Wednesday, 28 February 2018

F E B R U A R Y 2018 | Hotbuys Review

It's that time now to look back at the February Hotbuys! I had a great time doing this for January and was super excited to get started with February as I think this bunch of HB's look awesome =D Some great styles, a lot of really current ones that are popular in the real world and that I think will go down pretty well in the Plaza too^ There's a loose Valentine's theme, but it's not overpowering the collection so you can either take that or leave it, which will suit a lot of people =)

Tweed Cap - I did think this hat would be ok, I like how it looks on the model in the advert, but sadly it doesn't even look half as good on my doll! I actually wasn't so impressed with the quality either, I think the printing on the shape is looking a little primitive and not like other current designs. I don't mind the chain on the piece, but when you look closely it doesn't really look like it fits the piece very well. A little disappointed as these styles of hat are super popular right now =/ Pretty 'N Love 15SD's
Marni Bucket Bag - I am so in love with this bag, it's such an adorable piece!!! I love the muted tones used, and that pink is perfection. The round handle is fantastic and perfectly on trend right now, and the size of the overall piece is just right for it and for putting into stylings, very impressed with this piece =D RIO 22SD's
Monse Inspired Checked Pants - I absolutely love these trousers! From the spoilers I thought they would work out quite nicely for me, but as soon as I tried them on that was it and I knew I had to have them =) The check pattern is very popular right now, and the red additions make them a funky piece that stand out really nicely, I think these will do pretty well, I for sure will be making good use of them =D It Girls 23SD's
OdLR Inspired T-Shirt - I think this is just the cutest tee! I love the basic style and cut to the piece, it looks great on and has a perfect vibe to it, the heart is the sweetest, and it's also positioned well that you could cover it if you wanted. I think it looks great on the doll, and also seems very versatile - there's not much that can go wrong with a white tee like this^ Bizou 16SD's
Marni Inspired Pearl Earrings - A very sweet but stylish pair of dangly earrings with this HB, which you get individually, so you can have the choice to wear one or a pair, I know I'll be leaning towards wearing both^ I like the colours on these, the navy is super pretty and works really nicely with the red, it's a nice change to being black and red, so I think I will like making use of them. I've seen quite a few dolls style these already, and so far they only look amazing! Bizou 13SD's
MCQ Inspired Lace Top - This set was definitely one I wasn't sure about from the advertising, a bustier/bralette piece is just something that's not me. And so while this has a nice design, and I like the sheer panel with the lace, it's a piece I know I won't wear so for me I'll be leaving this one! Fallen Angel 18SD's
MCQ Inspired Lace Skirt - The skirt fares much better than the top, I think this is a cute piece and has a nice style, it's a pretty neutral one so will work for most styles! I like the knee-length slip inside, so there's plenty of coverage, as well as showing off the lace detail on the bottom half of the skirt. The fit is really nice on the doll, and I think it looks better on my doll than I thought it would =) Fallen Angel 22SD's
Ruched Satin Mules - These are just the sweetest mules everrrrrrrr =D I adore the dusted pink colour of them, it's unlike anything I have, as is the style, it's so unique and stand out! The ruching detail is cute and the bow is sweet. I like the darker pink heel to the shoe, and the overall mule style works well and is popular, can't wait to style these up =D Pretty 'N Love 16SD's
Prada Inspired Denim Jacket - I am really super tempted by this jacket! It's such a great twist on a classic denim piece that can be a staple in many wardrobes and the huge furry addition really makes heads turn^ The design is nice, a cropped fit and rolled sleeves which I think work really well, the denim is light washed which makes the furry collar stand out. I can't help but wonder what it would look like if the denim was in a black wash though, maybe a little more fitting in with my style - at least I have some time to think about this one! It Girls 26SD's
Cult Gaia Inspired Bag - I love the Cult Gaia brand, and I'm so glad to see it brought to Stardoll, they could have made the whole month of HBs different bags and I would have been pleased! This isn't the traditional bag that the brand is well known for, but it's a current rising star and I think it looks awesome! The design on Stardoll has been done well and the size is just right, I'm completely stoked to wear this^ Fallen Angel 25SD's

