Sunday, 31 March 2019

M A R C H 2019 | Hotbuys Review

Oh wow, we're really now at the end of March! These Hotbuys were pretty fun, I was super excited for the accessories this time, they really look amazing and we've got quite a few pieces in different styles to choose from. The 'theme' if you can call it that, is split between a Louis Vuitton and a Balenciaga look, so hopefully a little something for everyone? I think the pieces seem quite versatile at first glances, so I think they should work out well!

LV Party Sunglasses - I think we're all aware I love sunglasses a lot, they might be my favourite accessory, so I'm excited to add this pair to my collection. They're pretty different to anything else I have, they're frameless with a focus on the lenses. I like the black ombre effect and the golden detailing is great, it's really perfect for me^ I like that they're quite a light pair and I think will work well with a range of styles =) Original Future 18SD's
LV Inspired Boots - These boots are totally awesome - they're what you would want to wear to work everyday if you could get away with it, such a smart-style vibe to them. I like the intricate pinstriping in the pink, it's unique, you certainly won't find another pair like them in the Plaza or Bazaar. I like the design around the ankle, it looks modern and will be fun with different hems and socks! Velvet Orchid 26SD's
LV Inspired Clutch - Definitely excited for this bag, it's black with gold detailing - I think that describes most of what I look for in a piece! It's definitely stand out with the individual design, I love these shape-style pieces, and actually they're ones I find myself reaching for quite often because they really do stand out in looks. The details on the graphic of this piece is stunning, they've really gone all out creating it and getting it spot on to the original^ Evil Panda 19SD's
LV Inspired Vest - I love the idea of this vest, a few years ago I loved another HB vest and really wore it to death, I got so much use out of it, but it's fallen into the depths of my wardrobe and hasn't really been worn in the past years - so I worry the same would happen to this one. This one has many better features, it's got a great fitted design and small details like the belting and the buttons, and the leather texturing looks amazing. I have to say this seems one of the most popular pieces this month =) Fallen Angel 24SD's
LV Inspired Dress - I wanted to love this dress, I'm all about that blue shade and the pattern is very cute and looks really great, but the piece doesn't work for me on my doll, so I'm a little sad about that. For me it's the balance in shapes, the sleeves are that little too oversized for the shaping of the dress for my style. I've seen one or two people give this a go, and I think it's just one of those pieces that needs a little time, I'm tempted to buy it and give it some before styling, but then there's a high chance I'll forget about it - what do you guys think?! Bizou 23SD's
Balenciaga Inspired Bag - Love love love this bag, it's adorable! It's totally on trend with the scarf detailing wrapping around the handle and then draping at the ends, it looks fantastic! The small size of the body of the bag is a popular style and it works well with the oversizing of the scarf. The colours are fun and definitely make it an easy piece to fit into many different looks, I'm eyeing up that blue with a fabulous pair of trousers already^ Original Future 26SD's
Drop Gold Silver Earrings - These earrings are dreamy - they've got a strong black base to the middle hoop and they're silver and gold ... I don't think I could ask for much else! That makes them pretty classic and easy to style into different looks, I've seen them in countless styles already on you guys so I know these are a great investment. I like that they're a single pair and not sold separately, that works much better for me, and the black will be a good contrast so they won't get lost in blonde hairstyles =) It Girls 14SD's
Balenciaga Inspired Jeans Skirt - While I generally don't go for denim skirts as I know I don't get much wear out of them, I really quite liked this one, I think it's all about that cool waistline! A black piece can be very versatile, and probably moreso for me than the traditional blue denim skirts would be, so I'm giving this one a go even if the price tag definitely is a little high for a simple denim skirt. RIO 24SD's
Balenciaga Inspired Sandals - I have to say, I thought I'd really like these heels - they've got a black base with a simple strappy design, and then are covered in fun coloured stripes, but I'm really not enjoying them! I've seen them styled up really nicely, but I don't like them on my own doll, a shame, but I can't always love everything^ They will work nicely in looks with a lot of colours though! Bizou 22SD's
Balenciaga Inspired Shirt - And the final piece! I think you might assume I wouldn't go for this, but I've gone a little crazy and I want to give this a go =) While the bright green is quite bold, I love the oversized shape and style that this piece has, the collar is great too. The design fits pretty closely to the original inspiration and I'm quite excited to give this a try - maybe I will be pleasantly surprised =D It Girls 29SD's

