Friday, 30 June 2017

B I Z O U | Release Review

It seems a little while ago now, but Bizou was one of our recent Plaza releases and I think it was pretty awesome! I love the homepage advert - So. Much. Pink! I think it's perfect^ It's on trend and also shows a range of pieces in a range of tones, although it does imply that the collection is all about the colour though!
Highlights So it's not just about the pink, there's some other choices in there too, but pink is a prominent feature in this release - you won't be hearing any complaints from me about that! The pieces are mostly summery, although are maybe a little girly for the usual Bizou releases to keep everyone happy.
Accessories The accessories are the usual small collection of pieces, but they really have a wide range of styles and trends included - going from wild with prints with the Jerome Dreyfuss Inspired Handbag to the more feminine styling of the Pink Quilted Handbag. And the shoes are contrasting too, with the darker and pretty cool Knee High Wedge Boots then the silvery grey Leather Tassel High Heel Loafers - but it's great to get a mix and keep everyone happy! I also think the Mock Shirt Collar Necklace will be a popular piece as the peter-pan-collar style is still pretty strong =)
Clothing So yes, a lot of pink, but I think I'll start with what's not pink^ There's a reasonable amount of denim, the High Waisted Mid Rinse Skinny Jeans and then a jacket with the Victorian Inspired Denim Jacket which I think I'd love if it was just a little longer and the colour a little darker - I love the idea behind the style, but the design just doesn't look quite right to me. There are also 3 pieces in a pretty light bright blue - the Lace Spaghetti Strap Top, Paradise Blue Lace Skirt and Fuzzy Paradise Island Sweater. The shade isn't one I'd really wear a lot, nor does it suit my doll, but I like the styles of these pieces and think they will work really well for some people. And the final non-pink pieces are pretty contrasting in style with the minimal sleek High Neck Silk Halter Top which just looks ahhh-mazing, and the pretty, almost historian Valentino Inspired Floral Midi Skirt which seems to look good on everyone! And the pinks =D They're split nicely into lights and darks, and while the darker pink is super eye catching and attention grabbing, I do love the intricate designs behind the paler pieces - just look at those lace patterns in the Laser Cut Pale Body Shirt and the Lace Bodycon Mini Dress! Breathtaking! I really like the Laser Cut Pale Body Shirt as it seems like a wearable piece, and the body design means it will look fab with some trousers or a skirt paired ontop of it. And for autumn I think the Fuzzy Blush Sweater will be great =) The two pieces which really get my eyes bulging are the Pink Shoulder Blazer and Pink Front Pleat Trousers, they steal the show in this release! They are in a fab colour but also in a fab design that suits and fits the doll well. The pieces look great together but also have so many options to be worn separately, these are definite winners of this collection =D
Prices The prices of this release range from 8 to 23SD's with a couple of SC items included too. There's a couple of pieces for SS/Royalty only, but I don't think this takes away from the collection at all.
Styled Outfits I was drawn in very quickly and easily by the bright pinks and have styled the Pink Shoulder Blazer and Pink Front Pleat Trousers today! I found this a pretty easy task, and a lot of things I already own work well with this bright tone, so I had a fun time making these looks^ First for the Pink Shoulder Blazer I really liked the style with this sweater print and thought they made a nice minimal stylish combination. It seemed simple to stick with whites for my trousers and shoes, but I love the all-out pink with this Chanel bag, really a perfect blazer for this piece^ And then the Pink Front Pleat Trousers, which I just loved with this StarDesign sweater that I got some time ago. There's a matching pink, but I also love the clashing red and contrasting blue that are included in the design, they work nicely with the pink! The sweater really opened up the use of black accessories, so I went down this path to let the pink be the colour of the look^
Features Again, pandaribbon has pulled it out the bag with these stylings, aren't they just amazing?!?! There's a heavy bright pink theme and it works so well for her doll. I love the creativity behind the first two looks, pairing the Double Breasted Pink Trench Coat with a casual hoodie and the Leather Tassel High Heel Loafers with pink tights in the same styling^ Then also the use of meshed dresses with the Pink Shoulder Blazer - perfect! And inspiring as usual =D
And then this look from bloom_xx_layla featuring the Leather Tassel High Heel Loafers. They really stand out against the darker clothing. I love that the tasselled frills on top of the shoe correspond really nicely to the shapes in the very creatively-made top, I think it's great and very stylish^

Bye June

It was great experience to be a guest writer this month. Thank you, till the next time!

