Monday, 29 February 2016

L I M I T E D E D I T I O N | Release Review

Now finally what you've probably all been waiting for - my LE review! This collection came out on Friday after a tense wait of 'what time will it be released?'! I was lucky enough to be able to log in at work and get some pieces, so a relief on my part. I love the homepage ad, I think it fits in with current styles and vibes and think it really makes the collection have an impressive impression, so lets get on and take a look inside^
We got 3 floors packed with pieces in this release, mostly female clothing with the seemingly obligatory male outfit - it's alright, nothing too special though I don't think, however I would have liked a polo equivalent for us ladies, I would definitely wear one! Colour-wise, everything was pretty much on the scale of black to white, with a few reds thrown into the mix, as someone who easily styles these colours, the collection is already a winner^
So we got a pretty good variety of pieces from accessories through to clothing. As usual I'll begin with the accessories and there was a good range of shoes and bags, with just a couple of jewellery pieces and just one pair of sunglasses available. I really like the Modern Classic Shades and think they're a good staple accessory from the collection. In terms of shoes I quite liked most pairs although some definitely are of a certain taste - I wouldn't be able to wear the Red Heel Platforms or the Ultra High Patent Platforms, but at the other end of the scale I love the Graphic Stripe LE Pumps and Lace Strap Heels and the LE Herringbone Booties. And moving on from heels, my favourite piece of the collection is the pair of Ultra Modern Flats - they have a great graphic and style and they are amazing and dreamy! Considering I used to be an 'always heels' person, this is a nice change for my style =) The bags are all pretty good too - definitely a step up from the last LE collection. The Denim Insert LE Bag is a great piece and I wish I'd been able to get it, nevertheless it will look good in just about any outfit style. But there are some pretty good pieces among the rest, and well designed too - the Studded LE Bag definitely reminds me of some earlier releases and for me is a good classic-with-a-twist piece! There were two pairs of earrings available, and they are still for sale as they seem like unpopular choices in the collection. There's nothing wrong with either the LE Padlock Earrings or the Modern Geo Earrings, but they're just nothing too special, which is a bit of a shame when the rest of the collection is pretty good! Oh and there's a hair too! The Sleek Chic LE Hair seemed popular in the spoilers, although it was a bit slow to sell, so maybe it doesn't suit as many people? It doesn't really work for me, but I'm not sure I was planning on purchasing it anyway.
So now the bulk of the release - the clothes! There is a pretty good mix between dresses, trousers, tops and jackets which I quite like seeing from a collection. I'll start with the outerwear, where there were a few leather or pleather styled pieces, the Lipstick Patent Coat and the LE Belted Raincoat, which aren't so much my style but seemed popular choices. The favourite, I get the feeling, was the Pure White Coat with a cute hands-in-pockets pose, and I wish I had bought it because some of the features below are amazing with this piece! Another popular piece was the Oversize Belted Coat (although it seems more like a cardigan to me) with it's grey tone and complex shapes and styling. For tops there was definitely a smaller choice, but it was still a good one with two classic white shirts - the Double Layer LE Shirt and the Crisp Sheer Shirt. I also like the summery Woven Monochrome Tank that the store offered - I feel like I've seen something of a similar style before and thought this could be a secret hit from the store, it's a piece I really liked styling below! For bottomhalves, there were no skirts or shorts, just trousers but this doesn't bother me because I loved the Pleated LE Suit Pants, the Pleated LE White Suit Pants and the Pleated Burgundy Pants, pieces I knew I wanted to get as soon as I'd seen the spoilers! There's also a few pairs of skinnies and some very odd pieces, which I have to say I don't like at all, I just have no interest in wearing Built In Heels Denim or PVC, sorry! And then dresses, which really are a focus of the collection however I didn't find myself purchasing any. Most of the pieces are short styles, with the exception of the LE Monochrome Maxi which is designed pretty well. So I wasn't much a fan of the short dresses or the unique styling of the Modern Tailoring Dress, but the casually-styled Draped Chic LE Dress did catch my eye. It doesn't really suit my doll so much though and it is a little pricey for what it is when there are similar pieces available in Nelly - so I was a little disappointed in that.
Prices for this collection range from 20 for the smaller accessories to 175 for the dresses, but most pieces were between 50 and 150, so about standard for an LE collection - nothing shocked me with it's price that I didn't buy it, so I guess that's a good thing!

