Saturday, 31 March 2018

Easter Parade

Or: That awkward moment when you're on your way to an Easter Parade and you get lost in the rain, but it's all okay, because you happen upon a quaint little cafe that also serves dim sum. 

Easter is all about those lovely light brights, so decided to put together a look that used every. single. shade. I've never worn this Gucci dress because it's the very definition of extra, but it just seemed so springy and soft. I used the same trick here as I've used before, toning the overall effect down with a nice soft jumper, balancing all that noise at the bottom. 

Side note: Limited was pretty disappointing, no? I picked up a sprinkling of things, but I wasn't even inspired enough by them to put a look together. I decided to spend the rest of my LE budget on renovating a long forgotten relic of my suite: the art cafe in my loft. Hence why it's the backdrop for this particular look...

Ingredients | You Will Need
Gucci Inspired Blush Gown | Inspired by Gucci Tribute
Mohair Baby Pink Knit | Pretty'n'Love
Sunny Biker Jacket | Subcouture
Parisian Barett Hat | Bonjour Bizou
Fendi Inspired Lunettes | Fendi Tribute
Twisted Huge Loops | Antidote
In Bloom Shoulders | Perfect Day
Gold Snake Crossbody | Millionaire Mansion Fashion

Blouson blue

I love a bit of navy, so this look from fraternite including it immediately caught my attention - it's so set for Spring! This light jacket has been around for such a long time, and nowadays it's not one that gets a lot of attention, so I'm glad someone still loves it^ And it goes pretty well with the very cool sheer blouson-style pastel pink culottes (that's a mouthful!) that it's paired with, an unusual choice, but actually one that looks awesome! The tones are great together and it sure stands out! Love the green tone to the strapped heels, and the mini-Givenchy bag is a good finishing touch =)

Friday, 30 March 2018

M A R C H 2018 | Hotbuys Review

I absolutely loved these March Hotbuys from the minute I saw the advertising, so fresh and bright and just what I'm wanting for my doll right now! The pieces are just so current and I think they will last through at least the Spring and Summer for sure. There's a lot of focus on accessories this time, which is fun and I look forward to sharing my thoughts on the pieces along with your and my stylings =D

Navy Over Shoulder Biker - This jacket looks amazing! A one-shouldered piece has pretty good prospects, the style is popular and wearable and this piece has a huge versatility factor about it. The navy is such a great colour, a little different to the usual black so it definitely catches your eye. I think this one will work pretty well the whole year through too^ Bizou 28SD's
Silk Knot Clutch - I love a blue bag, there aren't enough out there to be had, so automatically I love this one! The geometric knot shape is amazing, it's eye catching and unusual - it will make anyone stop and stare when styled. I have so many ideas for this piece already, all based around the shape and colour of the piece - I wish we could have this in other cool colours as well =D Velvet Orchid 18SD's
Lanvin Inspired Blue Dress - This is a beautiful summer maxi piece, it has a pretty and current blue tone, and the ruffle detailing on the top half look amazing and really attractive for a dress! The design would be pretty minimal without the ruffles, but it still is a little expensive for what it is, which I think will prevent some people purchasing this piece. Bizou 29SD's
Dolce Floral Crown - This is a piece that's not for me, headbands aren't items I use at all, so it's not worth the money for me to purchase, no matter how sparkly and silvery it is! The detail on it is nice, the glitzy flowers will look great in many dressed up outfits, but it's just not something I will wear! Pretty 'N Love 17SD's
Layered Mesh Dress - I thought I would like this dress too, the midi length is nice and the red is a good colour, but I just don't like it on my doll. It's very plain and doesn't look too flattering, while I like the idea of the mesh overlay, it hasn't worked out this time, and certainly not for the high price it has! Pretty 'N Love 33SD's
Celine Inspired Peachy Glasses - This is really one of the first Hotbuys that I really truly have not known if I wanted to get or not, I'm completely on the fence about these glasses! The colour is pretty, I like it and I think it works well for the current season. I'm not sure I like the clear glass though, they really are glasses and not sunglasses, which I think is why I'm not sure about them, what do you guys think on this one? Pretty 'N Love 16SD's
Chanel Inspired Headband - Another headband, so another piece that I can't vouch for. It's a sweet piece, and I do like the femininity it has. The colour and style are both nice, but I just won't wear it. I'm yet to see anyone else style this, so maybe headbands aren't too popular a choice? Bizou 15SD's
Mansur Gavriel Inspired Handbag - Such a current colour and style of bag, and spring flowers included too^ However this does make it a seasonal piece that wouldn't work out so well in Autumn or Winter. I'm not too fussed about this piece, I don't think I'd miss it if it wasn't there really, but I have at least seen this bag styled a few times, so it has been popular with some^ Pretty 'N Love 25SD's
Japanese Blossom Statement Earrings - These hadn't really stood out to me in the advertising, but as soon as I tried them on my doll I was in love! These look like such a fabulous and unique pair of earrings that will look good in many ways and with many styles. The colours on them are great and I think they will really work well and make outfits stand out =) Pretty 'N Love 13SD's
Oscar Tiye Inspired Sandals - The final piece! Being our only pair of shoes this month, I do think they stand out. They're quite a minimal piece, but they almost have a velvet texture to them which I really like, and I also love the fan detail added to the heel at the back of the strap, I think it really stands out when they're on your doll and I think they make this pair of shoes pretty individual - I'm happy with them! Velvet Orchid 17SD's

