little practice, applied for cycle 1 of NTGD almost a year ago, and got accepted and learnt so much from that point =)

Anyways please check it out and follow =D

Love K xxx

P.S. This is the blogs 400th post!!! =O =O =O

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Make a statement

Statement jewellery has really risen through the ranks these past few seasons and I'm totally falling for it on Stardoll now - I've previously been quite afraid to go for those bold necklaces, but something seems to have changed my mind! These are some pics that have been uploaded here in the past showing statement necklaces, with the first being the most recent necklace that I've been loving:
1st = Myself
2nd = famous12
3rd = kociara074
4th = Myself
Some tips I can say about dressing your statement piece would include making sure you choose the right hairstyle, you don't wanna go to the effort of buying a great piece then have your hair covering it up, I would always go for a shorter style, or an up-do when wearing jewellery. Also make sure you've got suitable clothing on - if you choose your piece from the beauty parlor, this will sit on top of any clothing you have on, so pieces might not look right with jackets for example. If the jewellery is from your suite, it will either be movable, meaning you can layer it under clothing (which is great!), or it wont be, it's a little hit or miss really!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Have a listen ...

This is totally unrelated to Stardoll or fashion, but you must listen to these girls, they are amazing! And check out the rest of their YouTube channel, they have uploaded many covers and also original songs which they have written.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Browns and reds

This is a typical super stylin outfit, but I really wanted to post it anyway! It's the fabulous jarus55, wearing a wonderful selection of browns and reds, which I think are perfect for the cold early months of 2013!

Leather + White

Recently on Stardoll I've rediscovered a pair of leather looking leggings I had in storage, and I've kinda always been thinking about them when I've been stying outfits - you're probably not surprised to see I've enjoyed pairing them with white blouses:
In RL I would never wear leggings with a blouse or shirt like that, I'd be afraid of my bum looking fat or my undies showing through or something (haha), but I don't have to worry about that on SD, so I might as well live on the wild side a little^^
I like all 3 of these combinations, the first is with a detailed top, the second with a masculine styled shirt and the third with a sheer blouse - they all involve similar items but have a very different feel to them. I also think that finding a bag to go with any of these looks will be super simple, so it'll be easy to get something to go with whatever you choose!
Here are two looks that I've chosen out of many from Pinterest, I think they both work with the leather leggings and a white shirt really nicely and in two different ways:

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Weekly Hotbuys

So I'm sure we've all seen these new weekly Hotbuys, I actually quite like the idea, and if they keep with this sort of having a theme for each week, I know they will excite me to check them out! Call me naive, but I think it's cute, and I look forward to further releases!
So this weeks ones were released today, and based on Valentines day which is coming up - I don't celebrate it, I have no-one to give my 'valentine' to so I don't really see the point, but I love pink and hearts!
 I think Stardoll has advertised them really well, I think they've made the pieces look appealing, and do make me consider buying them more than if they were just on a mannequin in a store.
After trying everything on, I quickly eliminated the eye make-up pieces, they're very not me, and have potentially eliminated the bag, I think it's quite bulky for a heart clutch bag, but I might reconsider in a few days. The earrings are a potential, as it the top - and although I love cut-outs, I don't think this one looks good on my doll, a bit too much breast showing for me to want to wear.
And last but not least(and my favourite) are the nail tips, I think these are adorable! I haven't bought them yet, but I'd like to know whether you need to buy one or two sets to have them for each hand? ^^If anyone knows please comment!
Anyway, that's all for now for this very quick post =)

Love x

Monday, 4 February 2013


I'm wearing: 

Shoes - Velvet Orchid

Bags - Bizou /Pretty n Love
Jeans - Bizou
Blazer - archive
Top - Basics

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Baham Trousers

So the item I've chosen for this Styled Outfit post is:
They're from Killah, and cost 13 SD's. I got mine for 0 when there was a 3 for 2 offer on in the plaza and got these, the cheapest item, for free =) I love these trousers, firstly because they're white and secondly because of their fit and shape. They are ankle grazers so are perfect for spring and summer, and they fit to the leg really nicely, it means you can either tuck in your shirt or you can wear it loose. 
This first look is actually the one I'm wearing while writing this post, but I had to include it as I love it so much! I love all the white, it helps me feel so much more summery! I added a shirt with a detailed collar to give it, well, more detail, and chose simple white heels. I chose the Original Future sweater because it's white with neon details, neon is still around, and I like it in minimal bursts, so this is a great sweater for me! The colours also add a little flair to the all-white look.
This look is more spring/coming out of winter styled with the coat. I kept it bright with the Basics peplum tangerine top, I think this colour works well as it goes nicely with both white and black. I chose simple nude heels as I felt there was already quite a lot going on with the other items. 
Based this final look on pink - and I think the outfit is perfect for the spring, especially with the flower blossom influences in the top. I added paler tones of pink in the accessories with the Chanel heels and the Pretty'n Love clutch, this was to keep the focus mainly on the top. I think that although this style is a bit more  girly, anyone could pull it off!

That's all for now!

Love K xxx

Friday, 1 February 2013

White Blouses

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The third of The Stardoll Lookbook - Exclusives

A white blouse is a key piece for any wardrobe, RL or SD. I think its important to find the right fit and style for yourself, every shirt and every person is different, so what might work for you, might not work for your friend and vice versa.
White shirts are also versatile, they can suit many different looks and occasions:

I think this post ties in with another I wrote back in November, you can find it here.

Love K xxx