Monday, 31 July 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #173

And ending July with a challenge post and a summery styling =) This is a recent piece, the Hotbuys Checked Shopping Bag which came out back in April, but I still decided to include in this challenge. I'm a fan of orange, so you'd think styling this piece would be easy, but alike the other recent challenge posts, I did find this a little tricky but I'm actually really pleased with the outcome! Love the piece with these flowing clothes, the shirt with the wide sleeves and then wide legged trousers, and the tones of the clothes are just about spot on for the bag, and with the widened material I don't find the bag looks too big in the look, which I know was a concern when I styled this previously. Yeah, so very pleased overall =D

Polka printed

This is a retro summery style today looking rather modern in this feature to end July from eda93 =) I've not really seen a huge number of people going for this Bizou Mustard Paisley Midi Skirt but actually I think it's a great piece to style and for the transition period of summer into autumn with the more muted and very retro colours and print. This green blouse is a great colour match for the skirt, and I think the belt is a great piece to divide between the two pieces. The simple shoes are fitting, and I love the little something different with the bag choice, I think the peach actually works really well - I'm glad I have this bag too =D

Très Fatigué

We're three (nearly four) weeks into Tribute Season, and I don't know about you, but my purse is pretty tired. All these new things to look at, but I'm still not satisfied. What better time than now to dig deep in my wardrobe for hidden gems that don't cost me a penny. 

I went to the very last pages of my wardrobe and found this knapsack style bag and these shoes, then started to build a look. 

To be honest, the whole look is comprised of things I've barely used, but still speaks to the menswear thread that I've been working with for the last few weeks. It's like having a whole new wardrobe to work with and my pennies are safe. 

For now. 

Ingredients / You Will Need
Tribal Patchwork Knapsack | Mr.
Blue Laces Shoes | It Girls
Uomo Vogue Post | Strike a Pose
Garcon Sweatshirt | Mr.
Long Tartan Shirt | Evil Panda
New Skinny Jean | Denim & Supply
Cousteau Glasses | Subcouture
Right Arm Closed Palm | Strike a Pose

