Wednesday, 13 December 2017

We Wear Hotbuys D E C E M B E R | Bright Red Midi Dress

Next HB of this week, and still 2 more to come - this is the Bright Red Midi Dress from Pretty 'N Love costing 26SD's. I really liked this piece in the advertising, and had high hopes for it, well it definitely lives up to expectations! The red is a perfect party colour, and amongst the green tones of the rest of the HB's it stands out well. I love the midi length, it's beautiful and the design is fabulous and very modern while keeping to well-loved styles. It fits the doll perfectly and has such a flattering look =D
So pretty! This dress really does look amazing on everyone, and I really kinda wanted to just wear it on it's own without anything else as that would just look great =D I can't wait to see how other people work with this piece, I hope plenty of people buy it^ And remember to vote in the poll too:

Smokey fire

A fantastic feature today from kalosz4 - and I'm all about the makeup and beauty look here, isn't it just smokin' ?!?! I love the deep orange smokey eye, it's beautiful and it's completely stand-out! The lip colour is perfect too, and I love the earring choice^ The beauty look works nicely with the outfit, namely the orange sleeves, this is such a cool creative way to wear this jacket and it works well. The black pieces give a classic style to the look being quite sleek. I like the spots on the top against the checks on the trousers, it's a cool combination =D

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Frill Up Shirt # W E S T Y L E I T

Pink! And such a bright pink too! This We Style It post brings you AudreyHepburn. and I's stylings of the It Girls Frill Up Shirt which joined our Plaza not that long ago earlier this year. It's a piece I bought upon release, and wore it back then, but haven't really had the time to put thought into. It's also a piece that I really don't see worn at all, so I made sure it got a chance here!
It sure is a bright piece, and I think that's been a part of why it doesn't get worn, as it's a tone that's hard to work with but we both made it work! While Lauri went a little more feminine, adding adorable bows to really play on the frills and making best use of the sleeves by adding this Dior crop top - that works in the favour of this shirt showing it's best parts^ On the other hand I went a little futuristic with my super shiny styling pairing the shirt with these metallic silver trousers and the patent puffa jacket - I like it, despite their different feel I do think the pink stands out, as does the V of the neck and the little tie at the waist - I've then highlighted the colour in my accessories, my favourite thing to do^

Spot the sleeves

This is just the coolest look! This feature comes to you from bloom_xx_layla and I think we can all agree how fab it looks =D I love the paired spotted pieces making a jumpsuit with a great shiny belt at the waist. The puffed sleeves with sweet peter-pan collar makes a great winter addition being bright and eye catching to the neckline, plus matching the boots very nicely =) The furry coat creation is amazing, it's perfect for the current trends and the style suits that of the rest of the look perfectly!

Bag It Up Challenge #227

This bag is the Hotbuys Suede Fringe Purse from Bizou and was released in March 2015, not all that long before we started doing We Wear Hotbuys posts on the blog, so I've had it since then and although I've maybe worn it once or twice, I've not really been able to show how much I do like it! It's in a neutral black, so easy to pair into looks with many colours and styles of clothing, and I like the fringing too, it's still cool even almost 3 years later. Plus I like the handheld style, I think it works out really nicely. So I know I wore this dress in another challenge look not too long ago, but I really felt like it was great with this piece too! And I picked these patent ruched boots because they're amazing and I had to seek them out at the weekend in the Bazaar as I was having major regret over not buying them, and I think they're the perfect choice for this outfit and bag =D

Monday, 11 December 2017

We Wear Hotbuys D E C E M B E R | Faux Mink Hoop Earrings

The next Hotbuy is here - and there's quite a few coming this week! These are the Faux Mink Hoop Earrings from It Girls and they are priced at 10SD's, which I think is reasonable. These are another pair of earrings that come as two individual ones, which works well. The size sure is large, I was expecting these earrings a little smaller and a little less furry, but it makes for an interesting angle for styling =D
So cute, I love all of our looks, and I really wasn't sure how these earrings would go once on the doll, but I think they're a success! My only negative is that they're a Beauty Parlor piece and it means I might forget about them, but hopefully they will make a good impression! And remember to vote in the poll as usual:

