Thursday, 31 January 2019

J A N U A R Y 2019 | Hotbuys Review

Ahh here it is, our first Hotbuys Review of 2019! These pieces are straight from a warm Italian setting, and look super beautiful. While it is winter for most of us, it is summer in some parts of the world, and so these HB's fit very well with last years summer offerings too. I think these are pretty attractive HB's overall, I think the presentation looks great and the pieces look fun for styling =)

F I R S T I M P R E S S I O N S 
Cache Leather Bag - This is such a cute and different piece. I love a white accessory, and the gold strap is an extra bonus for this piece, plus the gold trim, it's adorable^ The size is quite small, so it might get a little lost in a look, but I like the minimal design and the structure of the piece, a definite purchase for me! Original Future 18SD's
Cult Gaia Inspired Sandals - I was definitely excited for these sandals, and they lived up to my expectations for sure =) While flat shoes aren't usually so much my thing, I love the design of these, the tortoiseshell buckle looks great and really stands out in the style - I think these will be absolutely great in the summer months for me^ It Girls 16SD's
Marni Inspired Printed Skirt - What a fun skirt this is! The midi style is popular and the overall shape of the piece is classic and very wearable. The print is what adds the fun, the colours are super pretty and it's such an interesting style, the orange definitely attracts me as I find it easy to work with. This will be great in the spring and summer =) Bizou 21SD's
Marni Inspired Pumps - For sure the most versatile piece of this collection, who doesn't love a pointed white kitten heel?! These shoes have so much to offer. They're a great shape, the pointed toe is in a unique shape and looks great, plus the tiny kitten heel is adorable and also a popular style! Pretty 'N Love 19SD's
Metallic Link Necklace - This is the first piece I'm not so sure about. I love the idea of a great chunky chain necklace and I think it's a great piece for styling in different ways, but I don't so much love how this one looks on the doll. I think it's the link at the front, and it's quite tight to the neck, I think something a little looser would work better for me. I've also not seen anyone else style this yet. It Girls 14SD's
Raffia Bag - Super excited for this raffia bag =) Love the raffia style and this one is definitely an individual piece against what we've had before. Love the square handle and the box structure to the body of the bag, along with the crossed closing design. Again it's another summer piece, particularly with the light tan colouring that it has. I've not seen anyone else style this yet, but maybe everyone is waiting a few months to end the winter =D Bizou 19SD's
Spotted Suede Bralette Top - This bralette is such a cute piece, the red is bold and eye-catching and the printing is pretty cute, but this piece doesn't fit on the doll very well! This really disappointed me. While bra-style pieces aren't something I wear a lot, I was willing to give this one a chance, but the fit puts me off. RIO 19SD's
Leather Coat - Definitely a stand out piece from this collection, it looks incredibly luxurious^ I love the printing design on this piece, it's almost like an animal print, but not quite and looks unique. The mink colouring is stunning and I love the almost-faux-fur texture the piece has, it definitely adds to the overall glamorous vibe. It looks great on the doll too^ Pretty 'N Love 29SD's
Woven Bralette Top - This one is pretty much the same as the previous, the fit isn't right on the doll, so still disappointing, being in a silk white makes it a versatile piece that definitely should be popular, but due to the fit, I really haven't seen anyone wear this. RIO 19SD's
Printed Skirt - Ok so a little disappointingly, this skirt hasn't hasn't materialised in the Plaza yet, the link will work and the skirt will show up once this error is fixed^ It looks like a cute piece, very similar to the other skirt in terms of style, shape and design, I love the wrapping style of the layers and the printing, and I love that it all looks good in white, it's versatile and will work year round =) It Girls 21SD's

So first up in the features, Tasmins wearing the Marni Inspired Printed Skirt in this fun and colourful styling, love it! I especially love the orange accessorising, these shoes are fabulous with the skirt and the belt is a great piece mixing the orange and black. The greens in the skirt are highlighted beautifully with the turquoise sleeves, great choice!
Second up, wearing the Marni Inspired Pumps is brendaacelya looking sleek in Tribute pieces in addition =) The shoes really pop out against the black sheer socks and I love the glittered tights used too. The blazer dress is super smart, and the silver detailing pops out well against the shoes. Such a snazzy styling for this piece^
Our final feature is ajenkam wearing the Cache Leather Bag which really stands out well in this coloured styling. The white is perfect against the blue and the styles of the two meld together very nicely, both very smart and really made street-style with the addition of the trainers (a perfect fit for sure!) and the leather jacket, I love it contrasting so well with these culottes =)