The first feature from lilyhippo features the first piece, the Navy Over Shoulder Biker, looking fab in this casual based styling with jeans. The navy looks good with the wash of the denim, and the white shirt adds a bright touch. White will always go well with the navy! The black accessories work too, they're small enough and far away from the jacket that you don't notice the colour contrast.
Secondly we have this light summer-ready styling from millaxx wearing the Mansur Gavriel Inspired Handbag. I love the use of the silky midi dress, it has lots of design features to add detail to the look, but that doesn't distract from the bold-ness of the bag. I also love the addition of the earring/keychain added to the bag, it really stands out =)

And my stylings, all based on blues! I clearly bought a lot of blue to add to my wardrobe, but I did also buy the Japanese Blossom Statement Earrings and I look forward to wearing them =) Firstly the Navy Over Shoulder Biker and Oscar Tiye Inspired Sandals - I love the skirt style with the fan-detailing on the heels, the circles on the skirt look great with them and I think the pair attract your attention rightly to the bottomhalf of the look. I kept a minimal top, but love the navy jacket here, it goes well with the skirt and I like it with the black pieces too^ Secondly the Silk Knot Clutch which I absolutely adore with these matching blue patent booties, what a combination! I could have worn anything else with these and would have been happy with the look =D But love the white jeans, it adds a great base for the blue. And finally the Lanvin Inspired Blue Dress, worn as a midi skirt which I love, it has good options this piece^ And with this white shirt is one of them! One of my favourite pairs of boots make a good match for this skirt, and the yellow accessorising came naturally - the Navy Over Shoulder Biker wouldn't look out of place on this outfit either!

Jewel chain

Sometimes you gotta go all out with the silver and the draping jewels like in this styling by cinderela23barb! A delicate chainmail style dress isn't the easiest piece to wear well and keep the delicacy of the features, but this outfit is perfect. The unique white shirt looks great underneath to let the silver shine, but the sleeves themselves get some limelight too. I like the use of more necklaces piled ontop to really make the jewels a statement in the outfit - and the neutral beauty look is perfect for it!

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Paris girl

We all love a bit of Parisian chic don't we? This look epitomises that and the classic Dior-girl from Mery.- =D The Dior pieces in this outfit stand out, the tulle of the skirt has a focus in the look, and I'm quite pleasantly surprised that the browny-orange tone of the skirt looks great with the blue tone of the polo, but the sheer quality of each make them good together, plus with the mesh booties too! The crisp blazer is a great piece in the look and goes well with the black accessories used. Also lets talk about another fabulous styling with this hat, it's having a surge of popularity!!