First up in this section, Mia1435 wearing the LV Party Sunglasses in this cool streetstyle look. The beauty styling of this look definitely pulls in the attention, I adore the deep purple lip, super cool with the glasses and I love the hairstyle a lot. The block sections of black in the look balance well with the white and perspex parts and I think the glasses fit in just perfectly =)
In this second styling DiaryOfDreams wears the LV Inspired Clutch which looks stunning and stands out against these loose cream trousers very nicely. Love the leather texture paired with this pleather one-shoulder top, they're fabulous together^ The silver belt is a great chunky touch, and I like the contrast with the golden accents on the bag. 
This next look from TheBellaMarieC, wearing the LV Inspired Vest, really tempts me to try this piece out! I love the casual vibes that have been added to this look, the white base really works with the black of the vest and makes it seem much more wearable in my style. The grey of the trousers is a good midtone to pair with the contrast in the rest of the look^
And, unusually, a fourth feature - RiManiKordenty styling the Balenciaga Inspired Bag. This really was the first of many that I have spotted with this piece! This is exactly the sort of look I was imagining with this bag, using one of the scarf colours in the look and the red is stunning! The lattice cardigan is super cute with great detail and I love the ruffling of the miniskirt, everything works perfectly together =)

The Guest Writer looks this month are fabulous - in fact the 4 of them really seem to fit together in a set nicely without meaning to^ I love that each of them features a different piece, showing this months HBs really provide a range of styles to suit a range of people =) Miloshki styles the LV Inspired Vest proving it's a perfect layering piece, I love it here without anything layered underneath and we have the deep V neckline, the red touches are fab^ Next up, AudreyHepburn. wearing the LV Inspired Boots and the pink of the dress highlights the beautiful colour of these and their femininity, it's super inspiring for me =) I love the sparkling of the tights and the metallic touch in the jacket - plus introducing florals for spring! Cinderela23barb is third, styling the Drop Gold Silver Earrings which are just dreamy with this stunning hairstyle, so stand out! The gold of these really pops and looks great with the overcoat and the print on the tee. The black in the clothes provide a solid yet stylish base, and I love the retro touch also added in the glasses^ And last but not least, vogue_veronica wearing the LV Inspired Clutch which fits right in with this regal golden styling, a look after my own heart! The bag works great as a belt-piece, that's a super fun way to wear  - it's all about those little additions in this one centred around this fabulous jacket.
Considering we're coming into Spring I seem to have regressed by styling 3 black-based looks! Firstly wearing the LV Party Sunglasses in the most Spring-like of looks, I really love it with this slip dress, and to avoid a jacket, I layered with a polo, I really like how it looks. The golden details on the glasses work well with the polka dots and these golden heels are a great finishing touch. Secondly the Balenciaga Inspired Jeans Skirt - for this I put together a couple of looks to see, and in the end chose this one with a sheeny black base and going a little more dressed, I styled this back when the skirt was released, and looking back now I'm not sure I love it so much anymore, I do think it works, but I don't think it's the direction I want to take with this skirt, I think the look might be better with something silk instead. And lastly the Drop Gold Silver Earrings, and yes, paired with the same shoes as the first look, these ones are just good with this months HBs! I love that the earrings still manage to stand out on the blonde hairstyle I've got on, and for me it was all about little gold touches, like the buttons on this open neck blazer and the heels. The mass of black in the look definitely helps highlight the black hoops of the earrings. When styling these I found I had quite a few options without even really needing to think too much, so these seem super versatile and I look forward to wearing them more!