Sunday, 30 July 2017

I N S P I R E D B Y S A I N T L A U R E N T | Tribute Review

And here is our third Tribute of the season, Saint Laurent! This season sure is going by quickly and I hope there are at least two or three more sets of goodies in store for us =) Saint Laurent has been released a couple of times before, and from this homepage advert, I sure am excited to get on in and see the store and pieces chosen from the collection - the ad is minimal and has a classic Saint Laurent feel about it! 
Highlights We got three floors of pieces this time, and it does feel like a much larger collection than the more intimate Gucci - although maybe it's because I'm feeling so much more love for this release than our Tribute from last week! The store certainly has a similar vibe to previous releases with the marble and minimal boxed room feel, I love the whites and greys for this and I think it works well to show off the pieces =)
Accessories So there is a reasonable range of accessories with this release, although a small number of pieces. I have to say, looking at the real collection, there are a lot more things which could have been used that I would have loved as well, but I think there's some good picks for us to choose from here! There are two pairs of shoes, both boots, the Black and Crystals Scrunched Boots, and while I like the idea along with the style and fit of these, I don't think they have a hugely versatile wearability - while they look fabulous with the clothing pieces, I think making sure they look good with a range of other styles could be a little on the trickier side of things.
There are also two bags, which totally get my love! There's the Heart Silhouette Clutch and then the Tuxedo Shoulder Bag. The Heart piece is a fab item, maybe a little novelty for some, but it adds a great pop of colour and designer-flair to an outfit that I think will work out nicely in a lot of different situations both dressed up and casual. I also love the detailed texture on it, the patent leather comes out really nicely. And then the Shoulder bag, which I think seems to be somewhat of a staple from this release. It's got classic colours and design and I think it will be a winner of a piece that will work nicely with darker styled outfits, particularly in winter. And then there is a small selection of jewellery pieces. What stands out most is the YSL Monogram Choker, a piece which I just know immediately will be well-loved among the Stardoll members as the choker style is still going strong, it's maybe just a little more expensive than your average choker though! For the neck there's also the Choker With Red Flower, a little of a larger piece, which does put me off of it a little as it can't really be worn discretely, although check out the features below for a good idea for this piece^ And then lastly are the YSL Heart Earrings, yes, finally a pair of earrings! These are delicate and super shiny and therefore attractive, however are reasonably large in size so might overwhelm an outfit so I'd kinda prefer them to be a little more delicate.
Clothing The clothing has a classic Saint Laurent vibe with the typical black pieces available however with some bursts of colour also featuring in there too. There's a pretty decent range of styles of pieces and designs to choose from - I really do think it would be easy for everyone to find something that suited them in this release!
     Dresses There are several dresses in this collection, mostly mini pieces, which I don't wear so much, but this lot are pretty well designed and are mostly in black so it does make them quite wearable - my top pick for these would have to be the Turtleneck Velvet Dress with it's long sleeves and high neck and the shimmery polka-dot style, I think it does suit my doll pretty well and I can see it looking great in some winter party outfits. The Velvet Dress With Ruffled Shoulder and Strapless Mini Dress are very similar however do have some quite extravagant shoulder additions to them, which makes them a little less easy to wear, but that's just for me - it will no doubt be the complete opposite for some of you! Then there's the slightly midi dress, the Lace Slip Dress which is a little lingerie-esque but I do think it's sold as a dress rather than lingerie^ I love the style with the loose fit and the hem height and the detailing in the lace, it's just so pretty! It is a little sheer up top, but there's plenty of work-arounds for that that I can think of, so I don't think this will be an issue so much. And lastly there's also one maxi dress, which is pretty stand out in the collection, the Pleated Gown With Shoulder Detail. It is a nice piece, I absolutely love the texture on the dress, and also the fit, I think it looks good on the doll, I just don't like the oversized shoulder detail so much, and I also know that I don't dress my doll in gowns like this so it wouldn't be worth the money for me.
     Bottoms There are 4 bottom-half pieces on offer, and this time I quite like the good range of skirts as I've become much more of a skirt person these last few months. I immediately went for the Crystals Skirt, what's not to love - sparkly, bodycon fit, and midi length, it's pretty awesome! I think a lot of people have felt the same about this one and I know we'll be seeing it a lot for quite some time^ Then there are two shorter options, the black and minimally sparkly Asymmetrical Mini Skirt With Ruffles and the brown leather Skirt With Ruffles. I'm not sure which I prefer, I'm more of a minimal person, but I quite like the idea of the brown leather ... or maybe I don't want either of them! I've not seen many stylings of either, but one of the features below is really selling me on the Skirt With Ruffles! And lastly a pair of jeans, the High Waist Skinny Jeans which have a good fit and a nice wash, so a decent pair of jeans, but maybe also an expensive one! I don't find myself wearing jeans much on Stardoll, so for me they're not worth it when I have other similar pairs, but I'm sure they're perfect for some of you!
     Tops A reasonable number of tops are featured in this store - but you've either gotta love lace or love those sparkles =) In lace there are two options, the Lace Body With Oversized Sleeves which actually isn't a body, it's just a top, but it is pretty much sheer all over, so there's that to consider, but it is a pretty piece and the design is a very nice one. Then there's the Floral Lace Bodysuit (it is a body this time^) which I don't like so much because it's not sheer - I don't like the white/grey panel under the delicate lace design, I don't think it looks good at all. And in the sparkly pieces you do get a range of shirt styles, there's a proper shirt style with the Crystals Blouse which is in a navy blue style and I like the style of this one, I think it looks good on and I'm excited to see it getting styled! Also kinda navy, but a little bit green is the One Shoulder Crystal Blouse, I think it's a cute piece and it looks fine on the doll, but I'm not sure the style is for me, out of these two, the first is definitely my preferred piece. And last but not least the Crystals Top which is silvery, long sleeved and cropped, and after a few looks at it, is also pretty structured in the shoulder, which I think is what's making me hesitant about it - it does look fabulous with the matching Crystals Skirt but I'd need to have a good think about what else I could style it with before committing to it.
     Outerwear And the last section, the outerwear, which alike the other recent releases is pretty small. Three pieces, all completely different in terms of style and design which is great and I think these all go down pretty well actually! My favourite, and many others too I think, is the Oversized Coat - a lot of us love a good oversized coat and with this not being limited or too pricey it's worthwhile picking it up! The colour is actually a little off black, I do see some navy in it, but I don't mind this for the awesome style - it's an easy one to put in an outfit and I think it will be popular and wearable for a long time yet =) Then there's the Plunging Blazer With Crystals which I'm leaning towards not liking, and again I think it's the structuring of the shoulders, I just don't like how it looks on my doll =/ Lastly, a piece I'm on the fence about, so I need some opinions on it, the Camel Jacket Sleeves. I like the colour and style and the sheepskin collar, along with the fit, but I just don't know if it has a huge versatility factor - how many times would I realistically wear it?! I can see it being good through autumn and winter, but I don't wanna buy it only to get fed up with it 6 months down the line ... help me decide!!!
Prices The collection ranges from 17 to 43SD's, so not the cheapest of releases and I did find that after buying 5 pieces, the cost did add up quickly. None of the pieces are SS or Royalty only though, so that's a good point. You just have to be pretty sure on your purchases to make the most of your money here!
Styled Outfits I took a little time to make my decision on what to purchase and then again more time on how I wanted to style the pieces and actually I'm glad I did as I'm very pleased with the pieces I bought and these looks! First up the Lace Slip Dress and I placed pieces both underneath and on top to make up for the skimpiness and I think it still looks alright - you can still see the lacy details and the levels of hem. I really liked adding this bow choker, the style fits well with the dress, and I think the pointed mules are perfect. Sadly couldn't find the perfect bag to match - any ideas?! Next up the Heart Silhouette Clutch, which is just such a perfect style and colour match for this split maxi dress, don't you think?! I love it, and edged it up with the black leather jacket and black heels. Sure I could have gone more wild, but I think this is an effective way to show off this great bag =) And lastly the Oversized Coat which I wasn't sure about what to wear it with at first and I tried out a lot of things until settling on this blue combination, I think the culottes actually work pretty spot-on with the coat! I went silver for my accessories and love the chunky belt and heels to match the oversizing of the coat. This set is a winning one for me =D
Features And now for some features, I think I've found a really good set of them for this release =D This look is from dm2udm2u and includes the Lace Body With Oversized Sleeves, Choker With Red Flower and Heart Silhouette Clutch. I love the combination of the lace with this dress, it's such a good way to wear both pieces as the best of each get shown off, plus the Choker works rather well as a belt!
This look, or I should say, these looks, are from France25 and give a fresher vibe to the pieces, styling them in a more street manner. I love the Oversized Coat combined with the purple and the printing. The tones are nice for each other and it makes an easy combination to add hair and beauty to, particularly that lip colour =)
And now something brighter and perfect for transitioning to autumn styles, Isabella8103 styling the leather Skirt With Ruffles, which looks awfully good with this mustard sweater. The brown  and golden accessories are great additions and stand out nicely against the skirt - particularly those laced boots and that lip colour, a lot of good lip colours in these features so far!
Another styling with the Lace Body With Oversized Sleeves, this time from kikinha_25 styling it more minimally to show off all of it's features to their full extent. It works well with this midi skirt and I think the bow at the neckline is a sweet and eye catching addition. I like the hair up too as it really shows the piece itself =)
And the final, Marta-43 wearing the Camel Jacket Sleeves. I'm pretty impressed with this one, and love the jacket paired with the velveteen skirt, I think it's a great texture combination. The white makes a good base, but I think other tones would also work. Particularly love the shoulder bag, I think it's a perfect piece for the jacket in both colour and style^