Gingham speckle

Such a party-season style with this feature today coming to you from GirlEwelina! I really like seeing this skirt worn on other people - it doesn't work for my doll, but it does seem to for everyone else, and this slightly casual-party styling looks great =) I absolutely love the glittered layered maxi paired with the gingham blouse, they work together nicely and it's a surprisingly good fit =) The accessories are also fitting, love the big buckled belt and the delicate little bag^

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #226

Good evening, happy Sunday =D Today's challenge bag is the Nelly Small Chain Crossover which I got back in the Spring of 2016 and I've really never worn it, and I can tell you exactly why for once^ It's the super long chain! The bag sits really low below the hip, and I know that's why I don't like it, I would just rather that naturally it sat a little higher up - sure I can resize, but it's nice to wear things as they are sometimes. I do like the colours though, I like gold and the design is really nice, just a shorter chain would work better for me! As I said back in my review, it does look a little YSL-like, so that is still a factor to consider. I enjoyed styling it mostly because I was excited to wear these trousers and I really like them paired with this bag. I was super simple (i.e I was being a little lazy) with the rest of the look and chose black with some gold heels, but concluding, it works well for the piece and I do think the bag stands out in the look =D

Pink 'n white

x Couture easter bunny ears
x Royalty: Draped beads neckpiece
x Subcouture: Oh my what frills top
x Mr: Rick Owens inspired long white t-shirt
x LE: Hedi sparkle socks
x Mortal Kiss: Silver point heels


Ankles tied

Smart-style prepared for winter in this styling from 3melekbir_arada - this sort of style is completely on trend right now amongst the fashion bloggers and influencers that I follow, I love that it's transitioned so well into Stardoll! I love seeing these trousers worn, it reminds me to wear mine more too^ They look perfect with these white booties, it's great for winter and works really nicely with the chunky knit and fitted blazer on the top half. I love the accessories, the leather-style beret looks fab with the belt and bag =)

Buckle Up

I've been meaning to change my look for days on end, but I'm so fond of this one, I just can't bring myself to try something new yet!

To highlight the play of soft knit, warm fur and shiny leather, I've kept the colours neutral and the accessories minimal. The zip and buckle details also toughen up the feminine silhouette. Finish with a red lip and we're ready for a stroll in the cold.

Ingredients | You Will Need
Ivory Soft Mohair Sweater | Pretty 'n' Love
Leather Full Zip Dress | Fallen Angel
Shoulder Slung Moto Jkt | Evil Panda
French Barret | Pearls
Marimekko Inspired Bag | Vinyl
One Shoulder Faux Fur | Inspired by Marc Jacobs Tribute
Soft Beige Thigh Highs | Inspired by Balmain Tribute

Saturday, 9 December 2017

We Wear Hotbuys D E C E M B E R | Prada Inspired Feather Heels

Our next Hotbuy has been released! These are the Prada Inspired Feather Heels from RIO and costing 16SD's. These are definitely an individually designed pair of shoes and they definitely have a lot of unique features to them making them stand out in the Plaza. I really like the emerald green colour and the straps across the feet, I think they're great and stand out, and also the cool texturing to the heel, it's super stand out for the piece =D
There's a clear theme going on with our stylings of these, black is an awesome colour to pair these shoes with^ No complaints from me, if the shoe fits, as the saying goes! I've seen a few other members wear these today too, and there are so many awesome options for them, so they are reasonably versatile, even if it doesn't look like it from our stylings^ And vote in the poll too please:

Great grey

A cute casual look today from millaxx - isn't it just the cosiest look for a cold winters day?! I love the combination of neutral colours, and the basic pieces which make up the base of the look work well together but also highlight the features of this look, like using a fringed shawl which is something I'd ordinarily look past. The shoes and hat look great in the outfit, and I love the warm socks on the ankles, it works out nicely. The look has been glammed up with the earrings and mini-backpack which look fab =)