Canary Bird Gone Bad

I instantly fell in love with this feathery top in Callie's Picks when I saw it - so of course I'm wearing it today! The feather theme continues all the way down to the hem of my skirt and adding a little matchy pop of colour with the neon shoes. Springy! 

Garden green

This is the perfect skirt for spring, and SoMillie is styling it perfectly for the season! It's a tough green to get a colour match for, but this 'top' is a great one, the sheeny shimmer that it has is also pretty perfect and I love the frilling around the 'neckline' - it looks a great piece! The white tights and shoes stand out against the bright shades in the look, but work out well, as do the black belt and bag combination, it definitely splits the colours up and I think the chunky style works =) Also loving the red lip, a spot on beauty choice^

Saturday, 30 March 2019


I went to the end of my wardrobe looking for some inspiration seeing as fashion releases were a bit thin on the ground this week and I pulled out this weird skirt. 

What is this print? I always thought it was a banana a la Andy Warhol for the Velvet Underground, but now I'm typing this post up, I'm not so sure? A shark with it's mouth open? Horizontal bunny ears? Not a clue.  

I've struggled to style it in the past, mostly because I don't really do mini skirts all that much, and I also didn't own this yellow jumper, which legitimately makes everything better. I nearly went for a big ole pair of gogo boots, then a pair of sneakers, but then I settled on these sandals simply because I don't wear those a lot either. 

Ingredients | You Will Need
Dreamings Skirt | Original Future
Yellow Turtleneck Jumper | It Girls
Stacy Mini Skirt | Callie's Picks
Rio De Janeiro Hoops | Tingeling
Angeles Python Tote | Voile
White Satin Stiletto Boots | Inspired by Balmain Tribute

Victorian glamour

This styling today from localsaint has such a great Victorian vintage glamour feel to it, it's quite different but looks great and adds in touches of modern style for a look with a twist. The corsetted beige dress with the intricate details like meshing and small buttons and bows and tulle and ruffles looks fantastic, I've really never noticed it as a piece but maybe more of us should give it a try! The layering really modernises the style, I love the sheer sleeves added and the ruffle-hem skirting, the loose jacket is the perfect finishing touch before accessories! Those are great, love the shoe pairing and also the earrings =)

Friday, 29 March 2019

H I G H F A S H I O N H I D E & S E E K | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

As the month comes to an end you have just a couple more days to find the hidden piece for March! This month are the The Beige B Pants, a neutral pair of slim fit trousers with a very cute red-white-black scarf detail belt at the waist, definitely a super cute piece^
The features firstly, Millaxx choose a look totally up my street, the white shirt is a perfect base to make the scarf design pop out, and the style of the two pieces fit together very well. The accessories are chosen perfectly, love the neutral shoes of course, while the black bag is a contrasting choice but makes those little details on the scarf stand out more. Also love the brooch to add extra detail to the shirt, it's perfect!
And secondly pradavsversace, going for pink - which really highlights a blush tone that the trousers have, I think it's a great choice! The jacket is also a great fit, the pink furry trim and sleeve are perfect in colour and the red trim works well with the belt. I love the simple white boots added to work with the belting, and the pearl earrings are a glamorous touch for the styling =)
For my look I decided to make use of the red on the scarf and kind of went all out with one of my favourite tops fro the square neckline, and these pointed heels, I really like it^ It's definitely a lot of bold colour, but I think it does work out^ I kept the other accessories neutral in black, the bag and sunglasses are simple yet stylish pieces that work in a lot of different looks!

Summer split

I love how super cool the vibes of this styling from dollchik are - the denim skirt looks amazing in a dressed up direction! The skirt is hugely versatile, everyone has been doing such a great job with it, and I think it looks amazing with this shirt, which is a fab piece on it's own, love the off shoulder design and the grey check pattern, I don't know if I've seen anyone style it before. The accessories are super stylish, love the shoes and the silver arm-tucked bag, plus the hat and sunglasses add such a mysterious vibe^

Thursday, 28 March 2019

And Today I Wore

A winning pair of sandals from the recent Wild Candy release, a must have for this season.