Adding in something a little extra this year with the STYLINGS section - stylings coming from the Guest Writers! I think this is a fun addition to the Hotbuys Reviews^ Each picked one of their favourite items to style up from this month, AudreyHepburn. and cinderela23barb both picked the Marni Inspired Pumps and while both wearing dressed, the colours couldn't be more different, with bold red in the first, and cute pastels in the second - both looks make these shoes look super versatile, which is something I love showing you guys! Miloshki wears the Cache Leather Bag which looks great against these scenery jeans, and a contrast to the chunky knitwear in the styling, but perfectly fitting with the frames and earring =) And finally vogue_veronica styles the Marni Inspired Printed Skirt, again choosing perfect orange and turquoise accessories, so surely a winning combination! I love the smart over-shoulder blazer with the look, it completely dresses it up and takes it to another level =)

And lastly my own stylings! I've somehow managed to choose different pieces to the above looks, so we're showing a great selection of the Hotbuys in this post =) First up the Cult Gaia Inspired Sandals in this summer based styling, I love that they work with so many pieces, I had a lot of options for these, which definitely made me excited! I stuck with browns to go with the buckle, these trousers are such a cute combination, and I love this raffia bag with them too. Secondly the Raffia Bag which I attempted to wear in a slightly more wintery style, I don't think it completely works, the boots are a little overwhelming I think, but I do like the bag with the leopard print, so this is something I will definitely wear again^ And finally the Leather Coat which I've been wearing since the release - it has made me the perfect spring look with outerwear! I love this outfit and this piece so much, I also love that I've not seen anyone else wear it yet, so hopefully this maybe provides you a little inspiration to style it. I love it against the white base, and I'm also super glad that I finally found a look that was perfect for this bag too, I've been looking for a while and this is the answer for it =D

Dearly denim

Such a super cute styling with my favourite mixed denim piece from Marta32222 today =) I love the use of both the jeans and the jacket which you can just see layered underneath this blazer - what a refreshing styling for this piece too! It's an oldie and one that I think comes and goes in popularity, this is such a good way to wear it! Love the black polo underneath and the pink accessories on the belting and the bag styled like this slung over one shoulder looks awesome - I now wanna wear this blazer and bag combination, so I'm hoping I still have these pieces^ Also loving the veiled beret, super fun in this look!


I have always thought about it, and I truly believe I was born in the wrong era.
Attempt at bringing back the classic fashion, but with my twist.

Mood: 1795. I am one of the queen's trustees, and here to deliver a secret message in style. There is a mystery in the air, the queen's descendant has to be crowned, and the heir went missing, just before the ceremony.
The court is all whispers.

Details: Wore babydoll printed dress (Archive) and banana print silk blouse (archive) above it. Paired it with Alexander Vauthier inspired shorts from the recent runway collection. To carry the mysterious wiff, chose to go with all black accessories including west egg purse (Decades), knee high pointed suede boots (Royalty), daisy hat (IT Girls), and the Beyonce met gala hairpiece (Museum Mile). I didn't had a good bow, so used the leopard print scarf (Bonjour Bizou) instead. Proceeding with black pearl earrings, hair locked in a sleek bun and red lipstick to blend with the royals.

Tune in every Thursday to check up what I wore for the week! If you like what you see, don't forget to let me know what you think in the comments below! 

Signing off, Veronica

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Blowing in the wind

Another windswept style today from Marta-43, how versatile is this hairstyle?! It's crazy good! And black and blue never looked better! I love the combination of this oversized coat with the velvet boots, both somewhat forgotten amongst newer pieces, but holding their own in this look^ Love the floral printed tulle dress - totally regretting selling it now - and the bodice of the dress in navy looks fab. The paisley printed scarf is a stand out addition and suits well with the golden bag and earring!

Fruity Fresh

Grocery shopping, but make it fashion.

For this outfit I wanted to focus on fresh and colorful pieces! Bold florals and fun shapes.
I find these pants to be quite hard to style, I bought them ages ago and only worn them
twice, but when I was putting this look together I saw that it's amazing to combine
them with light and brighter pieces.

On my last post I had strong red lips and sleek dark hair, on this one I wanted to be natural
and soft, with rosy lips and a cute blonde wig :)

For the accessories I kept it bright and simple, blues and oranges to
complement and match the pants and blouse.

