Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Nude check

So many awesome stylings with blazers this season, and this one from Aphasia is no exception! I've really not considered this checked nude blazer before, and I think I need to re-evaluate that because this really looks pretty amazing. The rolled sleeves suit the style, and the longer asymmetrical length works well, particularly with the design of the skirt with the asymmetrical lengths - a perfect colour pairing too^ The accessories are also fitting, the booties are perfect and I like the different choice of this silver bag, which works perfectly with the threads of silver running through the blazer, I totally would not have thought of that, but I love it!

Red White & Blue

I've got a quick, casual look for you today - the sort of thing you might throw on for errands, but like, stylish errands where you hope you might run into someone you know so you can show them how sophisticated you are at all. times.

I live in my trainers at the moment. Life just gets a bit manic for everyone at this time of year doesn't it, so it doesn't matter if they match, trainers are there to keep your feet comfy and put and spring in your step. A nice pair of pure white ones are an absolute must as they've almost become as smart as the traditional court or dress shoe, but with an edgier and more practical vibe. 

Ingredients | You Will Need

Stripe Shirt Red | Pearls
Blue Midi Dress | It Girls
Throw On Jacket | Vinyl
Killah Drop Earrings | Killah
Prada Inspired Nylon Backpack | Tributes Gallery
Baby Blue Socks | Pretty -n- Love
High Top Leather Sneakers Female | Evil Panda

Monday, 20 May 2019

D E N I M J A C K E T S | Save Or Sell

I've been meaning to do something with denim jackets for a while, but wasn't sure I wanted to do with them - they're not pieces I wear often, so styling them up didn't seem quite right as I'm not sure I'm convinced on denim jackets, thus Spring stylings to decide whether to Save or Sell these pieces is a perfect choice! Today 3 jackets that have been hiding in my wardrobe, some for quite a while.

This is a Hotbuys piece from June 2017, which I really liked back then, but I think that feeling wore off quite quickly as I don't think I've styled it since then. I really struggled finding a variety of pieces or colours to wear with this jacket, hence both looks being white-based. I think the dress is super cute with the jacket, but I have no desire to wear this style again, so for me it's an obvious choice to S E L L this one.

This next piece is an old Subcouture one, again from 2017, and another one which I thought I liked back then, now it's really not for me. I don't like the looser fit without structure, and I don't like the boxy style with the rolling of the sleeves - I'm not ruling out the style in the future, but this specific one isn't for me. I really don't like these stylings, there was a lot of 'tooth pulling' to get these looks together, a definite struggle! I don't mind the blue trouser and boot combination with the denim, but neither of the looks a favourites, so this is another piece to S E L L.

At least I am ending on a high - I'm happy to say I'm going to S A V E this one! This one is fairly recent from Balenciaga and I definitely like it a lot more than the first two. I'm not sure if it's the dark denim colouring, or if it's the cropped fit with the buttons done up that sells it to me over the others, but they're great features to it. I like the open neck and the (almost) full length sleeves. I found this one quite easy to find pieces to style it with, but blue and green tones were definite winners. I really like both of these stylings and found them effortless to put together - I'm glad something worked out in the end with this post =D

Fresh mint

Perfect pistachio for Spring in this fresh mint look from AURA. today =) I love this tulle flouncy skirt so much, it's a fun piece that definitely doesn't get worn enough! This styling is perfect for it, I love the resizing of the matched mint playsuit to make a very cool sleeveless top with the hint of the bralette at the side, so cool! Of course, this mint belt bag is another great fit, but the white touches really pop - the belt fits just right and I love the pointed booties, such a cool vibe added to the look!

