Wednesday, 17 July 2019


This week we had an Alexander Wang Tribute comeback! I was actually surprised to see Alexander Wang tribute back so soon because I thought it wouldn't come back so soon as it did!

As usual the collection came out with pieces from various different seasons and shows, this stunning blazer is inspired by a Fall 2019 piece, I love how bulky and oversized it is.

And of course some bling, Alexander Wang is known for his incredible accessories, which most of the time are fully bedazzled.

Silver Y Project Earrings - Original Future
Lateral Pouch - Original Future
Wang Inspired Plastic Earrings - Alexander Wang Tribute
Wang Inspired Oversized Jacket - Alexander Wang Tribute
Diamond Glasses - Alexander Wang Tribute
Diamond Thank You Bag - Alexander Wang Tribute
Basic White Thights - Basics
Perfect Bag - It Girls
Stacy Mini Shirt - Callie's Picks
Choppy White Skirt - Callie's Picks
Stiletto Heels - Callie's Picks


Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Ne-On, Ne-Off

I wasn't really feeling the Wang drop yesterday, but I am feeling kind of neon.

I've had this jacket since it appeared in Runway, but I put it in a room and forgot I even had it - I love doing this. It's like finding a fiver in your pocket unexpected. A neon fiver that matches a turtleneck from another, unrelated release.

You wouldn't think neon green/yellow would go with white, but it looks super fresh and clean. I particularly love it with the khaki and black geometric shapes - it's modern without even trying, and believe me I try, a lot. 

Easy, breezy, beautiful, Neon. 

Ingredients | You Will Need

Antidote Neon Crop Turtleneck | Antidote
Ganni Inspired Oversized Jacket | Runway
Double Layer Skirt | It Girls
Belted Bag | Callie's Picks
Buckle Leather Belt | Voile
Chic Two Tone Earrings | Bonjour Bizou
White Heeled Mules | The JetSet

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Mint and Brown

Mint green and brown is a lovely colour combination, I love these brown leather accessories! This is pretty casual look, not something I wear often, but wanted to have a different kind of style for a change. The jeans are from Basics actually, I think they look pretty neat for a starcoin item. 

Summer citrus

Super fun and bright summer styling today from turkiye - just what we need in the middle of the season! I love all of the layering involved in this look, it's cool and it works out well in terms of colour matching - the lace green sleeves are a perfect fit with the tones on the dress, it's a colour I rarely think about looking good, and here it's great! The yellow train added makes for a glamorous touch, but works very nicely with the lemon design and the yellow sunglasses^ The trainers give a casual vibe that balances with the dress, and the rest of the accessories finish the look nicely =)

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Pleats and Thank Yous

Still loving focused in on Valentino and apparently still in this coppery interior, now with added 70s references....

I knew from the minute I saw this burgundy pleated dress that it would make a fabulous skirt and what do you know, it does! I actually own a skirt that is very similar IRL, but I've certainly never worn it with an unbuttoned pink silk shirt - a gracious nod to style icon Villanelle in season 2 of Killing Eve. 

“Wow, you look amazing. Can I take a picture of you for my Instagram?” 
“No. No of course not. Get a real life.”

Ingredients | You Will Need
Valentino Inspired Red Dress | Valentino Tribute
Cropped Silk Shirt | Pretty 'n' Love
Detail Earring | Nelly.com
Prada Inspired Shoulder Bag | Tributes Gallery
Two Belt | Limited Edition
HotBuys Blush Lace Bralette | Pretty 'n' Love
Black and Gold Coco Watch | Couture Tribute
Lipstick Red Thigh Highs | Antidote

Good in green

This look is a perfect trend combination today, coming from Fraternite^ I love the light use of colours and the mix chosen to add to those in the skirt - the trousers in a fun mint tone are great under the skirt, and are a great fit with the green tones. I love the addition of the orange/peach tones in the cute little Fendi bag, I really kinda want it now^ But it works well with the skirt too. The white shirt on top is great with having the longer length over the skirt, and it's super creative with the furry sleeves. The earrings complete the look nicely =)

