Sunday, 30 September 2018

S E P T E M B E R 2018 | Hotbuys Review

Another month of Hotbuys has come and gone, here is the September review! These pieces were perfect for the season, completely spot on with styles and trends and colours - I am definitely pleased with this set and I think many of you are too^ I think there's a pretty good range and a good balance between clothing and accessories, so let's see how everything fares! I will comment that I think the HBs are getting a little expensive again, this month 3 pieces at 30SD's and another 3 over 25SD's which fairly adds up in cost quickly!

One Shoulder Cutout Bodysuit - I've not always been a complete fan or follower of bodysuits, but I'm really liking the look of this one! I like that the fabric and colour is a softer and more muted black rather than dark and solid, I think it looks great on the doll. The cutout shape is still current, I love the assymetrical style with the one long sleeve and the crossover - super flattering! Original Future 25SD's
Chloe Inspired Cut Out Boots - A very rock and roll pair of boots next up, I bought them immediately even though they're something different, I just think the design of the graphic looks amazing! Love the pointed toe and again the cutout detailing. These will be great for the winter season, and I've even styled them up already =) Fallen Angel 25SD's
Aviator Style Sunglasses - A pretty standard pair of sunglasses for our third HB this month, but I love the difference that they're brown rimmed, I think it really makes them stand out! And those blue-tinted lenses, I think they look pretty cool and retro too with the frame shape and style - yeah, I like these^ RIO 16SD's
Shell Choker - So this one isn't really for me, I thought we'd moved on from choker-style pieces really, we had a lot in the HB's in the past few years so I think the style has been exhausted a little. This one is shell-lined, so it does stand out in the crowd, but as it's quite a small piece, I do think there is the potential to get lost within a look. RIO 16SD's
Inspired Saddle Bag - I've been so excited for this bag! I love the Dior Saddle Bag, which have been all over the place recently, you can't miss them at all! I'm hoping we get Dior this winter Tribute season to have a printed one^ Anyway this one is a perfect burgundy colour, great for right now, and I love the gold hardwear detailing. I could give the 'HB' addition a miss, but it doesn't effect my love for this piece =D It Girls 26SD's
Oversized Denim Jacket - Fitting in with streetstyle trends, this jacket is the next HB. I like the grey wash to the colour, I think it works nicely for the season and makes a lighter change to black. I don't like the fit though, it's too oversized for my style, but that will work well for others, so I'll be giving this one a miss. It Girls 30SD's
Cropped Flared Pants - What I won't be forgoing are these trousers, super excited for these - they are even better than I thought they would be from the HBs advertising! I love a good pair of black trousers and I think these are it for this year. They fit the doll perfectly, they have a high waist and are fitted on the thigh but then flare at the crop, which is completely my favourite style right now. The black tone is perfect, just right^ I just love these so much, such a flattering piece to have! It Girls 23SD's
Vetements Inspired Floral Dress - Something a little different, this dress is full of rich blue and purple hues! It definitely is the most eye-catching and attention-stealing HB this month^ It's a mini piece with a high neck and long sleeves, when you buy it you also get the free matching gloves if you want to go all out too^ It might surprise some of you that I bought this but I think it will be super fun in winter stylings, let's see if I follow through on that! Velvet Orchid 30SD's
Gucci Inspired Over The Knee Boots - These boots are really something, loose over the knee and covered in the Gucci logo! I'm on the fence about them right now, I think it's mostly down to the high price tag, they're not cheap for boots, certainly a piece you don't love immediately. I think they will make some great looks, the colour of them is versatile and easy to style, but they're definitely more of a statement boot than something that could be added to every look, let me know what you guys think of these too =) It Girls 30SD's
Gucci Inspired Crystal Brooch - And something shiny for the final HB of the month released today. As it's quite a small piece, I think it's one that could easily be forgotten. When you see it up close it definitely is beautiful, but you're never really going to do that when wearing it. For me it's a 'no', but I'm sure some of you will love to add this to your wardrobe. Bizou 13SD's

