Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Cool and sporty

Cool and sporty are what come to mind when I see this look from Fearstar, and this is an absolutely perfect way to style the Striped Bianca Trousers from Balmain. Using Melbourne Minimalism to pad out the look is great, and I like seeing the Heavy Metal Tote being styled because it's been on my mind for a few days now and I wanna get a use from it, plus it's very chic to see the Fendi keychain there^ The Chanel headphones really top off the look, and it's excellent!

Monday, 29 June 2015

Parisian flair

Later tonight, Stephenia Kors will host a fashion event in honor of the tradition that is Stardoll Fashion Week. In spirit of the designers aesthetic, I have made myself a black and white look. The leather of my draped jacket embellishes on the matter of my outfit, that is Parisian wear, and the many details of the dress turned skirt gives the look a pop. Will you be attending tonight? Leave me a comment and tick a box!


A simple yet stunning look from alcik1994 yesterday! It's not that the clothing has been combined in an astonishing manner, in fact it's just one amazing dress, but I loved the accessories chosen. The golden theme works in perfection with this dress, and I adore that tiny Miss Sixty bag which I have never seen before and am now wishing that Miss Sixty was still in the Plaza, so it's to the Bazaar for some hunting now! 

Bazaar Pit Stop | Hotbuys Isabel Sandals

I am a very keen Bazaar shopper, not only can you pick up great bargains but you often find pieces you might not have seen before. Sometimes it can take a while, but patience is key and I actually find I enjoy searching through the pieces. So this little segment of Styled Outfits will feature items that I've purchased in the Bazaar and not the Plaza, so outwith coming to Callie's Picks, they aren't currently widely available but I wanted to still showcase the items!
These are the Hotbuys Isabel Sandals, from Bisou and were released last June as part of the 'We love Isabel Marant' Hotbuys, and I must have totally passed over them because I didn't really even spot them until a few months ago when I bought them in the Bazaar for 22SD's.
Anyway I finally got around to styling them this weekend, and definitely tried to pick 3 individual looks for them. Being flat sandals I did find them a little challenging as a like a heel to elongate my leg, but I do feel some success from these looks!
The first was my simple choice with just this cream Subcouture dress, which I do think seems to work alright in the more casual environment of the shoe. My second look was the dressed up choice, choosing black with this Nelly dress, but I went with a different styling by choosing the PPQ coat and a glam overshirt for the dress - so it's a bit more summer evening wear I'd say, but I think it's pretty wearable and if I owned these clothes in RL, I'd wear this^ My final look is possibly my favourite with these black Dior trousers, I just think they work well with the sandals, and I've gone for a pretty minimal styling otherwise, with a basic blouse and a handheld blazer, plus getting to use this Studded Men s Clutch from the Couture Tribute release for the first time!

Overall, I'm feeling a success, but what do you guys think? Let me know in comments!

Sunday, 28 June 2015


Snapped this super cool look from SS-diamond last week - and I love the print! It seems very hip hop (I'm getting old, I'm not good with the lingo, haha!), and these trousers and the shirt were freebies which I automatically ignored, but man this look is making me change my mind! They look great together and they've really been styling up with the leather jacket and oh-so-cool accessories, such a great job^

Little update!

Just a little Sunday morning update for you! You probably don't regularly (or ever, haha) check out the different pages that the blog offers, but I have done updates to the Guest Writers page - you can now see the current Guest Writers (plus a picture) and a list of the past Guest Writers. I also (finally) sorted out the About Me | About Us page which I think could be nice to look at, especially if you're fairly new to the blog =)

And I sort of try and stick to a schedule with the blog - you may have noticed that all of the recent features have been published at 1:30pm (GMT) so that's something I like, and my other content posts tend to go up in the evenings, I like having 8pm, but with my workload it's not always possible. If I have a lot of content I want to post, I'll do an early morning post too. The Guest Writers post at any time they want so their posts will be interspersed between =)
I don't know if this is something people like, but for me it helps keep it all organised and me knowing that I need to get writing new posts!

You also may have noticed the new Hotbuys picture chilling in our sidebar there - starting in July we'll have brand new Hotbuys posts for you, not just from myself, but including the Guest Writers when they have a moment to spare! So that's something to look forward to^

Let me know any opinions or comments below =D

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Wear Dem Jewels Challenge #8

Finally my next challenge post, featuring the Slinky Bead Necklace from PPQ which I'm pretty sure I haven't worn since the purchase! I don't think it's sellable (it wasn't in my bazaar), however things have mysteriously appeared sellable in my bazaar after I haven't seen them when writing the post, so who knows!
This was actually a lot more challenging than I thought it would be, I think because of the chunky feel that the necklace has - it didn't seem to fit quite right with any of my dresses, and black was just about counted out because of blending in. So I ended up going with tops, and all 3 looks happen to feature trousers, so I guess it's getting me more use of them, particularly the LE culottes in the first look. That first look, you'll also notice, is black and it's all I could do without the necklace just blending in too much, it definitely does to some extent, but it's not all that bad! I just wanted to give it a go really. Then there's the seemingly obligatory all white outfit on the end there - I wanted to use the Sleeveless Scuba Top from Melbourne Minimalism however I was getting absolutely nowhere with a bottom half of the outfit, so I combined the top and found these DKNY trousers a good match.
The middle look was the more 'fun' one, and that pink Voile top was the first piece that I liked with the necklace, definitely tried to push my comfort zone with choosing other pieces, but I'm very happy with the look and that I finally am wearing the Dior Inspired Heels, and I really wanna dedicate a whole post to them soon^

Anyway, what do you think? I don't think this is one of my favourite necklaces, but I am pleased with the direction I've gone down for the stylings! Comment away =D

Piling it on

A modern and sports-luxe feel look from Eyes.. who has really piled on the Melbourne Minimalism and Balmain tributes! They work so well together, with the simplicicty of MM balancing out the brights from B, and I feel like it's really selling the Saturated Striped Top which is one of those pieces which I think has the potential to be very popular from the collection. Also love the use of flat shoes (Pure White Loafers) with this outfit, they really work out well =)

Friday, 26 June 2015

Jewellery (on the face!)