Because there are so many features this post, I've limited the number of Styled Outfits I did for what I bought, so I'm sure you'll see further looks in the future =) Firstly the 3 pairs of trousers (white, black and burgundy) and I really enjoyed styling these with more oversized pieces, I think it's a style they go well with but I look forward to testing out different colour schemes with them!
And then a selection of the other items I bought. Firstly the Double Layer LE Shirt and the Phone Included Purse - I knew this was a shirt I wanted immediately and it looks perfect in dressed-up styles like this. The bag was a little of a last-minute decision and I was able to purchase it after seeing some other dolls styling it. Then the Woven Monochrome Tank along with the Graphic Stripe LE Pumps. I bought the tank to give it a chance as I think it's got some potential it just needs a little love^ The shoes make a nice change for me from all black or all white, so I hope to mix them into a few different styles. Then finally something based on accessories, featuring the Ultra Modern Flats and the Studded LE Bag, the bag again was a later purchase when I was checking the store at the end of the day, but the flats were something I wanted after seeing the spoilers, I adore these shoes and this look is definitely a firm favourite of mine!
And now a huge amount of features (12!) - there really are so many dolls out there styling this collection amazingly! This is 3melekbir_arada who has gone for the Pure White Coat in a classic all-white look, but what I love is using the print dress, it stands out on it's own and therefore draws my eye to the whole look, great job =)
Next is a regular, aby400, styling the Denim Insert LE Bag in a perfect matching look. The black and bluey denim colours of the clothes work perfectly, as does using this wide styled shrug - it all works greatly^
And then cami-camilla who has opted for the Modern Stripe Cardigan. I thought about this piece for quite a while, but this look totally does it justice! It looks awesome with just white and a black bag and really lets the red details pop =)
A dark look to go with the cloudy interior from bloom_xx_layla in this one, styling the Angular Modern Blazer, the Modern Classic Shades and the LE Weekend Bag - a piece I was curious to see in an outfit, but it looks awesome here in the whole overall look.
And now some deep colour from a favourite, Mia1435! Styling the Angular Modern Blazer too, but along with the Pleated Burgundy Pants in a total burgundy look and it's very dreamy! I love the accessorising too along with the beauty choices^
A darker base is brought to our eyes in this look from Violessa with the Pure White Coat - what a great match for those trousers! The sunglasses give a great style to the look as well, and I love the tones of the red back against the cream.
More burgundy and black from B.E.A.T.K.A also styling the Pleated Burgundy Pants in an all burgundy way! The fur is a fabulous addition and I think it really sells the trousers. Also some great beauty choices with the long straight hair and the dark lip^
Something much brighter now from Invlle styling the Modern Tailored Waistcoat in a perfect way! She's gone with golden chains rather than the silver on offer in the store and I think it works well. The bag is a great pop of colour too!
Another look with the Pure White Coat, but also featuring the Phone Included Purse and the Pleated LE Suit Pants from Mh91. The pieces go together well and work surprisingly with some trainers and fabulous earrings =D
Singiel now, and styling the Geometric Shirt Dress. I think it suits the fur well and also the yellow accessories, they're a great match for the styling of the dress. It's plain and simple but it works^
And yet another look with the Pure White Coat, this time from millaxx and also featuring the Laced Strap Heels - the pair look great together and also with this lace detailed top, a fab combination!
And the final look! This is from sindiralle, styling the Pleated LE White Suit Pants in a blush-tones look. I love this combination and they suit the pinks/nudes/snakep-print very well and this is giving me some more ideas for these trousers =D

Glitterest greys

A smart glittered look from bey22304 today! I loved seeing this dark glittered t-shirt be styled in such a formal fancy look with these fitted pants, a white polo and this beautiful coat - a piece I love =) The accessorising is perfect, those Dior shoes are a good colour match and this handbag/box bag is pretty great and stands out nicely against the look - great job^

Sunday, 28 February 2016

We Wear Hotbuys F E B R U A R Y | Dior Inspired Sunglasses

And we're at the final Hotbuy of February - these are the Dior Inspired Sunglasses from Pretty 'n Love and cost 14SD's. I wasn't really a fan initially, but recently I've been seeing looks with a huge range of sunglasses so it gives me a little hope for this pair!
I have to say I was surprised when styling my look because the sunglasses are definitely growing on me, as are these yellow trousers I bought in the Bazaar on a whim! Enough of my rambling, our poll:

Tennis whites

A bright white look from neudelya for today's feature! I liked the 'tennis' feel this look had, and I think it really works out well. The shirt is actually a combintion of two, and it looks flawless^ The accessorising is also great, love the trainers and glad to see someone else does, and it's unusual to see this phone-necklace-piece, but it worka - great work =D

Saturday, 27 February 2016

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Release Review

This past week brought our latest Callie's Picks! The homepage ad is very summery and I love the watermelon-colours of the background, they make it look quite eye-catching and a vibrant background for the models styling the prints - let's get on and take a look!
So we were treated to two floor packed with clothing and accessories with this release - all on the theme of prints! Now these aren't all pieces which I'd consider as fitting into a 'prints' collection, I can think of a lot more items I'd prefer, but nevermind, because there are some great items included.
The accessories didn't really do anything for me. I haven't found myself wanting to buy any of them really. The bags were more impressive than the shoes, and there's Tribute items included like the Peekaboo Monster Tote and the Yellow Print Purse, but nothing else leapt out at me - which is a shame because I think with some searching of the archives, there could be great printed pieces! Lastly, wasn't sure what to regard these as, but accessories will do fine - the Black Leggings (what I would call tights!) are a good solid piece for your wardrobe, so if you don't have any these could be a great pair to make an investment in =)
Now the clothing, which definitely fares much better than the accessories! Firstly there is a male outfit, but I don't think it's anything too stunning for the boys, if I were one I think I'd be a little disappointed because I know there are great prints out there, especially in the trouser-department^ But there's plenty of choice for the girls with a pretty good range of bottoms and tops with some dresses thrown in there too. The first floor of the release didn't leave much to be desired I thought. The Drop Crotch Jeans were the best part but I'm still on the fence about buying them, the big question being 'Will I wear them and get my money's worth?' - so I'd love to see some great looks with them that might convince me. So the second floor held a lot more for me, mainly with a couple of pieces I have been wanting for a while, the Navy Jkt W Straps and the Photo Flower Print Tee! I'm so glad to get these, particularly the jacket^ But there are some other good items on this floor too. For those wanting the bold prints and colours there the Wide Legged Orchid Pants and the Photo Print Frock, and for more muted colours there are the Kitchen Table Tee (but it's more like a dress) and the Garden Print Dress. And if prints aren't for you then there's a whole outfit without any on the clothing, featuring the Dot Print Brassiere Top, the Leather Sleeve Jacket (I used to be a huge fan of this back in the day!) and the High Waisted Trousers, which I'm pretty sure covers the minimal aspect that some people look for^
I always forget to mention hair, but there's a hair included! This is the Bella Hair and it was from Tress Up a while back. I already own this one, but it's one I never wear at all, maybe I should give it a go again =)
Prices for this release range from 4 to 22SD's, with the exception of the Fendi Peekaboo Monster Tote costing 55SD and being Royalty only. There are also a couple of coin items, but I didn't find much to report about with them.
And some Styled Outfits from me now! As soon as I had the Wide Legged Orchid Pants on and started trying things, I realised a whole lot worked with them, so I feel like I could have done 10 looks for these but whittled it down to just 3.
Then I styled 2 looks with the Navy Jkt W Straps which I adore so much - the jacket and the looks! I love it with both of these pairs of trousers and am surprised that it goes pretty well with other navy pieces too. I think I'm going to love having this piece, so there will no doubt be more outfits in the future =)
Lastly two quick feature - I spotted TAYLOR029 styling the Photo Flower Print Tee and I loved the cool and modern combination, especially those boots! Also the pink lip chosen^
Then there's ROYALTI_Anna, also wearing the Photo Flower Print Tee but it's tucked in behind these great trousers and the Hot Buys Vest - another great combination!

