Saturday, 30 June 2018

J U N E 2018 | Hotbuys Review

I cannot believe we are now halfway through 2018! And here is our 6th Hotbuys Review, for June! I love the pastel pink theme that seems to run through most of this months offerings, it's current and fun and just what I'm after! There are a few pieces that I'm not so sure about, but it certainly looks better than last month at first glances!


Checked Bag - This. Bag! I just think this is a great piece - I adore the checks so much and the colours are beautiful! Both the pink and blue work together and with the white of the checking. I love the overall shape, it's super interesting and the design is fab, the ties and little additions and handles are fabulous. I'm quite surprised not to see more people wearing this! Bizou 22SD's
Pink Bow Sandals - So while I'm not too big on flat shoes or many pairs of sandals, these are pretty cute! Of course, being pink and having a little bow definitely help with that^ The perspex panelling is very current and modern and really contrasts the femininity of the overall style. The ankle strap has a cool cut too, I think these a pretty nice overall - again, not seen too many people go for these, but I'm looking forward to wearing them =) Evil Panda 17SD's
Gingham Poplin Dress - More checks! This dress was a favourite of mine from the advertising, I love the shape and the overall design. The checks are broken up nicely by their use in different colours and with the white portions mixed in. Love the high-low hemming design and the quirky cutout in the side, also the neckline with the ruffle-effect of the top piece, it's all just so pretty! It's got a spring-vibe to it so I think this will still be great next spring^ Bizou 26SD's
Pink Silk Earrings - Moving on a little from the pastels, these earrings are a much bolder pink - and glitzy! I love the darker tone of raspberry and the large size they have - plus that they're a pair, it saves me making sure they are in the same place on each ear^ I think they're a fun standout piece overall! It Girls 15SD's
Pink Vinyl Jacket - This jacket is a little edgier compared to the previous 4 pieces, and I quite like it in the mix of things! The colour is nice, and in perspex it's totally different to any other jackets. I love the over-shoulder style, it's a popular one and I think this is a great spring-summer version of the trend =D Velvet Orchid 28SD's
Platform Brogues - Ok so this is the first of the HBs which isn't really for me. I like a brogue, and I like a metallic shoe, but these just aren't quite right for me, I think it's the chunky-ness of the platform, I think it detracts from the great golden colour and doesn't make them as nice a shoe - sorry! Fallen Angel 19SD's
Polka-Dot Headband - This is another piece that's not for me, but I do think it's pretty cute^ I've never gotten on well with headbands in the past, but the bow is sweet and the mixed pastel colour design is really nice. If this was in a little neck scarf, or maybe even a cool skirt design or something, I'd be totally buying it, just not a headband. Pretty 'N Love 14SD's
Valentino Inspired Bag - I was a little unsure about this piece at first sight, and I'm still unsure about it now at the end of the month! I really like the idea of the bag, denim as a bag is fab and works in a lot of styles, but I think the way the fringing has been done makes it look a little less attractive for me, I don't know, it's just not quite as nice as I thought it would be when I tried it on my doll. The stud design is nice and I like the metalwork and the handle, but I'm just not 100% sure on this one - let me know what you guys think! Velvet Orchid 22SD's
Embroidered Dark Denim Shorts - I knew immediately I wouldn't like these, hotpants just aren't my thing at all and I think you all are aware of that! The denim colour is nice, but I think the butterfly design definitely adds a younger feel to these ... if they were a full length jean, I'd maybe consider then, but not as shorts. I did try them on and the fit didn't look quite right either, so a little disappointing. It Girls 20SD's
Valentino Inspired Denim Top - And to match the short, a bralette/crop top! The same comments again, this just isn't a piece for me. It still looks very young and I can't see it looking too good in a stylish way - please prove me wrong if you really love this piece, but it's just not my style! It Girls 19SD's

I love this layered up look for the Gingham Poplin Dress from Marta-43! It looks great with extra pieces layered beneath it which really lets the colour and the shape pop. And the accessory additions, these DIY sock-shoes are perfect and a great style fit with the dress, as are the sunglasses. The red bag is a great eye-catcher =)
Next up we have Eyrl wearing the Pink Vinyl Jacket paired with more pink - so great! I think the colour of the vinyl goes hand in hand with that of the dress, the combination works well for both pieces making them both attractive in this minimal styling, perfect^
And finally, trying to sell me on the Valentino Inspired Bag, a look from ManiakPupili! It's doing a good job at making me see the plus points of it^ I like the double-denim combination with the jeans, the dark wash works well to highlight the bag and the slight fray at the hem works well with the bag fringing. The neutral style to the rest of the look really lets the focus be on the bag, I'm really liking this combination =D