Friday, 12 July 2019

2018 / / T R I B U T E S R E V I S I T E D

S U M M E R 2 0 1 8
It's a short Tributes Revisited Season as we're here looking back to the releases that we had last year! We had 6 in total, Musuem Mile Givenchy, Anna Sui, Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, and Off-White. So a real mix of designers and styles to choose from, and some firm favourites have come out of this season, for me at least^ I found it a successful season, I bought a lot of new pieces and have had so much fun wearing them, I've definitely had some time to explore different styling options with a few of the pieces and hopefully will have the chance to do the same with more of the items =)

The Anna Sui release was our first stand-alone Tribute this year, and it was our first Anna Sui since the Summer 2012 release - for me this one is a huge step up and really brought the brand to my attention. I bought so many pieces from this release, but really didn't start wearing some of them, namely those matching boots, until this year - I'm completely in love with them now, they were so worth giving a chance to^ The style was quite glamorous prairie, which still seems to be a thing this year, so we got the trend a little in advance. I loved this chance to revisit the pieces I'd bought and style them up in ways I hadn't thought of before =D
And we have a feature with the Anna Sui release, Jacquemus styling the Faux Fur Scarf in a sleek and smart look - the green and feathered texture both pop so well against the black base. The super long hair adds to the draping effect of the scarf, everything fits seamlessly^

This next one, Balenciaga, was definitely a much requested store, and it definitely brought a good mix of pieces, from colourful and glam, to neutral and casual - I love that this can work out nicely! Again, I bought a lot from this store and have had some fun pairing the items into my regular style, but the release definitely needs more of my attention - for example, styling these looks below is the first time I've worn both of these clothing items, and they're fabulous, so that needs to be rectified^

And the final store to talk about today, Louis Vuitton - it's hard to pick a favourite, but this one comes high up in terms of pieces that I've done posts about recently^ Alike the others, I bought a lot from this release, there was a great wide range of clothing and accessories in a few different styles to choose from and I think overall this Tribute went down very well! I've seen a lot of the pieces still being styled this season, so I'd call that a success - I'd welcome more like this any day =D

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Mon Chérie

Channeling the inner fashionista! Don't you get those rustic vibes in Parisian air?

Mood: Will call it Mon Chérie considering I love the right proportions of hot masculinity in this attire. The salmon kinda shade in this outfit is very different and yet a winner. You won't really expect an oomph attire from me, but I do save some for such days!

Details: Used the GMW jacket (Special Offer) and tied it using the two belt (Limited Edition). Paired it with LV inspired black suit trousers (Inspired by Louis Vuitton) and went extra with princess purse (Rio) on the waist. The actual highlight of this outfit was chunky pink stockings loafers (Archive). The bag she holds is a mixture of peach tote bag (Archive) and hotbuys Mansur Gvariel inspired handbag (Pretty n Love). And a biggggg french beret (Pearls) to complete the look! 

Tune in every Thursday to check up what I wore for the week! 
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Signing off, Veronica