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Y O U N G H O L L Y W O O D | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

We recently got a Met Gala Young Hollywood window release, with 3 looks to choose from - while I wasn't particularly bothered about the Met Gala, even I could see the looks weren't that great. There are still some pieces available in the Plaza still. So a quick Styled post as it's really not worth a review. First up a feature - Andre1396 styling up the Sophie Sequin Top in a great look! I think the piece looks so much more awesome in this styling than in the release window^ I love the effect of the leather trousers with the sequins on the top, and the white shirt adds a great twist and smart base. The colours are picked out for the accessories, the yellow and blue shoes and bags are perfect finishing touches for the styling =)
I just picked up one piece this time around, the Sophie Square Clutch, although I'm starting to think I should have also bought the matching top now too^ I found it very easy to come up with some styling options, I searched between blue and yellow, and as these are popular colours in my wardrobe, this wasn't too difficult to find options for! First up this fun printed skirt, the colours are pretty perfect to match the bag, and there's even some black in there which helps tie the bag in even more! With this look yellow was a better colour to add more of to make the panel on the bag pop. For my second styling I went down the 'smart' route, with a blouse and navy trousers, really a classic styling which works in many situations. I added more blue in the heels and the yellow in the belt, and I think it works out nicely so the focus is very clearly on the accessories with this one =D

Vibrant Summer Colours

Time to dig out some hidden gems from my closet again! I found this jacket from the last page of my jacket section, and I have never used it! It's called Floral Painted Moto Jacket from Pretty'n'Love. The floral paintings are super cute and summery and I matched my shoes with them. Added slightly darker tone of the painting in my polo shirt and topped it all with a very bright orange skirt. I don't know why, but I'm getting these 70's vibes from this look! 

Glitter glitz

Some glitzy glamour for a Sunday today from janetteLow looking great in glitter! I'm totally not brave enough for the sparkles, but I think this outfit focusing on those sparkles look fantastic. I love the use of the white blazer layering over this meshed dress piece with the little shorts underneath, I think it works well to make the mesh trend wearable, the glittery tights really just add well to the sparkly effect and it works nicely, I love them layered over the boots too to make the effect continuous down the whole body. The belting is super creative, love the mix of tulle pieces, jewels and studded leather to make it, just amazing =D

