Wednesday, 31 July 2019

J U L Y 2019 | Hotbuys Review

Wow, we've gotten through another month of Hotbuys! This month was denim heavy with a western/cowboy vibe going on. While I have a love-hate relationship with denim, I do quite like a western style, I think it can look super cool and can be mixed with other styles - so coming into this month I was already focused on only the accessories, let's see how everything fared =D

Cowboy Hat - Starting off with a batch of accessories, a hat! It's a pretty cute piece, I like the trim detail with the western vibes, and I like that it's black. It definitely stands out, and we've not had something like this before. I also like how it looks on my doll, but given my track record of not wearing hats, I think I'll pass on this one - it is a little pricey for what it is, I think had it been 11 or 12SD, I would have bought it and given it a chance. Bizou 21SD's
Fendi Inspired Bag - This bag is adorable^ I really love the inclusion of this piece in this set of HB's even though it's really not with the theme! I love a box bag, and also the bamboo-style design that this one has. The straps are cool in a contrasting black, and of course the traditional Fendi logo print looks great - again we've not really had a piece similar to this, I'm looking forward to wearing it! It Girls 23SD's
Backless Boots - I liked these in the advertising, then when they were first released I wasn't so sure about them. However a couple of weeks later I decided to give them a chance and it was totally worth it! Black ankle booties can be pretty standard, but these are super cool with their backless design and strap around the heel, I love that! The western design is minimal, but looks great, and I love the slim squaring of the toe, that's what really sold me I think^ Fallen Angel 22SD's
Corset Dress - So I'm really not a fan of this dress. It's pretty cute if you like this sort of thing, but it's not my personal style and I know I wouldn't dress my doll in it. I've not seen anyone wear this either, so I think a few others feel the same. It's also quite pricey for a piece if you're not too sure about it. Velvet Orchid 25SD's
Gold Tone Necklace - However this next piece is super pretty, such a delicate gold necklace^ I love a layered necklace and I'm totally not creative enough to layer individual pieces, so this is perfect. While it is a little expensive for what it is, I know I wear a lot of gold accessories so it will get worn =) Pretty 'N Love 19SD's
Musubi Mini Tote - For me, this is the winner of this collection, what a fantastic bag! It's got all the Loewe vibes, naturally I love that. The size and colour are both great, but it's all about that detail on the strap. The knotted and design going in all different directions is cool, and it really makes the piece thanks out, I love it so much =D It Girls 23SD's
Colibri Pumps - On the other hand these shoes aren't so great - and really I only say that because they're almost identical to a Fendi Tribute pair from a few seasons ago, which were cheaper. They're much more a retro design rather than western, so I'm not sure they're a great fit with this collection, but I do like the neutral colours they are. Pretty 'N Love 23SD's
Corset Holly - Another piece of clothing that I'm not a fan of - it's just the denim aspect really. The white trim and sleeves are adorable, but for me would be perfect on another style of piece. The lace up front is also open, which is something else I don't like. Again, I haven't seen anyone style this piece yet. Velvet Orchid 25SD's
Gold Tone Sunglasses - Ok so these really perk up the collection a little, I love a pair of sunglasses, and I love gold tones, so these are perfect! I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone else wear these yet, as I've already gotten them into quite a few stylings, they're just the dreamy sunglasses of the season^ Evil Panda 19SD's
Jeans Holly - So these aren't as bad as the other clothing pieces - I still won't buy them, but they're definitely better than the previous items^ What I like is the straight leg cut to the jean style, it looks great and is really something we've not had a lot of in the Plaza. I don't like the criss-cross strapping down the side, but that's nothing new. Velvet Orchid 26SD's

First in the features, millaxx styling the Fendi Inspired Bag in such a Summery style. The pleated midi paired with the white collared shirt is a classic combination, and the accessories are really special additions to that. They work together well and I think the bag pops out perfectly in the look =)
And then secondly we have CHRlS wearing the Gold Tone Necklace, which really does manage to stand out in the outfit. I like the pairing of the deep toned shorts and bra, the addition of the blazer makes a more covered styling, which works for me and I think really frames the necklace well, which balances with the belting. Super current and really works for the classic jewellery style^

