Sunday, 30 April 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #140

Ending the month with another challenge post - I'm really trying to get through all these bags I still have to style! This is the Peach Marabou Purse from Subcouture which I actually only purchased recently in the StarBazaar. It's a cute bag, although definitely a little trickier than I expected. The colour is a little darker than a nude pink, and I was really trying to fit it with a pink style - which may not have been the best for it! I love the bag style with this blazer though, the two styles meld quite nicely together, and the bag also fits very nicely with the trousers, that is definitely a combination that I plan to repeat in the future =D

Big shoulders, skinny legs

A little double-feature today because these two feature the same cool and current trend! Both GaGaHouse and nicki_-_-minaj are wearing the popular trend of the oversized shoulders and then a skinny leg and ankle paired with  pointed boots. It's not something I've tried, but it looks good on both these dolls and in the two different styles, with GaGaHouse going with a more menswear style in a smart black button up and fab patent black heels, and nicki_-_-minaj choosing something a little casual but standing out with this oversized white tee. I like the leather trousers in this one, but the red boots pull your attention for sure!

# M Y S U I T E S U N D A Y

A little re-fresh for one of my suite rooms, love getting greenery into interior design as I really think it brightens things up. This bamboo wallpaper is so pretty and the tones fit well with this interior. A cute little furnished corner with similar tones and plenty of space to display my outfits - certainly happy with this one for a while =)

The final cut

Bonjour everyone! This is probably my last post for the blog. I can't believe how fast time flies. I loved to be a part of this for at least a month! So, anyway, I know I've used these boots a lot these past few days but I just can't not wear them. They make the perfect shoe option for a colorblock outfit -trend that I'm absolutely obsessed with, as you may have already noticed-.

I am wearing:
PPQ coat
DKNY shirt & bag
CP's pants
LE boots
Royalty sunglasses
Ephiphany earrings

Cecilia x

New Romantic

There's not a lot going on on Stardoll at the moment - I've liked a few bits here and there but nothing has really lit me up. 
I've been having a look through the bazaar and picked up this plaid jacket for a pretty good price. 

I fancied a dash of new romantic while I was styling it. I started with culottes and regency-style shoes but that seemed a little too on the nose!

Also - how great is this bag? I've sized it up into more of a suitcase, but I'm definitely going to be using this again.

Ingredients / You Will Need
Plaid Jacket | It Girls
Cropped Turtleneck | Evil Panda
Pleated Burgundy Pants | Limited Edition
Olivia Style Skirt | Young Hollywood
Hotbuys Chiffon Shirt | Pretty 'n' Love
Heavy Chandelier Earrings | Museum Mile
YSL Inspired Scarf | MSW'16
Vintage Floral Box Handbag | Evil Panda
Lead Singer Stud Heels | Callies Picks
Gold Chains | Archive

Saturday, 29 April 2017

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

This latest Callie's Picks release was pretty heavy on the Tribute side of things, but did also contain a few other items, including some good pieces to get your hands on! I do quite like the French theme of the collection, but I don't think everything fits in exactly with that theme. Not a huge amount for me to review really, so a focus on styling instead! First up is a feature, Burberryy wearing the Riding Black Pants. They are a pretty classic piece and easy to style, the only thing I wasn't sure about for me, was the strapping at the foot. But I think this styling really pulls it off! It stands out really nicely with the red boots and I love the red accents in the styling and the other black pieces chosen fit nicely with the trousers - I love the oversized tophalf style combined with a skinny leg on the bottom =)
I bought two pieces from the collection and I'm quite excited to work with them more in the future. First up the Denim Collared Dress, which I think is quite an adorable piece, although one which was a little trickier to style that I anticipated. It does actually also look pretty good as a skirt with a shirt or sweater, but I liked it with a long sleeved top underneath. I also went a little more winter-ish style choosing black to compliment the navy - a combination I like =) I think my next look will be all about this dress with trainers! And then secondly, a piece which caught my eye immediately, the Ivory Striped Top. I'm a huge huge stripe fan, so I was planning on getting this no matter the cost! Not such a fan of the text, but I think it will grow on me, and I even focused on it a little in my styling. I love the off-white colour, it makes it easy for the top to fit with these cream pieces that I've picked^ Excited to try more options with them, but right now I love this bag with them, I'm also glad to get a wear out of it =D


