Friday, 31 January 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #11

It tried to snow today, not pleased at all, looking forward to summer - definitely based today's outfit on that, also went for coloured lips:
Tompkin Square Dark Jacket, Bizou
White Lace Dress, Basics
Valentina Dress, Pretty 'n Love

Hotbuys Aristographic Clutch, Hot Buys
Malta Clear Stilettos, Riviera

Also - does anyone watch Dance Moms? Just discovered this video (not from the show, but little Asia is in it) the other day - it's ridiculous how young they are, but I will shamefully admit that I think the song is super catchy and I quite like it!

I am back...

Thank you Kirsten for inviting me back to showcase some outfits of my doll 

Have a listen

Haven't really been hearing much of Lana Del Rey recently, but I did just hear her cover of (one of my favourite songs) Once Upon A Dream - I totally loved it! Have a little listen above =)

Happy Friday everyone =D xx

Mother nature

I love natural beauty - especially on Stardoll where it has become the norm to add a lot of enhancements to our faces along with layers and layers of makeup. So today I'm featuring two dolls who've, although they've used enhancements and makeup, have pulled off a natural look amazingly well! On the left we have --Kayley and on the right we have Katrian-G. As well as their beautifully clear skin, they both sport a pale tone, which I've noticed increasingly popular around Stardoll, along with platinum hair, featured earlier this week. I love seeing this look a lot more around Stardoll, and I hope its popularity continues to strive, for I do think we are leaving the "pile it on" makeup effect behind! Below are a couple of beautiful natural snaps I wanted to share: {Pinterest.com}

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #10

Definitely spicing it up today - change in my hair pretty much completely from my usual-ness, plus lip colour, if you read my post over at The Stardoll Beauty Spot, you'll know what lip colour means to me =P And I've also been trying to wear this jacket for aggggges - do any of you guys have it and have managed to style it well?
Leena Tshirt, Miss Sixty
Slim Suit Pants, Bizou
Pink Faux Furry Jacket, DVF

LE Stud Belt, LE
Black Rockstud Pumps, Valentino

Couture Tulle

'Couture' ran through my mind as soon as I saw this wonderfully composed outfit from SarahVIP, I love everything about it, from the use of the Proenza Schouler dress, to the tulle skirting, to that fabulous faux fur coat! I'm in love with the lavender accessories, they work well with tulle and compliment the dress surprisingly well! 
She has another fabulous outfit on right now - and always does look pretty amazing =D 

Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Came across Richhii today - and I really like this look! I know it's something quite different to my own style, maybe that's why I really like it and wanted to give it a feature, who knows! Anyway, I've always had a soft spot for this skirt, but my word styling it is another question! This outfit looks absolutely fab with it, I love sticking to blacks and whites with it, I think that was a perfect choice. I also love the beanie hat - I think it looks great on her doll - I'm really not a fan of beanies, so to see one I like looking at is something! 

Love K xxx

Monday, 27 January 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #9

Choosing Parisian today while dreaming of my next visit to Paris - better get my passport renewed!
Hotbuys Mariniere Sweater, Bizou
White Tube Top, Basics
Wide Leg Trouser, DKNY

Circle Glasses, Killah
Bow Sandals, Voile Holiday Boutique

Jewels - earcuffs

(^pinterest.com) Earcuffs have been smothering the fashion world for a while now, they're everywhere and on almost everyone! I spotted this amazing earcuff creation on carolinepepper, made from a whole selection of different piercings which can be seen in the zoomed version on the right. It looks fab from afar too, in fact it was one of the first things I saw on her doll when I visited her suite =) She also has amazing makeup on - I love the rusty red tones which stand out beautifully against her pale skin and blonde hair.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Snow white + rose red

Spotted this look by DKNY4435 today and had to feature! I love the stark contrast between the heavy white usage and the fabulous fuchsia pink skirt - I think it looks great! I also love the use of the pink on the lips, they stand out both with the skirt and on their own. I am loving the use of these LE shoes - I have them and know they are incredibly difficult to style, so getting them this perfect is a great achievement! I do have to say I've been seeing them a lot more recently, might be worth trying to style mine again =D 

Wear My Closet Challenge GET INVOLVED = RESULTS!

So here it is - the post featuring my favourite entries for my little GET INVOLVED part of this challenge =) There were 18 entries in total meaning I could choose my favourite 3, it was quite hard to narrow it down in the end! But there they are, not in any particular order:
Congrats guys, prizes on your way soon! 