Hotbuys Chloe Inspired Light Blue Glasses, It Girls
Pale Cream Sweater, Strike A Pose
Fendi Inspired Tan Jade Hangbag, Inspired By Fendi

Hanging jewels

A great and super fun neutral styling today from turkiye, bringing the revival of this fabulous spring overcoat^ I really think people have forgotten about this wonderful piece, it's super versatile and perfect for the season as well as this overall styling. It looks great with other neutral tones, and the texture of this skirt still stands out against it while being a close colour. I love the use of accessories, the boots stand out well as does the belt bag, and it's all about those jewels - the long necklaces look perfect especially against the sequin bra, and I love these earrings, just stunning =)

Street shopping

Mood: Getting ready at my studio apartment. Time for some street shopping- the celeb style! Overaccessorized and a clean tough look for the go.

Details: Wearing candy fur balls jacket (Original Future), tied with barabados scarf (Riviera), over floral falling maxi dress (Pretty n love). Other items include liberty print inspired scarf (Vinyl), hotbuys Swarovski inspired earrings (Velvet Orchid), ankle boots (Rio), hotbuys 60s inspired cat eye sunglasses (Rio) and chain heavy clutch (Bonjour Bizou).

Tune in every Thursday to check up what I wore for the week! 

Signing off, Veronica

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

N E L L Y A C C E S S O R I E S | Styled Outfits

Following on from my Nelly review and styling up the clothing items, now I'm styling the accessories^ First focussing on the trainers. I love these brown and pink tones with the Flirty Wave Sneakers, it's a combination of cool and casual and I think it works well for the trainers - particularly loving the pinks I've used, they're not pieces I wear often and I totally need to rethink that! Secondly I've styled up the Gold Digger Sneakers in an expected look based on gold^ It's super easy to get pieces to work well with them, I love whites and golds anyway, and this is the perfect excuse to wear them more, loving the smart vibes of this shirt with the trainers particularly. And finally in this set, the Knitted Sock Sneakers, where I spent a good hour trying on all the purple things I have with these - I had a good time, they're pretty versatile! In the end I settled for this fun dress because it's all about the sequins and the orange accents. The overcoat mutes the look a little, it's not too overwhelming with all those different styles.
In the second set, firstly the Sharp Block Sandals, which I simply can't get enough of when paired with more animal print - totally love it! I love the brown tones together in this look, it's minimal yet I think something that little bit special. It would be a super easy look to wear^ As is the second styling, featuring the Tortoise Plastic Bag. I knew I wanted something fairly neutral so the bag would really pop and I adore what I have come up with^ The silk shirt and trouser combination is a great one and provides a great base for the bag, then I added colour in the use of the overcoat to match well with the bag and these fun sunglasses, I think they balance the look nicely being hung on the shirt rather than worn on the eyes! I loved wearing this look a lot =)

Tortoise brown

A super cool spring styling from Isabella8103 and it's totally ready for potential showers^ This plastic-based coat looks fantastic in this outfit and it pairs so well with these trousers, a perfect combination - I'd really doubted how versatile this coat would be and I think this makes it look fab! The yellow is a perfect complementary tone underneath and is a great piece with these yellow lens sunglasses, they are awesome! The brown booties and clutch bag finish the look nicely, I love seeing someone else work this bag, it definitely doesn't get enough attention^

Parisian Ribbons

Wide shoulders, skinny legs!

This week I'm serving parisian girl in 1998 wearing her tan blazer, mini bag and beret sitting
outside of a coffe shop having a hot cup of cinnamon latte and a piece of vanilla cake.