I love how classy this styling is from ManiakPupili combining great staple pieces along with more unconventional styles! The snake design really stood out to me and I think it looks fab in this outfit, I wish I could pull something off like this^ The green and pink colours work nicely with the skintone and the jacket, a definite thumbs up there! Plus I love the bag choice, it's perfect here plus the little hoop addition to it is adorable - all the accessorising is fabulous in fact =D

Friday, 28 April 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #139

I am so. Glad. It's. Friday!!! I am exhausted and I'm looking forward to a little relaxing this weekend! Today another challenge post, this time featuring the Gilded Snuff bag from Young Hollywood - it sure is an oldie, back from 2011, and maybe some of you guys have never seen it before! When thinking about this bag my mind always goes immediately to dresses, for some reason I always think it looks best with them! I did try just about every dress in my wardrobe before choosing this one, even though it's quite minimal, I think it's a great match for the bag and perfect for showing it off! The colours are complimentary and almost have a golden glow about them. I added a little more gold with a top underneath at the neck, but would also have loved to continue the gold with an understated pair of golden boots ... unfortunately I don't think they exist, so I settled for these, which definitely work, but those gold ones would have been perfection =D

Thursday, 27 April 2017


After featuring these trousers earlier, I thought I'd give them a go too! I bought the Loose Fit Velvet Pants from Nelly back when they were released, but really haven't given them a second thought since then - I think this happens a lot with me and a lot of clothes!
All blue ... completely unintentional but other blue tones just go hand in hand with these trousers - I did like playing with a range of textures with the velvet rather than using other velvet^ The first two looks are a little similar, which I didn't really realise when I styled them, but nevermind. The first does come across darker with the jacket, but the fringing is nice, and I really loved this loose pinstripe shirt with the trousers. Also blue and loose and pinstripe is the second shirt, although it does have flowers as well! I love the style of this piece with the trousers although I struggled to get the perfect outerwear for it, I think this blazer does alright, but I know there will be a better one out there. And finally a bit of shiny glam with this cool confetti jacket (which I shrunk down a lot, it's a bit too big at the normal size) and I love it with this almost clashing polo with the trousers. I like this as a little of a 'dressed up'-dressed down look ... if you get what I mean! Probably not!
Overall I like these trousers, but I'm not so sure they have the versatility factor - one thing's for sure though, they do look good with other blues =D

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #138

I picked an easy one today as I've been short on time to style it - this is the Chain Bag from the Nelly store and it's pretty much a classic piece to have included in your wardrobe. Since buying it, I have worn it quite a few times, but definitely not as much as it could have been styled especially with the ease I had in putting together this look today =) I really like this outfit - I wanted to include silver, but I wear that polo an awful lot, so I avoided it and went for little silver elements like the detailing on the vest and the sleeves, and accessorised with a belt and shoes. I've also been loving wide legged trousers with absolutely everything right now, and this bag is no exception!

Romantic red

Such a romantic vibe from todays feature from AvrilkaTH13^ The shades of red are beautiful together and are very complimentary, particularly the contrasting textures between the chocker, skirt and boots. It's the shiny boots that stand out particularly! The shirt is a fantastic combination, the lace details are beautiful and  love the loose draped sleeves from the shoulders, there's such a sultry feminine feel about them. Also loving the hair and beauty, amazing for the look =)

La dolce vita

Today I decided to wear this Dolce blazer. I like its embroidery a lot. And the colour pallette is everything for me. The gold, red and blue work really well together. And of course, earrings again, I just looove these!