LoveGossip4Life : I loved this blouse and sweater combination so much - I was wishing I'd thought to wear this for my outfit with these trousers! I think they both compliment the kinda awkward waist that these trousers have =) I wasn't so sure about the shoes, however I loved the rest of the items too much to notice! 

BeautifulOval : This is a great formal look, and you've made the trousers look fab with black! I love how you've tucked the Lanvin sweater in, something I'd never thought to do, and it really gets my cogs turning for future looks! I'm also crazy about the bag - I was yet to find a way to style it and you've done it perfectly =)

Miloshki : The overall presentation is to die for, love how you used my rough kind of layout, it shows you put so much thought into it! I like having them as a much more ankle-grazer style, and that sweater looks so awesome with them! As do the sequins =) Plus great accessorising, I never seem to bother with necklaces so it's good to see that someone does.

After seeing the entries I got a bit more inspiration and came up with another of my own looks for the skinnies:
I definitely got a little inspiration from Lindsey's entry^^

Thanks so much to everyone for participating - I mean 18 is a great number, but out of over 300 followers more people could definitely have tried! I also want to thank everyone who has checked out my fab new blog, and little sister to this one - The Stardoll Beauty Spot

Love K xxx

Wear My Closet Challenge #8

Wearing two of my new LE pieces for the first time with this look! I was unsure about purchasing the boots at first, but now I'm really glad I did and can see I'll have a lot of fun coming up with different looks for them =)
Clean Cut Shirt, Cheap Monday
Olive Knitted Sweater, It Girls
Open Black Cape, Pet-a-Porter Clothes Horse 
LE Crochet Jeans, LE

LE White Dallas Boots, LE

I will be uploading the results of the Wear My Closet Challenge #7 GET INVOLVED! later on today =D 

The full face - makeup feature

As soon as I saw this in GMonster's suite I knew I had to snap some pics right away! The pale colour of the eyes themselves combined with those fabulous eyelashes really widens the eyes making them pop right out. With colour, it's been kept to basic monochromes of black and white for the eyes which gives them an even more stand-out effect, I love the heavy shade of the black with soft edges combined with the firm strict lines of the white, it works! The lips have a perfect gloss, something which doesn't always work, but here it does, and colour-wise shows another great trend - two tone, choosing a paler pink for an overall coverage, with a darker, almost red/orange colour on the inner portion. I love this combination, and it really works for this one individual, it's definitely a trend I'll need to put my bravery boots on to try - lets hope that's soon!  
/Just a few fabulous eyelash pics, pinterest.com

Wear My Closet Challenge #7 GET INVOLVED!

So the item I chose to focus on today was these skinnies:
Pleather Flower Skinnies, LE
Paris Tee, It Girls

Rose Buckle Belt, Giambattista Valli
Contrast Heel Boots, Elle

And now is your first opportunity to get involved with this challenge! I definitely took a long time deciding how to wear these, nothing I tried to match them with worked all that well, and this was pretty much the only thing I came up with - so I'm wanting input! My challenge to you is to style me in these skinnies! They're on my doll right now and will be for a few days, all my other clothes and accessories can be found in my closet, and if you use the pull out one at the side, everything in kinda ordered very roughly!
So style them on me, take a snapshot and send me a link in the comments (along with your Stardoll username, plus you must be a follower!), you have until 1pm on Sunday the 26th to submit your entries - if over 15 people enter, my favourite 3 will get a prize, if over 10 enter, my favourite 2 and if under 10, my favourite 1! Prize will be a gift from your 'wishlist' or an item from the suite shop =) 

So what are you waiting for - get styling!

P.S. It was a follower themselves who asked for reader involvement, so here you go, I really hope people take this oppotunity, there's over 300 followers here and people very rarely comment, come on guys, lets work together to make the blog more active!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

My First Post

Hello guys!
I'm the new writer of Kirsten's beautiful blog, The Stardoll Lookbook. My name is Faz─▒lhan and I'm a 16 year old boy from Turkey. I have 2 dolls on Stardoll, female called Luksgirl and male called Fazilhan. My life is all about fashion and I'm planning to be an editor when I grow up. Right now I don't have much time because I have a 12 hours States flight waiting for me tomorrow morning but you'll get to know me more on my future posts. I hope you'll like what I do :)

So here is a travel style I made for my doll Luksgirl.