And now the Guest Writer stylings - each going for different pieces, and like me leaning towards the accessories of the release. First up AudreyHepburn. choosing the Fendi Inspired Bag - it's just looking so good with the brown tones, this darker pleated skirt works well too, and the light wicker really stands out. I love the delicate sleeves added in this look^ Next up Miloshki in a super light contrasting style, making use of the Musubi Mini Tote. This is really a look after my own heart - the tan belting and bag are a perfect pairing and really draw focus from the delicate white dress. The rest of the accessories are super thoughtful, love these mules and the almost-sheer necktie added =) And finally Vogue_veronica, going with the Backless Boots in another darker styling - I think this confirms these pieces aren't entirely Summer items, which means they'll be great all year round. Love the cropped length of the smart trousers, that's perfect for showing off the style. The injection of printing with the dress is so fun, it completely draws you to the style!
And finally for my stylings - I really liked working with these accessories, I'm pretty happy to have them in my wardrobe. First up the Backless Boots, which I've styled as Summery as I could manage with these shorts, and actually I love the outcome. I've balanced the boots with the belting and the sunglasses against the lighter toned shorts and the sheer shirt - some sort of utility-esque styling, which is super popular right now. I think these boots do have quite a few Summer options with dresses, it's just finding what works for you. Secondly the Musubi Mini Tote which I had so much fun with, plenty of options to choose from, but this time I went with yellow - it works so well with the tan! The belting just about matches, as do the shoes, while I've gone for neutral on the top half. It's a super simple styling, but an effective one. And finally with two pieces, the Gold Tone Sunglasses and the Gold Tone Necklace which work well together. I picked out a V neck, which is perfect to shape around the necklace. I kept the whole look neutral, and I love the tan colour of these trousers with the golden accessories, and then simple shoes to match the top - again something that's simple yet an effective styling =D

Tuesday, 30 July 2019


I guess I'm in the same phase as the Beatles when they put out the Whtie Album.....or something like that. If someone asked me what I thought of this look, I'd say ehhh...it's all-white. 

Get it?


Terrible jokes notwithstanding, I think these three pieces were made for each other. They work so well, especially considering I sometimes struggle to style these pieces individually (obviously the top is new, but it's very cropped and that always gets me off guard). 

The underbust lines of the top complement the detailing of the skirt to make a structural take on the feminine form and I'm living for it to be honest. There was no other shoe that I wanted to style with it. 

I went through a whole cycle of earrings, but I didn't actually like any with this - it was all a bit too fussy - but this Limited Edition chandelier style earring made a great brooch instead. 

Ingredients | You Will Need

White crisp top | Millionaire Mansion Fashion
Pleated Ball Skirt | Windows on the World
Oversized Blazer | Pearls
LE Oversized Ivy Earring | Limited Edition
Gigi White Purse | Young Hollywood
HotBuys Proenza Schouler Inspired Mule | Evil Panda

Monday, 29 July 2019

H I G H F A S H I O N H I D E & S E E K | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

It's coming up to the end of the month, that means just a few days left to find the trophy and get the prize for July! This month it is the Oh Karl Backpack, which is a handheld piece in pink, red and black with a Karl Lagerfeld design on the front. It's not so much my thing, and in general it does seem less popular than the other pieces have been, so I think this is the worst piece from the monthly prizes so far.
Millaxx styled it up well with this super cute casual look. The pink sweater and wrap strap heels make the perfect pink pairing for the bag. I love the light wash denim in the styling, it brings out the light print on the bag. Plus the jewellery pieces really add a glam touch to the outfit =)
For my styling I went with the burgundy panelling on the bag, with my favourite trousers. They still work well with the pink too! This shirt is pretty perfect to go with the bag as it combines burgundy, black and white, so overall it's pretty decent. Pink on the accessories though, and I think they work well to balance all the colours in the clothing with the bag - and pink and burgundy definitely work nicely together =)