Golden hues

The golden yellows and metallics drew me to this look by Mia1435 and completely captures your attention. The clothing is minimal, but an interesting combination to see this dress (a piece I do wear fairly regularly) with trousers, and I love it especially with these wedges^ The jacket is well chosen and ties in very nicely with the accessories - the gold choker-style necklace, bag and bangles. And the beauty look is just stunning - I need to improve my makeup skills I think =D

Friday, 26 February 2016

We Wear Hotbuys F E B R U A R Y | Denim Shirt Dress

The penultimate February Hotbuy, and the last of the clothing items! We got here pretty quickly I think =D This is the Denim Shirt Dress from It Girls and it costs 19SD's. I was quite looking forward to this piece, however the fit isn't quite as I had imagined it being on my doll - I wanna try and make it work anyway though^
Definitely not the look I was planning on putting together, but I think this dress definitely has potential! And our poll:

Grey jewels

A great minimal but dressed up look today from France25. I love seeing different looks with these grey Valli trousers and this really works out well! They suit the black sweetheart top well and I think the addition of the silver vest is a genius idea - it's awesome! The overcoat looks great as expected but I also adore the jewellery choice. This necklace totally brings the outfit into the light^ Plus pink lips are amazing!

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #29

And now for number 29 - the Classic Miss Sicily from a Dolce and Gabbana Tribute release. I bought it as it really looked like a good classic and then I never actually ended up wearing it as one - so here it is today in a classic black look! It's a different combination for me, but I quite like it and think this dress is definitely an interesting piece. Plus I have become quite fond of these SubCouture shoes, they are pretty adorable^ And getting to the end of those all black looks I had planned, just one more and then I can try inject more colour into these posts!

Beauty Snaps

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Y O U N G H O L L Y W O O D | Feature Set // Styled Outfit

At the end of last week there Stardoll brought us A new Young Hollywood collection based on the red carper stylings from the recent Grammy awards. For me, this collection was nothing too special, I checked it out at the release but found myself only purchasing a pair of shoes. For me the clothes were nothing wonderful I wanted to wear and when I tried on some pieces they didn't fit nicely on my doll at all. So for me it was a little disappointing - nevertheless I wanted to document the release somehow, so a little feature set here with a few Styled Outfits at the end =)
So firstly we have Miver, a little of a unique look for this post in that she's wearing just the Taylor Grammys Top and accessorising with Ariana Grammys Clutch. I think it looks great in this white look and the flash of coral heels is also very nice!
And now several stylings with the Taylor Grammys Skirt, a very popular piece in the collection:
Firstly France25 opting for a darker look with blacks. I'm a huge fan of this jacket, so for me this is a great choice! Also matching lipstick is a wonder, I think it's a fab beauty look =)
Secondly aby400, who has gone for the neutral tones to compliment the bright pink and it works equally as well as the black. Love the matching bright pink shoes too along with choosing a silver necklace to keep the look fresh head to toe^
And lastly millaxx, going with white and choosing a particularly detailed top, giving the look all that it really needs in detailing. The minimal shoes were a good choice, but I do like seeing the toenails painted, I think this works out really well!
And my Styled Outfits - I only bought the Red Carpet Strappy Sandals as they really seem like the most wearable piece of the release to me and hopefully I've succeeded in showing their versatility in my differently styled looks. I'm surprised by how much I like them with jeans, it's something I think I will work with more in the future =) 

Black lace

A glamorous all-black look from nicki_-_-minaj today! I love the pairing of the lace with this Decades skirt, I think the lace totally transforms the skirt into a modern piece that I would definitely want to wear! The accessories are great, I love the bag and jacket combination in the hand as well as the sunglasses. Also love the beauty look, the hair and lipstick are fabulous =)

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #28

Bag #28 tonight, although technically this is a little trio as a second part to my Dior bag stylings from post 27 =) This time their colourful counterparts! Firstly the Hotbuys Faux Croc Handbag from It Girls, so not entirely from a Dior store, and I love it with these blue trousers and for me some cream and basic shoes were a perfect match to let the bag shine through. Then I've paired the Pink Lady Dior S and the Blush Lady Dior L for a cute pink and cream combination, which I think is pretty suited to the recent Valentine's day^ This it one of my current favourite looks and I'm loving my choice of accessories in this glam belt and the casual trainers!

Suite Style

A suite for today, this time from MySmileBeauty who has styled this warehouse-type interior into a minimal living room. I love the green and black theme in the two separate components, and I think the sofa is a perfect fit for this interior style and gives a good contrast to the hard interior. The small artsy corner is very sweet but stylish and fits in very nicely - it's also tied to the other half with the little use of plants. I really love this overall and it gives a very nice canvas for a lot of different styled outfits!