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

I N S P I R E D B Y C H A N E L | Tribute Review

Now it's time to review our first stand alone Tribute store this year - I'm so stoked that it's Chanel! We haven't had a Chanel release since the Winter season of 2016/2017 which is so long, I was really thinking I was ready for some new Chanel and here it is!
Highlights The store has 2 floors, featuring a total of 8 looks - it does seem quite small in comparison to some previous releases. The interior design is absolutely beautiful, completely breathtaking and it's a joy to have in the Plaza so we can enjoy it in our suites too^
Accessories The one fault I have with the collection is that the accessories are lacking for sure - no bags or jewellery at all in this collection which is disappointing. There are 3 pairs of shoes, and while they're not my favourite styles, I do like them. The Chanel Inspired Espadrilles are adorable, they're a backless style in a beige tone with a black trim - so versatile, and a perfect summer shoe! And when you zoom in, they have great detailing.
Then there are the paired Chanel Inspired Mules in both Blue and Red, which I've been seeing all over the place in RL stylings, and at first I wasn't so bothered about these, but now we've had them a few days, they're really growing on me! I like the perspex strap design with the 'CC' detailing, and I like the backless, mule heel design. I think they could be a piece that are really wanted in a couple of summers times, so I'll bite the bullet and buy them now^ The only other accessories are the Chanel Inspired Leather Gloves, which I'm not so into, and also the Chanel Inspired Belt Rose which is super pretty! Love the colour of this and the pearl detailing on the buckle, super delicate!
Clothing Next onto the clothing! I'm quite pleased with the range of pieces in the store, but I know the style isn't for everyone. There are a few co-ord sets in the release. First up the Chanel Inspired Lace Dress and Blazer, which has a lilac hue and adorable periwinkle blue lace detailing - I'm not so sure the Dress is my style, but I'm kinda on board with the Blazer. Then there is the Chanel Inspired Knit Top and Skirt, which are a sweet summertime set. I love the beige colour of these pieces, and I like the 'Chanel' wording across the two items, and I really love the sunglasses hanging on the belting, but I don't love that it's designed as a cropped piece and a lower slung skirt - there's not so much a way to wear them without the stomach on show. But I'll have a think and maybe will purchase in the 'Last Chance' time. And the final set is the Chanel Inspired Vest and Coulottes, which I'm a little on the fence about! Love the idea of the two, and love the shape of the pieces on my doll, but I think the colour detailing isn't coming across well when you view them on the doll and not zoomed in. And I think these might be a little tricky to style separately - but please prove me wrong and show me your stylings!
There are just a couple of other tweed pieces in the store, so a good balance of this fabric, the Chanel Inspired Blazer Dress which is so beautiful in a lilac tweed, I love it^ The design of this piece is great, love the pockets and the elbow-length sleeves and the adorable collar design. Also really love the Chanel Inspired Blazer Beige, this was the first piece I spotted in the release and completely fell for it immediately. I love wearing a lot of beige so this fits in perfectly, the tweed gives it a little edge over other blazers and I like the boxy fit it has - I'm definitely excited for this piece =) The Chanel Inspired Swimsuit is pretty cute with it's lilac printed design, but it's not something I would wear much. The final piece to discuss is the Cropped Chanel Inspired Shirt, which just seems completely great. I love a white shirt to start with and this one says 'Chanel' on the front, where could it go wrong?! I like the high neckline and the overall loose fit is pretty nice. I'd say this has been the most popular piece of the release so far - so many people have been styling this up!
Prices This release ranges from 15 to 35SD's, which isn't too bad for a Tribute. It's not limited to SS or Royalty only, and the only time limit is that it will be in the Plaza for around a month - Stardoll sometimes give us a 'Last Chance' warning (but not always) so you'll know when it's leaving.
Styled Outfits Had so much fun styling these pieces, the looks came together so quickly! First up pairing the Chanel Inspired Blazer Beige and Chanel Inspired Espadrilles together, and wearing them in something super minimal and summery. Adore these trousers paired with the blazer, the checks that pattern each piece really work together and I love all the beige. The white top works with the shoes and I like the little black touches in the accessories - more Chanel of course! Secondly the Chanel Inspired Blazer Dress which I just think is so adorable^ I paired it up with white pieces which I think is such a fun combination, especially loving the boots. Again with the additional Chanel in the bag choice, I think this one works well with the trim details on the piece. And finally the Cropped Chanel Inspired Shirt which really looks like a classic and easy piece to style. I went simple with black, which makes the details stand out, and continued with black in the accessories - unintentionally I chose another Chanel bag! This one has so many options and will be great across the Summer =)
Features And now for the features, there's a lot, you guys have been loving this release. First up is anaritamiranda wearing the Chanel Inspired Swimsuit as a top, it definitely works well like this! The colours in the print are perfect with these lilac culottes, the pieces are a great style fit, and I love the red added with the belt bag, a perfect balance. The trainers and socks add a casual street touch to the look, it's fab^
Next up is hip.hop.2000 styling the Chanel Inspired Lace Dress which just looks darling =D The layering on the white shirt is a nice idea, and it really helps highlight the design of the lace, definitely a style combination we will see more of. The white is continued well in the shoes and I like the balance in the accessories with the blue headband and the neutral bag =)
Onto a darker styling, auspicious wears both the Chanel Inspired Vest and Coulottes. These pieces look great with the darker tones to the look, and the tweed really pops against the furry black coat, it looks fantastic^ Love the black boots and the golden accessories, I think the gold looks particularly good with the pieces!
Contrasting, Jacquemus styles a light look with the Chanel Inspired Blazer Dress. I adore the additions to this piece! The white trim along the hem and pockets works well with the socks, shoes and the tulle scarf, while the blue and lilac trim on the sleeves both fit in and stand out, totally in love with this whole look =D
And then MissDark1990 is wearing the Chanel Inspired Blazer Beige in such a smart and elegant styling. I love the pairing of it with this Chanel skirt, it's an unlikely fit but I think it looks great, as does this neutral top. The shoes stand out well, I love them with the piece, and I also like the glitz in this sparkly Chanel bag =)
And now for a whole lot of stylings with the Cropped Chanel Inspired Shirt! First up we have Majkastar1999 going for a mixed styling, combining glamour and casual, I love the look of these long jewelled earrings with the shirt, paired with the clutch they look fab. The bottom half of the look is more casual with a cargo style trouser, it makes for something super fresh^
Next up with the Cropped Chanel Inspired Shirt is LeGodja styling it up in a classic way, it's completely up my street! It's perfect with these high waisted slim trousers, and again loving it with the long jewelled earrings. The split in the trousers is perfect to show off shoes - the overall accessories choice is pretty awesome =)
And finally RiManiKordenty in the Cropped Chanel Inspired Shirt, choosing something super fun with a print. The shirt looks great with a skirt too, the leopard print being a natural current trendy choice^ I love the white accessories, these booties are perfect, and the golden belt and detailing in the bag add a glam vibe to the styling!