And finally, my stylings! So the first half of the months HBs were much more successful for me, and I've tried to style up pieces that I didn't feature above^ The Pink Silk Earrings are a dream match with this dress, couldn't get a closer colour pairing if I'd tried harder! Absolutely perfect styles for each other - sadly there were no perfect shoes in my wardrobe, or a bag, but the styles of these two pieces fit my overall vibe^ For the Checked Bag I had so much fun! I was going to pair it with it's matching dress, but to mix things up I found that this sweet wrap dress was also a perfect colour-match for the blue and it lets the pink pop nicely. The white tights and shoes add a youthful fun touch and I think it works out really well - the pink eyeshadow look also pops well =) And lastly the Pink Bow Sandals in my 'different' look! These trousers from Runway are a great pink for the sandals both in terms of colour and length, they show off all design aspects of the shoe^ I decided to try out more of the plastic side of things, and I quite like the overall look of these 3 pieces against the softer texture of the trousers, I think it works out for these sandals =D

Big Mac

This is a redux of a styling I did a few years ago, back when I was still posting on my own blog. 

Like a fool, I sold this Subcouture trench coat / rain mac for pittance and I've regretted it ever since. I was sweeping the bazaar for deals and there it was, for less than the original price...

Well, you can't look a gift horse like that in the mouth, so I decided to do an new and improved version. I think this jacket really shines when it's paired with a waist cinching skirt, because it balances out all that drama in the collar. This particular skirt is perfect because it has volume in the hips and tartan with trench coats is a match made in Burberry-heaven. 

Ingredients | You Will Need
Beige Patent Trenchcoat | Subcouture
Tartan Wool Skirt | Bonjour Bizou
Black Leather Bow Belt | Bonjour Bizou
McQueen Inspired Faux Fur Big Clutch | Inspired by McQueen Tribute
Knee High Socks | Pretty'n'Love
Basic Pumps | Nelly.com

Beauty Snaps

Friday, 29 June 2018

T R E S S U P | Feature Set

Last week we got a brand new Tress Up release, which left me a little disappointed - none of these new styles suit my doll at all! Luckily they do suit some people - these guys^ Ccaauu1414 looks fantastic in the VickyVCuchie Inspired Hairstyle, I love the boyish vibe to it and think it looks great as brunette, selling it more to me than the blonde! I think the makeup and sharp bold eyebrows really help bring the style up and really make it look runway-ready!
Patriciaa. has also gone for brunette and is wearing the FlyingNose Inspired Hairstyle, which was one I struggled to look at initially, but now I've seen quite a lot of people working with it in a range of colours. I like the youthfulness that it helps to add to this look, I think it's super fun =)

Thursday, 28 June 2018

E V I L P A N D A | Styled Outfits

The recent Evil Panda release wasn't completely up my street but there was one piece that caught my eye - the White Beatnik Boots! A pretty minimal piece that have 'current style' written allll over them^ They seem versatile so I decided to give styling them a go =)
I found so many pieces worked with these, almost everything I tried looked pretty good, even the dresses which I really found myself leaning towards in these looks. Absolutely love this striped dress with the boots, it's got a quirky style itself so the boots totally bring it back to earth a little. Of course, lilac is current and works with these, the recent culottes also fit well with these boots but I decided on this dress - it would look like such a great pairing IRL too^ And lastly something casual with denim, it's not my favourite combination when competing against these dress looks, but I think it works and will work with a lot of other casual pairings =) And totally didn't intend to use all Dior bags, but they do look good with the boots!!!

Fishnet perspex

I know this outfit looks pretty set for the autumn and winter with the layering used, but the accessorising by CoolRachael was too good not to show! The mini-over-shoulder bag is adorable and really stands out against the black trousers. I absolutely love the fishnet socks paired with these perspex mules, it's such a cool and clever combination that really pops =) The short hair gives good opportunity to show off the earrings and the sunglasses are so sleek, love the ombre style on the lens^

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Pink in perspex

A great way to transform some of our recent LE pieces in today's feature from Isabella8103! I love the addition of the perspex coat, it doesn't look out-of-season and I think it looks great with the pink short-suit beneath it, it's a way to still wear the LE but with a twist! The shoes are styled so well with the plastic bag effect and this looks good with the jacket. The rest of the accessorising is also fab, love the furry stole, it's something a little unexpected and elegant and the glasses and fitting with the white frame =)

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Beauty Snaps


We had some surprise Givenchy this week - how exciting! I've been busy losing my mind over this coat all day which, funnily enough, was my stand out piece amongst all that black and drama.

So luxury! Much practical! This is a coat I'm going to return to time and time again. That little sliver of exposed shoulder is just perfectly sultry. 

I've gone for the most simple palette to draw focus to the luxe textures instead. Ehhh it may be a bit Kardashian, but if you can't beat 'em, join 'em I guess. 