This blazer is quite something... it's very versatile, I decided to go for a black base so the 
focus would go to the blazer and the accessories :)

Bondi Gold Earrings - Riviera
Check Double Breasted Blazer - Mr.
Roll Neck Jumper - Fallen Angel
French Barret - Pearls
Small Mini Leather Bag - Inspired By Marc Jacobs Tribute
Hotbuys Mini Aviator Sunglasses - Original Future
YSL Monogram Choker - Inspired By Saint Laurent Tribute
Fishnets Ribbon Ankle Socks Black - Nelly.com
Belted Waist Blouse - Callie's Picks
Basic Miniskirt - Callie's Picks
Shoes Inspired By Celine - Callie's Picks

xo, Cindy

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Go Gucci

Super minimal yet chic styling today from robyn24 - combining several of my favourite pieces^ These trousers and the frill sleeve top are great pieces individually, and look great together, they make a good base for many styles of looks. This cropped Fendi cape piece looks super cute, the big black collar makes it work with the trousers and the checked print really pops out, and it pairs nicely with the square toe Fendi heels, really love them in this style and they look great. The Chloe Nile wannabe LE bag is a great neat finishing touch, and the big sunglasses are supper glam!

Marni and Me

I never actually styled this HotBuy when it came out - I never seemed to be able to do it justice and I saw it everywhere so it's stayed in my closet for a little while. 

Now it's Spring, I seem to be a bit more inspired because this look came together quite easily. Or maybe it's the switch back to blonde? Who knows?

Isn't the print of this Marni skirt fantastic? The off-white inspired bag is a natural match, thanks to the tongue-in-cheek 'SCULPTURE' label and the deep stone colour. I've kept the rest neutral, because that's what I do, but I've added a tiny hint of colour in the earrings to compliment the riot of the skirt, rather than compete with it. 

I originally paired this with heels and and a smarter jacket, but the oversized puffy jacket and boots fit so well and have a cooler, more casual vibe. I feel very studio-appropriate and ready to do some hardcore collage-ing. 

Ingredients | You Will Need
HotBuys Marni Inspired Printed Skirt | Bonjour Bizou
White Cropped Rio Top | Rio
Oversized Coat | Pearls
Triple Drop Earrings | MSW
Sculpture LE Bag | Limited Edition
HotBuys White Lace Ups | Velvet Orchid
Clear Glasses | Sunny Bunny

Monday, 25 March 2019

1 Piece 1 Week | Straight Leg Trousers

I've been super excited to work on and share this 1 Piece 1 Week post - wearing the Bizou Straight Leg Trousers, because that beautiful shade of yellow is just dreamy^ These came out last month and I've been saving them for this post because I could just see so many options for them. Aside from the colour, they have a great classic design and they fit the doll very nicely. They've been a pretty popular piece and I've seen some fabulous outfits including them =)
Be simple and basic in beige
Ok, this is super plain, but the shade of yellow is a great match for beige tones, and I'm completely on board with that as there are some super fun styles to choose from, like the frilled sleeves or the cutout keyhole neck detailing. I like both tucked and untucked with these trousers and I think with the basic tone palate, the options for accessories are endless. I love the yellows and the browns, they're really classic^
Summer styling in cool cami tops
These trousers have all the summer vibes too with their loose fit on the legs, and what top works better in summer than a light cami?! Both light and dark tones look great with the trousers, and the whole outfits look fab going with the theme. Strappy sandals look great with the trousers for the leg length, and I'm excited to style up more pairs with them. Adoring bag choices for these too, summer bags are great!
Something different in funky shirts
Spring isn't always warm, and shirts are the perfect way to work with that, so many fun choices in these smarter pieces to pair with. I love the brown tones in both of these pieces, they pair together very nicely. Also keeping with the need for a warmer style by adding boots - these work just as well as sandals do with the trousers! Loving the accessories in these stylings a lot, the bags, glasses and belts are just spot on and some of my favourite pieces^

Floral frill

I know florals for spring isn't groundbreaking, but I love it - and I love this outfit from Jesica_1998! I love layering up this dress, it's such an easy piece to do it with and you can have so much fun with the overall style and printing of it. I love the tops used in this look, the highlights on it look fab and the frills on the cropped sleeves look amazing, they're perfect for this dress style^ Love the use of the heavy black boots in the styling too and the classic Chanel bag is stunning, a perfect choice, it looks great =)