Friday, 8 December 2017

V E L V E T O R C H I D | Styled Outfits

Getting close to catching up with these new releases now^ This next one is Velvet Orchid, not my favourite store in the Plaza for fitting with my style, but every so often I find something that works for me. For me this release doesn't need a review as most of it doesn't work out for my style, but I did pick up a couple of pieces that I really quite like and I think are great for the current season!
So first up are the Liquid Metallic Trousers, priced at 280SC's which is great - I liked the wide leg fit of these with the high waist and tight fit on the thigh. Most of you know I like silver, so these are a good addition to my wardrobe and I was very quickly lured into styling them with a whole lot more silver! I don't think it's overwhelming at all, and the black patent jacket and the bag definitely break it up a little. The second piece from the release that I really liked were the Textured Glitter Booties priced at 14SD's. It's winter, so naturally I love a good pair of boots and while being the classic black these have the cool unique fluffy texture that makes them stand out in a crowd - so far I haven't seen anyone else where them which is a little surprising as I found them so easy to work with =) I kinda stuck to silver again, choosing these silver jeans and a big overcoat - the look isn't showy or anything, which I like about these boots, they don't make you feel like you have to go a big fancy look just because the boots are pretty snazzy!

White winter

I've already posted one light and bright look in December, and here's another that's totally white and winter and angelic - from MissSierr! I'm a huge fan of white, but I'm no good at this layering and creating pieces thing, it's totally not my forte, but it looks so good here! The white piece on top is one of my favourite summer dresses, and this outfit brings it into use in the winter which is awesome^ I love the pieces used to give a light and fluffy edging to the outfit, and the feathering the the skirt, I think it looks amazing and like one. The accessories are cute and fitting, love the pom pom shoes and the gemstone earrings plus the makeup =D

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #225

Today featuring an old favourite, the Notebook Clutch which was originally from Voile Holiday Boutique but has also been released in Callie's Picks - and huge bonus, it's an SC piece! I've always liked this and had the original but it wasn't layer-able, luckily the CP one is^ It's got a great vibrant blue colour and it's in a minimal easy-to-style shape. I was feeling having it as the only blue piece in the look, so that's what I went for, although I did do a matching eye-shadow look that I really love, this deep blue is so cool! I paired really simple colours with the clothing, a coat is a must at this time of year but kept it casual with just a loose sweater and jeans, I really this specific pair (they're the Cut Off Culottes Denim from Royalty) with the bag! And these white boots of course, I love the white against the blue of the bag, it's a combination that pops and I'll wear again =D

Tulle too

Very cool and ethereal today in this feature coming to you from leiona_- =) I love seeing someone wearing this tulle layered skirt, I feel like it's a great piece and people aren't all that enthusiastic about it. The tone looks great against that of the boots, I love the texture contrast between the tulle and the velvet. Then the top half of the look is so stark in contrast with the fitted white pieces - which do work and fits well. The accessories are great, I love the sash belt idea and style, and the bag on there and the tulle ribbon and the flowers ... just fab! Plus the glasses and earrings, those definitely stand out and are one of my favourite parts =D

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

We Wear Hotbuys D E C E M B E R | Valentino Inspired Stud Bracelet

Here's our first HB accessory of the month - the Valentino Inspired Stud Bracelet. It's from It Girls and is very reasonably priced at 8SD's, thumbs up for that! This is quite a small piece, so while I think it could easily get lost in an outfit, I think it's quite sweet and stylish. I like the red colour to the banding of the bracelet, and the square stud is quite typically Valentino =D
So much red and so much black! These colours typically look good with this bracelet, and there's so many pieces in those colours out there that I'm sure every single reader could wear a completely different red or black look with this bracelet, making it a fairly versatile piece^ I really love all of our looks so I'm sure you'll have a hard time choosing which to vote for in the poll:

Ivory rose

This feature from s34baby has just the most beautiful tones! I love the ivory coloured base to this look with the matching polo and trousers, the fit of the trousers is also great and incredibly flattering, I love it^ The ruffled off-shoulder top is also a cute addition and it definitely adds to the look. All those red accessories definitely drew me into the look, I love the beret, the pointed toe and that bag, I wish I had it! And the gold belt, it's perfect there =) A great classic winter-themed look!