I am wearing:
D&G blazer and earrings
DKNY shirt
Otto pants
Tingeling belt
Marc Jacobs bag
Nelly boots

Cecilia x

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #137

Another HB bag today, and one I actually managed to style recently in a We Wear Hotbuys post! This is the Woven Print Bag from Original Future that we got wayyy back in October 2015 - that's starting to sound like a long time ago but it doesn't feel like I've owned the bag that long and only styled it once or twice! This styling came very naturally to me, which surprised me and also gave such a satisfying feeling =) I knew I wanted a red/orange trouser for this bag, and this lighter pair work nicely with the tones of the bag. I love how the shape of this blouse adds a lot to the style but also fits with the bulkiness of the bag too. A few golden accessories here and there work nicely as well. Overall, this is a pleasing look and I'm super happy =D

Beauty Snaps

Monday, 24 April 2017

R I O | Release Review

Brand new RIO in the Plaza recently! This got me excited because in the past few years I think RIO has really been stepped up with their offerings, and as Stardoll has been quite uninspiring for me lately, this got me hoping for something good! I really like the advert, the pink is fabulous and eye-catching, and I think the model (again another SD user, tyka11^) looks good in the pieces =)
Highlights This release in RIO definitely ticked all the boxes and really gave a little light back into Stardoll from their recent disappointing times! The pieces are the epitome of the store with brightness and summer exuding from all directions, this is a post I'm certainly looking forward to writing!
Accessories As usual with these one-floor releases the accessories are a compact collection but all fit well with the summer and fruity vibe that the store has, especially the Pineapple Top Handle Handbag, Pineapple Earring and RIO Pineapple Headband, do you see the theme there^ I like the bag really, it's pink and the printing is pretty cool, plus it's certainly a stand out piece! The shoes don't stand out as too unique, I feel like we've had very similar pairs of both that are on offer here. The Supersized Rope Hoop Earrings Left is a nice piece too, and I think it actually suits me as on of the one-earring-only trend! It's also well priced, so makes trying out the trend an easy one. And lastly, and also well priced in SC's are the White Oversized Cateye Glasses (not seen on the first page) - a classic in the sunglasses world and an easy to pair to style. You can't really go wrong with the SC price and I think the style is one which suits a lot of people!
Clothing The clothing in this release are all about the summer! Bright colours, light fabrics, cool shapes and cutouts, plus fab styles! I think there's a bit of everything here, so I think it's possible for everyone to find something that suits them. There are 7 dresses/all-in-ones in the store, with a lot of block colour and honestly I'm still completely drawn to the crisp white pieces on offer! There's three, the Choker Trumpet Playsuit, Laceup Shoulder Bodycon Dress and The Perfect White Dress, and it's the first two that I'm all googly eyes over^^ They have fab shapes and styles, and they fit on the doll really well. They each have unique style features but at the same time, seem easy to combine with other items to work easily into a look. Perfect for summer, and with some creativity I think they could look good all year round! There are 4 tops in the store, ranging in colour and amount of material there is, but I think the focus is on the bustier style, which is shown clearly with the Bustier Frill Tangerine Top and Frill Bustier Top but also partly with the Criss Cross Batwing Blouse which has a cool wrapped style over the chest, creating a look of a bustier. The colours are quite similar with the red/orange, but I think it's a hot one for this years summer and I don't think anyone will mind in the similarities. The Frill Bustier Top also matches the Wide Leg Dot Pants which are so sweet, and a nice spring piece of clothing. I haven't bought them yet, as I'm not sure how much wear I will get from them and I haven't seen anyone else give them a go yet ... maybe once we're really into the right season I will change my mind! Also in the trouser category are the rather awesome Striped Wide Pants! I loved these immediately and couldn't wait to style them! The stripes are current and I think are something easy to work into different styles. They also fit really well too^
Prices This release ranges from 6 to 16SD's, which I think is pretty great and nothing seems too expensive. There are a couple of SS pieces, but also a few items in SC's - overall the prices are good for the store and are comparable to previous releases.
Styled Outfits I loved putting together these looks, and I really like them as a set as well - everything just sort of clicked with these! Unintentionally I seem to have gone for the sporty vibe with all those wide-legged trousers, but actually I love the style on my doll, it's grown on me so much in the past few months. Firstly the Striped Wide Pants which I've stuck with some classic colours for. Even though they're a little more red than an orange-red, I think they suit this long vest pretty well, and I like the clash that the clutch brings to the outfit. I kept it pretty basic elsewhere with white trainers and a smart shirt which I love mixing into different styles. Secondly is the Criss Cross Batwing Blouse which is in more of an orange-red tone^ The recent HB shoes are such a perfect colour match here, that I had to choose light trousers to add something other than more red or orange to the style! The shape of these ones is super classy and I think it really highlights the shapes of the top. And lastly the White Oversized Cateye Glasses, again a sporty styling and again some wide trousers ... but these look so good with them!!! The white long polo makes a good base and the leather jacket is a classic which I never forget to include^ Overall I'm so pleased with these looks - maybe I'll get a few more pieces from the store to try a few more ideas!
Features And a couple of features now! It was clear to see a few pieces becoming popular from this release, but as time passes I've seen much more a range of looks featuring items from the store. First up is t.i.a.f wearing the Striped Wide Pants, Criss Cross Batwing Blouse and the Sky High Top Knot Platforms, it may be a simple combination but I think it works, as does the jewellery additions for this look. The huge single hoop really catches your eye and draws it to the top half of the styling - I really think it makes me convinced that there's more than just RIO items here!
And secondly, always a favourite, Isabella8103 wearing the Pineapple Top Handle Handbag and RIO Pineapple Headband in an all-out sort of way! The prints of the two do well in holding their own against the other competing prints in this outfit, definitely a feat! I love how they've been added to with the bow on the bag, and the other head accessories for the headscarf. It's easy to see them highlighted in this busy style - great job =)