Dolce Gabbana Inspired Silk Blouse | LE
Red Bell Bottoms | Alice + Olivia
HotBuys Precious Handbag | Fallen Angel
Westwood Signum Earrings | Museum Mile
White Wing Wedge Sandals | Dior Holiday Tribute

Elegant supreme

I'm getting super elegant retro vibes from todays styling from nicki_-_-minaj! I think this is just the coolest style to try on Stardoll and I think it suits the doll really well! The clothing items are minimal but have been placed well, the furry coat looks awesome as an off-shoulder stole and it really makes way for the amazing array of jewels and accessories around the neckline - completely eye catching and look stealing! I also loved the sweet little ankle socks and the jewelled heels, such a great inclusion =D

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #160

This look is definitely more suited to autumn, but I was really up for this furry bag for today's challenge post! This is the Hot Hot Buys Burgundy Fuzz Bag which came out as part of the Hotbuys calendar in December 2015, I can't believe it was that long ago, I feel like I haven't had this bag long enough to give it a good chance at stylings! I like burgundy, so this bag already is looking good, I'm still undecided if I'm a fan of the two reds together, maybe I would remember it more if it was just the one?! Anyway I went with the burgundy for the look and this out there suit just stood out to me a needing to be styled with such an extravagant bag - I love the outcome! The minimal use of other accessories lets the bag have the limelight, but I do like my use of a darker eye =D

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Pajama chic

Violet Dressing Jacket | Decades
Jewel Tone Trousers | Archive
LE Dionysus Black Leather Bag | LE
LE Gucci Inspired Crossover Heels | LE

Black and white

This school-style bag sure is popular as here it is again, this time in a smart styling from oayes =) I love the off-shoulder style and it's been combined really well here, not just with a polo for a cold-shoulder styling, but also with some awesome striped sleeves, they are fab and eye-catching^ And also inspiring, it makes me wanna wear some sweaters like that too. And the accessories are fitting and styling, I think the hat looks great =D

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

We Wear Hotbuys J U N E | Denim Cut Off Long Shorts

And here we are at the final HB of June! These are the Denim Cut Off Long Shorts from Original Future costing 20SD's, which I think is expensive for a piece like this. They're not the HB I was most looking forward to, in fact they're not a piece for me at all, the style is just something I wouldn't go for and they don't work on my doll at all. I like the ripped hems, but unfortunately that's about as far to liking this piece as I can get - I'd love to know your thoughts on these too, so comment below!
I have to admit, I do like the look I came up with, but I think it would be hard for me to wear these shorts in another way - but there are plenty of boots like this for you to come up with slightly different combinations with, so there's always that^ Anyway, I don't think this is a HB I'd recommend, apologies for my lack of enthusiasm, but not everyone will like everything! And vote in the poll as always:

Shiny sweetheart

This shiny sleek styling really stood out to me for today's feature from Cimbilin! These trousers stand out when you look through a lot of suites, they have a great bright colour and also a really nice loose fit, the waistline is perfect with that belt too, and I like the addition of the buttons. The length is also nice and gives opportunity to show off some shoes. I also really liked the use of this sweetheart sweatshirt, a totally different style but one that makes me smile when I see it =D The bag is fitting with the other accessories, then the earrings ad makeup is totally glamorous ... I love it!