First up in the features is Mia1435 wearing the Oversized Denim Jacket, which I think looks fab but just not on me^ I don't think it looks too oversized in this styling, it really pops in the styling too against the black base of the polo and skirt. Really like the use of the checked boots, they're just right and also loving the cross-body bag over the jacket too =)
Secondly millaxx wearing the Chloe Inspired Cut Out Boots - this outfit is absolute perfection for these boots^ They work very well with these matching leather trousers, and the black base of the look is just right for this fabulous coat, I'm so jealous of it!!! The rest of the accessories are cool too, this bag is just right - after seeing this I'm a lot more excited to work more with these boots!
And finally nonaaa11 also wearing the Chloe Inspired Cut Out Boots but adding in the Inspired Saddle Bag and the Shell Choker as well =) I think this oversized knit is great with the delicate size and design of the bag, plus the colours are a great match. The checked skirt just pops out the bottom of the sweater but I really like the print there. The boots look great with the opaque tights too^

And finally my own looks - as usual I've picked out the pieces not styled in the features =) First up the Vetements Inspired Floral Dress and Aviator Style Sunglasses which I really like together and also styled like this for winter, loving the colours of the dress against the navy of the coat and the brown on the boots. Secondly the One Shoulder Cutout Bodysuit which I found I had so many options for once I started looking for something - I haven't worn this pair of culottes in a while but I love the muted tones of it paired with the Body^ Kept my accessories minimal too, but I really think it works out very nicely =) And lastly the Cropped Flared Pants, oh man I just love these so much! They looked good with so many tops and shirts that it was hard to just style one look - in the end this cool black blouse won-out, the oversizing of the shoulders is great against the hem of the trousers. Even though I don't love platforms, the vibe of these trousers is just calling out for platforms, these silver ones are a great fit and allow use of silver in the accessories =D


Is it Halloween already? You'd think so when looking at my colour choices! My original plan was to wear only grey and purple, but then I just happened to notice a glimpse of bright orange on my bag section and couldn't help but wonder how it would look like in my outfit... And I like it!

Pleated beading

Super cute and very fashion week-esque from Markhinos. today! I love seeing someone styling up this beautiful lilac chiffon dress, it's an amazing piece and it looks great as a skirt in this outfit layered up^ The neutral tones of the blazer and knit really make the colours of the skirt pop out. I'm also loving the dark contrast with the shoes and the bag, I think they're great choice - they're good pieces alone but great together in this styling!

Saturday, 29 September 2018

M S W 1 8 S T O R E | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

We got a second MSW Store release shortly after the first - I do think it was an improvement, but the styles are still very dressed up! The pieces are a little formal for me, but I love the colours, they're rich and the designs are detailed. I do quite like the look of the Wrap Effect Sequinned Tulle Mini Dress, but the shape comes across as a little odd and not well fitting, on the other hand the colour and glittering are beautiful! Someone who does wear the Wrap Effect Sequinned Tulle Mini Dress well is belindaSempre, it looks amazing on^ I don't think it looks quite so awkward on this doll, and it's been accessorised beautifully, because with this piece it's all about the accessory additions as it's all that is needed in terms of clothes. Love the sparkling earrings and the adorable handheld jewelled green bag chosen^
So while I'm yet to buy the Dress, I have very much enjoyed the accessories - they're much more versatile^ The Golden Tied Knot Sandals Beige are a pretty classic pair of strapped sandals in a neutral tone, so I'll probably pick those up at some point but for now I've bought the Multi Coloured Transparent Bag and the Triple Drop Earrings. They're definitely a complementary set and I've styled them together in the two different looks, the first a little dressy and they really pop with this beige-tone dress and matching heels, and secondly somewhat casual (although nothing about these shoes is casual!) with a pop of yellow which I love with these pieces. It's a colour that works so well with all of the tones in both the Bag and Earrings and I'll definitely wear them with more pieces of this colour =)

Together in Paris

This look began life because I bought the HotBuys Vetements Inspired Floral Dress from Velvet Orchid. It's a cute dress, but the free gloves that came with it were even cuter. Hence why the dress is nowhere to be seen.

This turned out accidentally Parisian, but you can't really expect to wear a beret and Breton stripes without someone suggesting you might be french. 

I had a nightmare choosing shoes for this because when you're wearing gloves it instantly makes strappy shoes look stupid - cold hands, but warm feet? Okay....
I never quite found the shoe I was looking for so these boots are very much a compromise, but you can't win them all. 