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Lavender Alpaca Coat | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

This fantastic PPQ Lavender Alpaca Coat is an oldie, it came out back in 2014 and I feel like it's always flown under the radar a little - but with the lavender/lilac trend reaching a peak, it's fallen into favour, even though I've always loved it and seeing it styled! This look from leiona_- caught my eye this week, I love the soft texture of the coat paired with the harsher perspex texture of the floral skirt, it's a great contrast. The white shirt adds a crisp touch without detracting from your main two textures. The necklace and bag are glamorous while the pink trainers add a casual touch which I like the look of. For my own styling I knew I wanted to go with a darker tone letting the coat be the light touch in the outfit. This sweet floral print maxi is a great piece to wear, it layers nicely and the colours match the coat well. I love the navy against the lavender too, but my favourite pairing is for sure this Sonia Rykiel bag - it's just so perfect for the coat and is a pairing I'd come back to again and again =D

Green girl

Smart is chic with this styling from nadeen_nadz - and emerald sure stands out in this fab look =D I was so unsure about this blazer in the Plaza, would there be enough wear from it? But I think this styling decides that - it looks amazing in this styling, it's great layered with the black polo and the cropped slim trousers, in fact both the trousers and blazer have such a slimming effect, I love it^ Also loving the meshed socks and pointed heels. The glamorous belt bag and huge emerald earrings are an amazing touch =)

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Pink pout purple

This purple and red summer co-ord is looking absolutely stunning in this styling from miver - who makes everything look good! I love the layering with the ribbed polo beneath the cami, I think it fills the neckline very nicely, it's a great way to style up this summer piece for the winter to spring transition. Glamour is added to the look with the glitzy golden jacket, which is paired very well with this Chloe styled bag. The bubblegum pink sunglasses pop with the red lip, this beauty look is spot on for current styles and a fun look =D

How Now Brown Gown

The inspiration for this post came from 70s motel carpets...

Truth be told, I was actually trying to find something as drastically different from last week's looks as possible and I settled on this dress. It makes me genuinely sad that no one seems to love this dress as much as I do - I never see it anywhere! I scooped it up in the bazaar when I was going through an orange phase (when am I not though, to be fair?) and it just seemed so interesting. The shape is weird, the pattern is weird, the colour is weird. It's the sort of piece that is begging to be looked at as creatively as possible. 

I've played it safe (if such a thing can be done with this orange/brown moment) and gone for a chiffon sleeve addition and navy, instead of black, for a touch of femininity. 

Ingredients | You Will Need
Marrakech Cowl Dress | Rio
Chiffon Blouse | Fallen Angel
HotBuys Over Shoulder Navy Biker | Bonjour Bizou
Louis Vuitton Inspired Snake Bag | Limited Edition
Psychometry Sunglasses | Cheap Monday
LE Tassel Belt | Limited Edition
Faux Croc Metallic Heels | Inspired By Jimmy Choo Tribute

Monday, 26 March 2018

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | March 2017

So these March 2017 Hotbuys are not my favourite - the overall style isn't one that I like or that I think suits me, so I didn't have a huge success with this month last year! I still have most of the pieces, and I made use of the two bags, the Balenciaga Inspired Crossbody Bag and the French Style Basket Bag in the Bag It Up Challenge (here and here) and I really liked working with those a little while after the release. I have also worn the Twisted Hoops, and picked them in my 2017 Hotbuys Favourites as well! So today I'm styling up the sweatshirts, the Smells Like Roses Sweatshirt and the Oversized Black Sweatshirt:
I think I'm maybe just not a sweatshirt person! While I managed to style up both pieces, the looks aren't my favourite or ones I'd return to time and time again. For the Smells Like Roses Sweatshirt, I went with red trousers to fit the roses, and the burgundy is a nice tone against them. I added a shirt beneath the sweatshirt which I really like, and I varied my accessories by choosing trainers and Dior. For the Oversized Black Sweatshirt I tried out a few things before coming to this look - there were lots of black trousers involved, but what changed my mind was these boots, I really quite like the style of them with the sweatshirt and choosing a chiffon-hem skirt was my next idea ... not sure it completely works, but I quite like the idea - maybe the right person can pull this one off!