Love this styling of the Tweed Cap from leiona_- - I think it both fits in with the vibe and also stands out so you definitely don't miss it! I like the combination of the tweed with the checks of the trousers and the shoes, the shoes are a perfect colour match for the hat and I really like the two together. The black coats used give a great base for the outfit and really lets the key pieces and trends stand out =)
Our second feature uses the Monse Inspired Checked Pants and is from RegalDellia - this is a great outfit! I love the style of the tee with the half tuck in these trousers, it really works well for them and the colour of the lettering really pops with the stripe on the trousers and the earrings which are a fantastic addition =D
And out final feature, jjgangstevenjj wearing the Marni Inspired Pearl Earrings in this boss-lady-esque styling! I think this is such a mature look and I love it, the pinstripes on the skirt are great with the sparkling blouse, and the fur is such an extravagance. The earrings are fitting in well with the inclusion of some great red accessories like these boots and this matching bag, such a great job =)

I really wanted to squeeze in all the pieces I bought, so these 3 looks have 6 of this months HB's in them! I think they work nicely together as a set these HBs and I'm really pleased with them and the ones I decided to purchase. First up are the Ruched Satin Mules and the Marni Bucket Bag, love the dusty pink tones to them both, I think they're a good pair. My favourite pink trousers came out again for this look, they really are just the perfect tone for this pair of HBs! I stayed neutral on the coat and top, and I think it works out well for the HBs letting them stand out^ Something a little more bold in my second look, featuring the Marni Inspired Pearl Earrings and Monse Inspired Checked Pants together paired by their use of red. This was such an easy look to come up with and I think it gives good vibes to these trousers so they'll be easy to style in the future too! I don't mind the navy in the earrings with the black and white check of the trousers, I think it works out and I like this bag in there too =) And the final look, a little casual grunge using the OdLR Inspired T-Shirt and the Cult Gaia Inspired Bag - one thing I did find challenging was choosing a jacket or coat that didn't cover up the heart detailing on the tee because it's what I want to show off, so I do think this tee will be better in summer than right now, but I look forward to wearing it then because I love it with these jeans! The black trim on the heart applique gave way for the bag well, and I think the biker leather jacket is a good fit for both pieces to finish off the look =D

Denim dare

Using allll the denim in this daring styling from Lawliet. and I think it's looking like a great casual look =) There are a lot of mixed denim pieces in this look, but I think it somehow works out, I'm particularly liking the jacket paired with the denim bustier tee, the bustier is a brighter denim and I think it stands out nicely, and also fits well with the denim backpack. I like the detailing on the backpack paired with the brooch added and also the little hair clips, they're super sweet^

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Striped check

This is a fab way to wear these RIO summer pieces in a more winter/spring based outfit, coming to you from -Lady_Sweet-! This striped duo is the sweetest piece, they're trendy in design and style and they look fabulous on their own, their coolness is only highlighted by the additions of these white shirts with geometric shapes - they look great and the combination was such a good idea! Also loving the checked boots, the contrast really pops with the stripes and I do think they work out really nicely in the look =D

A Tiny Bit Dramatic

So it took to the end of February to shatter my New Year's resolution well and truly. But what a way to break it. 

Like my fellow writers before me, I thought the Windows on the World release last week was so so good for its interesting pieces and range. My favourite is this dramatic jacket which was crying out for black, black and more black. I've gone for a re-imagining of the tuxedo, complete with silk scarf and cravat because sometimes you have to be extra on a Tuesday.

It's a wide jacket, so I've used black tights underneath the leather sweatpants to cheat the length of the leg. Usually, I'd crop the trousers for a little flash of ankle, but I wanted more of a liquid, seamless effect. I tried to add white shirt sleeves because I'm just so trendy, but actually, I think the shorter sleeve elongates the silhouette even more. 
What's on the menu? Legs.

To lighten it all up, I've added some flashes of blue, keeping the palette simple against the red lip. Then finally, a pair of little sunglasses perched right on the end of the nose for maximum shade. 