Sunday, 28 July 2019

R U N W A Y | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

A couple of weeks back we got a brand new release of Runway - overall it was a little interesting, not so much a great release, but a couple of pieces still managed to catch my eye. It's not so much worth a review this time around, however I found some cute looks to share and I styled up the pieces that I bought, so still a styling post =)
First up features, this look is from Achrome who is wearing the Ruffle Sleaves, which have been revamped to make a very cool addition to this magenta piece - I love it! Such a seamless combination which could be re-worn in so many ways. It looks incredibly elegant with this printed skirt, and I love the addition of the magenta in the heels too. The jewellery finishes the glamorous styling off perfectly =D
Next up we have CoolDeer styling the Bow Blue Trousers Woman in this casual styling, going all out in the blue and denim. I love this denim belted piece with the trousers, it looks very cool, and the overall light tone of the denim works well with the trousers. The white pockets are a good introduction of the colour for the top, trousers and gloves - overall a fun casual look!
And the final feature, Aguuniek wearing the Ruffle Green Top in a pretty cute layered styling^ The colour of the piece is perfect with this tulle dress, and the white jeans add a light base for the colour to pop off of. Also the shoes are a perfect colour, I like the mesh feature to them in this styling, and it makes a good match for the chunky belt, really stylish look with this piece^
Now for my stylings! I love the turquoise colour, but wasn't 100% convinced on the styles, but I decided to give the Ruffle Green Shorts and Top a go anyway, styling them up individually as I know I wouldn't go for them as a set. I wasn't sure how well they would work out as they don't seem the most trendy of pieces, for me it's the elasticated waist of the Shorts and hem of the Top, but there's ways to get around them I'm sure! For both looks I chose from my fairly small selection of turquoise accessories, not a lot of choice, but enough to choose from - love these bow-detail heels paired with the Shorts, that's definitely fun with the ruffles. I stuck minimal with white pieces for both as that really worked to highlight the colour. It's very un-adventurous, so I should definitely try out some more styles with them, but for me it works out nicely for Summer stylings. The Top is pretty cropped, these trousers are also very high waisted so that works for me, but I will need to investigate to get some more pieces to work out well, and also some belts to sort the elasticated hem situation^ And then I also bought the Satin Mules because they're completely up my street in terms of style - black and gold, where can you go wrong?! These were so easy to style, and in contrast to the first two stylings, it's super glam! This glittered dress has both gold and black in it to work with the shoes, but brings in more colours for something fun. Accessorising was easy, and I even added earrings, these are perfect for this styling, overall I really love it!

Purple Puff

Men's items are often one of the nicest things in new releases! That happened with the new Balenciaga too, fell in love with this big puffer jacket. In this all-purple look I combined unusual item with the street style jacket – a delicate floral dress. I love the different shapes in the look, this is something I could imagine some fashion blogger wearing in Paris fashion week!


Super cool ice-tone look today from turkiye with a great mix of styles and pieces! This origami-knotted style top is a popular one and this is another amazing look with it. Love it layered with this casual white tie, but sleeker white slit-leg midi skirt, a great combination^ The black belting pieces added look great and the dark tone adds some shape to the styling. Of course these booties and the fabulous sunglasses draw me in, love those styles completely!

Saturday, 27 July 2019

Mint Creams

Is it cream or is it ecru? Does it even matter? 

I was a little surprised these trousers didn't fly out of the plaza when Runway dropped, but then I tried to style them and I  u n d e r s t o o d.  Man they are hard to style. However, Millionaire Mansion Fashion (which tbh is the only reason I purchased the mansion) came out with an absolute belter of a release in warm whites, creams and browns: the perfect accompaniment to this pale green. Clean and neutral, but anything but boring. 

We also got a fabulous new addition to the shoulder-slung jacket category - I always buy two of them where I can so that I can make a full jacket again, or, like I've done here, making a slightly coquettish jacket slipping off a shoulder. 