Happy Birthday

Happy 100th birthday Finland, my beautiful home! This whole year has been a huge celebration here, but it all cultimates today, on out Independence Day. I wanted to honour it myself too with this outfit that only features blue and white! It's quite modern in a way, and features these beautiful boots from the latest Subcouture release. 

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

We Wear Hotbuys D E C E M B E R | Mod Shift Dress

Our next HB and our next dress - this is the Mod Shift Dress from Pretty 'N Love costing 28SD's. I do think this is an expensive price for the piece, especially given that we've had a very similar dress before in terms of the design with the collar and the lace and the shift style, which is a little disappointing. The green colour is really nice though, and the red bow is a cute festive addition =)
This dress wasn't a hard one to style, in fact it was easy, but I don't think it's that great a piece - it has nothing that really makes it stand out much, especially not in this particular month of Hotbuys so I think it goes to the bottom of the pack sadly. But do remember to still vote in our poll:

Shiny slouch

More with these boots! I'm getting so annoyed that I didn't buy them - off to the Bazaar for me! Anyway, this feature is from cinderela23barb and looks pretty amazing combining these slinky sparkly boots in such a casual outfit. The boots go so well with these faded jeans, it gives such a great show of how versatile the boots are^ I love the long sleeved sweater paired with the oversized jacket too, they fit the jeans and boots combination well. And that sparkling headband really completed the look nicely =D