Ingredients / You Will Need
Jacket Buttoned Woman | Windows on the World
HotBuys High Neck Designer Shirt | Pretty 'n' Love
Pleather Sweatpants | Archive
Black Pantyhose | Fallen Angel
Baby Blue Hairclip | Decades
HotBuys Mini Aviator Sunglasses | Original Future
Skull Brooch | Mr.
Floral Silk Kimono (resized as scarf) | Limited Edition
Aqua Fanny Pack | Trails
Leather and Chains Belt | Mr.
Leather Sock Ankle Boots | It Girls

Monday, 26 February 2018

W I N D O W S O N T H E W O R L D | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

In honour of the Winter Olympics, our newest release was a South Korean special in the Windows On The World Store which I think is a great idea to bring to light some styles and designs which have originated in this Asian country =)
There's a good mix of pieces with a range of colours. Textures are quite themed on silky and sheeny materials with some very current styles and designs followed. While I don't feel like the store needs a review I think it's still good to document this release and show off some of the great stylings which have come from these pieces - I think there will be at least a few popular pieces coming from this release!
First up are a couple of features, this one is Marta-43 who is doing great with the recent releases, an this time styles up the Korean Shirt Man in a super stylish and sleek way! The shirt looks versatile in style and colour, and I think it looks so smart in this outfit paired with neat trousers and firm white shirts underneath it. The sock-shoe booties are a fab touch, and I love the accessories of the chain and sunglasses around the neck, they add to the shirt really nicely =)
And our second feature is France25 wearing the Jacket Buttoned Woman, which I've now seen quite a few people wear so it seems a popular choice. The black tone makes it a pretty easy one to fit into a lot of styles, and I love the minimal one chosen here with all the white but also the feminine touch added with the pink bag - the silver chain of it goes greatly with the details on the jacket! I think it looks great worn under the jeans, it works well and doesn't look odd, so this definitely adds a versatility to it. While I think it will be a good layering piece, you really do wanna show off those sleeves!
So far, I've just bought one piece from this release, the one which stood out to me immediately, the Multicoloured Dress Woman which I think it just a stunning piece and I'm so pleased it's been included in the collection! It's gonna look great in the summer too, but for now I've gone with layering of black base pieces and I think it works out alright for the dress with the green and blue panels standing out nicely. I've highlighted them by accessorising with this green neck-tie and making use of this Chanel blue tweed bag, which I think is a surprise choice from me, but I think it's ok?! Who knows, the colours work nicely so I think it's a success!

Fashion week veil

As soon as I'd seen this look from HAPPY_GIRL_KM I felt fashion week vibes completely! We're in the midst of the annual event in RL and there's a lot of inspiration floating around, I think this look totally fits in! I love the tuille skirting over a piece like this utility-style body, the accessories really tie the pieces in, love the tassel belt along with the spiked belt-bag as well! The earrings really stand out in the blonde hair, and the hat is a great finishing touch =)

Sunday, 25 February 2018

V I N Y L | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

Last week brought us a brand new collection of VINYL, a small store with a hispter vibe that usually has a couple of great pieces that work well for a lot of people! It's got 5 looks, including one for the guys and this release seems to have a mix of some basic pieces along with a couple of eye-catching styles for you to pick up!

I decided not to do a review as it's pretty small, but I for one love the peacock-styled printing that's available in co-ord form front and centre in the store! The accessories are also pretty stand-out in this release I think with some fabulous shoes on offer and a couple of cute bags to choose from =D
As usual with styling posts, first up the features - I haven't seen too many people wearing these pieces, but there's a couple that really stood out to me, firstly Marta-43 (who always looks pretty good^) wearing the Jacket and Trousers Woman, really creative names there I see^ Anyway, the pieces look awesome! The black base from the polo, boots and gloves really makes the white on the peacock-print pop right out from the screen and highlights the mottled-ness to the teal colouring, I think it looks amazing and the accessories and additions are perfect for the look =D
Next up is the_chuba wearing the Skinny Jeans Woman, a neat pair of black high waisted skinnies with a stepped hem - and the best part being they're in SC's! I love this outfit, and the jeans make a great base piece even with their detailed hem. The jacket and accessories really pop against the black and the splashes of colour do stand out. I love these platform trainers with the jeans, I think the style works really nicely with them =)
And finally my stylings from the collection, working with two of the pieces, first up the Skinny Jeans Woman because, really, how could anyone pass these up?! I felt like they were almost too versatile when I was putting together a look as so many different pieces work well with them - in the end I went with something a little smart with this blazer and choosing pointed mules and a clutch to accessorise. There really are so many options and I look forward to seeing this jean style become a staple for us throughout this year! And secondly the Denim Shirt Woman which I thought I'd try out because I loved the mix of denim shades used in the piece - and I think I really quite like it in this look. I'm a serial tucker-in-of-shirts, and I was tempted this time, but decided to leave it untucked as it really does style nicely this way. I was tempted by an all-denim look, but it's quite a lot with the duo denim of the shirt so I decided to go with my favourite white combination of jeans and blazer and accessorised with my favourite blue boots (which look great with this shirt I think!) and this blue Fendi bag which looks awesome and stands out nicely without taking anything away from the shirt =)