The most important thing while you are traveling is to be comfy. But I'd never give up on my stylish looks. So here my doll wearing;

A fur jacket - Bonjour Bizou with a bow - Tingeling
Miu Miu top with bird prints - Pretty'n Love
Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2010 skirt - Decades
Black pantyhose - Fallen Angel
20's hat - It Girls
Black Hermes Birkin bag - It Girls (RC)
Alexander McQueen booties - ELLE

Give me your comments and make my day.
Faz xx

Be like Luss - Platinum

Sasha Luss - popular model of the moment, I love her look and have been keeping track of her pictures and modelling gigs for a quite a wee while now. To me, one of her spot-able features is her platinum hair! {RL Images = Pinterest.com}
And on Stardoll recently I've noticed a lot more dolls going for the platinum blonde look - I've done it several times, but it can be difficult to work into every hairstyle that Stardoll offers, so I usually go back and forth between a darker blonde and this beautiful platinum! 
Now lets take a look at some platinum wearing dolls on Stardoll right now:
I've seen a whole variety of styles which have worked greatly with the platinum colour, from long locks to a cropped Mia Farrow styled look. When I wear this colour I usually choose the top knot like KatyaCharm above - it's a failsafe style and always looks good, but seeing the selection, I'd be really tempted to step across my line of safety, and maybe go for that adorable little side ponytail like Aleksandra0308^^
Most of the dolls wearing platinum have a very pale complexion - however I do think it also looks amazing on the darker skinned dolls, such as ubageaceit in the top right corner, her doll looks fabulous and the colour most definitely works. It's one combination that would stand out perfectly in a crowd.

What do you guys think of platinum - thumbs up, or not? Let's discuss in the comments!

Love K xxx


We have a sister! No, not a human being - a sister blog! Today I welcome and present to you the brand new sister blog of The Stardoll Lookbook ... The Stardoll Beauty Spot!!!
Founded today, I hope this blog almost completes my little blogging family here, covering all things fashion and style right here, and getting beauty over there! I also think this is the first of it's kind on the Stardoll blogging scene, so I really hope it takes off and becomes somewhat of a hit! 
I have several things planned for it, so I hope you follow and tell your friends about it so you can be a part of the action and keep up with everything that's going on with it =) 

So please welcome out little sister!

Friday, 24 January 2014

LE Review

So today after pretty much an agonising 12 hour wait (I think it's safe to assume the Stardoll staff take normal office hours and begin work at 9 am) - the new LE collection was released! I think it was made worse by Stardoll telling us it would be released today, and pretty much everyone was a little hysteric about it. So anyway, on to my review! 
There were 3 filled floors of clothing and accessories for us to bit out teeth into! Overall I think it's a pretty mixed collection with not much of a theme, but I do think there were some stunning individual pieces to be had. There's a wide range of shoes, bags and clothing to be had, ranging from 35 SD's for accessories right up to 200 SD's for dresses, but most pieces were actually very well priced around the 50-70 SD mark, which I think was a great thing for us! 
After seeing the spoilers I definitely had 3 or 4 items picked out that I wanted to get - the jeans and denim jacket, the beautiful striped skirt, and the pink sequined top, but once the store arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the shoes and bought a couple of pairs, I really can't wait to style them into looks! 
Here are the pieces I chose to buy:
I tried to go for choices that I could easily combine into outfits - both new and things that I already wear, and I do think I achieved that - might do a specific styled outfit post later next week with some of the items  so you can see how I might wear them =)

I think it's definitely a step up from the previous collection, but there definitely is a way to go to get the levels back up to the same they were back in the early days of LE.

What do you guys think of the collection? What pieces did you buy? Comment below!