Glittered gold

A great feminine fashion outfit today from l.m.a.o.f.o.f.f with pretty pinks and rapunzel like locks of platinum blonde! I like the pastel pink blazer in the oversized form, giving a more structured shoulder to the styling and adding a size contrast to the tweed trousers - which I love with the pink - which give the legs a very thin look. Also loving the matching pink flats, this is such a good look for them and I love seeing people make use of these pretty shoes! And I can't ignore that makeup look, the glasses are super pretty with the peachy pink lip colour and the lavender glitter on the eyes, it's amazing =D

Saturday, 29 July 2017

We Wear Hotbuys J U L Y | Huge Secret Pearl Necklace

Wow, we're at the final Hotbuy of the month! This is the Huge Secret Pearl Necklace from Pretty 'N Love priced at 11SD's (woohoo, something reasonably affordable for once). It's certainly not the most exciting of HBs from this months release, in fact I really brushed it off when I saw it in the release of the items at the start of the month - and on the doll it does look quite small so you really don't get any of the details, which is maybe a little disappointing, it's nice if you make your doll larger though^ I like the silver of it - I have a lot of gold, so this is a good variation to the mix.
To be honest I didn't find this piece all that inspiring to style, which really doesn't happen often with me. I'll put it down to it being just a bit of a forgotten HB of this month I think, there were some great pieces in there and this one seems to fall a little flat =/ But still vote in our poll for your favourite outfit:

Maxi drapes

This look is super cool and right up my style-street right now, and it's coming to you from pialorena! I love the use of this LE maxi dress with black and white skirting as a skirt and I love the use of layering of tees and sweaters on top to make a cool looking look^ The leather jacket makes an edgy addition to the glamorous skirting, as does the bag with hanging straps. The earrings are also very cool and elegant and they work so well with the hair and beauty choices, just stunning =)

Friday, 28 July 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #172

Today's challenge post features a piece I've really only worn once or twice since buying it a few years ago, the Hot Hot Buys Chunky Florals Bag from the Hot Buys Calendar in 2015, and actually I don't think I've spotted many, if any, other people styling this piece. I've not really given it a solid attempt since buying it, but I did for this post, and boy it was tricky! While I want to highlight the cool flower applique and choose out one of their colours to focus on, I found it tricky to pick out one that still worked with the dark black body of the piece. While I'm quite happy with how it turned out, I still think there is a perfect way to wear this bag out there somewhere!

Minty fresh

Isn't this just the cutest idea for street style and for mom jeans?!?! This look from Katyana-472 really impressed me with it's use of pieces, and I'm meaning taking a simple pair of washed mom jeans and amping up their style-factor with the mint chiffon hems, it looks awesome =D The tops are simple which keeps your attention on the jeans, and also on the belt plus it's additions in a similar mint tone. Plus a little Parisian tone with the beret and glasses - I really like this, and it's an idea which could be translated to many other pieces^

# S U I T E W I N D O W

Thursday, 27 July 2017

R I V I E R A | Styled Outfits

It was over a week ago that we got new Riviera in the Plaza, and usually there's a pretty good batch of things to be had, however I was left quite disappointed after visiting the new release. A lot of pieces came across as being fad-like beachwear rather than some of the more stylish pieces we've seen in the past, and novelty items, like realistically who would wear the inflatable donut enough for a 22SD price tag?! I just find it a bit tacky for the store - luckily there was one saving grace in the release, the Waterfall Sheer Skirt! It's a little pricey for what it is (17SD's), but being that it'll be the only piece from the collection that I'm wanting, I don't mind this so much. The style is super popular right now, so it's spot on with the trends and likes of the Stardoll members. I was very excited to style this piece and I hope you enjoy my looks =)
I found this skirt easy to style and easy to feel summery in. I like that it comes with the backpiece for the full skirted look too, and the design definitely helps with the easy of styling. I went down 3 routes for my stylings, firstly something smart, choosing black pieces, and this striped shirt keeps the look summery. Secondly going for a more dressed up style with a white top very similar to the skirt, and choosing bright accessories - love these heels with the skirt, they're a perfect summer sandal! And lastly a more city-styling for the skirt rather than beach. I loved this cropped top with the skirt, the pink pops and catches your attention first before it goes to the skirt. I love these shoes with the skirt too, they're a great pairing for it!

Red tongue

Now that I've written my Gucci review, I'm seeing so many more stylings from the collection - this one is from AvrilkaTH13 =) It's clear that the Wild Cat Midi Skirt is a hugely popular piece, I'm feeling pressured to buy it just for the sake of having it! This look is great for the skirt, I think it looks pretty fab as a shift dress, and the pieces added to it work so well for it - especially that trim and the netted sleeves, they're great style choices. And those accessories, the red is perfect, love the bag and also the StarDesign shoes ... some perfect choices in this look =D

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #171

Another challenge instalment today, and this bag has really had me stumped for a long time! This is the Bunny Hop Accordion Bag which was released in the Bunny Hop campaign from the Spring of 2015. I didn't style it back then, but this is one of those pieces that I have tried numerous times and really struggled to get anywhere with with stylings, and I think it's down to the colour - it's not quite navy or blue, but it's not green, then the chain is gold ... something isn't quite sitting right with it for me - but I did give it a good shot this time! It took me a few goes, but I'm reasonably pleased with what I did come up with and leaned towards blue more than green.

Halter layers

I think this is such a stylish and creative look today in a DIY styling from France25 =) The halterneck dress is a good starting point, and the pieces added to make a cool black and white sleeve have been picked and placed really well in the styling - it looks like it could have been sold as one piece^ The accessories are minimal yet perfectly fitting for the style, especially the white heels and utility white bag. Absolutely love the necklace, it's chunky style fits well with the minimal dress, it works just right!