Sunday, 24 March 2019

O R I G I N A L F U T U R E | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

We've recently had a new release of Original Future! Not typically my thing, but every so often I might find a piece or two to style up - I did this time^ So a stylings post rather than a review, but I can see it's been quite popular across the site with people being pretty creative with the pieces.
First up the features, ajenkam is styling up the Transparent PVC Jacket and the Silver Y Project Earrings, the pieces are perfect together and I love the beautiful pastel pairings in the look. The lilac is great with the white which really comes across as a glittered silver, and the pink pop of the belt bag is super fun. The plastic booties are spot on for the look and the earrings are the perfect finish!
And then millaxx is styling the Green Stripe Tracksuit in this sleek look! The colours of these trousers are really great, they're kind of the perfect green and the white stripes make an obvious choice for clothing combinations - this is exactly what I would have done! This white denim cropped jacket is perfect with them, the oversizing is a great style pairing and the hem length is great with the fit of the trousers. The bag is perfection, I love it as a choice and the green is an exact match =)
So this time I bought the Neon Ribb Top - I think it's kind of unexpected for me because I'm not a huge neon fan, but I liked the fit of this, and I've seen a few people wearing neon styles that I think I could manage! I'm sticking with safe choices using black with this piece, I thought it was green at first glance, but it's almost a green-yellow cross when styling it up, I love it with both of these neon handbags, which are more yellow based, but it's super fun with the leopard print in the first one^ Keeping the rest of that outfit simple makes it work really well with just the top and bag focus. For the second look I went a little more adventurous and tried out a skirt, I think it works, but it's not my favourite, I do love the accessory choices with this look though =D I have to say upon looking back now, I am quite liking the look of the High Waisted Bodysuits in Pink and Red so I may be making another purchase^

Flower Field

This jacket is gorgeous. It gives me these baroque vibes and I love them! Today this little detail in it caught my eye. I'm talking about the little lilac flower on it. That gave the idea to combine it with this skirt. Doesn't it look good?! This looks is quite heavy with all the prints so I wanted the accessories to be really light. 

Yellow geo

I think this is the perfect spring styling today from Mh91 - and also gives a little clue to my '1 Piece 1 Week' post this month coming to you tomorrow! This top is an older piece but one that has lots to offer with a cool peplum design and great colours and patterns involved, giving it quite a few styling options - these trousers are perfect with the yellow section and the boots are great to complete that! I love the black added in a shirt beneath the sweater, it's effective and pairs well with the belt and the black section on the bag. The mint pieces are beautiful, I'm especially loving the use of these earrings!