Gem pieces

So much love for this navy and red based styling from Juliette116 today! I adore how the jewel-mesh dress looks layered with this navy velvet tunic, the pieces are so great together and it makes the meshed dress so much more a wearable piece! I'm also loving the use of velvet in the boots, they're a nice length, I quite like seeing a bit of leg between them and the tunic. The earrings are a perfect accessory being red and navy and they really stand out in the styling =D Also loving the gold bag, I'll love anything that includes this piece^ 

Saturday, 24 February 2018

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | February 2017

The February 2017 Hotbuys were all about Valentine's Day, which I think I've covered quite a lot on the blog this year! I quite like these Hotbuys as a set, I think I've worn some of the pieces a fair amount and I don't think anything just flat out doesn't work for me. So overall these were reasonably successful^ I've used the Pink Patent Heels and Palazzo Pants quite a few times over the last year, and styled up both the Love Clutch and Be My Valentine Tote in the Bag It Up Challenge as well - so today I've styled up the Asymetrical Zip Skirt and Girl Power Sweatshirt!
I really liked both of these pieces when they came out originally, but unfortunately they are ones which have slipped through the pages of my wardrobe and have gotten a little forgotten about. And these two looks really come as a pair, both themes on reds, pinks and whites sticking with the Valentine's theme. For the skirt, I had to use tights, my brain just can't deal well with mini-lengths while it's still winter, but I like these white ones as the brightness is very eye catching. The red polo is a good fit for the skirt, and the pink fur really brought some more lightness to the look and added an oversized shape to the styling. For the sweatshirt I toyed with quite a few pairs of trousers in a range of shades before settling for these, I like that the darkness is quite contrasted to everything else, and I'm glad I gave this puffa jacket a go with the styling, while I don't think it's the best, I like having tried it out, and the combination isn't all that bad!

Pointed Purple

(Or alternatively, these boots are absolutely not made for walking)

The weather in the UK is about to get much colder than usual, so I'm layering up in preparation for the big freeze. If the scarf isn't enough, I'll just wrap my hair around too...

This is actually quite a safe look for me seeing as my comfort zone is definitely greyscale, but I'm changing it up just a tad with these pops of zingy purple and deep red. The grey coat, which is like our 'midtone' of the look overall, as a blue undertone (my favourite!) so, I've tried to reflect that in the purple and red as well. It's the easiest way to make a colour palette work if you're not sure. 

Also the boots inject some high drama to this masculine design, mostly because they are so impractical for poor weather. That said, they're probably the same shade as my poor cold toes so...at least they're relevant?

Ingredients / You Will Need
Double Button Coat | It Girls
Grey Knit Turtleneck | Apres Ski
Graphic Oversized Scarf | Original Future
Yamamoto Vintage Inspired Skirt | Window on the World
Pop the Colour Cropped White Shirt | Inspired by Off-White Tribute
Striped Tweed Pants | Inspired by Marc Jacobs Tribute
Like a Sock Thigh Highs | Velvet Orchid
Celine Inspired Classic Crossbody | Tributes Gallery
HotBuys Marni Inspired Pearl Earring | Bonjour Bizou 
Florist Flower Twig 4 | 9 to 5

Yellow youth

A bright and fresh feature today from a regular, miver! This doll looks good in everything, including this youthful yellow-based styling that I love for the Spring season =D These culottes are going to get a lot of wear and this outfit shows their versatility, working with knitwear, sleek accessories like this neck-tie and the bag, and also being fabulous with trainers! The yellow sunglasses are the perfect addition to really highlight the yellow in the styling, and the neck-tie emerald looks great with the trainers, I really love this one!