Navy velvet

Who doesn't love a navy velvet?!?! Millaxx does for sure and I absolutely love this styling =D It's fresh and spring-like despite the fact that velvet is a heavier material. It looks much lighter in this styling based on the use of white and light tones in the outfit. It comes across as playful with the casual tee underneath, and I like the use of the ankle boots and the printing of the design of the bag. The interior style helps too, it's super light and brings good vibe to the overall look!

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Hems and cuffs

I thought this was just such a cute bright Spring styling to feature today from rob_sef7! I like the use of the cool hems of the trousers paried with the wide and well chosen cuffs of the shirt - the layering of the white shirt looks great under this cropped sweater and I love the addition of a peplum frill to the look as well =D The accessories definitely stand out, love the green tartan shoes and the floral belt bag, and the dark hat and glasses fit the look nicely with the navy of the trousers^

Saturday, 24 March 2018

E V I L P A N D A | Styled Outfits

Our latest Evil Panda release was pretty dinky and kept on theme by featuring a few panda-styled pieces - however it wasn't those pieces I was drawn to with this release. It's not typically a fashion-forward store, for me it has more of the novelty-type items, but this time there were a couple of great looking pieces! First up the Fur Rainbow Coat, which really stands out and does seem to fit with some popular current trends. My two looks are contrasting, the first with the jeans is much more casual and the coat looks great against the light wash of the denim. I love white accents against all the colours of the coat and I think this works with the denim, and with the blue bag underneath. For the second look I chose colour, these bright bold trousers look fab with the coat, I think they're a good fit, and a lot of other pieces like this will be good too^ Kept the rest of the pieces minimal like the white shirt so that the colour itself was the focus - again some white accessories, and I think they work in most styles with this coat =D
And secondly I bought the Lips Bag, which I really like for the red and pink colours on it. I went for more typical stylings with these looks, first up with a white shirt, I love the bag popping against the bright tone of it. I kept the trousers muted, the burgundy works well for the shades of colours on the bag, but I made sure to add pink heels to really catch peoples attention! With the second look I went with a darker style, I wanted to try out a skirt with this bag, and I like this leather-effect look I have going on with both the skirt and shirt. Red was my feature colour in this one with the heels and adding an earring as a cute detail on the bag^

Pearly Queen

Alternative title for this post is: 'If it ain't Baroque', which is both a terrible pun AND a freshwater pearl joke. You can't make me stop. 

I've not been this theatrical for a while! In a sea of tracksuit bottoms and sock boots, it's good to get some DRAMA out of your system every once in a while. These new facial accessories from Film Theory: A Wrinkle in Time are just the vehicle I needed to express my inner aristocrat. I have so many pearls, I can wear them on. my. eyebrows. For when you want to emote, but like, in a decadent way.

Pearls can be dowdy if you're not mindful of styling, so I've gone for an oversized choker (everything somehow gets more chic when it's oversized) and multitudes on the blazer, like rich, impractical studding (for when you want your outfit to say, don't touch me, I'm rich)

Finish it off with a ruff for true ridiculousness, then maybe commission someone to paint your portrait because you are looking opulent. 

