Sunday, 13 August 2017

Styling G I F T S

I've been incredibly lucky recently to have been gifted a couple of items from my wishlist in the Plaza - I use this as somewhere to make down the items I really like the look of but am maybe still a little unsure if it either suits me, or how I'll style it, so when I get gifted something I take on the challenge to give the piece a go and see how well I get on! These 3 items are pretty random, there's no style link between them or anything, but they're just 3 cool pieces that you can get in the Plaza^
I styled my look before looking at the original pair and now I'm wishing I'd styled them like that! But I went with a darker navy/black as there is a little black in the squares of the trousers - I tried out orange and blue and purple, but for me this worked out the best! And I do love working with orange accessories so this was a breeze for me =) I wasn't really working towards a theme, but this definitely gives me autumnal fashion week vibes and I even went all out choosing a beauty styling to match - I just love the brown tones both on my doll and with this styling!
And secondly a jacket which I like the idea of but I was always unsure of how stylings would look. My initial thoughts were to go with all white pieces as I love the look of that, but I did manage to branch out a little^ This floral dress was a surprising great match with the jacket, the colour is just right and I love the whole country-esque style that this outfit has. All white won out in the second look, but actually this is my least favourite of the three stylings. Again I like the idea of the loose tucked shirt but I don't think the shape worked out well with these culottes so a little more trial and error needed with this! And lastly, some black and white, and I was surprised that I liked the look of the solid black shirt with the brown of the jacket. The jeans give a more casual feel but I like that I gave black accessories a go, especially this fringed bag which matched the jacket style well!
Lace Up Blush Dress | Fallen Angel
And rounding out the trio is a pretty dress, while it's perfect for spring I'm so into the midi skirt style right now that it's worked out perfectly for me! It was easy to style this as a skirt as there are plenty of top and outerwear options to go with it, particularly in white^ And adding accessories to this was easy as you can see from the first two look - I really like the pink fur with the dress and also the cross-body bag in the second look, those are definitely great pairings! Then in my final look I tried to wear it more as a dress, but never feel like this gives a complete styling, like I always feel I'm missing something, however I like this one. I added some length with another piece and love how this worked out. The accessories give such a classy feel and the dress feels totally different to in the first looks =)

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