Friday, 23 February 2018

Check chick

Chic, stylish and grown up in this winter-warmer look from Mery.- making amazing use of this brown tweed checked coat! I love the coat and I think this outfit sells the piece perfectly and I just wanna buy it right this second =D The belt is a great match for the style and it fits on perfectly, plus it's a good match with these sheeny trousers, I love those completely with the coat colour and style, it's inspiring^ The white polo is great with the long sleeves and fits nicely with the bag, which adds a tiny touch of red which has been used further in the boots, earrings and lip colour ... so much love!

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Suite Style

I adore this amazing balcony setting making use of the newest Subcouture interior from Bay_watch11! It's got great summer vibes on it's own this interior, but the furnishings really add to that even more. The corner sofa has been made well and the pieces fit together without almost noticing they are different. The cushions are placed perfectly to make seamless furniture and the fluffy rug fits perfectly in the area. Love the wooden coffee table and the wicker side-table, the two fit well into the wooden design of the interior^ The umbrella and the plant pieces are great finishing touches =D

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Balmain Suede Leggings Boots | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

Spotted this wintery styling from MeLolitka recently wearing the Runway Balmain Suede Leggings Boots - a piece popular at their release, which I also bought, but came with the worry that they were a one-trick-pony, hopefully they're not! I love their pairing in MeLolitka's styling with these pony-skin-style trousers and the faux fur of the Fendi jacket, I think the brown colour looks great against the maroon-hue of the boots, they also work perfectly against the bag. While I love the trousers, I worry the black of them almost masks the boots, so for my look I avoided too much black on the bottom-half and I think it works out! I love the deep purple-y tones of these trousers with the boots, and I think the brown of the overcoat adds a lightness that a black piece would maybe be too dark for. Loving my accessory choices of the light pink, I felt like it really lightened up the styling and I've had a couple of compliments on the choice so I think I made a good choice there!

Texture tour

Using all of the latest styles and trends in this styling compiled by Mh91! All of the pieces look awesome together, it's great to see layers and mix like this =) I love the Dior bustier-style dress having been added to with the off-shoulder blouson-sleeved blouse, the chest looks pretty good to me and the upper half of the look is really highlighted! The belt is a great focal point and adds great shape to all of the pieces. The dress opens up well and this lace skirting really draws the eye in, I love it!

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Primary colours

Ready for spring with this primary colour styling from miver today! This skirt has had a rejuvenation with the recent Callie's Picks release and I think it's a fab piece for the spring season with those flowers =D The blue is bold and eyecatching and I think it was super clever to work on a primary colour palate. I like the ribbing detail on the top and the small touches of yellow which really add all the difference. I love these pointed heels with the skirt, I think they'd look good with the skirt in so many different stylings =D

Tickled Pink

This was my accidental Valentine's day look, but I decided not to post it on the actual day because I forgot I don't subscribe to your cliches...or something.

If you've noticed a recent interest in head adornments, I'm trying to find ways to make this clipped back hair more versatile, because I love everything else about it. Tissue paper in your hair might be backstage runway fashion, but you can only pull that look out so many times before people start to ask you if you're okay. 

Also, I love a monochromatic outfit, but sometimes it can come across a little plain, especially in such a light shade. I've added elements of a darker pink for more depth and blue details for extra interest.

Ingredients / You Will Need
Powder Pink Tuxedo Jacket | MSW
Powder Pink Tuxedo Pants | MSW
Pink Sequin Cardigan | Versus Versace Tribute
Liberty Print Inspired Head Scarf | Vinyl
Crocco Crossbody | Pretty 'n' Love
Blush Dior Heels | Callies's Picks