Sunday, 23 April 2017


Despite the upcoming Spring and Summer I still really like this darker styling brought to us by polinapolinka today^ The ocean-tones look great and I love the eye-catching way all the different textures have been brought together, I think it's super effective at making a stand-out styling! These blue trousers are a great base and I love the sheen that the top has to it, which is muted down with the heavy overcoat. The casual trainers are a nice addition, but you have to love the glitz and glamour with the makeup and earrings =)

Saturday, 22 April 2017

We Wear Hotbuys A P R I L | Suede Multi Coloured Handbag

It's been a good few days since our last HB and now it's the last one of the month! Which has come around very fast! This is the Suede Multi Coloured Handbag from Bizou and costs 24SD's. I think this is a really cute version of a bucket bag for our dolls and I also think it's a very versatile one with all those colours to pair with, I think they give it so many different style options that there should at least be one to please everyone =) I also like the texture, the shading and highlighting on the bag make it look like an attractive piece!
We've all picked out slightly different tones of the bag to highlight in our looks, really showing the range of the piece off - hopefully you'll like at least one^ I think the style is good for summer and I look forward to wearing it in a few months time with the rest of my favourite summer pieces! And vote in the poll too, though it might be tricky to pick just one answer:

Friday, 21 April 2017

Stolen dance

Hello again! On this post, I wanted to try another trend that's been around for a few months now: dress over pants. I wasnt really fond of it at first but it grew on me, so I decided to give it a chance. And this LE dress is a good option to start. Let me know your thoughts about it!

I am wearing:
LE dress & bag
DKNY shirt
YH shirt
Cheap Monday shirt
OTTO pants
Runway heels

Cecilia x

Bag It Up Challenge #136

It's Friday! Yay^ I'm relieved as I've had a very busy week! Time for the next challenge post, this time featuring another old Hotbuy, the Gold Chains Bag from RIO which came out in April 2014, so 3 years ago, and I definitely haven't styled it that much in that length of time - this piece is great and easy to style, so I'm sad that I've neglected it! I think it works well in classic styles and the black colour and gold chain make it easy to match with other pieces. I also love the style, the over-shoulder position is great and I love the strap down to the hand, it's totally unique in this way, although I'd love more choices like this on Stardoll =) I stepped a little outside of my box for the look, but I think it suits the street style that these jumpsuit trousers give. The black polo is a good base and fits with the overall look well. I accessorised with just a little gold, matching the bag, but also letting that big chain stand out and catch your eye!