Saturday, 18 May 2019

S U B C O U T U R E | Release Review

A surprise release of Subcouture this weekend - posting this review today in case you still want to make some purchases, you have until the end of Sunday to do so =) The advertising looks bright and summer, it's tricky to get a gage on the vibe of the release, the front look is more boho while the one at the back has a party focus, so lets see what's on offer!
Highlights This release has 2 floors with a total of 10 looks for the girls and 2 looks for the guys. It's a bit of a random release, the styles seem a bit all over the place - which gives an unappealing vibe to start with I think. Nothing seems to fit together much, but I think it's worth it to spend some time looking at the individual pieces.
Accessories A pretty mixed bunch of pieces I'd say. The bags are a huge success for starters, I really like both pieces, they're current, have been made well, and aren't pieces we've had similar versions of before. The Subcouture Chrystal Bag is a structured box bag with a perspex outer layer and in a snazzy silver, while the Straw Mini Bag is a little more casual, although still has sparkles, it's in a popular rounded style and I think it looks pretty good^ As a whole, the shoes are pretty disappointing, but the Green Buckle Booties are very nice. They're a sock-boot fitted style with a very nice design in the buckle. I really like the colour, it's different and will definitely stand out in an outfit. There are a couple of belts in the release, which are both very nice - the Twosided Belt and Versace Inspired Belt are both black pieces with large metal buckle details. Overall pretty minimal, but very wearable which is definitely something I like about them =)
Clothing Again the clothing is quite a mixed bunch. There are a few questionable, and a few familiar items, so I wouldn't say it's a great release overall - this section will be a little short^ One thing I do like is that there are a lot of separates and not so many dresses - the Blue Love Flirty Dress is super cute, I love the design and colour, but separate pieces are just so much more wearable. The Contoured Ring Top and Mini are the first pieces which caught my eye, such a sweet co-ord set, super boho and the sort of Coachella vibes that I like^ I love the pale colour and the pink delicate floral detailing, plus the ring detailing is great when you zoom in for a closer look, so intricate! I like the balloon-style sleeves on the Top and the Skirt is a nice length for a mini piece - both will look great together or styled alone. Another co-ord is the Cowboy Style Shirt and Shorts, again fitting with the vibes I'd expect from Coachella. I'm not 100% convinced on the Shorts yet, I'm not sure how versatile they are, but I love the colour combinations on these pieces. The white base is great and I love the brown trimmings and detail, they're definitely stand out! And finally the Beige Laced Top, it seems a little out of place and doesn't really go with any of the outfits it's placed in in store, but I like it on its own! The details are really pretty and while it is a little lingerie-esque with sheer panels, I find on my doll's skin tone it doesn't really come across like that and it will be a pretty feminine and non-white piece to wear in summer styles =)
Prices This release ranges from 14 to 30SD's which is very much on par with the last 3 or 4 releases - didn't find this too expensive, I bought 8 or 9 items for less than 150SD's, which I think isn't bad. This release isn't SS or Royalty limited, but it is time limited to this weekend.
Styled Outfits Now for my stylings, I bought quite a few pieces so can't feature everything, but just a few summery stylings to start with. First up the Contoured Ring Top and Mini which I kept simple with neutral accessories - I think styling the pieces together that works well, and if styling them separately I might venture out into colour^ Secondly the Beige Laced Top which I knew I wanted to wear with these silky trousers immediately, I just love the look of the fitted top with the loose leg of the trousers! I also added the Straw Mini Bag to this styling, the colour works well with the pale pink and the cream, and I think these brown heels make a nice finishing touch. It's super simple, but something pretty wearable =) And finally the Cowboy Style Shirt, which was the piece I spent most time on - I did want to wear it with brown trousers, but nothing in my wardrobe was quite right with the colours so I went with these white trousers, which have a great texture to match up with the shirt. Love the brown accessories to match the shirt details, and I have a lot of these so plenty of options to go along the similar style in the future too^
Features And now for the features! The Chrystal Fishnet Dress sure seems popular, these first few looks make use of it in contrasting styles. Achrome wears it in a light white look, pairing it also with the Subcouture Chrystal Bag, a perfect pairing, and also the Halterneck Top. I love these wide leg trousers, they look super stylish, and the gloves and jewels added are just a continuation of the glamour and sparkles^
In the second styling with the Chrystal Fishnet DressJesica_1998 chooses a darker look, which the sparkly mesh looks just as good in! Again with a wide leg trouser, definitely seeming a little of a trend to me, and I like the use of the patterned top, it adds something a little different to the styling that something plain would. I like the short sleeves too^ The accessories are simple yet fitting and effective for the styling =) 
And back to a lighter styling, Mia1435 wearing the Tweed Mini Dress in silver with it's long fringing detailing. I really like the meshed skirt added beneath, it looks a perfect match and I like the style combination. The accessories are great, I like the mixed metals in the heels and necklace, and the draping on the bag is a great fit with the style of the Dress^
And the final feature, twittersred wearing the Notte Dress - I was very much put off this piece by the deep V, because otherwise it's a very nice piece, but this look overcomes that with this blue polo, it's really the perfect solution! The pieces meld together quite seamlessly, it's really looking like one dress. The minimal accessories are perfect, they both stand out and fit in while the Dress does it's work!

Boot Scootin'

It was my birthday yesterday and Stardoll gave me a mixed bag in the form of Subcouture. Not all of it is especially my taste and I am morally opposed to the idea of 'janties', but I was oddly drawn to this western-style shirt. 

I'm fairly repulsed by most country-and-western style things (not sure why) but this shirt was just....so magnetic. I nearly styled this with about 10 other skirts and I knew it'd work perfectly with this Limited Edition belt immediately.... urgh...why do I like it so much? I don't even know! Is this the start of a descent into kitsch cowgirl costume-ry??

Just expect to see this shirt again. For sure. 

Ingredients | You Will Need

Cowboy Style Shirt | Subcouture
Ribbed Skirt with Slit | It Girls
Tortoise Sunglasses | Vinyl
Brown Croco Belt | Limited Edition
Lady D Bag | It Girls
Hot Buys Olive Suede Thigh Highs | Bonjour Bizou

Red and blues

Looking absolutely amazing again in Mh91 - really with an effortless matching beauty styling for the look! This top is super special, the floral detailing is great, but the combination of bold blue and red can make it a little tricky to work with, this outfit is stunning for it! The flowing red trousers are great and trendy, and I think the deeper tone works well with the blue, the shoes and florals on the top really pop. The beauty look is of course a great match, I love these hooped earrings and the red lips, super stunning!