Monday, 19 February 2018

1 Piece 1 Week | Pink Long Crepe Coat

Our second month of this new segment, 1 piece 1 week, and this month 6 stylings of my current favourite piece, the Pretty 'N Love Pink Long Crepe Coat - like I mean seriously, it's been in so many stylings in 2018 already! It's such a winner of a piece and such an easy one to style in many ways and look great in each one! Just this month alone, it was in the Wearing and Plaza Picks posts =)
Relaxed shapes, cool casual
I'm a fiend for wearing this coat in smart stylings so I wanted to show that it works in a casual way as well and took a focus of pairing it with trainers for these two stylings! I think it works pretty well with a good range of trainers, and the length of the coat definitely helps with that.
1 | Love the ivory tones of these jeans with the pink and that really brought these pieces together for the look - it all fits nicely and I love these trainers with the coat! Plus the sweater shape, it definitely holds some attention^
2 | I wanted something a little glam, and you can't get any more than silver sequin trainers! The grey with the pink is new for me so I'm not sure how much I love it yet, but I do love the pink with the silver of the shoes and the bag, that's a cute combination =)
 Dressing up in the dresses
This coat makes great for dressing up and looks fab with skirts and dresses, which I've worn a lot before! It's easy to get colour and style matches with dresses, I feel like you can work with casual pieces or dressed styles which is what I've gone with for these looks!
3 | These dusty pink tones look great with the coat, I love the loose shape of the wrap dress, the belting and the top half look great shown off by the open style of the coat. These rose gold accessories are perfect =)
4 | I think I wore this floral piece with the coat back in my Off-White Stylings, I even wore it with these violet heels, but it's just a perfect combination in my eyes! I added a navy polo to make it a little more wintery, but it's essentially still the same great styling!
Making a focus on colour contrasting accessories
Accessories can be an easy fit for a piece, and this pink coat has so many options available and going with valentine's tones is perfect for this month and the contrast in tones really makes the look pop off the page =)
5 | The smarter of the two looks, this jazzy clutch really adds a designer touch to the outfit. Love the dusty pink trousers, their style is great with the coat and the fitted shirt adds a smart vibe. I love these velvety mules, it's a great texture fit^
6 | And of course my favourite white jeans, these couldn't be forgotten when they look so good with the coat! I went all out with the rest of the red in the styling and I think it works, the deeper colour of the polo is a good fit with the coat and the accessories just fit seamlessly to the overall feeling of the look!

Pink gem

All about the gems with this look from laia_fergusson going with extravagant jewels in the accessories! The black and muted clothing provide a good base for the jewellery and bag, but do look good on their own. The faded jeans are still a popular choice, and I like the look of them with the chiffon puff-sleeved top. This quilted coat is pretty new to me, but I love it in this styling^ And of course the accessories, the pink Gucci bag stands out in the bright colour and is a perfect match to the lip colour. The necklaces also stand out and really make this a glamorous outfit =D