Monday, 4 December 2017

I T G I R L S | Release Review

Picking up the pace - now with the recent(ish) It Girls release! I'm always a fan of It Girls, so I have no hesitations going into new releases. The homepage advert is typical It Girls, the model looks great and I like the clothes and the overall tone of the advert =)
Highlights So this release was small and not a whole new floor for the store. I don't mind this much - so long as the pieces still have the same quality, and from first looks I'd say it's pretty decent and I forget about the fewer pieces that have been added.
Accessories For the size, there are a reasonable number of accessories in this release. There are two pairs of shoes and I really like both of these, the Howdy Booties which are a pretty typically designed chelsea boot, and the Socks And Shoe Booties which is a cool combination  of rolled sequin pink socks with a slingback kitten heel and they are pretty spot on! Totally not my typical style, but I've loved them from first sight and I think they are gonna look awesome! There is one bag, another awesome piece, the Lunch Box Bow Bag, which correct me if I am wrong, looks a little like a Loewe style? Anyhow, it doesn't matter if it's designer inspired, I love the design of it and the colour, it looks great and it stands out in the store so I can't wait to wear it. The last two pieces aren't my favourite, I don't like the Fuzzy News Boy Cap for my doll at all, but I'm a little undecided about the Go 4 It Girl Scarf - I like the colour, and I think I like the style, but the main question is would I wear it? I'm just not so sure!
Clothing Next the clothing, of which there are only 10 pieces but a pretty good mix of things. Dresses take up most of the release with 3 pieces; the smart Blazer Dress and Double Breasted Playsuit, then the casual Ribbed Chunky Dress. Of the 3, I like the first and last best, but it has taken me several days to think about and I think I do like them - the Blazer Dress is pearl embellished and a long sleeved fitted piece that I do think could work fine as a blazer than just a dress, and the Ribbed Chunky Dress has a warm winter feel and a delicate lacing along the hem. Outerwear in the store just comprises the Rhinestones Baby! Denim Jacket, which seems quite similar to others we've had, but fits well with the theme of the store, but I suppose the Teddy Tied Around Hoodie should also be classed as outerwear, and while I like the idea, I'm not so much fussed about this piece for my doll. I'm not a fan of any of the bottomhalves included in this release, they're just not for me, but I think the tophalves are pretty good. There are two, the Mesh Knitted Neck Top, which is a sheer black polo and a great seasonal basic to include in your wardrobe, and then the casual Fuzzy It Girls Tshirt where the logo is fuzzy with pearls on it, pretty fancy^ I can see myself wearing both pieces and I'm pretty pleased with them and the release as a whole!
Prices This release ranges 10 to 25SD's, with most pieces less than the 20SD mark. There's one piece available in SC's, and there are a couple of pieces which are SS/Royalty only, but I don't see them as main components of the collection, so I don't think non-SS members are missing out there.
Styled Outfits Now for my looks - which I loved putting together, so despite the small collection I'm very pleased with it for my doll! The first look uses both the Howdy Booties and Lunch Box Bow Bag and it's a bit of a winter-classic for me, a black overcoat, which totally lets the red bag pop, and white jeans, the boots are a nice addition with a little detail to them, but really you could be wearing any boots. I kept it simple with a polo sweater and a red belt adding to the colour. These accessory pieces really don't take much to make them look good on the doll! In the second styling I've worn the Mesh Knitted Neck Top and paired with tights to make a good base for this spangly gold dress - which really needs pieces like these to make it winter suitable and I think this works out really nicely and could work for many more dresses^ And for the final look I used both the Fuzzy It Girls Tshirt and the Socks And Shoe Booties, and I really love both of these pieces! I knew I wanted a cropped trouser or culotte with the shoes to let the socks get the spotlight, and for me more pink was also the answer^ I really like this styling, it's like a winter-casual mix that's quite unlike me, but it works out and I don't wanna take it off!
Features I really think this set of features from this release is impressive, I like them as a group, I think each individual has done such an amazing job with the collection. First up Mia1435 wearing the Teddy Tied Around Hoodie, and while I know it's not a piece for me, I think it looks great in this styling! The colours of the clothing are all muted and fit together quite nicely, I especially like that red tartan shirt in the combination. The accessories stand out being that little bit shinier, and I think it works well as a whole =)
Next up we have ajenkam wearing the Ribbed Chunky Dress and also the Lunch Box Bow Bag in this cute office-wear-chic red accentuated styling^ I love the layering done with the dress, the white shirt sleeves look great and suit the slight roll of the sleeve of the dress, and I also love the trousers underneath, the pinstripes stand out nicely and I think the navy was an amazing choice. The red stands out so well, love the boots, bag and lip colour. Plus that hairstyle, it's beautiful!
And all about the pink in this styling from lacky_girl.. wearing the Fuzzy News Boy Cap, another piece that doesn't work for me, but it's spot on in this styling =) It pairs well with a lot of other pink pieces and it's a great fit with this sweater for winter stylings. I also love it with these red glasses, I think they definitely help accentuate it in the look!
And finally a look from Lanature wearing the Socks And Shoe Booties which I think look so cool! I love them with the shorts, it highlights them well, as does the draping from the pink in the cardigan, it works really nicely and could be used in so many ways. The black base for the outfit is good and definitely makes the 'shoe' part of the shoes stand out =)


Beautiful and sleek today in this feature styling from NixieSue! It was simply using this Prada HB bag that caught my eye, it's my favourite accessory right now, so naturally it makes me stop and look at this styling =) The base is minimal all in black, but definitely interesting pieces have been used, like this off shoulder shirt paired with the leather gloves. I adore the orange boots with the red bag, it's an eye catching combination, and the golden chains are the perfect compliment to the two, they really fill the space of jewellery very well =D

Bag It Up Challenge #224

Good morning, another early start with a challenge post! This look is pretty perfect for the season right now I'd say too =) The bag featured is the Inspired By De La Renta Faux Croc Bag which is from Windows On The World and which came out way back in 2011 - that's almost as long as I've been on Stardoll! I really like this bag, from the navy colour to the croc texture and the little keychains, I think it's a good piece, I just don't wear it all the time, but considering how many bags I have, I think it's had a reasonable number of outings! I think this is an ideal outfit for the bag - everything is on the navy blue theme, and I just love wearing these cool pyjama-trousers I think they bring a lot to a look and they work really nicely here. What I'm lacking though is maybe a necklace, something small and delicate to wear over the polo ... hmm, now to find one!