Ingredients | You Will Need
Blazer Dress | It Girls 
Deep Velvet Trousers | Tingeling Halloween Couture
Silk Strap Coat | Voile
Hotbuys High Neck Designer Shirt | Pretty'n'Love
Off-White Inspired Collar | Inspired by Off-White Tribute
PPQ Patent Leather Pumps | PPQ of Mayfair
Dior Tribute Diva Veil | Special Offer
Embellished Eyebrows Left & Right | Film Theory
Super Flick Eye Makeup Left & Right | Film Theory
Real Pearls Choker | MS.TQ
Embellished Face Bling | Film Theory 

Stripe slouch

Menswear looking incredibly cool in today's feature styling from bloom_xx_layla =D This shirt looks great and holds your attention, the outfit designed around it is perfect. The skirt adds a feminine touch especially with it's cute hem details. I like the long sleeves for a warmer style, I think bare arms wouldn't have the same effect as the dark clothing. The accessories are also amazing, love these slouched boots so much, the belt fits in perfectly and the pink clutch is very sweet adding a little brightness along with the stripes =D

Friday, 23 March 2018

Check mate

Such a refreshing styling with this recent(ish) freebie dress coming to you from pialorena today! I loved styling this dress and it's great to see someone making it last longer than just the release season =) It looks fantastic layered over these black trousers, especially with the frilling out at the hem. The tie is a great addition and it's really attention grabbing. The red looks great on the black and white checks, both the coat and shoes are fab choices^

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Suite Style

Blues have been so great in decor and homewear the past few months or so, and this suite design from Crystal_Harris is no exception to the rule! The wall with just a small portion of blue with white wood gives a good base for the room with the wooden flooring. I love the dusted blue fireplace, it suits the room style and the colour is perfection. It's been decorated really well too, as have the rest of the surfaces in the room like the shelving and the table. I also love the green touches, they work greatly and really pop. The quilted style to the seating and the pouffe also is great and I think really stands out =D

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

D I Y | Styled Suite

A fabulous new decor release last week, DIY! This store has always had some great pieces and additions for our suites. There's a large focus on window and glasswear this time around, but additions like wall panels stand out and catch your eye. The advertising looks great and fresh and spring-like - the peach wall with the white furniture and the golden glass doors looks fantastic and the tones are very current! I love these wall panels, which come in Cream, Dark and Salmon have a great design and pattern which I think will be very popular. With the room I was looking to update, I've gone with the Dark option, and also paired it with the Glass Door Rhombus Black (which I am using as a window). I worked in a pretty dark room to try out these new pieces and love the look I've come up with, with silvers and small details and bold items like this green velveteen couch and the pink and purple leopard print on the wall. With the windows coming in a range of colours, they're versatile pieces working in a range of interior styles and room types and I think they'll be well welcomed in the Plaza =D

Kimono style

A double-kimono style in this feature from Elrry today and I think it's a great mix =) This long printed piece is one that definitely stands out with the individual pattern, and I think the style looks great paired with the bulkier shorter kimono piece - both items pop and catch your attention when browsing looks. I like the basic base layers to the look, the dusted pink tights definitely add a cool touch, and the beret plus sunglasses add a cool edge!

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Coloured in

This styling from aby400 is one of the outfits that made me want to focus on the use of green in outfits because this layered look is fabulous =D I love the use of a minimal black and white base with a patterned skirt and then the use of layered colours in the outerwear and boots. The blue and green are complementary, and the grey between allows each to stand out. The red boots pop right out and look great. I also love the beauty look, from the big hair to the emerald earrings and the red lip =)

Scribbled Out

So the Evil Panda release is surprisingly good! And this shirt excited me so much!

That is until I got it on and it reminded me of when I left school (in the thick of an emo phase) and we all wrote on each other's shirts like they were yearbooks...

The only way to get around it was to make the base of the outfit clean and white, add in pops of colour and let the detail do the talking. No grey trousers or pleated skirts here.