Ingredients | You Will Need
Givenchy Inspired Off Shoulder Coat | Museum Mile
Blonde Ambition Dress | Archive
Big Warm Cream Cashmere Scarf | Bonjour Bizou
Soft Beige Thigh Highs | Inspired by Balmain Tribute
Taupe Envelope Clutch | Callie's Picks
Marble Effect Sunglasses | Antidote

Monday, 25 June 2018

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T ED | June 2017

I do think these HB's from last year were a little 50-50 in terms of working out well - some pieces just are a little odd and tricky to style, but then there's some fantastic additions as well! There's a lot of denim with this one, and the Loose Fit Denim Jacket was one of the TSL Top Picks for the 2017 HB's. The piece I absolutely adore are the Metallic Peach Pumps, I wear them quite regularly, and the Lace Detail Smart Pants are also pretty great. But this time around I'm working with the Miu Miu Inspired Jewel Bag and the Rock N Rolle Tulle Denim Jacket:
I absolutely adored this bag the first time around and I really liked styling it again - this newer peach skirt is an amazing fit in terms of colour, so I am glad I have it! And the shoes, these are a cute pair that I've not seem many others wear and I think they're great in this combination. I kept neutral in the top and not too over-the-top with the sunglasses and I think it works out well for the bag! The jacket isn't a top choice of mine, but something has made me keep it for the last year - I'm surprisingly happy with my look, I love these quirky mesh trousers with the tulle, I think it's an interesting texture and sure catches your eye. I used silver as an accent and I think it looks pretty good with the buttons on the jacket. I think this one worked out ok, but the question is is this jacket going to last in my wardrobe?! 

Red stripe pop

Blue and red are a current combination and I love the overall effect of it in this styling by Crystal_Harris! This slip-style dress is a cool one, I like the cutout patterning and pastel underlay but I didn't take the chance to buy the dress because I was unsure how to style it - this look completely does it justice! I love the colouring of the dress with the coat, they're a good match and I love the subtlety added in the red checking which is continued in bold choices with the shoes and necklace, they work so well! The pop of colour attracts you to the look and I think really finish the styling nicely =)

Sunday, 24 June 2018

B A S I C S D E C O R | Suite Style / / Styled Suite

A few weeks back now we got some new BASICS Decor in the Plaza - a whole host of pieces from furniture to small decorative items and in a range of colours! I don't really think it justifies a whole review but I wanted to show how I styled things up in my suite. First up though, a feature! Tolady has gone to town with the release in this suite room and has focussed on the green pieces from the release - I'm particularly loving the Coffee Table Lime Punch with the bold leg colour, it pops so well in the whole room and of course the Chaise Lounge Sofa Charcoal looks like a great centre-piece =D
In my suite I've focused on the pink pieces from the release and took the opportunity to re-style on of my older suite rooms - I'm still loving this Seine view! I chose a lot of the smaller pieces to work with as the bigger furniture items would've crowded the view a little. I love the pale wooden base to the Tripod Lamp Blooming Dahlia, it's such a refreshing tone and works well with quite a few of the wooden pieces I already had, I think it's great with this chair! And of course the Shaggy Round Rug Blooming Dahlia, it's a great floor piece and I love layering it with similar textures which I think works well for my overall room design =D

Dark summer

Black can look good in summer too! Millaxx has seen to that well with this outfit =) There's such a mixed casual yet dressed up vibe to this look, I love the sleeveless top with deep V and peplum detail, so many styles meshed into the one with it. And I think it looks great paired with these kinda-sheer-leg trousers, they're great! I don't think I've seen them before but they look so good in their shape and fit on the doll, thumbs up from me! Love the classy heels and the use of accessories, everything looks great together especially the clutch and earrings =D

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Limited Edition SPECIAL # W E S T Y L E I T

And now styling up the recent LE release! And instead of just me styling it, I thought we'd do a We Style It instead to bring a host of different styles to the pieces. I picked out 5 pieces to style up between the 3 of us and I think we've come up with some interesting and great combinations =)

So many great handbags to choose from, we've gone with the Jeff Koons Inspired LV Handbag, I love the blue colour to the base and think it's pretty current. We've all just about gone in completely different directions, with a range of blues and colour pops and shoes from classic heels, to trainers to quirky boots. I found the bag worked well with a lot of different pairs of trousers and skirts, I think it's a versatile piece for summer stylings!

P I N K S H O R T S / / G R E E N S H O R T S
Next up we styled up the shorts, with myself and Miloshki going with the Pink and AudreyHepburn. going for the Green identical pair! There are many great matching pieces that these shorts go well with, especially boots^ Great oversized sweaters and jackets for these and they're good for summer to get the legs out. Socks and trainers add such a cute vibe too =) 

We all agreed that this Graphic Skirt was a little harder to work with than expected - it's a cute piece, geared towards autumnal and maybe spring stylings with the colour scheme of it. The colours are great and do open up for a range of pairings and accessories. We've all picked different colours and prints yet they all work out well with the skirt. While I've gone light on the tophalf, dressing for summer, the other stylings make good use of outerwear.