Friday, 17 May 2019

P L A Z A P I C K S | S P R I N G S H O E S

Accessories can be the fun parts of an outfit to work with, and the Spring season brings fun styles to play with an many trends to follow. Continuing with the Spring theme from the past month or so, I'm extending into accessories by choosing my top shoe choices for the season - with mules a popular choice again this year^ There are many great colours and trends to choose from in the Plaza currently with some super twists to be had!
*For all the picks in your dressing room, click here*

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Bowed up

What cool modern glamour in this feature today from Marta-43, I now really want this sweet jumpsuit! It's such a classic piece and I don't think I've seen anyone wear this, let alone wear this so perfectly. The accessories based on bows are stunning, I love the additions around the top and the ribbon around the wrist. The pearl necklace layers really look great with the pattern on the jumpsuit, again loving the bow detail^ And of course these shoes are fantastic, another perfect classic touch! 

Gangsta glam

Mood: Revisiting the old times when glam was the trend, with the baddie look. Gangsta glam have always prevalent in different eras, I experimenting it, in a sincere way!

Details: Paired the gangster glam grey blazer (Bonjour Bizou) with throw on jacket (Vinyl) and the black polo (IT Girls). Used the Jaquemus inspired belt bag (Limited Edition) to hold on the combination of sequined maxi skirt (Bonjour Bizou) and dotted pailllette sheer maxiskirt (Voile). Accessories include the sleek hotbuys crystal suede heels (Rio), diamond drop earrings (Film Theory Classics) and round glasses.

Tune in every Thursday to check up what I wore for the week!
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Signing off, Veronica

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

We got a new Callie's Picks release last week - themed on Chanel. Now I had a funny feeling we've had one of these before, I went back through my blog posts and sure enough we have (CP47), of course we're 109 releases of CP in, there has to be some crossover of themes somewhere, but to not even change the heading very much is something I find a little frustrating, it's just lazy. It was way back in 2015 - but Callie hasn't changed her hair, makeup or outfit since^ The title 'Loco for Coco' is even the same as are a few pieces in the release. So moaning out of the way, onto the stylings - as a lot of us will have experienced these pieces before I decided against a review but to just focus on stylings.
A feature to start with, this is beringelalara wearing a lot of Chanel pieces from this release - the Skirt Inspired By Chanel, Chanel Inspired Futuristic Shoes, and the Perfume Bottle Handbag (ok, strictly speaking this wasn't from this release but the last CP which is still available in the catalogue, however it's Chanel so I'm letting it slide^) and together they're really looking fab! The ruffles are eye catching, and I particularly love the shoes layered up so this pair looks more like a traditional boot, they really look good!
I've already got quite a few pieces, so I've mixed them in with my new purchase from the store! First up the Chanel Inspired Patent Leather Pants and the Chanel Chains Handbag, I've used this bag a lot on the past and I really like the look of these trousers, they've definitely grown in popularity more recently. I like the combination of all the leather and shining textures, it will always be a favourite for me even if it's not very Spring-like^ Secondly using one of my new pieces, the Chanel Inspired Yeti Top, but also sneaking in the Perfume Bottle Handbag - this sweater is for sure more a winter piece, but the sheer panels seem ok for Spring in my all-white styling which I added to with the sheer aspects in the shoes bags and sunglasses^ And finally the Double Chanel Purses, which I think a lot of people are delighted to have. This one is super fun and works with a wide range of styles and colours, I've gone classic with pink and white with the dark tone of the bags really popping but also pairing well with the shoes =)

Sheeny stripes

A beautiful combination of glamorous and casual today from Jacquemus, what a fun look! This dress isn't an easy one to style, the metallic colour and the sheen sure make it cool but also a challenging piece, but it's so fabulous with this neutral pin-stripe shirt^ The accessories on top are a great touch, they really make it work, from the lace scarf to the draped pearls. This bag is a perfect piece, I love the pearlescent colour and it matches the earrings very nicely =)

Pearly Couture

Pure, angelic and soft.

I was so happy when I saw that this Chanel skirt came back on the latest Callie's Picks,
it reminds me of a light and fluffy cloud or a sweet bunch of cotton candy.