Dolce Gabbana Inspired Silk Blouse - Limited Edition
LE Oversized Open Crisp Shirt - Limited Edition
Jacquemus Inspired Shirt - Subcouture
Jacquemus Inspired Blue Belt - Subcouture
Wide Legged Orchid Pants - Callie's Picks
Orange Gucci Handbag - Callie's Picks
Market Net Bag - It Girls
Hoop Earrings - Nelly.com
Point Boots - Nelly.com

xo, Cindy

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Spangly skirting

Very sparkly and spangly in this styling from lilyhippo looking super sleek! These pieces look great together, the Prada tulle looking perfect as always as the bottom layer, the vintage-design of the skirting is super cute and really stands outs, it's perfect with a tulle hem, and the spotted sleeveless top is a cute addition. The sparkly tights are also pretty cute, but they're not too adorable for the sleekness of the style. Accessories are fitting, love the brooch on the bag, along with the cool use of earrings and beauty look^

Material Girl

I was not expecting Runway. It feels like their last release wasn't even that long ago?? I feel like I'm living under a rock in these dark January days. Thank goodness then for this injection of SPARKLE to help me WAKE UP. 

With all this pink and the bouncy blonde curls I feel like a cross between Barbie and Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend but also streetstyle-light, and tbh, I'm not mad at it. 

Really this was just an excuse to dig out all my sparkly things, including my trusty sequin turtleneck. Oh where would I be without you? Mine is a freebie from a gift-o-meter of days past, but the Turtleneck Houndstooth Sparkling Body from Pearls, still available in the plaza, provides a similar, if darker effect.

Ingredients / You Will Need
Embrioedered Balmain Inspired Sweater | Runway
BunnyHop Sequin Vest | Bunny Hop Gift-o-Meter
Crisp White Cami | The JetSet
White Shirt Woman | Pearls
Naeem Khan Inspired Pants | Young Hollywood
Velvet Cord Trench Coat | The JetSet
Bejewelled Burberry Style Heels | Voile
Munro Mini Backpack in Silver | Fy!

Monday, 28 January 2019

Tom Ford Inspired Fur Coat | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

This amazing outfit from N.O.V.E.A styling the Tom Ford Tom Ford Inspired Fur Coat really amazed me - I was very unsure of this piece as it was quite expensive and it's pretty much the definition of 'extra'! There's a lot to it, with velvet and faux fur and puffa parts to the coat, and all those colours, but N.O.V.E.A really sold it to me! The black of the boots and the bag really ground the styling (this bag is also something I've seen really rising in popularity too^), while the checked dress is so fun and also fitting with the piece! The earrings are great too, love the blue to fit with the bottom of the coat. So I bought the coat, very much unlike me^ But I don't regret it one bit, I put it on and had ideas for styling it already, which is great! I love blue trousers anyway, and these are a great fit for the coat. I kept the top minimal, choosing a collar shirt and pink sweater, which calms the styling but also fits with the furry top section. The shoes also had to match the bottom of the coat, these orange ones are a favourite. And I kept with the puffa style in the bags, these Prada ones are such a perfect fit for not only this look but this coat in general, the style and colours are spot on, I really love it =D

Denim layers

More layering! This piled on look is coming from JaneDoee83 and also makes use of the same white layered skirt that seems good for this type of styling^ I love it layered over the washed denim, and it's very effective with the wrap-around denim jacket too, looks great! They ruffled grey layer also looks good, it's something a little different and does make those small amounts of white pop in the styling =) Love the accessories too, the belt bag is perfect and the fuzzy stole is super fun^