Saturday, 23 March 2019

N E L L Y | Release Review

I was literally just thinking it had been a while since a Nelly release, and then a few days later ... there is one! Nelly generally is pretty good with popular and trendy styles being showcased - I always find something to buy without fail! This new advertising method of showing some clothes on a background is pretty cute, I feel like I get a good idea of the styles in the store with it =)
Highlights This is a one-floor release, and it's quite packed - in the past we've had two Nelly releases that succeed each other quite quickly, but there are a lot of pieces here, so maybe we won't get that this time. There's a real mix of styles and trends, not a set theme, but something to keep everyone happy =)
Accessories The accessories really are pretty stand out with this release, and I have to say it's all about those shoes! There are 5 pairs of shoes and they're pretty much all trendy pieces. There are 3 pairs of trainers, or trainer styles - the Gold Digger Sneakers, with a bright white body and the most amazing gold sole, the Flirty Wave Sneakers, which are a white base with some cool black and neutral tones around the body design, I love the more muted vibe of these, and lastly the kind of super cool Knitted Sock Sneakers in a beautiful lilac, I wasn't 100% sure on these at first, but then I tried them on a few times and knew I needed them! Then there are the Slim Block Boots, a pretty pink pair in a very cool snake print design, that looks a little quilted from afar, but I think they look amazing. And lastly the Sharp Block Sandals which I just have no words for, animal print in a minimal stylish design - what's not to love?! I think these will be a subtly winner from the store that will be very lasting. There are a couple of bags, but for me the Tortoise Plastic Bag really stands out - the tortoise printing is still greatly popular and I find it's something that's easy to wear, it's also not too bold in this bag and there are other features included which will make it easier to fit in with a range of other styles and pieces. The Fishnet Ribbon Ankle Socks in Black and Pink are super cute additions to the store, as are the Heart Diamond Earrings, just super adorable and great little additions for looks!
Clothing There are just so many pieces, I don't know where to begin! I really likes the pale pastel feminine style tones features across the store, so pieces like the Tulle Dress with all it's cute ruffles and off-shoulder detail, the Sleeve Focus Knit in both Green and Pink which gives good options of the same design but the Pink has a sweet tuck in the front, and then of course the Tulle Party Top, that cool lilac piece with a very funky sheer off shoulder design with great sleeves! There are a couple of cool classic shirts, the Draped Shirt which would also look great as a dress, and the Soft Lux Shirt which is a half-tucked striped piece which looks super fun to dress both up and down. Also striped is the Striped Coat which looks pretty good, it's an oversized flowing overcoat in cream with the black stripes - it's a pretty versatile design and so I think will look good in a lot of styles. I'm not such a fan of the denims in this release but I do really like the PVC Cropped Trousers, they look really out of place in the store design, which makes them pop and catch your attention! I've seen a lot of people style these already and they're seeming very versatile.
Prices This release ranges from 9 to 22SD's, which is pretty good, nothing is too pricey at all. There are no SC pieces and nothing is limited to SS or Royalty only members.
Styled Outfits I bought a lot from this release and had too many looks to share, so today just the clothing styles and next week I will share my accessory stylings =) First up the Tulle Dress which I just thought was super adorable, I have some fun plans for this dress, but for now something simple with sheeny and sparkly pink accessories - really love these heels with the dress! Secondly the Tulle Party Top which is just the most fun piece to style! I love pairing it in an all purple styling, the deep tones are great with the lilac and I think these shoes add a little fun with the sparkle and make a good pairing for the earrings that you can just about see against my hair^ I'll totally wear this combination again! And then after all those pastels - something a little more rock chick! The PVC Cropped Trousers were so easy to style and I did get a little pastel and light silk into the look with the bag and shirt, I think it works! Even though I've added a lot of leather and black to the look, I still think the trousers hold their own, it's all about that sheen^
Features I really think this has been a popular and successful release, you guys are really styling up the pieces! First up a few featuring the Striped Coat which I'm now planning to buy and style up^ This one is from ClemenceMoss and I think the coat is looking great with these checked trousers, I love the print and the wide leg style with the oversizing of the coat, it looks great! The rest of the look has been kept minimal, the white shirt and black boots are the perfect neutral for all the stripes and this bag is a perfect colour match for the coat, that's a combination I will be inspired to wear^
And then ajenkam also styles the Striped Coat but paired with the Brilliante Bra Silver, the Knitted Sock Sneakers and the Studded Belt Bag! I think all of these pieces look great together, and the pleated golden midi is a great addition to them. The pastel tones really manage to pop while fitting in with the glitz of the bra design!
And then we have a few stylings with the Tulle Party Top - it's definitely popular! This first look is from Mh91 going all for the lilac, these trousers and the bralette are the perfect pairing for this piece, I love it =) I think the black shiny leather accessories work nicely as a contrast to the pastel, it really looks good and these shoes are the perfect choice - but now I must know where those cute earrings are from!
And secondly in the Tulle Party Top but also the PVC Cropped Trousers - the contrasting tones are clearly winning^ I love the layering of the two lilac pieces together here, the tulle really pops against the PVC of the piece beneath it and it adds such a flouncy feel. Love the silver of the accessories, perfect with the lilac, and the oversized hat is super mysterious^