I'm a sucker for pearls, and of course I had to incorporate pearl items on this look,
including the new HotBuys Pearl Earrings :)

Pearl Headband - Nelly.com
HotBuys Pearl Earrings - It Girls
Draped Beads Neckpiece - Royalty
Skirt Inspired By Chanel - Callie's Picks
White Hair Bow - Callie's Picks
Chiffon Bow Scarf - Voile (x2)
Tucked In Stripe Shirt - Inspired By Balenciaga Tribute
Givenchy Inspired Audrey Gloves - Museum Mile
Kaia Inspired Silver Pumps - Young Hollywood


Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Nearing nude

A great way to wear neutrals in this feature today from Venedicta and really bringing the trend into Spring/Summer styling! I'm really loving both this blazer and the shorts individually, but completely didn't think of pairing them, this looks awesome =D The belt is a perfect fit between the two, I like the mix of the 3 nude tones, I think it works really nicely. The accessories are pretty great, they really add a glamorous touch, the booties and the sparkling clutch, plus those green earrings are beautiful!

Little Pearl

Just a quick one today - mostly because I thought these two pieces from the Windows on the World release looked much cuter together than what they displayed in the store window...

Normally, I'd style this pearly, warm white with pinks for a delicate, feminine look. This is still...that, but I've gone for a yellow gold instead, just for a change. 

Ingredients | You Will Need

Cropped Safari Shirt | Windows on the World
Pleated Ball Skirt | Windows on the World
Double Pearl Earrings | Voile
Fendi Inspired Lunettes | Fendi Tribute
Gold Snake Crossbody | Millionaire Mansion Fashion
Hot Buys Rock on Booties | Bonjour Bizou