Sunday, 18 February 2018

S U B C O U T U R E | Release Review

We got a little warning at the end of the week letting us know it was time for our next SubCouture collection! It's been a little over two months since our last release and on the most part, I enjoy these releases and always find something special, so I was excited to see what this new collection had in store for us =D The homepage advert certainly maintains the mystery of the release, I'm not sure if I like this or not!
Highlights The collection is about the usual size, with two floors of pieces to choose from and a male outfit included as well. I love the interior of the store, it looks cool and current and the lightness really catches my attention and draws my eyes to the pieces.
Accessories The release seems quite light on the accessories front, but that's probably because I keep forgetting about the sunglasses! There are two pairs on offer, the Mellow Yellow Glasses and I See Pastel Pink Shades - I'm not sure how I feel about them, I don't think the pink/blue combination looks too good on my doll, the yellow pair do look good, but are fairly similar to a pair from our recent Dior collection, so if you missed out on those, these could be a good alternative! There are also two pairs of shoes, both of which are pretty nice, the Prada Inspired Zig Zag Platforms which look similar to a Sonia Rykiel pair that I have from many years ago, although that didn't stop me buying them! And then the Studded Rose Gold Heels, which are strapped and in a beautiful colour - I'm just not sure yet if I would get the wear out of them, so I haven't bought them yet, but there's still time left to purchase! And there are also two bags, the Sequin Fanny Pack, which follows the recent trends, but I think it's been made with a little less effort than some other pieces, and also the Anya Hindmarch Inspired Handbag, which I think just looks like the coolest piece! It's the first piece from the store that really caught my attention and the quirkiness really makes it memorable =)
Clothing A current mix is the only term I can use to describe the clothing on offer in the store. It's a right variety of pieces with a lot to choose from in terms of colour and style, but the use of glitter and sparkle definitely stands out! There are a huge proportion of dresses, 7 in total in the release and they really are varied, which is great. None of them are all that bad, but I do have a couple of favourites, especially the glittery pieces, so the Cotton Candy Glitter Dress in a feminine pink with pretty draping and fitting on the doll, and also the Cobalt Sequin Dress which is super sultry and looks absolutely amazing. The Discoball Mini Dress also fits in this sparkly category, and I do quite like this piece, but I find the fit around the chest looks a little large, maybe it's just me, but I'm not sure about it - again, I've still got some time to decide, but I think this will look good layered with a black polo. And then I like the two smart-casual options available, the Denim Jacket Dress, which looks cosy and loosely fitted. The length is nice and I like the little shape added with the belt. And then the Scalloped Shirt Dress, which might win the spot as my favourite piece of the collection - it's a smart style but the relaxed fit gives its casual vibe. I love the detailing on the top half and sleeves, and it seems pretty versatile, I'm excited to work with this one! The other glitter of the collection are the Hello Frill Pants which I think look great, but I think I'm also not cool enough to pull them off! I've not seen anyone take these on yet, but I look forward to seeing what people do with them =) There is one co-ord set, the MGSM Inspired Double Breasted Jacket and Tailored Shorts, I love the colour and design of the set, but I'd love it more if the shorts were trousers, I don't do well with shorts at all, so this time I've just gone with the Jacket and I'm loving it! And lastly a couple of tops to mention, very different, the Denim Bustier T-Shirt which I didn't think I liked at first, but I tried it on this morning and I'm a little tempted, it's not my usual style with the layering and bustier, but it might work out quite nicely. Then the Bardot Bird Sleeve Top, which is an extravagant piece and quite popular it seems! I like the colour and printing, and I think I'd wear it if it came with matching trousers or a midi skirt, but I'd need to do some thinking about what pieces to best style it with!
Prices The prices of this release range 11 to 42SD's, with just a couple of pieces being closer to the top end of the scale. Nothing is SS or Royalty only, and the only limit on the collection is the usual time-window and not by number of pieces of each item =)
Styled Outfits I loved putting these looks together and feeling very spring/summer in these stylings with their brighter colours =D First up is the Scalloped Shirt Dress with the Prada Inspired Zig Zag Platforms, which look great together and alone^ This long vest is a perfect fit for both pieces, I really like this look! Bringing out one of my favourite previous SubCouture bags as well with this look, I love the colours against the bright red and also the neutral white! My second look makes use of the Cotton Candy Glitter Dress, and I didn't mean to cover most of it when I started styling, but it just looked great like this too^ It works nicely as a skirt, and therefore it does have some versatility factor to it. Even though it's got lilac hints I think it goes well with these pinks to make a super girly styling! And finally the MGSM Inspired Double Breasted Jacket - I really can't choose a favourite amongst these looks because I love them all! I added some trousers, luckily these ones have a pretty good colour match to the jacket. I like the white base, which I think bring it to Spring over Summer. I think the green is perfect against the dark yellow, and I know this is a look I will definitely repeat!
Features And now your favourite part, the features! So many great looks popped up immediately from this release, these were just a few of the ones I found on Friday, there are so many more out there! First up Bay_watch11 wearing the Bardot Bird Sleeve Top and Mellow Yellow Glasses - these are cute together with the little yellow details on the top, and I think the blue denim with unique design really stands out with the top. I'm also loving the large folded bag, I think it's a great choice with the top, it fits well in colour and style =D
Next up EasyNala wearing the Denim Bustier T-Shirt and something about this styling really drew me in, I'm not sure what! I think it was the casual combination of the tuille skirting with the tee in the solid denim bustier. I love the use of the fishnet socks with these platforms, it's a great pairing and goes with the look well!
And thirdly, lyaila wearing again the Mellow Yellow Glasses (these have been popular!) and the Pearl Bikini Top which looks good as a bralette piece^ The black base is great to make the pearl design on the top stand out, and I think it looks good with the pops of colour in the sunglasses and with the bag slung across the body, it's a smart look with a slight casual twist^
And finally pandaribbon, who styled up 4 creative looks in record timing! I am particularly loving the Cobalt Sequin Dress layered with lilac and these pink sparkly tights, it looks amazing and really highlights the dress can be a wearable piece even with a high slit up the leg! Also loving the mix of prints in the first look using the Bardot Bird Sleeve Top - it may not suit everyone, but you can't deny that you wouldn't stop to look at that styling =D