Ingredients | You Will Need

White Crisp Oneside Blazer x 2 | Millionaire Mansion Fashion
Green Skirt Trousers Woman | Runway
White Plain Crew Neck Tee | Vinyl
Chain Necklace | Windows on the World
Straw Clutch | Wild Candy
Wilde West Belt | Other World
9to5 Architect Nude Shoes | 9to5

Plastic purple

Such a great pairing of lilac pieces in this styling from Opiodes today! I love wearing lilac, and this is a fun mix of textures comparing this soft skirting with the sheen of the PVC jacket, it really does work out nicely^ The white touches in the tights and shoes keep the look light, while the thick black belting really pairs nicely with the jacket. The accessories are great finishing touches, adore these sunglasses =D

Friday, 26 July 2019


Time for another Styled Outfits post, and after revisiting last Summers Anna Sui Tribute, I was inspired to use a piece from it that I don't think I've ever used and rarely seen worn by others, the Ditsy Daze Blouse.
I spent over an hour trying to put together looks, I'm getting why I don't see it worn because it's a tough piece despite being super pretty in a floral print! It's sheer, so that's one aspect to get around, and it's a very long piece, so won't work for all bottoms, and I found it generally looks best tucked it which eliminates some pairing options too. I did come up with these two looks, and I do like them, but I think I might sell this piece for someone else to try!
First up I wanted to try some denim for a casual styling, and I found this mix of darker denims to work best with the dark blue of the blouse - it's not something I'd wear a lot, but it's a cute look for a one-time thing. I picked out the red flowers from the shirt for the accessories which I think works nicely to highlight the print. For the second styling I added a white base under the shirt, and then white trousers for a lighter and smarter styling than the first. I really a look with white trousers, I think it instantly works out well =) Picked out blue for accessories because these shoes are a great colour match for the shirt! And this bag just fitted seamlessly - again I like this look, but it's not so much one I can see I'd come back to often.
So not all stylings work out, maybe this should have been in a SAVE OR SELL post, but it was worth giving this blouse a go anyway =D

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

1 Piece 1 Week | Beige T Shirt

I knew exactly which perfect Summer piece I wanted to style a week of looks for this month - imagine my shock to find it removed from the Plaza! The Beige T Shirt from The Jet Set only came out last month, and it's disappeared from the store - hopefully this is sorted out so others can enjoy this piece if they didn't get it already, because it's such a great one! It's a super neutral for the season in light fabric and colour, I'm really loving it^
Super bright in whites
The pink of this tee pops well with fresh white pieces, and it's not too casual a piece so I think works well with this set of smart trousers. Super easy to accessorise with cute details, the pearls in the first look really pop and make such a great finish to the styling. Plus it layers up well with smart blazers, perfect for workwear stylings =D
Go stand out with printed pants
We all know I love trousers a lot, and this tee is one of the most versatile to pair with fun prints - with these different pairs it works equally well with each type of print and range of colours, so great! The bright colours work well, which is perfect for the season, and there are so many matching accessories to be had!

Bye Bye Bye

It takes two to make a thing go right!

This is my farewell post! I'll be leaving stardoll very soon so I can't post on The Stardoll Lookbook
anymore :,)

However, I wanna thank each and everyone of you who enjoyed my posts and gave feedback,
this was a very fun experience, and it was amazing to have the chance of posting here from
january to july!

I also want to thank Kiki (Sparklewand12), Mollie (Miloshki), Sean (AudreyHepburn.) and Veronica
(vogue_veronica), I had a lot of fun with you guys here, especially when doing the We Style It posts <3

For my last post I did two looks, inspired by Haute Couture, and as you can see I wanted to be very
extravagant and extra, the first look focused on black and light aqua and the second white and blushy pink.


Look 1
Beyonce Met Gala Headpiece - Museum Mile
Silver Dragon Necklace - Other World
LE Oversized Silver Earrings - Limited Edition
LE Oversized Ivy Earring (left and right) - Limited Edition
Draped Beads Neckpiece - Royalty
Silver Diamond Net Tunic - Royalty
Bel Canto Necklace - Voile
Black Lace Camisole Dress - Vinyl
Black Lace Dress - Basics
Wang Inspired Pin Bra - Alexander Wang Tribute
Galliano For Givenchy Dress Coat - John Galliano Tribute
Heart Faux Fur - Subcouture
Fishnet High Boots - Velvet Orchid