Monday, 26 June 2017

W I N D O W S O N T H E W O R L D | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

Recently we got a new release of Windows On The World, this time themed on Dubai! I wasn't sure about doing a review and really umm'd and ahh'd about posting anything until I spotted this fantastic feature! Pandaribbon always pulls something out of the bag with new releases and this one is no exception - 4 stunning looks filled with inspiration =D There's something special about each styling and so much thought has gone into each look. I'm particularly drawn to the second look, featuring the Sartorial Monk Inspired Chevron Pants, who knew male trousers could look so awesome styled in this feminine way^ The shape of them is super cool, I just wish for a girls version now! And I love the third look, the Jeans Couture Inspired Cold Cuff Shirt worn with this rocker leather jacket but kept summery and casual with a light denim skirt and some loafers.
And so I decided I'd style a couple of items myself, not to the same extent as above, but I gave my purchases a fair shot =D Firstly the Lace Up Clear Plastic Heels, a style I can't seem to pass up these days. I love these for their delicate heel and sweet ankle strapping - so I had to show that off with some ankle baring trousers, and these grey ones are a great colour fit. Kept it super summery with my favourite off-shoulder top and picked out some yellow accessories, look at me going all out with a necklace^ Haha =) And then I also styled the Jeans Couture Inspired Cold Cuff Shirt and I definitely took a step out of my comfort zone with this golden mini skirt, but it really does style nicely to highlight the golden accents on the shirt. I kept up with the smarter feel of the shirt with the blazer, belt and shoes, but I could have gone much more wild^

Summer sea

A very fashion-centric styling today coming to you from FunOpler! I just love the simple creativity gone into this styling, from the clothing combinations to the accessories and stunning makeup choices - it all just stands out and gets my attention immediately! The blue around the eyes is pretty and super flattering. I love the clothes, these trousers have an interesting print and I think it's been used really well in this minimal styling. The bodycon bandeau dress is simple, yet the addition of all the sleeves make it look like one classy piece - overall such a great job =D

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #159

Here is the next post in the challenge, a duo of stripes^ These are two striped Hotbuy pieces that we got quite some time ago, the Hotbuys Woven Shopper Tote from Bizou, and then the Hotbuys Striped Bag which has been released several times in differing stores so I think is an easy piece to find in the Bazaar! For the first piece, the Hotbuys Woven Shopper Tote I spent so long looking for the perfect striped piece to work with it and sadly nothing was quite right, I compromised with these casual trousers, they have one stripe down the side^ I think the pink is an easy fit for the tone of these two pieces and I do think the stripe on the belt and trousers highlights the patterning on the bag. And secondly the Hotbuys Striped Bag which is a piece I have worn quite a few times, so it's certainly not a neglected piece. I went pretty simple with the clothes, the plain black lets the white stripes really catch your eye. But love the silver shoes I picked for their stripe effect, and I even went all out and added some earrings - not much but I really like this look on my doll =D

Ruby red

Been seeing a lot of focus on reds lately, and I still love it, including in this next feature styling from ManiakPupili today =) This recent Velvet Orchid Designer Inspired Transparent Plastic Coat looks amazing here and it really is emphasised out in the look with the use of the simple black and red pieces beneath, making the white lining really pop out. I love that it's totally not-held-back with this look and the red is continued in the booties with these socks and in the glasses which draw your attention to some fab makeup and earrings!

Saturday, 24 June 2017

We Wear Hotbuys J U N E | Miu Miu Inspired Jewel Bag

I can't believe we're at the penultimate June HB already! And it's another awesome one =) This is the Miu Miu Inspired Jewel Bag from It Girls costing 22SD's, a little eye-watering but if you love it no price will get in the way of owning it! I adore the peachy tone, it's great for summer and it's one that not a huge amount of people wear so it does bring some much needed attention to the tone^ There's a lot going on with the design with studs and jewels, but I quite like it, I think it brings a very nice and designer feel to the piece which a lot of people like having on Stardoll^
Two perfect cute stylings for this bag for you to choose from, and I think it'll be tough - I love both the maximal and minimal take on the peachy tone, both work out well for the bag and it's clear these shoes make a winning combination^ And I really love it in these more dressed up styles, I'm not sure how well I'd be able to make casual work for this piece. Let us know what you think by voting in the poll:

Summer fruit

Such a cute summery styling from MalinaSekret111 this weekend =D It's another cute styling for the Fever Pineapple Silk Print Dress and is a great way to wear summer pieces in a little more covered way - it's also great for the white skirt used, I think the wrap is cute with the dress^ The accessories are fab and the yellow stands out nicely with the pineapples!