Sunday, 3 December 2017

M M F A S H I O N | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

This was another release from when I was away and while I was initially going to write a review however it was a pretty tiny release with just 4 looks on the floor, so instead a Styled post! This release does seem quite geared towards summer and resort dressing with the bright yellow and the dresses and the summer themed accessories, but I think you can work the pieces into more winter dressing if that's what you want - personally I do as I like to dress with the seasons =D
So first up a feature, regnlee wearing the Sunflower Turtleneck Top. I love it paired with these golden yellow trousers, they're great together and will work with a lot of different outerwear pieces, including this overcoat which plants the look into the warmer category. I like the use of the darker accessories like this pendant necklace and the darker sandals. The yellow is perfect in making this look stand out!
And my Styled Outfits - I bought quite a few pieces and after styling them, I'm happy with all of them =) In the first look I've styled the Tailored Fringe Pants and the Gold Snake Crossbody. Initially I wasn't going to style them together, but after finishing the look and searching for a perfect bag, I found that this one was it! These trousers are totally cool, I love the tight fit, then the loose fringing below the knee, they look great in themselves and on the doll. I went with a simple black polo and found this new jacket was a good vibe for the theme of these looks, hence where the bag fitted in^ I thought my main struggle would be in finding the right shoes for the trousers, but actually it was easy and a lot of pairs looked good. And my second look, also wearing the Sunflower Turtleneck Top - which actually has a cutout section, however the hairstyle my doll currently has is covering it, I don't mind the top either way, but I think it will be good next summer in a styling like this one! It's odd going for a summer styling, but I like this one. The skirt colouring suits the top well, and I love accessorising with this Fendi belt which also matches well. The white jacket, shoes and bag keep the outfit lighter and with a brighter pop than the yellow alone brings =)

Red silver

This dark look coming to you from rob_sef7 is the perfect winter look with bold, bright and sparkling accessories! I love the clothes used in this look, they're minimal and fitting both the doll and with current trends, but it's all about the accessories with this one for me! Those sparkly boots are looking beautiful and completely stand out and I'm regretting not buying them! The red bag is a great flash of colour tucked under the coat, I love the shape of it. The deep red lips are a great beauty choice, and the sparkly headband is a perfect completing item for the outfit!

We Wear Hotbuys D E C E M B E R | Chiffon Long Dress

And here is our first December HB, how exciting =) It's the Chiffon Long Dress from RIO priced at (an eye-watering) 39SD's, yes, very expensive, and I don't think it's all that necessary to be priced up there, but it is Christmas and the season of pretty party dresses ... lets hope the rest of the month is a little more affordable! So price aside, it's a pretty dress, the green colour is beautiful and I like the design in the top half of the dress with the mesh and the neck tie, and also the detailing down the sleeves. It's clear a lot of time has gone into this piece and I'm glad to see the effort!
Such a pretty piece and so versatile! I just wore mine as a plain gown, but from the other looks you can see the options that this piece has! And the colour works pretty well with other tones too =) Plus with this HB post we welcome our December Guest Writer, hankipankidoni! Going from this look, I have a feeling I'm going to be completely thrashed in the HB polls this month - so remember to vote: 

Sunshine, Daisies, Butter Mellow

Turn this stupid fat rat yellow...

I've been pretty unwell for the last few weeks so I've spent a lot of time in bed, in the dark, moping. The surprise Subcouture release has really brightened my mood with this fab yellow jacket, so after all of Kirsten's lovely handpicked features, I thought I'd throw my two pence in. 

This outfit is basically a collection of all my favourite items of clothing. It's not very wintery, but when the change of season is getting you down sometimes you have to use positive manifestation to lift you back up. 