Monday, 13 May 2019

W I N D O W S O N T H E W O R L D | Release Review

Last week brought us a brand new Windows On The World store themed on 'Middle East' with designs and styles to fit. The WOTW releases have been quite a pleasant surprise in the past so I'm excited to see this one - the advertising looks great, those sequins are stunning and I love the tiled background, although it was used with a previous release of the store already.
Highlights This release covers 2 floors and really has a lot of looks included, as well as some fitting decor pieces. While the colours aren't necessarily all vibrant, they really pull your attention in all directions, I think the store is quite great and I'm excited to style these pieces.
Accessories The accessories aren't my favourite, I think the shoes are a little lacking - while I love the colours and designs of the Tusara Pumps and the Belted Suede Pumps Green, I don't find them flattering on my doll, so a little disappointing. The bags, on the other hand, completely make up for it, these are great! There's just one style, the Mini Frame Bag which comes in both Pink and Green - it's completely adorable^ The pastel tones are great and the structures style is a popular one, along with the hooped handle, they really look great. There are a few other accessories available, I'm particularly liking the Chain Earrings, the detail is fab close up =)
Clothing The clothing definitely provides great options, there are so many styles and colours to choose from. There is a huge focus on dresses, with more than 5 to choose from in a great range - the pieces that stand out to me are of course the Cotton Knit Dress in the bold mustard tone, it has great detail too and the length is great for a midi style. The Asymmetric Shirt Dress is pretty cool too, although I think they've mixed a few names up, this has a super fun pleated and fringed skirting with a great golden hued shirt on the top half - I'm super attracted to the sleeve design, the shoulders have a delicate detail and they just look great although I think this would have been awesome as a separate shirt and skirt. The Pleat Shirt Dress is also pretty fun with the white shirt on the top half layered up with a strapless dress. The burnt orange tone of the dress is great for summer and I think this could make some really fab stylings =) And there are a few skirts available too which I really like - the Pleated Ball Skirt is a perfect white midi with a great fitting waist and some very sweet details to make it stand out, and then there is the Fringe Floral Skirt, which is golden so of course I will love it, but also has a nice midi length and a very nice slimming fit. Definitely both stand out pieces! I very much adore the co-ord in the release, the Sequined Mini Dress and Floral Sequin Jacket, it really was love at first sight^ I'm not always a fan of mini dresses, but the design and colours on this was too perfect to pass on, and I find the pieces super flattering. They look great together but will also work as separates. And lastly a couple of tops and jackets to mention, this release is giving us a bit of the 'utility' style that has really risen in popularity recently with both the Cropped Safari Shirt in a cream sheer fabric with long sleeves and the large pockets on the front, and also the Cropped Safari Jacket which has matching large pockets and is in a great pastel blue tone =)
Prices This release ranges from 6 to 27SD's, which I think is quite alright - and purchasing this release will go towards your total G-O-M spend which is always a plus^ Nothing is SS or Royalty limited which is also good.
Styled Outfits I really think I'll be getting great wear from all of these pieces over the Summer months, I'm definitely feeling inspired by them! First up the Pleated Ball Skirt which I love for being white, it's such an easy colour to wear in summer and goes with so many other pieces I already own, I choose this super fun top and one of my favourite pairs of boots. This skirt definitely has versatility, it will look good in many different styles and with lots of different colours. Secondly the pairing of the Sequined Mini Dress and Floral Sequin Jacket which I've styled very simply with pink accessories. These boots are a great colour with the pieces, but the heels will look fab too and there's so many colours you could choose from to accent from the sequins. And finally the Cropped Safari Shirt which just looks so smart! I found so many choices of skirts and trousers for it, but ended up choosing something a little un-Springlike, but the fit pairing is perfect. Simple on the accessories, I think this bag is a great fit for both clothing items as it's neither too dark or light, and choosing shoes a little out there for me, but I think the sheer design works well against the shirt =D
Features And now for the features, you guys really loved this one too, and I found so many looks all featuring different pieces from the release. First up is Achrome wearing the menswear Stripe Silk Jacket - I knew I'd find someone opting for this piece, it looks fab on a female doll too^ This tulle skirting is a perfect colour and really adds a feminine touch, I love the deep purple heels and the long chains added to accessorise =)
Next up in is ayselevi123 styling the Cropped Safari Jacket in an outfit with such cool vibes. These trousers will always be a favourite of mine, the relaxed fit is a good pair with this jacket and I love that a simple tee is added to counteract the glam details added with all that silver - love the heart brooch added to the jacket and the belting details, so great!
For our third feature, FREIHEIT1993 styled the Pleated Ball Skirt in such a classic look! The shirt pairing is a perfect colour match, while this wide open striped trench is the perfect detail to add - it's neutral yet still striking^ I love the width of the coat paired with the skirt, a winning combination. The accessories are great, the bag and shoes fit nicely while the red lip and emerald earrings really stand out =D
Next up we have Jacquemus styling the Pleat Shirt Dress which look super fun in a layered styling. I would never have thought to layer something under the dress, but this printed skirt is beautiful here! The orange tones to the skirt are just right for that of the dress and the rest of the print adds an interesting touch. I adore that the accessories are pink, this bag and the shoes are perfect here^
And for the final feature, Marta-43 wearing the Asymmetric Shirt Dress, again looking very cool as a layered piece, this golden toned skirt is great and really works as a good balance for the shirt component of the dress. These white boots look fab, they're one of my favourite pairs and this is yet another good styling for them. The pearl details in all of the jewellery are a great finishing touch =D

Blue balloon

A great layered look today which is light and fun from Elrry today =) This skirt is a great one and it still stands out very nicely with all of this layering. I adore the ruffle-sleeve blouse, the balloon sleeves really look great, I love the addition of the blue cuffs with them paired with the denim-style bustier. These booties are fab with the skirt, I'm gonna have to try out that combination myself for sure^ Plus loving the classy accessories with the Chanel bag and the pearl necklace!

Sunday, 12 May 2019

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | May 2018

And here we are today looking back to the 2018 May Hotbuys! Initially I wasn't such a fan of these pieces, it was the neon background and the very bold mixing of colours which put me off, but by the end of the month I was quite happy with half of the pieces, especially the bags^ The winning piece this month for me was definitely the Gucci Inspired Silk Pants, these have an amazing fit and that colour is stunning - I've gotten great wear from them^ I have had a decent wear from the Flower Green Skirt too last summer, but now we are coming into the perfect season for it again, so today I am styling it alongside the Crystal Suede Sandals and the Red Belt Bag:
I'm very happy with these looks, they're really perfect for Springtime weather! I find the skirt often tricks me into thinking there are lots of colour options given the colours on the print, but I don't have a lot in perfectly matching shades. This time I'm going green with this sweater, I like the light-dark colour contrast and the yellow accessories definitely highlight those little flowers in the print. For the second look I wore both the shoes and bag, the red sold of the heels is great for the bag pairing^ I like the grey with the crystal detail of the heels, and the cropped leg means the shoes get fully shown off. The black top keeps it simple while the red blazer is definitely stand out, but I love it so much with the bag, they're really perfect together so I will definitely remember this pairing for the future^

Venice Style

Greetings from Venice! I spent there few days with my friends this week to celebrate the start of the summer holiday. One thing I loved about Venice was all the stylish people. One style particularly stole my attention in the St. Marco Square. This outfit is fully inspired by her! 