Ingredients | You Will Need
Graphic Shirt | Evil Panda
Paris Lover Sweater | Hot Hot Buys
Solange White Capris | Young Hollywood
Off White Shoulder Bag | Antidote
Hot Buys Silk Knot Clutch | Velvet Orchid
Dior Tribute Red Carpet Stilettos | Special Offer
Versace Inspired Earrings | Millionaire Mansion Fashion

Monday, 19 March 2018

1 Piece 1 Week | High Waisted Polka Dot Pants

Today the 3rd instalment of '1 Piece 1 Week' featuring the Fallen Angel High Waisted Polka Dot Pants. These have been around for about a year and a half, and you can still get them in the Plaza today! I've worn these a couple of times since purchasing, but I think they deserve a little more recognition because they're a classically stylish versatile piece with a tiny bit of an edge in the black polka dot design. They may be black but that doesn't mean they fail to stand out!
Light and casual for summer styles
These trousers have a loose shape on their own and still look awesome with loose shapes and super relaxed casual styles added to them. These are smart trousers with the ability to be casual if you choose the right pieces and I think colours helps with this too^
1 | I love this tee as it's got a half-tucked design which I adore with these trousers. The pearl detailing on the slogan of the tee fits nicely with the dots of the trousers and the red of the lettering allows a pop of colour to continue in the accessories. This bag is perfect for these trousers with it's black trim.
2 | This dotted bralette is a good fit with these trousers, it's a cute combination and I've made it work well for me too and stayed covered up with this sheer frill-trimmed light jacket. I picked yellow as an accent and I think it works well for a summer styling =)
Bright and bold with outerwear choices
With a dark piece, how can you avoid pairing brights with it to really make yourself stand out?! We have so many great spring/summer coat and jacket choices to pick from that this is an easy task and the trousers are so versatile they look great with many colours!
3 | Yellow is a firm favourite with me, so this over-shoulder leather jacket is a great piece and I think it helps the polka dots really stand out. The white shirt keeps the look light, and the yellow bag with blue strap keeps your attention on the outfit =)
4 | Red/orange is another favourite of mine, and I (along with many others) make use of this vest all the time! These trousers are another great piece that the vest works with. I really went all out for the colour and layered with a matching sweater. This striped bag is a great detail contrasting with the trousers^
Sleek silver details for a smart styling
It doesn't have to all be about the colour, other black pieces can look great with these trousers too, as is adding a detail like silver in - metallics work wonders this season! And the black doesn't mute the look of the trousers in the outfits either.
5 | This long fastened furry coat makes a great bold choice, and it still lets you see the trousers at their best. The silver detailing is pretty minimal but stands out and makes a classy styling - very fashion-week ready I'd say =)
6 | Adding more silver in this styling with one of my favourite polonecks, and I think this amount of light colour makes the dots stand out. This loose off-shoulder jacket is a great choice for this outfit, and these trousers really. Loved adding more silver, and the designer bags really pop out and add a glamour to the styling!

Shiny sister

How cool is this styling?!? I just loved it from the minute I recently visited Marbum's suite and saw it and loved the use of all of these pieces together =) This sequin vest looks perfect and I'm regretting that I didn't get it as this look really makes it an appealing piece! It's a great fit with these mustard toned culottes and I love the casual vibe added with the white tee underneath. The glamour is maintained with the pink sparkly platforms, the sunglasses and the earring - they are all tied together really nicely in this one =D Also loving the peachy pink lip colour as well, it definitely stands out!