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

We Wear Hotbuys J U L Y | Poison Ivy Cross Over Sandals

And now we are at the penultimate Hotbuy of July! These are the Poison Ivy Cross Over Sandals from Original Future costing 16SD's, much more reasonable that some other pieces^ These are a cute summer heeled sandal in such a fresh colour, I think the tone is nice and something that's different to try out plus there's a super cute glitter to them which I just love! Overall I think they're pretty decent, but naturally I'm up for giving anything a go =D
I think these are just the sweetest sandals and I wish we'd had them back in June so I could really have made use of them all summer! I had a great time styling these and I think there's a lot of different options for them =) And remember to vote in our poll too:

Suite Style

Another cool and stylish suite for you today, this time from osqem1998 =) I love the minimal feel to this room, although is that really a surprise?! I think there is a great base styling of the room with the use of white and grey walls and features along with the wooden flooring and the white ceiling, that really helps brighten things up. The furniture has been chosen and laid out really well, I'm a little jealous of that ability - loving the sofa plan and the use of the wire mesh pieces like the side table and seat. Also loving the whole use of tables, they're something I just can't get right and the placement of all of these is perfect in this room - I love it!

Bag It Up Challenge #170

Summer sure is here with this next challenge post! It features the bright orange Valentino Inspired Orange Shoulderbag which is actually a pretty recent piece from It Girls so this is my first styling with it and I can tell you now it won't be the last =D Firstly it's the perfect summer piece in it's bright tone and also the cool printing on the shoulder strap, it's definitely something that can be looked at when considering what clothing to wear with the bag. I went pretty minimal so the bag could stand out, which was the goal of this look and I think I achieved that - the white pieces are the perfect base for orange but I also like that they've got some shape to them, they're not boring straight up-and-down pieces, so that adds a little more interest for me - still loving split leg skirts, I made this one from a dress and I wanna wear it again in another styling already! And I did a little orange makeup styling too, I should have taken a closer picture, but I did a cute pink and orange combination of shadows =)

Monday, 24 July 2017

Gucci Inspired Blue Heels | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

It's been a little while since the last post like this, but we sure are bringing it with the summer looks today! I spotted this look from rouxrogue quite some time ago now and just loved it, what really attracted me was the great use of the Gucci Inspired Blue Heels, I think they look fantastic in this look and really work out well with the ripped hem jeans combined with white polo, then popping out in blue with the denim coat. Also loved the fishnet socks^ So I decided to give my pair another go - they've been patiently sitting in my wardrobe since I styled them for their release. I also went with white as it's somewhat my go-to in the summer, and also a blue cardigan. I love this skirt, well it's actually a dress, with the heels, but I think the length to just past the knee is awkward and makes my legs look rather stumped! So in the future I'd go for a maxi length but I'd definitely still use a split piece, I really like that style to show the straps of the shoes. One thing I do particularly like in my styling is the belt, it's simple and cute and I think it's a perfect match for these shoes!

See blue

I love this bluesy summer style for a cooler-colour and cooler-climate summer from Mh91 today! The lightness of the clothing shapes and the fabrics are great, which is really brought about by these Fendi Culottes and I think they do an awesome job in this outfit! Love them with these denim booties but also with this quirky printed blouse, I think the blues are all very complementary to each other and I also think this is perfect use of that little green tasseled bag, it works perfectly with these pieces and my eyes are naturally drawn to it. Also loving the beauty look, minimal and summer hair - spot on =D

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Hotbuys Decollete # W E S T Y L E I T

It's been a little while since our last We Style It post and today we bring you another pair of shoes the Hotbuys Decollete which have been released numerous times in re-releases over the years since their original Pretty 'N Love debut! I tried to style these last week but came up with *this* instead, I'm glad I left it a little bit as I'm so pleased with my styling for these shoes!
They have a great shape with a nice heel height and a pointed toe, but I think their colours maybe deter people a little - I know it has with me in the past, but I think we both really tried to embrace them in our stylings! AudreyHepburn. did that a little more than I did, with these pink trousers in a muted tone with the bags having brighter pinks, while I just added the paler pink with my top. And we've contrasted in base colours too, a light bright look vs a darker styling, but I do think these shoes have good potential for either with the black pointed tip on the end =) I'm still into skirts and these shoes work well with skirt/dresses and trousers equally, so that's a good point about them. I hope to see more people giving them a go =D

Let us know what you think in the opinions, and maybe you guys have a suggestion of a piece we could style in this segment!