Look 2
White Showpiece Beret - Callie's Picks
Antoinette Pearls - Callie's Picks
Pearl Detail Earring - Nelly.com
Chunky Pearls Necklace - Pearls
Draped Beads Neckpiece - Royalty
McQueen Inspired Oversized Coat - Alexander McQueen Tribute
Bridal Hat w Birdcage Veil - Voile
Ivory Lace Cami - Voile
Chiffon Sheer Gloves - Voile
Valentino Inspired Deep V Gown - Voile
Faux Fur Top - Voile

Goodbye and Take Care xoxo

Tuesday, 23 July 2019


Of all the pairs of complimentary colours my number one favourite is blue and orange. I love orange full stop, so it was only natural I suppose. It's got real zing and energy to it, unlike Red-and-Green, which is Christmas, and Yellow-and-Purple, which is a bruise...

I think it's got real punch on this dark, warm background too, picking up and harmonising with all those the red tones. The modern, shiny textures of the skirt and jacket give dimension and interest to stop the overall effect from being too flat (which can happen with colour blocking), and I've used just a hint of white as a palette cleanser. 

My doll is one long glass of ...carrot juice I guess. 

Ingredients | You Will Need
Balenciaga Inspired Orange Coat | Inspired by Balenciaga TributeI
Sleeveless White Turtleneck | PPQ of Mayfair
Stacy Mini Shirt | Callie's Picks
PVC Orange Skirt | Subcouture 
Bead Hoop Earrings | Wild Candy
Hot Buys Silk Kknot Clutch | Velvet Orchid
Point Boots | Nelly.com

Monday, 22 July 2019

I N S P I R E D B Y A L E X A N D E R W A N G | Tribute Review

Our 3rd Tribute store is here - Alexander Wang! This brand isn't one that I really keep an eye on, and the previous Plaza release wasn't something I've gotten on well with, so it's not one for me, but I will still post a brief review for continuity^ The advertising seems a little bland, for me it gives no indication of what the release will be like.
Highlights The release is quite small, there are 2 floors with 5 female looks and 2 male looks. I do like that the colours are very neutral on the most part, which gives a little more versatility to the pieces. The interior has had great reviews though, I've seen it featured in quite a few suites already!
Accessories There is a good range of accessories with this release. There are 3 pairs of shoes, the ones which catch my eye are the Wang Inspired Chain Stilettos, these have great intricate details and I love the squared off toe capped design along with the strapping across the foot. I'm not a fan of the bag choice, but there are at least other inclusions in accessories to choose from. The Wang Inspired Plastic Earrings are very cool, I really like the twisted style and the sheeny-ness they have, a very cool piece. And also the Wang Inspired Plastic Sunglasses, these make a great pairing and I love how they look on the doll.
Clothing There's not a whole lot that I love in the clothing category, I'm not such a fan of underwear or leggings or tiny lengths, so with only a small number of looks that cuts down the pieces a bit, however there are some very nice items mixed in with that. I really love the look of the Wang Inspired Silk Dress, it's a current trendy piece with the straps, the slit and the silk material, plus the pattern is very nice and really makes it unique - but the shape is a real let down. The piece isn't fitted at all, it's really designed to be worn as it is in the store, with a shirt beneath - for me that really makes it lose it's selling point, but I might give it a go yet. Another dress-type piece is the Wang Oversized Shirt, which is styled up on a male mannequin so could work for either males or females. I like the smart style to this, and it really could be worn as either a shirt or a dress, I've seen about an equal number of looks for either. I think this is probably the most popular piece so far, and I look forward to seeing more stylings with it!
Another oversized piece that really is working for me is the Wang Inspired Oversized Jacket, mostly because it's pretty much an oversized blazer and it's a style I'm really quite into this year so far! It's minimal with a black base, but has cute details on the cuff and also a sequin pink section on the side, I love that^ It's a longline length, so could easily also work as a blazer dress. And the final piece I quite liked is the Wang Inspired Bustier Top, it's really a casual and wearable twist to the 'underwear as outerwear' trend, and I like that it's a white tee base as it's super easy to wear as a colour. It has a cool offset neckline which looks really nice and the twist of the fabric over the bustier design really is something individual. I've not seen anyone style this yet, but I think it's a great piece in the collection!
Prices The release ranges from 14 to 33SD's which is pretty much on par with previous Tribute releases. There is no limit to the pieces, but the store will only be around for about 4 weeks, there may be a 'Last Chance' advertisement near the end of the run so be sure to watch for that!
Styled Outfits Now for my looks, I really liked working with these pieces, I've definitely made the right choices for me from this release. First the Wang Inspired Plastic Earrings and Wang Inspired Plastic Sunglasses, I knew I wanted to choose a look with other sheer or perspex/plastic qualities, andI loved the blue tint to this sheer based skirting. The dark lenses played well to other dark accessories in the look, it's like summer with a dark twist, I really like this outfit^ Secondly the Wang Oversized Shirt which I styled super simply by just adding accessories - I love the silver hint of these boots with the shirt, it's a colour that works well with the slight blue tones the white of the shirt has. Also love this bag with the look and even added some jewellery in the neckline. This one definitely has a lot of options, it's just trying out what works best for your own style! And finally the Wang Inspired Oversized Jacket which again I styled super simply. I added a black skirt and V neck top which I like the layered look of, but then focused on accessories to match the pink sequin section - these boots and this sparkly bag are the cutest additions to this dark piece^ I kept the glasses dark as a balance, and overall I really like how this first go has worked out with the piece, I'm really excited to style it more =D
Features And now for some features, first up is beringelalara styling the Wang Inspired Oversized Jacket, Wang Inspired Chain Stilettos, Wang Inspired Pin Bra and Diamond Glasses, really packing a lot into one look! The pieces look good together, and I love all of the extra additions with the draping jewels, they really look fabulous and completely transform the blazer!
And next we have two stylings with the Wang Oversized Shirt, firstly from Elrry, who layers it up underneath a dress, I think it works really nicely with this specific piece, the shapes are very complementary to each other. The accessories are super cute and really make the look, love the bag and shoes combination and the neon green really makes a pop^
Secondly with the Wang Oversized Shirt is rob_sef7, who also layers the piece, but oppositely with the shirt paired over a white silky skirt, I love that texture with it^ The look also includes the Wang Inspired Plastic Earrings which I think work great with the hat and sunglasses - I love the minimal accessory vibes, the shoes are super fun, as is the bag, everything is just a little of something different and I love it!