Teal and Tulle

This week, we had Valentino Tribute! Valentino is one of my favorite brands, Pierpaolo Piccioli (current creative director of Maison Valentino) is an incredible designer, that mixes reality and fantasy, which is an amazing combination.

This super cute and delicate dress is from the Spring/Summer 2019 rtw collection, most of the tribute is inspired by this collection, very breezy, with flowy fabrics, funky patterns and stunning accessories.

The dress gives me fairy vibes, like a fairy from a very colorful garden or even a shiny and calm lake in the middle of the woods, so I wanted to give the full fairytale vibe :)

White floral Halo - Voile
Bach Headband - Voile
Tiffanys Inspired Diamond Earrings - Voile
Pearl Veil - Perfect Day
Lady Gaga Jewel Earrings - Young Hollywood
SOLITAIRE Earring Silver Suite - Epiphany
Hotbuys Pearl Earrings - It Girls
Le Oversized Ivy Earring (left and right) - Limited Edition
Valentino Inspired Teal Dress - Valentino Tribute
Draped Beads Neckpiece - Royalty
Silver Diamond Net Tunic - Royalty
Transparent Vinyl Straps - It Girls


Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Glitter Ball

We're in the thick of the Summer of Tributes and Valentino does not disappoint. The pleated midi and dress are obvious choices for me and fit into my wardrobe seamlessly. 

This puffy sleeved, glittery mini dress is not my normal pick.

But I just love it! As soon as I saw it I knew it needed even  m o r e. Enter my favourite sequin turtleneck/long sleeve combo. I was originally going to layer the whole look over jeans to try and make it more casual, but I actually prefer the bare leg as it brings a bit of brevity to all that heavy embellishment up top. 

Ingredients | You Will Need

Valentino Inspired Sequin Mini | Valentino Tribute
BunnyHop Sequin Vest | Bunny Hop Gift-o-Meter
Crystals Top | Saint Laurent Paris Tribute
HotBuys Arm Warmers | Original Future
Cross Stone Earrings | Nelly.com
Bird Brooch x2 | Limited Edition
Sparkly Silver Socks | Saint Laurent Paris Tribute
Gold Strap Silver Pumps | MSW