Sunday, 27 January 2019

T R A I L S | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

We got a brand new release of TRAILS at the end of last week with some super fun pieces for our dolls to enjoy on their exotic winter getaways^ The advertising really is beautiful this time, the colour and glow of the sun drew me in and really makes the pieces look amazing, it definitely attracted me to the store much more^ Some great pieces in this release, but for me it didn't really warrant a review, but I've styled up some pieces and spotted some stylings around the site =) I think this is one to definitely revisit when summer is here for most of us and I can see myself purchasing that Ruffled Cotton Wrap Skirt with the actual leopards on it to style later in the year! I'll also recommend the Samui Metal Sunglasses which are a pretty good alternative to the Dior pair that I constantly wear!
Millaxx makes good use of the Dancing Queen Leather Belt in this styling with beautiful matching trousers, that's a combination I wanna steal for sure =) The orange is bright and bold and catches your eye, I love the contrast in colour with this purple/blue floral dress worn as a polo, there's a little brown in there which is spot on for the orange. Also loving the shoes and earrings as accessories, just great!
I bought quite a few pieces from this release, and have gone for slightly more summery stylings. First up pairing the Cropped Broadcloth Top and Espadrille Wedge Sandals together with this pleated midi skirt, I think it's a cute summer styling^ The raffia clutch and these gold rimmed sunglasses are nice finishing touches. And in my second styling, the Woven Crochet Bag which is super pretty in blue, it's something different to the usual natural tones. I love it against the white pieces, which made choosing other accessories pretty easy - a smart summer styling for sure with this one =)

Sharp and Peachy

Of course I had to wear these pants and this blazer together! Went with springy peach tones with the grey, it's a lovely colour combination, and works really well with the platinum blonde hair too! I need to dig out all the lovely spring colours for my next posts. It's still full winter here but the sunshine makes me want to wear a lot of soft colours like this! 

Suite Style

A beautiful modern and minimalistic suite to share today coming to you from Dune27! I love the base room of the city view, it's perfect to work many options with, and the diamond window frames and sheer grey curtains are perfect in many ways. The leather seating isn't too harsh, and the coffee table has been styled with a cute mix of believable pieces. There's a cute shelving unit in the corner and I love the touches of plants and nature through the room, not just with green, pretty reds too^

Saturday, 26 January 2019

Shiny Things

I've been rather inspired by the leather looks that have been on this blog lately so I've gone in on my own. 

This one is built up of a melange of pieces - the skirt of which is actually the leather dress that popped up in the Callie's Picks. The hip action is a bit....severe so some puffed sleeves help to balance the whole look and the sheerness brings a little brevity. 

Add a little brooch for luck and we're sorted!

Ingredients | You Will Need
Floral Print Organza Blouse | Velvet Orchid
Leather Corset Top | Inspired by Alexander McQueen Tribute
Sculptured Gotham Dress | Callie's Picks
Square Brooch Earring Left | Epiphany
Classic Black Belt | Callie's Picks
HotBuys Balmain Inspired Leather Boots | Rio
Mini Tiffin Bag | Pearls 

Silver snake

Stylish and silvery today from lolitka1444 wearing this fantastic silver blazer and snake print skirt combination =) The layering works well with the sparkly shirt under the blazer with sleeves on show and the wire mesh skirt under the snake print, it's a super effective styling! Love the dark belting and bag added, that is such a cool use of pieces, as are the earrings, so much fun with them^ The silver bag also pops out and is a nice inclusion in this styling =)

Friday, 25 January 2019

1 Piece 1 Week | Balmain Inspired Checked Pants

After December off from this segment, we're back with the Young Hollywood Balmain Inspired Checked Pants to style up in 6 different ways =) These came out almost a year ago and since buying them, I only really styled them the once - more recently I've been seeing people going back to these and so I decided it was time for me to do the same!
Back to the basics of black and white
For me these are the obvious choices for the trousers, they've got a black and white base and therefore pair very well with pieces of these colours - plus we've got a lot of options in these colours. I chose smart shirts and belts to cinch in the waist in these stylings and kept them fun with accessory choices, the white sunglasses on the belt have been getting a lot of love^
Staying snug in the winter weather
It is winter after all, and overcoats and faux furs keep us cosy, these two pieces work beautifully, adding dark and light to the trousers. I like the blues with these trousers, I think they work out nicely and make a difference to black. Of course, this white furry coat is a perfect fit, and I love the pairing of the checked boots, this combination is one I'll revisit!
Daring decisions with fun prints and patterns
And for some fun with the last set, matching more checks and choosing lace details^ I really like this checked blazer with the trousers, the printing is a perfect match and the brown fuzzy cuffs make it a winter piece, and a good base for accessories. Not entirely sure how I feel about the lace, I think it works with the checks but my boots are too heavy for sure, oops!

Sparkly pants

What a super sparkly look from SoMillie today, I adore these shining embroidered trousers so much =D The trousers are part of a jumpsuit and look amazing as a pair of trousers, even better than as a jumpsuit I'd say. The layering with black trousers underneath works well too, the sequin design is highlighted nicely. Love the smart blouse too, it's a rare piece that you don't see everyday, and the shoes are a great fit for all the clothing^ I'm also loving these sunglasses and the draping earrings, definitely stylish touches!