Monday, 22 February 2016

T H E J E T S E T | Release Review

Last week Stardoll got us all very excited with this release - a brand new floor of The Jet Set, a SS only store. The airport styled advert looks good and the bright golden hues really pull your eye. I'm not sure how much it does for the clothing because I don't think it's sold too well by the models, but I'm sure we all saw the spoilers beforehand and knew what we were getting!
So it's just one floor, but it's pretty packed in there with a range of pieces and bright popping colours pulling your eyes in many different directions. There's mostly items for girls, however there is one look for the guys, which has been the case for the past releases. After seeing the spoilers I was pretty excited for this because overall, I think this is a great release for the store and for Stardoll!
I'll start with the accessories, of which there are quite a few. There are a whopping 6 pairs of shoes to be had, a lot for just one floor. There are basic black pairs (in the Patent Strappy Platforms and Studded Strappy Heels), then more modern colourful choices in the Chunky Three Tone Sandals and the Multicolor Pleather Platforms. I loved this choice and think these were good offers for the release^ As for bags, there is also quite a choice, I haven't purchased any yet, but am quite fond of the Orange Luxe Luggage. There are also other accessory pieces, which I really like, the Oversize Tassel Earrings, Black Crystal Necklace and the Red JetSet Shades. And the second two are in coins, so that's a good deal to be had =)
Now the clothing - and what a lot there is for this one release! The pieces definitely have a summer vibe to them, and also a 'fashion week' feel which is good for the current times when we're being given brand new collections daily along with a lot of street style. There's a selection of dresses, tops and bottoms ton offer all with individual flair and colours. Speaking for myself, I love the separate pieces a lot more than the dresses - the Deep V Black and Red Straps Dresses are definitely unique, but their styles just aren't for me, I'm sure they're perfect for some of you guys though. The JetSet Stripe Skirt stood out to me immediately as something I wanted to buy, I love the colours and texture it has and love the modern feel to clothing that I don't have in any other piece. It has a matching Raincoat which works well with the skirt and on its own. In terms of the bright colourful pieces I also like the Carry On Fur, it's definitely a special piece^ I also very much like the more minimal tops, like the Crisp White Cami and the Perfect Navy LS Top - both basic minimal items that will easily fit into most wardrobes.
Prices for this release range from 8 to 28SD's with just one piece at the top end and also a small handful of coin items. They are all SS pieces, as already said, but I think the prices are pretty decent for a release like this. Although I did end up spending a lot in choosing to purchase quite a few pieces!
So styled outfits now - and firstly looks with the JetSet Stripe Skirt. I enjoyed putting these different looks together and I'm glad to see it looks good in a casual look with trainers too, in fact I think this is my preferred combination for the skirt^
And then my looks with a few other pieces I bought. Firstly the Crisp White Cami alongside the Red JetSet Shades, and I love them both with these printed trousers and fresh white summer look. Then the Perfect Navy LS Top which I've gone for in my regular style, although I love the addition of these kitty cat flats^ And finally the Chunky Three Tone Sandals which I spent a lot of time with and look forward to putting with more items:
And now some features, and there's quite a few! So firstly ThePerpetua styling the Carry On Fur as a dress/over shoulder coat, which totally works for her! Also includes the Striped Acrylic Stilettos. Very much loving the accessories chosen for this look =)
And next sarvat, going all out with the JetSet Stripe Skirt and Raincoat and I think it looks awesome. The whole look has the perfect vibe, from the heels to the makeup choices!
Another look with the JetSet Stripe Skirt, this time from Mia1435 who has also gone for a navy based look but choosing a pop of colour in the clutch and also adding the Striped Acrylic Stilettos - another great look from this stylista!
This may be a simple look with the Perfect Navy LS Top, but I think SarahVIP makes it look great! It suits the white dress well with the minimal selection of accessories. The beauty look also stood out to me, a great combination of eye makeup and a pink lip colour!
And finally MeLolitka, also styling the Carry On Fur but pairing two together to make one huge fur coat, a good way to make use of this unique piece! The colour scheme is also followed with the shoes and the bag, and the little clothing that we see is of basic colours so that all your focus goes to the fur!