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #158

Tonight another challenge post, today featuring the Pom Pom Purse from Fever which came out last year. I like the deeper red rather than it being a brighter red, I think it works well for a lot of seasons and colour pairings but I stuck with a classic red for this one. I love this top as it adds a nice shape and I don't feel like I have to wear outerwear with it, making the look super summery how the bag was intended! I like these culottes with the outfit but I think there could be a better colour match with the bag still^


Triangle Print Vintage Dress | Bonjour Bizou
Branded Tee | Original Future
Pouch Waist Purse | It Girls
Hanging Knitted Sweater | Mr.
Amber Shades | Special Offer
Sneakers | ThePerpetua
Ruby Socks | Pretty n' Love
Baby Blue Socks | Pretty n' Love
Comflower Socks | PPQ of Mayfair

Pastel smoke

Mixing summer with the seasons surrounding it today in this styling coming from Uplooad^ I love this pastel pink maxi - a style and colour which are staples right now, but it's really been utilised to make it a more versatile piece. This look is ready for spring or autumn with the inclusion of the navy polo under the dress, and the two pieces fit the doll together really nicely! The pink is continued in the sparkly earrings while the dark tones are used in the chunky platforms and bag, as well as the fabulous smokey eye =)

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

We Wear Hotbuys J U N E | Metallic Peach Pumps

And another HB, one of my top picks this month I think, the Metallic Peach Pumps from Bizou priced at 18SD's. I just love everything about these shoes, the shape is pretty and I love the slight curve of the heel, I think it's a flattering style, and I also love the slight point of the toe. The peachy pink colour is beautiful and current, and the glitter is a perfect touch as well as not being too overwhelming for the piece =D
Ughh these shoes are just so cute! I love them so much and I'm stoked to style them even more! From our looks, other pink pieces are clear winners, but I think there's a great option there in  the muted green sweater - plenty to play around with =D And vote in the poll as usual too:

Red leg

Light and airy and popping with colour in today's feature styling from NixieSure =D These harem pantaloon style trousers are a flowy light summer piece, and I love the introduction of the red splashes to the style. The top has been put together creatively and I like the layering of the short sleeves on the long ones. The red stripes on the trousers give a nice definition to them and they work well with the boots and overshoulder bag - these pieces will also look awesome in autumn^ Plus, that snake designed as a belt piece is pretty cool =)

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

We Wear Hotbuys J U N E | Rock N Roll Tulle Denim Jacket

And next HB, the Rock N Roll Tulle Denim Jacket from Evil Panda costing 17SD's - I can't get my head around the pricing system that makes the Platforms from yesterday cost more than a jacket! This piece is great and I think it definitely lives up to my expectations from the advertising =) What I like is the fitted shape at the shoulders but the looser fit lower on the body with the sleeves and the tulle hemming from the waist - it's fashionable and so far looks like an easy piece to style!
I think there's a lot of great options for styling this piece, and given the rather cool design (well, in my opinion at least!) I think it's a great deal for the price! As you can see we've really gone for a range of pieces with it from smart and dressy down to casual - plenty of choice^ And vote in the poll too:


Such a pretty feminine summer styling today coming from Miver =) I love this styling combining a feminine flouncy dress with the harsher colour of the denim jeans and I really like the shapes in the clothing paired together, like the stepped hems on the jeans and dress and also the strap and shrug style at the top of the dress - plus just some super pretty colours in there! Love the pink heels, they fit nicely and don't pull attention in a negative way, and also the stand out burgundy of the bag, I think it works out, as does the keychain^

Monday, 19 June 2017

We Wear Hotbuys J U N E | Denim Jersey Platforms

And a little burst of HB posts to start this week! These are the Denim Jersey Platforms from Evil Panda which cost 20SD's - I do think the pricing has gotten out of hand these past few months, things are getting more expensive when it's not really justified for the piece, which is just a little uncalled for. They are rather tall platforms, which is the main negative for me, but I do like the light denim colouring combined with the neutral tones, they look pretty good together =)
Somewhat of a running theme in these looks of blue and black^ I'm surprised there's a lot of autumnal styling, I didn't expect to be the only one to go all out summery! I think these shoes could grow on me, I think they'll get their best wear in autumn or spring though, rather than summer. And remember to vote in the poll:


Minimal yet sleek and stunning today in this look from GMonster! The clothing is simple yet effective in a minimal styling. The use of the tied waist sweater works to pull the styles together, in fact it's an amazing look for this hoodie which I've been a bit dubious about since getting it! The accessories are sweet, fitting and trendy, the Fendi keychain looks great on one of the neck toggles and all those dangling pieces fit well with the hanging strap on the bag. The makeup and beauty styling is pretty amazing also =)

# S U I T E W I N D O W

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #157

And annnnother challenge post^ I promise those HB looks will be here soon! This is an HB bag though, the Red Metallic Bag from Bizou. I like the idea of this piece, and the style, but the texture is a little off-putting which is why I haven't styled it since getting it. I quite like it with other red prints and this one on these cool trousers is about as close as I can get to what I'm imagining for it. I also like navy with red so I thought 'why not?' with this one ... it's certainly not one of my favourite looks, but it does kind of work out, I think I'm maybe just not a fan of this bag - what do you guys think of it as a piece?

Summer boho

Such a sweet boho retro-esque styling today coming from Marina495 =) I think this is a great way to wear this floral printed dress, as a skirt makes it seem much more casual and provides more styling options. It suits the denim jacket and I like the casual relaxed feel, which is continued in the use of the Taylor Swift Tee and the flowers draped in the hair. I find it hard to wear casual flat shoes like these but they suit the outfit well and I like their use =D

Saturday, 17 June 2017

P L A Z A P I C K S | W I L D C A N D Y

For this months Plaza Picks something a tad different - I was super impressed with this months new Wild Candy release and decided to focus my picks on the offerings from there! The styles are both current and ready for the summer season with a lot of choice. It's not a store I've found much in before, but there was a lot this time around - which makes a great addition to the Plaza for the non-SS members and those trying not to spend their SD's!
Straw Clutch | 300SC


A sweet, dainty and feminine dressing in this feature today from Mia1435 wearing the recent Hotbuys Lace Detail Smart Pants which I can't get enough of! There's a nice contrast of styles even within just the white colour - this draped vest is a great style fit =D I like the little addition of lace as a back-piece, it stands out nicely even though it's just small. The perspex accessories are fitting too and have just the right amount of attention for the look. I also love the angelic hair and beauty^

# S U I T E W I N D O W

Friday, 16 June 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #156

Another challenge post today, and some poppin' pink featuring the Subcouture Circle Handle Suede Handbag which is in a super stylish design and style with a fantastic texture on the body of the bag and the cool circular handles - a style I absolutely love and have already donned recently =) You really could go all out on the pink with this piece and I don't think it would be too much, but I stayed a little safe and went half on the pink and then black base clothing to match the handles - I think it works out well, but this is totally a safe way to work this piece!

Suite Style

A very cool and current suite room design today coming to you from tolady =) I'm a big fan of the concrete style walls or flooring, so this is awesome from the start. It's definitely different with the darker floor boards, but I quite like them, and the furniture and design pieces have been chosen very well and are light to stand out. I particularly like the pale table and then the ladder at the far right side^ The plants are very nice and have been picked out well for the room - as well as the fluorescent sign, it stands out nicely and the colour pops well in the room =D

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #155

I think this next challenge post looks rather snazzy, don't you?! This features the Hotbuys Designer Woven Handbag originally from It Girls. Since styling it for We Wear Hotbuys, I do think I've had it on once or twice but I really haven't given the piece much thought. I love the orange colour of the piece, it's great to have in a summer-based look despite wearing it with a furry outerwear piece! I love this combination a lot and couldn't resist the glamour of this jewelled bodysuit to match the orange some more =) The rest of the look stands out by being more neutral, but these trousers are a great pairing for the orange colour!