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Baby brown

It was really the beauty component of this look by cactusprincess that drew me in - it's stunning on top of a super sleek outfit! The shiny highlighting looks great and the red lip is beautiful, super stand out! The look is sleek too, the coat and trousers are a great pairing and I simply adore the open brown cardigan layered beneath on top of the white polo, it definitely pops and fits well with the Fendi handbag too. Love these earrings as well, and the headband is very fitting =)

Marni Special

Did you guys realize we got one hidden tribute?
It was MARNI this January via hotbuys. All those gorg colors and prints agh.
So I decided that I'll pull out older pieces of the brand from the 2010-11 runway and do a Marni special outfit.

Mood: Nothing elaborate. I want to keep it really casual chic today. Feeling super cozy and comfy in style. But this cold weather needs to pass soon. 

Details: Starting with the basics using stardoll polo (IT Girls), covering it up with the Marni inspired top (Bonjour Bizou) which was on their 2011 autumn/winter runway. Paired it with dizzying heights trousers (IT Girls) which most of the users misunderstood as a stardesign piece, from the 2010 fall collection. Moving onto the accessories, used the oval vinyl sunglasses (Vinyl), beaded mini bag (Rio) and the slingback pumps (Voile), black diamond star earrings to compliment the green and black.

Tune in every Thursday to check up what I wore for the week! If you like what you see, don't forget to let me know what you think in the comments below! 