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #6

Sorry - meant to publish this yesterday! So there'll be another one of these posts later tonight =D
Vaccation Shirt, Mr.
Faux Paws Bolera, Archive
Sequin Tight Pants, Versus Versace

Hot Buys See Through Purse, Hot Buys
Carrie Stilettos, Young Hollywood

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #5

Strong Shoulders Blouse, Yves Saint Laurent
Skinny Flower Jeans, Ralph Lauren

Snow White Heels, Voile Holiday Boutique

Sunday, 19 January 2014

SAG Awards - J Law

So J Law wore the dark sequined Dior dress that I pointed out earlier this week - I absolutely love it on her! Would have posted last night, but I was still kinda working on some studying while watching the Red Carpet - woops! I watched most of the awards ceremony itself too, glad I sat and watched it, it was great, although for several of the television shows I hadn't heard of them before, so I was able to kinda tune out for those and keep an ear out for any names I recognised while I typed away and my references list =P
I think the dress looks a bit different, the colours less defined maybe? On the runway picture it seemed distinctly emerald and a deep red, almost burgundy, but actually on Jen it seems different, which will be down to the lighting - but who cares, I still love it on her! 

Have a good Sunday!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Looking to summer

It's still only January (how?!?! It feels like it's been 2014 for ageeeees!) and we're all definitely looking for some sun - which is what I saw in this look by melmana96 today! I love orange quite a lot, and am glad to find someone who is brave enough to go for a pretty much 100% orange look! I love the combination of this little jacket with the dress - I've been trying to wear the jacket with no success as it's just hard to work, but this is one girl who has it mastered! Also loving the golden accessories, especially that necklace!

Better get back to my studying so I can watch the SAG Awards red carpet in an hour!

Wear My Closet Challenge #4

Changed up my hair again, just wanting to experiment a little! Also wanted to go super casual with this bunny tee - here's how I got on:
Rabbit Tee, Evil Panda
Tigh Repaired And Used 0, Cheap Monday
Electric Shock Cardigan, Pretty 'n Love

Minimalist Alexander Heels, Bizou

I think I just died a little inside ...

Looking at the Dior pre-Fall 2014 collection which was shown today in Paris - I defs died a little, soooooo much beauty in that one collection! And I haven't even checked out any other yet - I will now that procrastination is in full swing, my brain is aching learning about, well, itself! 

Just to continue with my little J Law in Dior posts, I think these two are super pretty and kinda award season-esque - what do you guys think? I am kinda really wanting the black one for my grad ball in June, unfortunately don't think my parents would give me the money for a Dior dress somehow ... 

[Images = style.com]

Friday, 17 January 2014

I just noticed

Sorry for this incredibly measly post - I have a lot of work to do tonight unfortunately! But I just saw this:
Now I don't usually pay much attention to Hotbuys nowadays, I always check out the post which contains the image like the above, but I never really look at names or release dates, I just see which things I like then buy them when they're in the plaza! But for some reason I decided to go back and look at these today, and hovered over the necklace, and lo and behold - look at the name, Edinburgh Necklace!!! Gotta love a piece with the Scottish capital in the name! [I am from Scotland in case you didn't know =D]

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #3

Decided to wear this skirt today - it had been on my wishlist for ages and then last month I miraculously found it in the Bazaar for a good price =)
DKNY Classic Shirt, DKNY
Hotbuys Off Shoulder Cardi, It Girls
Gold Leaf Print Skirt, Voile Holiday Boutique
KimK RedRidingHood Tights, Young Hollywood

LE Stud Belt, LE
Midnight Black Heels, Tingeling Halloween Couture

Awards Season - Jennifer Lawrence in Dior

So the awards season has officially started and runs right through until the Oscars on March 2nd (nominations announced this week!) - we've just seen J Law go through the premieres and red carpets for Catching Fire and she's worn some stunning Dior pieces already[all from 2013 Fall Couture or 2014 Resort-images from style.com]:
These next pieces are things I'd like to see her wear for the coming events, I've selected them from the Couture collection:
^I adore both of these dresses, I'm such a sucker for sequins and those details are ahhhh-mazing! If it were me, I'd wear the pale one because I have ridiculously pale skin and I'm a brunette, the dark one would literally suck me in! But I think the dark might suit Jen better, it kinda reminds me of the beautiful (it's one of my all time faves) Dior dress she wore for the Toronto Film Festival at the Silver Linings Playbook premiere
^ I'm not so in love with either of these, but I kinda wanted to include them as they're more gown-y styled and there's always a couple on the red carpet. I love the shape and cut of the pink one, but I'm not such a big fan of the colour, which surprises me as I love pink! I really like the black one, but it reminds me a lot of the one she wore to the Italian premiere of Catching Fire - but I do think she would look sooo stunning in this with her hair slicked back like she had in the London premiere.

So those are just my thoughts, but what are yours? Have a different dress you think she'll wear? Post below and let me know!