Suite Style

Such a summery and inspiring suite room for you guys today - from kikinha_25! The first thing I saw were these blue and yellow tiles lining the room and that was kinda it, the colours are perfect for the season and add somewhat of a mediterranean feel to the room. The big windows are great too, showing off the light and bright interior the room has been designed in. Love the furniture pieces too, they only extend that summer vibe, especially the mesh style of seating and their yellow colours. And all those plants - they look great and well chosen =D

Saturday, 22 July 2017

We Wear Hotbuys J U L Y | Floral Kimono Dress

Here's some more HB clothing! I was excited to get to this piece as I think it looks pretty promising - it's the Floral Kimono Dress from It Girls and it costs the heart-stopping price of 37SD's!!! Which is just truly excessive for a HB - is it bad that I want to recommend that you don't buy it?! It's not an affordable piece, which really is a shame as I think HBs should be pieces that are hot picks that everyone should have the opportunity to own. And it really is a hot pick this one, love the turquoise colouring and the pink details, the shape is pretty cool and I like the little side split that's going on^
This dress came across much more as a silk bedroom robe than I would have liked, I think it really had potential, but it seems a little too nightwear to really get the use out of it that I would like. I think we all put it on and were like "... What do I do with this?! ... " but it does provide a good styling challenge which is often good fun =) And vote in the poll for your favourite, too:


Saturday ask for casual outfit. I'm so comfortable in this ootd with this lovely yellow sweater! 

Items used:
Epiphany earrings
Nelly shirt
It Girls sweater
Callie's Picks bag
Killah trousers
Archive tennis

I hope you like it! Have a great weekend.

Peace in pastels

Light and bright and breezy, the perfect summer styling combination today from ajenkam =) I firstly loved the minimal decor of this room, it's perfect to show off a cool styling like this one^ The look is a perfect advert for the recent Riviera release, with both the Pink Woven Platforms and Sea Peace Dress styled making them look all very stylish, especially the shoes with the glittered ankles, I just think that is perfect creativity! The blue under the dress is also great and really brings out the colour in the 'peace' sign. And the little bit of Fendi there too, love it^^

Bag It Up Challenge #169

I decided to tackle this bag next for the challenge, the Faux Snakeskin Tassel Bag from Bizou, a piece which has been super popular but I've just really struggled with styling. I think it might be the print itself, and I never quite know what to pair with it that puts me off - it is a great piece though, love the cross body style, the shape and the design, so it's time to bite the bullet! I'm not sure what I was going for with this look, a combination of really smart casual?! It seems a bit of a random put together, but I loved the bag with these wide-leg trousers, the wide-leg is a great summer style and the black really let the print on the bag stand out. Also loving these pointed loafers and necklace with the bag. Just the jacket that I'm maybe not 100% about? I do quite like it but I think there could have been a better choice - but maybe something I'll experiment with =D