Sunday, 18 March 2018

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Styled Outfits

Another new release of Callie's Picks last week, Easter colours, but mostly based around green and yellow tones - which is funny as I was just thinking about green pieces before this was released! For me the purples in the store don't really fit too well, I'd rather some of the better green and yellow pieces had been added from past Plaza releases, but oh well, maybe that's coming another time! There are a couple of old Tribute pieces in this release and some prettttty old pieces as well, which I like seeing =)
So I bought 3 pieces from the release and I'm really pleased with what I picked up. First up the Forest Green Wrap Top which was originally a DKNY piece which was quite some time ago! I really like the wrap style and the off-shoulder design, I think it really makes the piece stand out, along with it's tone of green. While the shirt is quite fitted, below the waist it's a lot looser, which I'm not sure I'm ready to embrace, so I paired it with this navy high-waisted skirt and matching wide-leg trousers to make a smart-based styling and I really like this for the shirt! It's also the perfect opportunity to wear these green earrings, they are a perfect match with the shirt colour, love it =D Second up we have the Mystic Green Ruffled Clutch (although it's more of a blue colour) which I love the ruffled styling of. I like the hanging strap, but in this outfit it's ended up hidden. I wanted to use this blue colour against a denim, and I'm happy with this pair and also the use of the navy in the polo and overcoat. I've kept the look super casual with the use of the white trainers which works nicely. And finally the Yellow Foldover Trousers, an SC piece, which I really like the look of! They have a great tone and a fantastic shape on the doll, I love the cropped length too. I decided to go for a smart-spring style with this light brown overcoat that I think goes well with the mustard tone. Keeping things light through the addition of the white shirt and shoes, but tied the shoes in with the gold clutch, it's a contrast enough against the yellow to make it stand out but not attract too much attention.
For me I've picked up the best additions to my wardrobe from this release, but there's many other great finds to be had in this store =D

Sequin pieces

I styled up this Callie's Picks Blue Twinkle Paillette Skirt in a recent styling post, but this outfit from the_chuba is an amazing way to wear this piece! It looks so good shortened to a miniskirt as well, and with a casual style of pieces, like this long loose sweater. The dark grey is a great tone for the skirt and the navy blue on the skirt really pops in what you can see of it - it also works perfectly with the intricate floral design on the bag, what a great accessory choice^ As is the use of these velvet boots and the furry stole =D

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Green Girl

Happy St Patrick's Day everyone!

I've also decided to go for green today because I scooped up this jacket from Callie's Picks. I had this jacket when it first came out with Pet-a-Porter but for some reason I decided to sell it. I always found it a little difficult to style, and I used to really dislike its shoulders (you can't see them here but they're pretty mega). 
Of course now, I'm all about the menswear and it goes perfectly with my green Fendi trousers. I love it when a plan works out...

Ingredients | You Will Need
Green English Blazer | Callie's Picks
Fendi Inspired Jade Green Pants | Fendi Tribute
Over Shoulder Chanel Coat | Inspired by Chanel Tribute
LE Oversized Open Crisp Shirt | Limited Edition
Red Hoop Earrings | Fendi Tribute
Gucci Inspired Frog Green Crossbody | Tributes Gallery
Pure White Loafers | Melbourne Minimalism

Polka pattern

Super stylish in a range of textures and prints with this outfit by leiona_- today, it's dressed up weekend right there! I love these polka-print trousers, they're great for any look, but are fantastic in this styling. I love the pop of the white shirt, but it's not too bright for the outfit as it's layered with this brown swirl-designed vest which works out great - plus they're both layered with this over-shoulder faux fur, another piece I love and it ties the whole look together I think =D Accessories spot on, the shoes are the perfect little detail and the bag really stands out, the outfit sells the bag really well I'd say!

Friday, 16 March 2018

B Y M A L I N A / / F R E E D R E S S | Styled Outfits

I'm sure you've all been getting the advert for the current By Malina contest when logging into Stardoll over the past week or so - you enter and you can win a real life dress, but you also get one for your doll! It's a cute piece, but not something I'd wear in RL, so I'm quite happy with just the one for my doll =D We get this sweet baby blue version of the dress, and I'd love to be able to have the navy as well. We all got on pretty well with this piece and decided to style it up for you guys in each of our individual takes!
While I've gone for classic white tones to make the blue pop, both Miloshki and AudreyHepburn. have added bright pops and stand-out accessories to really catch your eye and stop and take a look at the styling =) It's a pretty versatile piece, and clearly works well as a skirt on its own, or as a dress showing off all of its features like the laser cut fabric on the top half. It's a great length of skirt, and I can see it working out really nicely throughout the Spring season!