Monday, 8 July 2019

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | July 2018

Time to take a look back at last July's Hotbuys, in contrast to this months blue denim theme, last time was all about the pink - which I'm quite alright with! I love the overall vibes, but 4 of the pieces were swimwear last year, so not a hugely wearable collection for year-round stylings. While I really liked this collection as a whole, I didn't buy a lot from it and I have major regrets about not buying the Rust Anis Earrings, I've been on the hunt for them for a while, but they seriously never appear in the Bazaar - if you're selling PLEASE hit me up! I did also happen to wear the Tall Strap Sandals recently, their first wear after the Review stylings, so that's a positive thing^ Anyway, today I'm going to style up the Burberry Inspired Mesh Dress and the Burberry Inspired Red Dress:
I'm gonna start by saying I simply adore these stylings, a great pair of looks and I think great ways to wear sheer pieces without being hugely revealing - I am so glad I kept these pieces and gave them a chance! Layering is super important for these pieces, with the first piece there are many different accent colours on the piece so there are quite a few options, I found blue worked really nicely and ended up choosing silver as a base, I really love how this worked out! The little black details managed to stand out to me and so I used those for a real contrast in the accessories - I'm so pleased with this styling, one of my favourites this season so far! And for the second look I knew I wanted to stay in the theme of pinks and reds, both work equally well with this dress. I found a perfect neutral dress to layer underneath and let the dotted design stand out, and then picked one of my favourite pink coats to layer - I love this combination^ And I like the clash in the accessories, these glitzy pink shoes are always fabulous, and I like the addition of red on the dinky bag, I'm just lacking the perfect pair of red sunglasses =D
I also haven't really given any time to the Kate Spade Inspired Bag, but I think I will do a whole styled post for it as it's a super cute piece, so look out for that soon!

Sunday, 7 July 2019

M U S E U M M I L E J P G T R I B U T E | Tribute Review

Tribute season is here! Alike last year we are starting off with the Museum Mile and a Jean Paul Gautier (JPG) Tribute - not one of my favourites, but I'm sure the designs are pretty memorable to most people. Let's see how the store is looking!
Highlights The store has just one floor, but it's pretty full with 7 looks for the girls and 1 for the guys. There's a real mix of styles included, but really everything is recognisable as JPG, which I really like - sure there are some quirky pieces, but there is a great range available in the collection.
Accessories There are a number of pairs of shoes in this release, they're all quite individual and are definitely show-stopper pieces. The Frill Boots and Frill Boots Black are pretty cool with their tulle design on the top. The body of the boots is very nice, but I think they might be quite tricky to style and fit in with a wide range of pieces given the frill shape. The Blue PVC Shoes and PVC Satin Shoes are both strapped pieces with a copper-style base - they're nice, but just not pieces I would wear myself due to the chunky nature of the strap design. And lastly the Shiny Red Shoes, likely the most wearable piece, these have a nice stiletto heel and a lightly pointed toe, I like the black and red ombre style colouring to these^ There is just one bag, the Snake Skin Flower Bag, it's pretty nice, but I think it's not too stand out.
Clothing The clothing offerings are definitely much better than the accessories - so much to choose from, and I think maybe a little something for a lot of different people. There are a lot of different colours, but the iconic blue and white stripe combination holds the focal point with the Marine Frill Top and Stripe Top, I really quite like the tulle, I think it will definitely make some fun summer stylings with a little creativity. These looks also use the Blue Stripe Trousers and Stripe Trousers White, which are definitely some of the most wearable and versatile pieces in the release, being in black and white, with a pretty good general trouser design. Rounding off these looks is the Strong Shoulder Jacket, this looks a great piece, the blazer/dress style is still going strong and this is a great contender^ The shoulders have a little point, and I really like the deep V neckline on this occasion.
And then there are some cool coloured pieces to choose from in the rest of the store. The Spike Shoulder Top really stands out to me being in a great coral colour, it's one that I love to wear and we don't get a lot of - the shoulder spikes are pretty big, so it will add a challenging element to styling for sure! The Snake Skin Dress really stands out, it's a much darker piece than the others which makes it pop. The print is very nice and I like it in the red rather than something natural, and the shirt-dress style will make it easy to wear. A second very nice dress is the Paris Dress which has a pink/nude sparkly base and is designed with the city of Paris in mind - it's such a fun piece^ It won't be for everyone as it definitely needs a little thought for the styling, but I think it could make some unique outfits. For something slightly more wearable there is a denim choice, I really like the pairing of the Jeans Shirt Jacket and the Jeans Skirt - the Skirt definitely is eye catching with the cool fringed design all over, a fun summer piece for sure =)
Prices This release ranges from 14 to 31SD's, which is fairly average for a Tribute release. The pieces are not SS or Royalty limited which is great, and if it's like last years MM Tribute release, it will stick around in the Plaza for quite some time (you can still buy the Givenchy if you like^).
Styled Outfits So far I've just bought one piece, the Blue Stripe Trousers, and I really couldn't have been more 'typical me' with all these blue additions to them in my two looks! In the first styling I went for all black clothing, a little wintery, but I managed not to style a coat or jacket on top! I have so many accessories in this shade of blue, so I tried to pick out pieces I've not worn in a while - the style of this bag I really like with that of the trousers. And of course blue heels to balance the colour. In the second styling, I picked out this blue top which I haven't worn in quite some time, it definitely brings a more dressy vibe to the trousers but I really like it. And I kept with that theme in the black accessories. I found these trousers pretty easy to style so I think they will work out well in my wardrobe =D
Features And some great features to share with you now! First up CodeKunst wearing the Belted Shorts and looking super cute for dressed up summer^ The colour of these shorts is perfection with this floral top, I really love that! The blazer colour is a fab tone too, and the style really makes the outfit seem more formal, as do the silver accessories =)
Next up we have Marta-43 styling the Strong Shoulder Jacket as a dress. The leather boots really pull you in with the shine, and I love that the shine element is continued with the sparkly bra piece and also with all of the earrings, they're perfect with the gold buttons on the piece^ The belting is great, the bag works perfectly as a finishing touch!
And the final feature, millaxx wearing the Jeans Skirt in a perfect light summer styling - exactly how I would wear it with a white shirt^ The neat fit of this one means the waist is really accentuated and I love that the blue really stands out well with the white. The other pieces are very minimal so the design of the skirt really steals the show =D