Signing off, Veronica

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

I N S P I R E D B Y O F F W H I T E | Tribute Review

And here is our fourth Tribute of this season (is it maybe the last?!) - our third release of Off-White! This is for sure one of the brands that is requested from members a lot, so I think a lot of people will be happy with this one =) The advertising is street-style based with the brick wall, I like that they've gone back to using real members in the adverts, it shows off very little about the clothing in the release, so lets get in and see the store!
Highlights The store has 2 floors with 11 looks, including one for the guys. I do feel like the pieces all work together well, they're quite minimal in design and the colour theme is pretty modern and current. The interior is pretty fun, I love the grassy design, and I think it's also been pretty popular.
Accessories So there's a pretty minimal offering of accessories, which is a little disappointing considering there are some great pieces in the inspiring-collection from the brand, sunglasses, jewellery etc. but oh well, there is a fairly good range within the shoes. There are 5 pairs of heels in a range of colours. Naturally I very much like the Off-White Inspired Black Sandals and White Pumps, the gathered design is pretty cool and I like the strapping around the ankle and top of the foot. The black and white colours make them easy pieces to style and versatile ones that will be lasting. The Off-White Inspired Snakeskin Sandals are in a very similar shape with the pointed toe, but less strapping around the ankle - these definitely stand out in their neon green snakeskin print - I'm not sure how I feel about these yet, I think they could be good, but I need to be convinced by a few stylings! The Off-White Inspired Green Sandals and Blue Arrow Sandals are similar with an open toe and lace up design, I think it's a nice shoe, but just not a style for me, I'm excited to see others style these though =)
There are also the Off-White Inspired Lace Gloves and Snakeskin Gloves which have a short design on the hand and do look pretty good. And there is also one belt, the Off-White Inspired Leather Belt which is all in white with a large buckle, it looks good and I think will be quite versatile. And the final piece, I think is a bag, the Sculpture Off-White Inspired Strap Belt, which is a piece that straps onto the leg - I'm sure it's a bag, but I've yet to see anyone wear this to see what it looks like!
Clothing Next the clothing, where there was a greater focus in this store. Of course the big dresses and skirting really does stand out, they're not pieces that will work everyday for stylings but they sure work for wow-factor outfits! There are 4 of them in total in a small range of colours. The Off White Inspired Black Gown has a tulle skirt and a half green snakeskin cami on the top, I like the little pop of colour there. Then there is the Off White Inspired Tulle Dress which is a pretty baby blue piece, the colour is amazing. It has a soft one-sleeve design up top and layered tulle skirting on the bottom, with a split in one leg - it's super pretty! There are two white pieces, the Off White Inspired Cotton Skirt which is structured with a lace design and is the only non-tulle skirt, and then the Off White Inspired Neon White Dress which has a kind of half-bodice on the top and a huge tulle skirt, which is yellow on the underside and white on the top layers.
There are a couple of white tees in the release, the Off White Inspired Cropped T Shirt and Off White Inspired T-Shirt, which are nice fitted pieces which look great on the doll and I think will be pretty good additions for a versatile wardrobe. I absolutely adore the final top, it's my favourite piece of the release, the Velvet Green Top which is stunning! It looks amazing on the doll, has a deep V and beautiful blouson sleeves with a neat cuff and a fitted waist, and that colour, it's beautiful^ There are 3 outerwear pieces, firstly the Off White Inspired Leather Trench which is a very nice fitted coat, it's another versatile item which will work in a lot of styles. There are also 2 matching blazers, which I actually have decided that I really like, the Off White Inspired Lime and Black Blazers. They are longline, fitted pieces with one button and a V above with a split below, they're very neatly styled on the doll. The two colours give good choice for style preferences too. And lastly there are two pairs of trousers, which normally I'm really on board with, but I'm still on the fence about these - the Off White Inspired Snakeskin Pants and PVC Trousers. The overall fit is nice on the doll, but I think I'm still unsure of the sheer fabric used for them - maybe some stylings on other dolls will change my mind!
Prices This release ranges from 15 to 36SD's which is about right for Tributes. There are no SS or Royalty only pieces, and as per usual, the store will be in the Plaza for approximately 4 weeks for purchase.
Styled Outfits At first I wasn't sure I loved this release, Off-White for sure isn't my favourite brand, but then I started styling and I've found myself growing to love these pieces! First up the Off White Inspired Lime Blazer and Off-White Inspired White Pumps which look great with the white base, and the beige of the blazer pops very nicely. The bag is a good colour fit and I like the tortoiseshell glasses as a contrast, it's definitely a spring styling! For the second look I've kept the Off-White Inspired White Pumps and I've added the Off White Inspired T-Shirt - combining smart and casual and I really like it^ I love the fitted style of the shirt, it works well with these trousers. The accessories area great mix for the outfit, love this style of bag with the tee. And finally my favourite piece, the Velvet Green Top - I still can't get over how pretty it is =D It very naturally fits with these navy trousers, both in colour and fit. The shoes are a perfect match in colour, and I like the earrings with this look too^
Features Everyone has been loving this release! First up two styles with the Off White Inspired Lime Blazer, which I'm now feeling like has so many options. This first one is from Marta-43, pairing it with these fabulous brown trousers, the waist detail really draws your eyes to that section of the look and the design on the blazer. I love the rest of the tones with the blazer too, these trainers are great and also that red lip is fab =) 
Also in the Off White Inspired Lime Blazer is beringelalara, choosing an opposite colour base, the white of the shirts and the hems and cuffs look great and alike in my styling, make the print on the blazer really pop. The white is continued in the accessories which I love, and I also love these glittery tights, they're fabulous and really caught my eye =D
Next up is millaxx wearing the Off White Inspired Leather Trench and matching Off-White Inspired Leather Belt which both really pop in this outfit against the dark base of the fun dress beneath the coat, how cool^ I like the tones in the dress, they highlight blue hues in the coat and it looks pretty cool. The overall look is pretty sleek with that hair and makeup too^
AURA. wears the Off White Inspired PVC Trousers in this styling and looks rather cool doing so^ I love the layering of this knit and long top on top of them, the colours and textures look great. These t-strap heels are also pretty cool with the trousers and have a perspex strap on them, along with the perspex earrings, they fit perfectly in the styling =)
Next up is Aramat styling my favourite Velvet Green Top - see, perfect with navy! I think the shape and fit looks great with that of this skirt and I love the pinstripes on it too. The sparkly bralette is such a sweet addition, it's small but really stands out and looks good with the silver earring and the perspex heels^
Penultimately, LeGodja styles the Off White Inspired Mini Jeans Skirt^ It's a simple look but it's super effective, the light wash denim really pops against the use of the black polo and also these amazing boots - they make this winter appropriate for sure! I really like the delicate fishnets added to this look, they work great, as do the dangling shining earrings against the print on the boots!
And in the final styling, CHIRK wearing the Off White Inspired Black Blazer, I loved the layering in this look, the black base with the polo and the culottes looks great and the perspex rain jacket over the top adds a really cool effect, I really like it^ The neon green trainers of course are a perfect fir for the design on the blazer, it's a combination that won't get old!