Diamond street

Very cool and chic in this latest feature from singiel - combining classic base pieces with modern current trends in a rather nice way^ The knotted crop top is cool, and I love seeing it paired with a skirt, and a chic one at that! The chained diamond dress is amazing layered ontop of a black base, and the styling as a skirt suits it so well. The accessories fit this style perfectly, the strappy heels, choker and sunglasses. The tartan coat stands out as a street-style piece but also stands out as fitting in well with the rest of the look surprisingly - a good idea, I just wish I had the coat to try out some stylings!

The Mellowest Yellow

Well hello there!
It's taken some time, but I've finally accepted that Spring has sprung. The new Rio release helped in particular with these lovely yellow patterned trousers.

Aren't they lovely? The whole release has a more summery vibe overall, but I thought these would translate into something fresh and breezy. Nothing like white crisp accents and flowers to say Spring!
Also, these earrings are fabulous - the 'rope' effect is subtle enough to still look sophisticated.

Ingredients / You Will Need
Wide Leg Dotted Pants | Rio
Supersized Rope Hoop Earrings | Rio
Slit Sleeve Cape | Tingeling
Gigi Cream Silk Blouse | Limited Edition
Dogwood Headpiece | Voile
Selena White Clutch | Young Hollywood
Tiffany Shoes | Voile

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Suite Style

I featured a suite room from nene_llorente's suite last year, but these two further rooms caught my eye this week, so very much suite-spiration^^ Both of these rooms have cool pool views but are designed differently and also thoughtfully around the interiors themselves. This pretty sky view above is designed simply, andI love the sliding glass doors added to split the room with garden furniture and a stylish shower cubicle while inside has a glamorous feel with cushions and a sofa-table and wine - I love the minimal use of metallics, I think it's really effective for this room. Then below is an indoor style, but I like the continued use of glass inside - it's great to split this room into a living and dining side plus gives more opportunity for all those pieces on the left side, that little seating area is very sweet and I think the whole room has been well laid out and carefully planned!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Platform style shoes are ones I always struggle with, no matter how cool or stylish they look in the Plaza or on another doll, as soon as they are on my doll they bring a styling-block to me! Today I'm giving these Soil Heels from Bizou a go, they've been on my wishlist a little while and they recently made their way onto my feet^ These are by far from the best looks for these platforms, but for me, I'm quite impressed and pleased that I managed to style them up =) I did go for all trousers, but I think I'd give a dress or skirt a go the next time as I'm sure they would look good too. I like the purple and blue tones to the shoes, and I like picking matching tones for clothes but they're also pretty versatile and I managed some different colours as well. Firstly some jeans, these match well with the blue strap and I kept the rest of the look simple with a white blouse and a matching blue bag - I think this really helps to highlight the blue in the shoes. Secondly a cool co-ord, the pink isn't quite a match to the shoes, but nonetheless does work with them quite well to highlight the darker tones of the shoes, which I've also added to with this purple bag - love this combination and I want to play with it some more too =) And lastly trying to turn these summery platforms into something super stylish! I don't think it's an 100% win, but I'm glad I gave it a go with these wide trousers - they themselves look good with the clothing, but I think I neglected the shoes just a little much in this look!

Retro red

Cool combination of retro and red today from MileyCyrus8642. The look looks great with a focus on this square-shoulder red and navy cool patterned top, the shape is great in the overall style, and I love the waist and sleeves in particular. These straight-leg traditional denim jeans suit the top so much, it's a great style for them, and love the creativity of the belt! The hoop for the jacket is a fab idea, and I think the hanging jacket itself works really well for the look and style - what a good idea! The shoes are also spot on, they get a big thumbs up from me^

Tuesday, 18 April 2017


Today I chose to wear something very different from what I'm used to. I've started watching "Reign" and it may have influenced me more than just a little. Also, i love this Dolce vest and I've been trying to make it justice but always failed, not sure I succeeded this time tho, so let me know what you think! 