Ah, new Limited Edition collection! I chose to wear my two favourite items at once – the pink blazer and red trousers. I just love these two bright and vibrant colours together. The combination is not for a shy person because people will notice you for sure!

Pink polished

Looking super hot in this all-pink look, I wish I could pull something as awesome as heytiki off! I love these pieces together, they're not completely identical in colour but they really work and they mix textures super nicely. The silk skirt is stylish and currently very trendy and it looks fab with the knitted sweater and the denim jacket - a great mix of vibes going on! The handbags are super cute, I love the dark floral piece just peaking out there. And the beautiful pink eyeshadow look, it's subtle but very effective, I love it!

Saturday, 6 July 2019

Finishing Coat

Ever wanted to wear a coat, but like...not really? Suffer from supremely cold wrists while the rest of you gets the Summer Sweats? Well Limited Edition has just the coat for you.

I know this trend is stupid. But I just love it. Sometimes, it gives your look just the extra pop of colour or texture that it really needs - in this case it neutralises the mad floral texture of this skirt, but picks up the pinky-red tones to give cohesion. 

My doll's wrists forearms have never been more snug...

Ingredients | You Will Need

Pink Throw On Jacket | Limited Edition
Deep V BW Sweater | Limited Edition
Flower Feather Skirt | Windows on the World
HotBuys Olive Earrings | Velvet Orchid
Black Crystal Necklace | The JetSet
Old School Black Backpack | Vinyl
HotBuys Monochrome Shoes | It Girls

Summer colours

This is really how to wear jeans stylishly - fraternite is doing it right and doing an excellent job at trying to make me want to work harder to make denim work! The jeans are looking super smart with the other pieces in the look. The top is a wonderful bold combination of cool colours and shapes, they draw you in and really make one great piece. I love the blouson sleeves paired with the bow detailing at the waist. The bag is a balancing touch and stands out against the denim, and I simply adore the use of these green earrings, they really bring such a different colour vibe to the whole styling =)