Ingredients / You Will Need
Sunny Biker Jacket | Subcouture
Oversized Sweater | Callie's Picks
Crisp White Blouse | Fendi Tribute
Checked Out Shirt Sweater | Antidote
Red Valentino Inspired Dress | Runway
HotBuys Pleat Midi Skirt | It Girls
Parisian Barett Hat | Bonjour Bizou
Black Crystal Necklace | The JetSet
MCM Inspired Backpack | Antidote
Knee High Pointy Suede Boots | Royalty

Saturday, 2 December 2017

S U B C O U T U R E | Release Review

Yesterday brought us brand new Subcouture, it definitely came as a surprise, but generally I always find some good pieces so I'm naturally excited for this! The homepage add looks decent, it shows a range of styles and colours - I think it sells the store reasonably well =)
Highlights So the store does seem a little more limited than I expected in terms of the styles it offers and also in terms of how much is there, although it's pretty similar in terms of numbers of pieces to the previous releases. There is a range of styles, but it's not covering all of them, so I do think some people might struggle to find something that works for them!
Accessories I was disappointed with the very small number of accessories, it's really small, there are just 4 pieces! So that was a bit of a let down as the accessories in the past have generally been good. There are two pairs of shoes, the Felt Pen Pumps and White Studded Booties which I think are pretty good, although I have a huge preference for the boots, they are just amazing! I love the style of them, it's perfect for what I'm into right now, the colour is just right, they look good on the doll, what's not to love! There's just one bag, the Hot Pink Crossbodybag, which is inspired by a Marc Jacobs piece (hint to Stardoll, I'll take more where that came from please^^) - I'm glad I really like this piece! The colour is cool and vibrant, and I like the style difference between the body of the bag and the strap. It also sits nicely on the doll. The final accessory is the pair of Marble Cat Eye Glasses which look very cool and current, and look good in the store, but when I try them on I find they don't suit my doll at all! She just looks odd!
Clothing And the clothing, which is the focus of the collection. I do get quite the street vibe from this collection, with a little bit of glamour added in some of the dress pieces. I have to say it's not my favourite selection of clothing, but it's also not the worst that there's been. Dresses and skirts comprise most of the collection, and they're pretty smart and dressy really! There are 3 smart dresses, and they really fit that category to a T, the Mesh Floral Aplique Dress, which has an over the knee length, inserts and then a sheer top and skirting with some very pretty floral embroidery, which looks beautiful but I don't work well with sheer pieces like that, then the Lilly Of The Valley Dress, which has an Asian feel to it, made of beautiful navy silk with a pretty off shoulder sleeve design and a great fit as well as a fab floral pattern on it, and lastly the Ribbed Slit Dress which is the most minimal piece, in navy with straps and two large slits up the legs, I really quite like the idea of this piece, but I know it's one I wouldn't get the wear out of. And then there's a casual dress, the Bows For You Knit Dress, which is actually pretty adorable and I like it and I like the colour, but I know for a fact I wouldn't wear it much ... I wanna see someone wear it though, and if you wear it really well it might convince me to buy it! Then skirts of which there are two, a knee length option in the Love Subcouture Skirt, which I've actually seen a few people wearing, however I know it's not for me because of the length, I think it could look a little awkward styled in the wrong way, and then the maxi option in the Tuille Spotted Skirt which is really very glamorous in black with the netting and the sparkle that it looks like it has, my issue with this is that it's just that little bit too long and billowy for my doll! I want it in midi - sure I could resize, but I think I'll need some good convincing over the next few hours to make the purchase =) While on the top of bottomhalves, we'll quickly talk about the other one you can buy, the Paint Splash Denim, which are a light boyfriend style denim jean with swirls of pastel paint on them. I'm not a fan, and I've not seen anyone wear them yet. There's just one piece of outerwear too, but it's fantastic, the Sunny Biker Jacket, which is a leather over-the-shoulder jacket in such a bright yellow-golden tone, just dreamy perfection! This is easily going to be the most popular piece from the collection and I can see it being worn for many seasons to come, even though it's not the most seasonal right now. And lastly the tops - there are 