Ingredients | You Will Need
HotBuys Vetements Inspired Floral Gloves | Velvet Orchid
Jourdan Striped Sweater | Young Hollywood
HotBuys Navy Over Shoulder Biker | Bonjour Bizou
HotBuys Proenza Schouler Inspired Pants | It Girls
Denim Veil Beret | Dior Couture Tribute
Architect Work Briefcase | 9to5
Loose Knee High Boot | Nelly.com

Red or dead

Wearing all of the reds today in this outfit from Funopler! I think the tones work together well, it's definitely not too much or too much of different shades. I love the split in the midi skirt, it's such a classic piece and it definitely stands out in the look despite all the rest of the red. Of course the accessories really stands out to me, love the belt bag, and the lip purse added really stands out, it's a great styling for it really^ And the beauty look - red shadow never looked so good =D

Friday, 28 September 2018

Suite Style

Beauty and elegance are super striking in this suite design from turkiye today, it's just such a beautiful room! I love the symmetry in the design, these sofas look great, the green colour is perfect in the white interior and with the golden marble of the centrepiece and the matching side tables. The decor pieces are classy with some symmetry and then some differences with the statues and figures across the room. The lighting is also stand out - overall the perfect place to show off fantastic looks and stylings =D

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Darling doll

Such a cute and decorated look for todays feature from tlen =) The skirt stands out for sure, but it's the accessories and the fun pops of colour that caught my attention in this look. I really like this blouse with the skirt, it's a different choice but one that definitely works - and I like the addition of a jewelled earring to the neckline design, it's fun and fitting. Particularly loving these shoes though, they are fabulous, from the colours to the detailed design, and with the socks they make a great match to the style of the shirt. The Russian doll bag is also pretty adorable, a cute finishing touch^

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

M S W 1 8 S T O R E | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

It's that time of year - MSW. I have no interest in the contest whatsoever, I'd kinda hoped it would be skipped over^ But we've started with a clothing release, and it was quite disappointing although I'm not sure if I really was expecting anything great as these releases haven't been to my taste in the past either. But I did like one piece which I bought, and so did Marta-43! This outfit makes the Embellished Lace Slingback Pumps really look amazing! The colour of the shoes is perfection against the shorts, and the white base makes the colour pop even more, it's perfect^ The red touches are super eye catching, and I love that the hair and lips match too. The belt bag and then the added one hanging from the belting is super cute and very trendy for the moment, I really love it!
I styled up 3 looks with the Embellished Lace Slingback Pumps too ready for autumn. Really love these with both trousers and skirts, prints and plain - definitely loving these snake print trousers, the jewels on the shoes really stand out and the pointed toe helps to elongate the leg, this blouse also has sweet details to pair with those on the shoes. The crossbody bags in the second and third looks both look awesome too, particularly with their metallic and jewel touches. The colour of the tulle in the skirting is a perfect match for the shoes, it's a combination I'll be pulling out again soon for sure^


A very cool and 'current' styling today from boolenciaga with this very cool newspaper printed dress from our recent-ish Antidote release =) I love that someone has worn this dress because the shape really didn't work out for me and it looks amazing in this outfit, especially layered with this oversized-sleeved white shirt, the styles are perfect together, and I love the addition of the gloves. The perspex glasses are spot on to modernise this styling, and there are so many StarDesign accessories added to them, I'm especially loving the Gucci belt-bag by CarlynDiamond, it's been beautifully done and is perfect in this look!

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

L I M I T E D R E - E D I T I O N | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

I haven't posted about these Limited RE-Edition releases before, but we've had quite a few now - I've not really felt like any of the releases have been much to talk about, but this time around I was online when this came out so had good time to browse and actually found a couple of pieces I wanted to try out =) So I decided to do a styled post and then spotted the fabulous ManiakPupili who I had to feature wearing the Buckle Harness Belt and North Shore Surf Bag - it pops in this look against the slim fitting black and white base to the look. I love the little details like the fishnet socks and the earrings and thin sunglasses. Of course this handheld raincoat is the perfect colour match, it's been so long since I've seen anyone work with this but it's perfect here, love this look overall =D
And then my stylings! I bought 3 pieces from the release and styled up 5 looks from them. First up the Light Cross Knit Jumper, which is quite sheer, which isn't so much me, but is coloured with black and silver which are very much me - so I've given it a chance^ I found it fun to work with and it wasn't difficult to pair into looks especially with the number of silver pieces I have to choose from. I definitely took advantage of using outerwear to cover up the sheer quality, but actually it's not all that sheer and it comes across more as a sheen. My favourite piece to wear with this Knit though are definitely the LE cross-hatched trousers, the crossing on the two pieces is a great match, they just fit so nicely together and will be awesome for winter I think^
Then I bought some accessories - firstly a re-buy, the Metal Shell Purse which I previously owned. I don't remember when I sold it, but I really liked styling it again and will definitely be hanging onto this one. And secondly the LE Black Visor Glasses which I bought more on a whim but I quite like the look of^ All of the outfits are black with small details added and maybe a little something glamorous in the shoes choices along with the LE accessories which helps them to pop in the stylings. I'm particularly loving the green Gucci boots with the Purse in the first styling, and then the studs and pearls with the Glasses in the second and third looks respectively =)