Friday, 5 July 2019


I didn't really fall much for the ALLY Jacket from last Winter's VINYL release, and I think it was because the store mannequin isn't style so well for the piece. But then I spotted this feature from Aphasia recently and really decided I should give it a try! The looks have all pretty similar vibes and that's because I've barely ventured out of neutrals^
For the first styling, I loved adding these cream silk trousers, really a perfect natural pairing for the blazer, and the shoes are a perfect colour match. I added a little detail with the silk cami in the neckline, and kept a neutral bag - nothing too out there, but it's a look that works for the blazer. Secondly I tried something a little different, the checks do have a navy/blue hint to them, so I went with darker trousers to bring that aspect out which I think works. The neutral shoes provided a good balance for the colours - I don't think this will be everyone's cup of tea but I think it works for something a little different with this blazer. And finally styling it up as a dress - the length is that little bit longer, so it works well for this, particularly with the unbalanced hem-line. I love the shorter length with a tall boot and these provide the perfect neutral palate. I like the polo to fill the neckline. This bag was a surprise pick from my wardrobe but I'm so delighted with it, I love the texture paired with the blazer, it's something a little different but looks great!

Neat navy

The perfect dark summer styling brought to you today from Elrry! I'm all about the navy, this look really ticks all the boxes. The top combination looks fab, I love the sleeves, paired with the bright white and the Prada tube top, it really looks like one piece^ The sheen of the trousers and the boots really pops out, the tones of the two are perfect together, and also work well with the top. The belting accessories really pop out, the bag additions are fabulous style touches as is the hat - just fantastic!

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Antidote SPECIAL # W E S T Y L E I T

We all really got on well with this recent Antidote release and so we're sharing a fun WE STYLE IT post with you with some of the pieces we picked up. For me, it was one of the best Antidote collections there's ever been so I sure went overboard with buying things! We hope you enjoy our stylings =)


First up we're all styling the Jacquemus Inspired Bag in fabulous orange - we make such a great set of stylings for this piece, I think it will be a great one for many future stylings! We've all gotten some other orange in the looks, and there's even splashes of other colours - shades of blue seem to work really nicely along with pinks if you're looking for any fun ideas to style the bag yourself =)

Secondly are the Jacquemus Inspired Earrings, a mis-matching set so you can choose single earrings or the two of them. These have a very artistic design and that really follows through into these stylings. The pair look great with both shades of brown and shades of orange, and I love that they work equally well in either more neutral looks or bolder styles!

There are two very similar white outerwear pieces to choose from, first up the White Suit Jacket, which both myself and Miloshki purchased - I like the slimmer fit on the arms personally and so far it's been a versatile piece. It looks great with most things, there's really not many places a white blazer can go wrong. It looks good with white, black and colourful pieces, and also with belts, that's a bonus^

And then the second white outerwear piece, the Structured Jacket White which cinderela23barb and vogue_veronica purchased - I thought it would be fun to see how we all styled fairly similar pieces^ This piece clearly is a winner with skirts, I love the skirting pieces added to both of these looks, super cool! I think the slightly longer length of this piece plays well to that and I'm sure there will be many similar stylings in the future =)

 S T R U C T U R E D P I N K S H I R T
It's all about the pink! Next we are styling the Structured Pink Shirt, which I really have a soft spot for^ And I love that naturally we have just gone all out for the pink - but we're showing you the many options for pairing the shade with, and the cool design of this shirt works well with skirts, trousers, and even as part of a dress - a little hidden gem for sure =D

And ending on another piece we have all purchased, the Sphere Heel Mules - a solid favourite of many from this release! There are countless styling options for these shoes being a pretty simple white sandal and we've all put our own touch on them. From colourful clothing, to accessories, and white matching across the board. These shoes will never get old!

Gucci girl

I love this bright white designer styling from turkiye today - perfect for Summer! I simply adore the combination of this smart blazer with the printed maxi sheer skirting, so genius to pair together, I'm kinda wishing I had this piece^ The flowing green skirting is a great idea too, the colour is perfect with the printing on the skirt, and with the brighter choices for the accessories. Love the Gucci bag pairings layered together, perfect for the skirt printing and completely can't get over how cool the sunglasses look - I'm a tad jealous that I don't have them! Great styling =D