Friday, 21 July 2017

I N S P I R E D B Y G U C C I | Tribute Review

This week brought us our second Tribute of the season - Gucci! I think I was expecting Gucci this season, but not the collection that we got! I have to say, I don't really like the homepage advert. I don't see a good link between it and the store and I don't think it advertises the brand or fashions well at all, which is quite disappointing.
Highlights I'll start by saying that I really did try - but I struggle to like this collection at all. I like a good range of pieces in a collection as much as anyone, but this is just a bit too 'mmmyeah' for me. It's really quite a disappointment to me =/ There are two floors of pieces and quite a few male pieces, which is a good step and I think a lot of people will be pleased with this. And a side note, I do think the interior looks lovely, if only the collection had been more in line with it!
Accessories It's a small yet creative selection of accessories with this store, they're very much stand out pieces and seem to be made to be worn as the focal point. Upon initial inspections, I find it hard to see things that would easily slip into my own style - a common theme with my thoughts on this release. There are three bags, all on a red theme, and the red tone is a super pretty one, not too bright but at the same time not too dull - it's just right^ They range in size too, going from smallest to largest with the Gucci Inspired Red Belt Bag, Loved Bamboo Handbag and Gucci Inspired Oversized Belt Bag. They are all pretty nice and probably are the most wearable items of the collection, so far I've just bought one piece, but I'm definitely considering both others =) And then with shoes, also three pairs but all pretty different from each other. In terms of high fashion, they all meet the criteria, but the Satin Dragon Boots come out on top, although they definitely require a certain finesse of styling! The Snake Kitten Heel Boots are somewhat of an edgier choice in darker colours - I like the style, but they don't suit my doll sadly. The final pair is pretty cute, and the pair which I bought, the Retro Block Heels which are in a super pretty pink and red combination with pearl decorations. I really like the block heel on them and this is one piece I'm excited to style. There are a few other items included in the accessories, something different in the Gucci Catwalk Inspired Crystal Lips and also glittering are the Gucci Inspired Crystal Glasses.
Clothing The pieces of clothing sure do meet an artistic flair and fashionable theme, if not so much meeting wearability^ I'm not seeing a clear theme throughout the pieces, but maybe it's my minimal taste that isn't used to all the colour and patterns. It's also quite a small selection of clothing for a Tribute release, with just 9 pieces. There is some focus on pinks, with bows prominent on the Gucci Inspired Dotted Bow Blouse and Gucci Inspired Dotted Bow Gown and I like their combination with sheer polka dots. The dress has a pretty flowing feel and is definitely the more feminine of the pieces. Also in pink is the Blind For Love Dress, which I am actually pretty tempted by - the colour is good and I like the midi length and the fitted style, I just don't think the top part suits my doll all that well, but that's probably something that I can work around. There are 2 other dresses, the artistic designed Gucci Inspired Embroidered Gown which sure needs a special occasion, then the slightly more casual but rather bright Angry Cat Poncho which sure is something. I think I would like it more if it was a cute fitted sweater, maybe even a cropped piece, but I just can't bring myself to buy it as it is! And there are a couple of skirts which are both quite nice, but I don't think are me at all, the Pleated Rose Skirt which is just to the knee in length and has somewhat of a more traditional pattern. I like the colouring of it but I can't see myself getting enough wear out of it. Then there's the Wild Cat Midi Skirt, again not really me, but I'm really considering buying it after seeing the features below =D
Prices The store ranges from 5 to 38SD's, with the items available for everyone. I don't think the prices are too outrageous on the whole, but the accessories do seem pretty pricey for what they are which was a little of a disappointment.
Styled Outfits I made pretty minimal purchases from this collection, so far though I think I'm happy with my choices - although for only 3 items a cost of over 60SD's is a little high considering two pieces were accessories! First the Gucci Inspired Dotted Bow Blouse which I paired with more dots in this perfectly matching pair of trousers, and I also continued with the pink in this furry jacket and belt. A pink bag would have been nice too, but my choice would have taken the attention away from the blouse! Secondly the Retro Block Heels in a typical red and pink styling to match. I was glad for another opportunity to wear these trousers, I think the colour is a good fit for the heels and I couldn't help but choose pink to finish the look, this biker jacket really adds to the smart touch that the outfit has and I really like it on my doll. The last look is with the Loved Bamboo Handbag which I wasn't sure so much how to style and I definitely decided to take some chances over what pieces to use. I stayed a little more minimal and used the navy portion of the bag to choose my skirt and kinda took it from there with more minimal clothing to let the colours pop a little - I quite like it, whether it works well or not is another questions!
Features I didn't find so many features for this post either - I think overall it's just not such a popular collection however these stylings are still amazing! First up a couple of looks with the Wild Cat Midi Skirt. This one is from aby400 in somewhat of a wintery styling pairing the skirt with this grey overcoat which matches the print pretty well actually. I like the little silver additions of the accessories too, they work well for the skirt =)
And then also pandaribbon in an autumn styling with all those reds and browns making the skirt pop with its paler tones. I love the pairing with this sweatshirt, the bear head looks awesome with the printing on the skirt, maybe somewhat of a risk but I think it works well especially with the other components. The red pops perfectly and highlights the reds on the skirt, I love the stripes used under the sweater, a great idea!
Then Isabella8103 is looking quite awesome and rainbow-styled in the Gucci Inspired Cat Knit, the male version of the Angry Cat Poncho! This is a great look for the piece, and the billowing bright skirt really does a favour for the rainbow stripes on the sweater. Love the orange bag with yellow keychain/earring keeping it bright, but the more muted coat really does a good job for the styling =)