Feathers and frills

Such a fun outfit from Uplooad today, isn't it cute and playful?! I love that someone is making use of this pastel pink feathered tee, it's not the easiest to wear or style but I think it's perfect here =) The trouser pairing is amazing, love the ruffled pair which are beneath, the edging of them is highlighted with the silk loose pair ontop ... just love the texture and the look of them, casual yet still smart somehow. That's definitely helped along by the accessories with trainers and this adorable belt+bag DIY piece^


I had a completely different look planned for this post, but I'm just obsessed with this Nelly.com sweater. Just look at that luxuriant roll neck.

I like a jaunty angle or a little tuck in clothing because it gives lived in character. I've highlighted the pulled-up hem with a red tassel detail to give a bit of colourful interest (it's a purse, but I always think it looks a bit like a celtic knot and it much easier to wear as a brooch...) and to pick up the pop of lipstick. They say red and green should never be seen but personally I say challenge accepted. 

Everything else I wanted to keep quite graphic and clean, especially after my messy emo look last week. The houndstooth print injects a mid-century twist and the cream base of the pattern is more warming than a stark white - perfect to compliment a soft and snuggly jumper. 

Ingredients | You Will Need
Chunky Roll Neck Knit | Nelly.com
Houndstooth Pencil Skirt | Decades
Double Hoop Earrings | Millionaire Mansion Fashion
Burnt Sienna Tassle Clutch | Dian Von Furstenburg Holiday Tribute
Ryder Duffle Bag | Inspired by Alexander Wang Tribute
Cowboy Boots Woman | Vinyl

Monday, 24 September 2018


Picked these White Leather Party Shorts from PPQ up in the Bazaar (quite cheaply actually if you're in the market for them!) quite some time ago and meant to wear them in summer but we had so many other releases - so an end of summer styling set with them today!
I didn't intend to style all-white outfits, but they're just so good with so many white pieces that it just happened^ But I did get some different vibes of stylings in. First up a little dressy with heels and this decorative shirt, I think the little touches of black in the look work out well and don't overwhelm the paler tone. Not sure I really needed the blazer, a bag would have maybe been better - but I do love the chunky hoop earrings and the yellow glasses^ Secondly maybe described as the autumn transitional look, the tights giving a warmer feeling along with the sweater, I just love this sweater! I think it suits the fitted styling of the shorts very well. Then accessorising in all white too. And lastly the most casual look, even though a smart white shirt says nothing casual about it! I caved and bought these trainers, and I adore them with this outfit, I think they're the perfect style to go with the shorts, they have a little colour but also some white which makes them perfectly fitting with the look, and makes the beige of the bag fit in very nicely. I also added some little golden earrings^ I think this final look is my favourite of the three =D

Pink on pink

A great cosy-looking outfit today with beautiful pink tones from Mh91! I love the texture to these trousers, it really stands out and pairs super well with the metallic sheen on the pink boots - I didn't buy those but I'm now feeling like I should^ Love the layering on the top half of the look of the white shirt with the pink blazer, it looks fab with the trousers and of course the floral-appliqued denim jacket on top looks amazing! Loving the pink glasses and the red-tinted colour to the lips, it really pops out^