7 of them to choose from in a mix of styles and colours. There's the Off The Shoulder Top in Black and also Rose, these pieces are ok, and I can see a lot of people using them as wardrobe basics, but they're not really too much for me. There are two pieces with sheer to them, the Rose Mesh Top, which I'm not a fan of, then the Pouf Pouf Blouse which just has sheer shoulders which are puffed out, and this is a piece I'm undecided about. I quite like it, I think the style is nice as is the design, but I'm unsure on how I would wear it. Another piece I'm still undecided about is the Oh My What Frills Top (I just love that name!), which I think is great in style and colour, but it would also be best in spring and summer and I know it might be easily forgotten by the time they come around ... help me decide! Then there's a Glitter Bustier, something I find myself overlooking easily, I think if it was more of a top than specifically a bustier it might do better. The final top is a sweater, the Rolled Up Subcouture Sweatshirt, which I think is quite fun, and I'm quite tempted. It'll layer quite nicely, and I think with a little work it'll style into non-super-casual looks quite well =)
Prices This release ranges from 16 to 43SD's, and most pieces are well priced within that range for what the piece is. Nothing is limited in terms of number, just in terms of time, you have until midnight on Sunday 3rd to get what you want from the store! And there is just one piece that is SS only, so the majority of the store is available to everyone =)
Styled Outfits So far I've been very minimal in my purchases from this release. First up the White Studded Booties which I think I'll be able to style in a hundred ways they were that easy! I love them with this checked blazer, the two work well in colour, and so I kept up the print with the snake-style bag that I chose, and I thnik it works well with the black handle being quite prominent. And I kept it a little casual with the jeans, I really it =D And secondly the Sunny Biker Jacket which I did my best to style in some sort of a winter way, I think it was reasonably successful as I love the tone against that of this sweater. Not sure the culottes work that well with it, but nevermind, because I think I did manage to accessorise reasonably well too^ And finally the Hot Pink Crossbodybag, which is in a 'typical me' look with this pink coat and these white jeans, but look, it fits into my wardrobe and my style perfectly! I did try with a range of different pink pieces, but I did actually find the pink of the bag quite hard to get an exact match with in terms of shoes, nothing was perfect, but I think I just need to do a little more searching. Anyway, still loved styling this bag, and I think it's a really good addition to my bag collection =)
Features So many looks to choose from for the features, so there is quite the range! First up is belindaSempre wearing the White Studded Booties and the Subcouture Mens Tshirt which looks pretty good on a female doll! I like the tee with this draping jacket, I think they look really good together and the look really sells me this shirt^ The jeans are a great choice for both pieces, and the boots look fantastic there =D
Next we have a couple of looks with the Sunny Biker Jacket, both are pretty classic styles but also pretty cool - firstly France25 going with black and white and embracing the biker theme with the cool use of extra chains and jewellery, I really like it and it fits well with the piece. These culottes look great with the jacket, much better than my choice!
And then also with the Sunny Biker Jacket but from Mabepa, going for an all white styling, totally my thing^ I love these wide leg trousers with the jacket and I think the more classic feel of the clothes brings the jacket a little away from the biker theme which is nice to see working too. Absolutely adore the Fendi belt with the look, this is totally 'me' as well! The blue accessories are beautiful and stand out really well in the styling =)
Next up wearing the Lilly Of The Valley Dress is Marta-43, and this dress does all it needs to on its own! This shows off just how well the dress fits and looks on the doll, and it does include the back piece for the dress as well. I love the accessories with this one, the fringed earrings look fab and I like the minimal shoes along with the up-do chosen for the hair, very classic =)
And finally beyzaasde wearing the Off The Shoulder Top in this dark look. I think the top does stand out with this look, the off-shoulder jacket helps well with that. The red skirt looks good and also stands out in the look. The accessories look good too, and I really like the use of the dangling sparkling earrings to take your eye to the top of the look!