She was wearing a flowy, pleated, bright yellow dress with a black leather jacket. She had styled it with burgundy stilettos and blue clutch wearing her hair on a ponytail. She looked absolutely fabulous and by the way she walked confidently, head held high, I knew she knew it too. 

That's the best accessory you can have, confidence. Wear what you want, do what you love and be confident! Everyone won't love you or what you do, but it doesn't matter. Be you! That was a cliche but it's so true haha. I'm gonna continue wearing my prints and earrings and midi skirts, either you love it or not! ;) 

Natural neutral

Neutrals are completely on trend right now and this styling from MissDark1990 is the perfect example of that! This is a beautiful combination of cuts and colours, the layering is amazing and creative. The trousers of course are a definitely favourite in this style category and I think the cool ruffled skirt on top completely transforms the look and makes the tee work out well. Love the golden heels, and of course the bag styled up as an adorable straw hat tied around the neck - that's such a great idea! Also loving the neutral makeup styling^

Saturday, 11 May 2019

L E D E C O R | Release Review

This past weekend brought us a brand new LE Decor release! It's been a little while since we've had one of these and I for one am sure glad to check out what special pieces could be added to my suite^ The advertising is super bright, and of course the golden logo draws me in completely!
Highlights This release is based on Versace and is a super bright one! The 3 floors really focus on blues and pinks. Although there are 3 floors it's quite a minimal release with not a ton of items to choose from.
Furniture There are quite a few large items that could be focussed on, the piece that definitely catches my eye though is the Pink Bed Spread, a fun rounded-edge pink bed with a very cool palm-print sheet. It's a retro style which I think looks great, I just don't quite know how I would style the room around it, or where it would go in my suite. I'm also quite the fan of the funky Medusa Chairs in both Neon and Pink. While they certainly don't look comfy to sit on, they do look pretty good and actually I can see where they would fit in my suite, I would love to be able to buy multiples of the same colour to put together a proper seating area. Also very much like the Blue Sofa Chair, the texture looks great and the colour is quite neutral for the store despite being blue!
Decor The smaller pieces in the release are definitely more easy to style and fit into suite rooms I think, I'm really attracted by the lighting pieces in this release. The Night Lamp in such a pretty dusky pink immediately made its way to my shopping bag, it's a modern design and the colour is beautiful. I also love the look of the Ceiling Lamp in a great turquoise with golden details, and also the Check Blue Lamp which looks very vintage and is a fun combination of colours. The Shiny Blue Pillows are the only textile piece, and for me I had the perfect spot for them in my suite, but the colour won't be for everyone. I usually get on pretty well with floral pieces in Decor releases, and the Flower Vase Medusa ticks the boxes for me^ The light pink of the flowers is pretty and the vase is a stand out one, the neutral colour is perfect to fit into most suite designs.
Prices This release ranges from 30 to 84SD's, which isn't too bad and is in line with the previous few releases. One big difference this time is the collection is not SS limited, so anyone can purchase - that's fab! This also hasn't been so popular, so there are still a lot of pieces left, even a week after release.
Styled Suite I have loved adding some new pieces to my suite and having a little freshen up in some rooms. The Shiny Blue Pillows are great with my blue sofa from an old LE Decor release (the 3rd LE Decor way back in 2012 =O), I love adding to this room as it's one I should showcase more often! The Blue Sofa Chair would also look fantastic in here. I added the Night Lamp and Flower Vase Medusa to another previous LE Decor room, they're great in the pink^ And I even bought the Baroque Print Bag to showcase in my suite. This is the room that would look great with the Medusa Chairs Pink I think, going for a modern vibe over the velvet soft touches that are currently there.