Sunday, 23 September 2018

W I L D C A N D Y | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

We recently got a new drop of Wild Candy - not really my sort of store but a few super cute pieces that are worth mentioning! This is an all SC store as usual, so accessible for everyone and these releases hang around for a while, so there's no worry that the pieces will soon disappear. First up a few features: gorgeous__chloe styles up the Tulle Maxi Skirt which is a beautiful teal piece which I think everyone is loving! It looks awesome in this super smart and styling look, which totally fits with my style vibes^ It looks perfect paired with white in this shirt and the bag, and the golden accents are great. Love the black touches added, these boots are surprisingly perfect with the Skirt =D
Next up kikinha_25 is wearing the Drape Top which is a super dressy cami in a great golden metallic tone, what's not to love?! The tone is perfect paired with these Gucci-printed trousers. Love the use of these metallic-strapped heels in the look, those are the perfect style for the top^ This is such a glamorous piece for the store and I think it will get a lot of wear, particularly in the winter party season!
And my stylings! I've just bought the Tulle Maxi Skirt so far but really loved working with it - I was worried at first that only black or white or neutral-styled pieces would work with it, but I found so many choices in my wardrobe =D First up this cute floral print, I think it helps that the shirt is partially sheer so it's not too heavy, but added darker accessories - these boots really were the only choice in this look^ Secondly I've gone for something nude, I liked the feminine feel to the piece and it allows a range of accessories, naturally I didn't veer far with a gold belt and nude heels (haha), but these heels are so classic with the tone of the skirt! The heels+skirt are a combination I would definitely re-wear. And finally something more fun and playful maybe, this recent LE top is just the perfect base tone for the skirt, I'm loving it! Picked out the peach (again) from the top to choose accessories, so much love for this tone combination, it's unusual but I think it looks really great^ I do have to say I found getting bags to work with this Skirt quite a challenge, I think it's because of the sheer tulle layers and the volume it has. Something cross body or over one shoulder should work out ok, but for these looks I struggled to find something in just the right size - some trial and error needed I think =D


Black and white outfit today! My inspiration for this look was circus. I love dressing gowns in formal looks so I was happy to find this from the last pages of my closet. The look is full of little details, just how I like it!

Beauty Snaps

Saturday, 22 September 2018

N E L L Y | Release Review

I'm super excited for this brand new Nelly! It's been so long since our last release - December 2016 to be exact and that's too long^ There's always some gems in these releases that I get a lot of wear from, so I'm looking forward to delving in. The advertising looks pretty casual but I like the inclusion of the leopard printed background and the pink!
Highlights The release is one floor, however in the past Nelly releases have come with 2 parts so there could be another floor soon^ There's a mix of styles so hopefully something for everyone!
Accessories The accessories are focused on shoes and bags, which is fine by me because they are amazing! The Double Strap Heel Sandals are a beautiful versatile black shoe. The straps have a nice design and are quite thin, as is the heel so they're not too chunky - a good alternative to a few of the pairs we've previously had in the Plaza! And the bags, just so beautiful too^ I adore the Studded Ring Bag, it's a Chloe-esque design which I really like, I like the handheld style with the loop and the long strap hanging, the size is just right, and it's white with gold detailing! So much to love about it! It's been designed very well too. And then the Shoulder Bag which is a black bag which really pairs quite well with the other one as a set in this release - this piece is worth zooming in on because it has such a great texture to it, beautiful gold details and a super intricate design. I'm very impressed with the small things which have gone into the accessories!
Clothing And now for the clothes! I will start with denim because it's definitely a section of the store which catches your attention when you see it - there are 4 pieces in the classic blue wash. Two pairs of jeans, the Cropped Wide Jeans which are very much as the name suggests and are very wide and really quite nice, and then the Revive Jeans which are high waisted, cropped and a straight leg with a rip - I definitely prefer the first of the two, so many options for wide leg styles which are very 'in' currently. Then there is the Denim Fitted Shirt, which I love the tight fit to and the very cool half-tuck that is going on. This has a slightly darker wash to it. And lastly the Denim Dress which is something a little bit different - it has a pinafore-type style with a midi length and buttons down the front. I really quite like the look of this dress, I'm super tempted but I'm still unsure of the versatility, so I think I need to see some others giving it a go first before making my mind up^ Away from denim, leopard print has a heavy feature in this store too - I kinda love it! There's a good range of pieces too, the Cozy Corduroy Jacket, Velvet Leo Skirt and the Leopard Palazzo Pants to cover all types of looks. The design of them all is good, the print looks very nice on each of them which I'm pleased about, as animal prints can be hit or miss! And the fit of all the pieces is quite nice too - initially I wasn't sure on the Leopard Palazzo Pants, but a little re-size of them on my doll crushed those worries and they are my new favourite trousers, I'm so glad we have them =D Another pair of trousers in this release which are pretty great are the Slit Pants, which are a slim fitting pair of black trousers with a little slit up the ankle. These are very flattering on and fit the doll perfectly - there's been a few pairs of slit trousers like these in the past, I'm thinking these might be my favourite, but I'll have to do a proper comparison! And then just a few more pieces to mention, the Game Over T Shirt is pretty cute, it's cropped with multicoloured lettering and has a nice neat fit on the doll. And of course, the Velvet Leo Jacket, a name which is deceiving (I think they've put the wrong tags on the jackets actually as the other name isn't quite right either!) as it is pink and corduroy with a furry trim! Such a cute autumn/winter piece for sure =D
Prices This release ranges from 13 to 25SD's and this fits with previous releases and seems right for the pieces. Plus nothing is limited or SS/Royalty only =)
Styled Outfits Loved styling up these pieces, they were so much fun to style and easy to work with! You'll have seen my look with the Leopard Palazzo Pants already in this months Plaza Picks, so I didn't style them up here and instead styled everything else I've bought so far. Firstly the Slit Pants with the Double Strap Heel Sandals in a super smart look with this white shirt, a twist on office-ready looks! Loving the accessories on this one too, I think the trousers just look so great and really stand out in the look. Secondly the Shoulder Bag which I styled up with matching dark booties then bold with the yellow dress - it's a minimal styling but I think it works well in highlighting the accessories in the outfit. And thirdly the Studded Ring Bag which I am loving so much, it's such a bargain for the style^ I really wanted to pair it with boots for some reason and I'm loving the white-on-white with this shirt dress, the bag still definitely stands out. And golden glasses, I think these are a perfect finish =D
Features And now for the features - first up Jacquemus styling up the Leopard Palazzo Pants in a very cool relaxed style paired with bright white trainers and this loose leather jacket. Black works great with the print and really highlights the tan tone of the trousers. Love the short slicked hair and the hoop earrings with the look too =)
Marta-43 wears both the Studded Ring Bag and the Track Pants which are a great contrast in styles paired together. While I'm not a fan of this sweater, I think it works in the styling well, the slouched fit looks good with the trousers and I like the streetstyle of the yellow boots paired with the more glamorous glasses and red lips^
Also wearing the Studded Ring Bag in something a little brighter is miss.privacy, this look is so up my street in terms of the style and vibes^ Despite the voluminous skirts of the white dress, I think the bag still very much stands out, and looks awesome. The look is accessorised particularly well overall too, loving the fringed belting and the use of the trainers!
And last up in the features, tolady wearing the Cropped Wide Jeans in a cool streetstyle based look. I love the loose shirt hem with the style and I think they work quite well with the oversizing of the jacket, I always worry about that when styling wider-leg trousers, but I think this works nicely! Love the accessories, especially the trainers, they work great with these Jeans =D 