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Limited Edition SPECIAL # W E S T Y L E I T

With an LE release, we decided to do another WE STYLE IT post with the new pieces that we bought! It's a little smaller this time, and there was less cross-over in what we bought, but it's still fun to see such different styles come from one piece!

Firstly the High Waist Trousers which have been styled in very cool neutral stylings - this bright white clearly looks good with beige-type tones, I love it^ Both looks play on different current trends, and I love the little details added in both stylings, especially the draping golden earrings in Miloshki's styling, and the same trend added as a belting detail in vogue_veronica's =)

Now contrasting to the super bright Pink Blazer, this is one piece I am so glad I decided to purchase! It looks great with matching pink tones as we've both gone for, and white makes a good pop for a difference - I've gone with a lot of white with a basic shirt and accessories, while AudreyHepburn.'s look uses white in the stripes, I really like that and think it gives a lot of options for this piece^

And back to something neutral in colour, the white Pelle Shirt, which is super smart and I at least found it easy to style. We've both gone very contrasting in the looks, highlighting the versatility the shirt has. It layers well, but also looks good on it's own, and of course the white colour works well with many others, there's not a whole lot else to say =)

Back to brights! The Red Jeans Trousers are a lot more versatile than I'd imagined after seeing this pairing of stylings, I love how cool and different they look in each one. Of course, the shoe pairings are fabulous, completely my favourite part of the looks, but they also look good with both casual or more dressy clothing, definitely a hidden gem in the release I'd say!

And our final piece to style, an accessory, the Hat Bag - which has proven a fabulous inclusion to our Plaza! I found this easy to style, and from our looks, it works with a wide range of styles, pieces and colours, from neutrals to animals prints and florals, this piece looks good with them all and I think we'll be seeing so many different choices for this piece across the next few months =)