Iam wearing:
LE top & bag
D&G vest
YH heels
Glam R Us HBs earrings
Subcouture cuffs

Cecilia x

We Wear Hotbuys A P R I L | Valentino Inspired Heels

Seriously, we're at the penultimate HB already and it's only the 18th of the month, they sure have been crammed in this time! This next HB is exciting because I love a Valentino shoe ... the Valentino Inspired Heels from It Girls costing 22SD's. The colour is fab, it's an orange-red and one that is super versatile, well for me anyway. They've got the classic strapping and studs and a nice heel height, I'm just all round excited about these =D
I just love love love these! I had a blast styling them for this look and found it easy to come up with a lot of different options - hopefully you guys will too and I can't wait to see them styled on your dolls^ And vote in the poll as always:

Beauty Snaps

Monday, 17 April 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #135

A rather old Hotbuy piece for today's challenge post, the Plastic Purse from Bizou which came out in July 2009 - which really is a long time ago and it's a long time to avoid a piece for! It was also re-released in the Summer Retro collection back in 2013 too^ The colour is good, I like a splash of purple every now and then, and this is a good accessory for that, I just think the size has always been a bit 'off' for styling and the whole perspex feel of the piece has put a negativity in my mind about the piece. I'm happy to give it a chance, it's one of these pieces that just needs the perfect combination - I'm not there yet, but I think this is a good step for me and this bag^ I resized it a little, and I like it much more now, but it still needs some more work. Really like it with this purple top and striped skirt and I'm excited to see how I work it out next =D

Beauty Snaps

# S U I T E W I N D O W

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Black Platform Loafers # W E S T Y L E I T

We were quite quick to come up with these Fallen Angel Black Platform Loafers as shoes which aren't typically 'us' or that get worn so much, so they easily came to be in these We Style It posts! AudreyHepburn. has gone all out on the black, choosing light chiffon and delicately detailed pieces to contrast the clumpy and heavy feeling of the platforms. I like the cold shoulder element to the style as it does lighten up the darker colours a little^ I really tried to stay away from darker colours and did try out a few light tones, but naturally these blacks and greys looked best to me! I'm happy with the look though, I think these split-ankle trousers work well to highlight the shoe area. Although I'm not convinced these platforms suit me 100%, I'm happy to give them a style and maybe will try again in the future!

Let us know what you think in the opinions, and maybe you guys have a suggestion of a piece we could style in this segment!


How super stylish is this? Love the sleek look today from ewellia, someone who has a great eye for styling^ Love these culottes and how dressed up they look, they're a great versatile piece for a look like this, but here it was the cool top combination that caught my eye - love the dark floral print beneath the bandeau, it looks nice and very fitting to the overall style paired with this new brown overcoat. The gold trimmed necklace is nice, but I think the best accessory are these shoes - they stand out and look super awesome^

Saturday, 15 April 2017

We Wear Hotbuys A P R I L | Blood Orange Sunglasses

A HB accessory today with these Blood Orange Sunglasses. These are from Velvet Orchid and are priced at 12SD's. I think these have a great style and colouring for summer, the orange is vibrant and I love orange full stop, so I think these will have no trouble fitting into my wardrobe at least^ The style looks to be a good one, lets just hope it's versatile enough to suit a lot of different faces! They also remind me a little of the It Girls Envy My Shades, so I'm glad to try another colour of the style.
So many options with this accessory, the colour looks great on all of us, which I'm glad about as I definitely have issues getting sunglasses working nicely with the tan skin tone, and I think the shape is fab, it suits us all too - relief! All the looks are so different so I think picking a favourite could be a tough one this time:

Green eyed

A great way to wear street style today from Mia1435 making a great combination with trainers! I love this green bomber jacket with a fantastic texture, so this look already gets some points for including it, but the skirt is such an awesome piece to pair with it! The colours work very nicely and definitely compliment each other. The accessories are simple yet work nicely with the style, the trainers are a perfect touch and the tone looks good with the jacket. The bag stands out in the look, not quite matching but also not out of place - it's an interesting choice, but one that could be made more often^