Next up one of the belts, the Brown Croco Belt and I love our looks for this! It's so easy to style it up in different looks and we've really shown that with these stylings. It looks great with coats, so I think it will be perfect in autumn and winter too. Love the knotted style, I think it adds well to looks and the colour is one that works with a range of tones =)

And lastly 2 looks with the Ruffled Red Blouse which is a super smart piece with a lot of detailing and therefore opportunity to show it off. I also love the sheer and slightly blouson-style sleeves, I think they look great and I love that it's long sleeved. Clearly we're fans of high-waists with them and I think that helps show off the ruffling^

A Midsummer Day's Dream

Stardoll kindly dropped a flower crown into our suites for free, so I thought I'd go and frolic in a field...

The only thing missing from this look is a pair of goggles for the hayfever.

Ingredients | You Will Need
Flower Crown Midsummer 2018 | Special Offer
Olivia Styled Shirt | Young Hollywood
Cropped Jeans | The JetSet
Satin Bomber Jacket | Wild Candy
Embroidery Caftan Belt | Bonjour Bizou
Off White Inspired Pink Waist Bag | Inspired by Off White Tribute
9to5 Florist Leaf Twig | 9to5
Boutonniere Rose | Voile
Pastel Low Sneakers | Original Future

Beauty Snaps

Friday, 22 June 2018

1 Piece 1 Week | Striped Tie Waist Skirt

A smart summer skirt this week for these stylings - the Striped Tie Waist Skirt from PEARLS which came out just at the end of last summer so this is our first summer season with it. And this is an SC piece so very easily affordable for everyone to enjoy, hooray! I haven't styled this one since last year, but seeing one or two people styling it this season definitely pushed me to choose it for this post.
Collared smarting shirts and skirts
The colours of the skirt make it a classic workwear sort of piece, a good shirt is a must and my wardrobe is full of them! It's also full of some fabulous matching shoes all with a little something special! White shirt+pointed white heels; match-y blue shirt+origami blue striped shoes!
Blue pairing tones
There are many great blue tones available to buy, and many of them work well with this skirt! I like both the striped and the minimal styles, but a dark navy is great for a pop too^ And also many great handbag choices, whether clutch or handheld. Couldn't resist a matching bow shoe for the belted tie of the skirt with this one =)
Summer pieces call for camisoles
And casual! This skirt works well casual too, and with trainers, white is such a versatile colour and makes a good base for these light summer camisole choices. These work tucked and untucked and make a good minimalist style. The skirt still stands out, the volume is fantastic with these pieces!

Fur hood

This LE look is looking chic^ TYLERCON has done a great job with this look, turning this vest (which I'm really not a fan of) into something super stylish! It looks great layered with the white fitted pieces, the trousers especially. I'm loving the use of the fur as a shawl, it suits the style and colours of the outfit very nicely. Also the bag, it's a perfect fit for it and it adds such a delicate touch =D

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Lilac smoke

A fantastic summer styling wearing so many of my favourite trends today from MeLolitka! I love this lilac paillette style skirt, it's got such a great look to it and attracts your eye to any outfit it's in^ Especially loving it combined with this yellow bag, the colours look fantastic together, a perfect fit. I'm also loving the use of this blouse, it's one of my favourites to style - it's perfect for summer with it's loose fit but it's also a unique one because I think people often forget about how good it is =D Also that smokey eye?! Stunning!

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

P L A Z A P I C K S | S U N G L A S S E S

It's that time again - Plaza Picks! This month, choosing sunglasses came as a theme pretty quickly, it's summer after all, and I'm loving putting different pairs on my doll! Would you believe that in the section in the Plaza there are over 200 pieces to choose from, that's kinda crazy and unexpected =D So I've picked out my top 15 pairs and they've kinda split nicely in 6 different categories - and there's something for everyone, so many great pairs in the Plaza are in SC's, so buying new sunglasses just for one season doesn't have to break the bank^ There really is so much choice in so many styles so I think even just from these 15 picks you're likely to find something that works for you!

Suite Style

More of a suite, this time from Dina_da_Dino with this extensive room! It's super long but I really wanted to show you the whole thing, and actually the concrete style vibe is continued throughout the rest of the suite rooms so I suggest you go check them out too^ I loved this one for the wood and concrete combination but also the use of bold contrasting pieces like the bronzed table and the soft feel in the orange rug, it's such an unexpected choice but one that looks good. And also the pastel print fitted with the coral-style turquoise bowl, I think that part alone looks fantastic!