The Season's Change

Well, I finally got my wish. The weather in the UK is UNPLEASANT. I've decided to update my suite accordingly. 

This coat is bonkers. I forgot I had it, but as with all changes of season, I've been clearing out my online wardrobe and there it was. I decided to pair it with some tartan vibes as I've been updating the Scottish side of my family tree this weekend. 

Tartan is difficult to dress up in my opinion. It's both eccentric heritage and devil-may-care punk, neither of which lends itself to easy sophistication. So you may as well embrace it, hence why I've thrown in a safety pin, some practical boots and enough eyeliner to shake a stick at. I wanted to add a thistle too, just to give it that edge of prickly disposition but I couldn't find one?? Stardoll, this is blatant thistle erasure and I won't stand for it!

Now I'm putting this post together I feel like my doll looks like she's waiting for a bus or something, having rolled out of a late night session of Scottish country dancing. That eyeliner's not going to last for long without an umbrella, that's for sure!

Ingredients | You Will Need
Pinned Black Down Puffer | Antidote
Grey Knit Turtleneck | Apres Ski
Tartan Wool Skirt | Bonjour Bizou
Vionnet Inspired Earrings | The JetSet
Safety Pin | Evil Panda
The Love for Handbags | Buy & Get
Taylor Knee Socks | Young Hollywood
Rose Boots | Fallen Angel

Flight of tulle

So much autumnal perfection in the colour palate of this look from SoMillie today, I love it! This dress has been made very creatively, I love all the layering components to it, everything has a place and I think the Louis Vuitton halter top is the perfect top-piece for the dress. The sheer skirting used is beautifully and perfectly on trend, the tone is also perfect, I love the colour over the layering of the skirts and also the addition of these golden bird, how elegant and pretty! Perfect glamorous accessorising, love the earrings in particular^