Over the weekend nose rings (they're quite big to be rings though!) seemed to be a popular choice and these two are absolutely working them to the max! Gabriellequeenz has gone for silver and styled it in a classic manner with white and black - those accessories are to die for, the shoes having been picked perfectly. And I think with this look silver was the perfect choice - while jjgangstevenjj has gone for gold, with an outfit to match. The accessories really make the gold work fabulously, choosing from the recent Balmain release (Shiny Gold Collar | Tortoiseshell Belt | Black Satin Stiletto Boots) was definitely a winner!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Fringing and fur

Missiwantitall has been totally dominating the fashion scene in my opinion - some fab outfits have been worn, several of which I've already featured here! Anyway, wanted to feature this for the styling of the Kendall Tote (I snapped this before I made my Styled Outfits, which were posted on Sunday night) - love this Emerald Maxi Cardigan with the bag, I attempted a look, but nothing was beating it with this black clothing beneath! Plus those sunglasses are fabulous, and adding the Fendi keychain is a perfect touch of originality =D

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Couture Tribute Styled Outfits

As promised, todays post is my Couture Tribute looks! I purchased several items from the collection and have picked a couple here to work out some looks =)
Firstly these Schiaparelli Inspired Trousers which are amazing and probably my favourite piece of the collection. I tried to go for quite different stylings of these because a lot of people have published their looks with them and I didn't want to get mixed in with the crowd - even if these looks aren't stunning or perfect! I wish I had a pretty red or navy sweater or blouse, because I think they'd be idea, so I made do with orange - the piece I picked to style with them first, in that 3rd look. I again tried with this yellow Gucci bag and some golden sandals, I think it kinda works! I particularly like my first look with white pieces, although at first I was a little dubious of that shirt, but I do think it looks alright. This time I picked orange accessories, which I think is a colour which works well with the print. The middle look was my experimental one - I love this Chloe Inspired Sweater with them, it makes a nice combination for the spring or autumn. Other than that I think I'm on the fence with the rest of this look!
My second set includes the Valli Inspired Tulle Skirt with an appearance from the All Over Sequins Clutch. This skirt really surprised me as I loved putting together these two stylings - even if I had to come up with some layering ideas due to the total sheerness of it, but I tried to combine this into the looks as well. Chose D&G for the first look and I think this style of top works great with it. My second look I went with a few more layers underneath the skirt and also included these cute two-tone LE tights which I picked up a while back in the Bazaar - my key piece in this look is the draped shirt, which I placed a belt over the little parrot decoration to keep it just black and I really like the outcome of this. Oh and I also like adding the clutch there, adding just a little colour^

Let me know what you think of my outfits and the pieces =D

White lace

Creativity is flowing in this look from Isabella8103! It's such a fab way to style this Dior skirt, which I struggle with wearing, and it looks amazing with the Lace Collared Blouse from the recent Balmain release - it's totally making me want to buy it. Having the floral headband as a belt is such a great idea, and I feel like it ties the skirt and blouse together well, who'd have thought, eh? =) 

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Wear Dem Jewels Challenge #7

The 7th necklace of the challenge is the Leopard Gold Double Head Necklace from the old Glam 'R Us store - it seems like most of my jewellery is, but it's just because I've been around for quite some time!
This is one of the few necklaces that I know I have made an effort to wear in the past, I just don't know what I wore it with, haha! I found dresses went well with this piece very readily, but did limit how many I included. The only doubt I have with my looks is the middle one - it was worth a try with the white, but I just think it looks better with other colours, I also don't think pink was the right skirt choice, but again it was worth the try. 
My favourite look is the first one. The necklace looks great with black and I haven't really over complicated the look too much, this Lace Wonder Blouse from Nelly is really creeping up my 'love' list =) The third look is a close second, again the dark colours seem to work much better than the light with this one!

Let me know what you think in the comments section!

Opposites attract

Saw both of these looks last week and got similar vibes from both with the flowing style of trousers, and I loved the complete opposite sides these showed - with miver sporting a light, airy and white look, and luksgirl working out a black look. Plus both are wearing cropped shirts, the similarities were just too similar to pass up this double feature! The blues in the first look give it a summer feel and really brighten up the white, while the black really rocks on its' own especially with the details in the fit of the top. Amazing looks all round =D

C O U T U R E T R I B U T E | Tribute Review

Yesterday we got a brand new tribute - Couture Tribute, just like we had several summers ago way back at the start of Tributes being released on Stardoll! I think the homepage ad looks very glamorous and is really drawing you in to want to buy the items, whatever filter they used is definitely working, haha!
So we have two floors filled with designer inspired pieces, and I really think we got a great mix here, and I know it's couture, but more trousers would be amazing, because those Schiaparelli Inspired Trousers are stunning! Plus they're only 18/20SD's and will definitely not break the bank! There are so many different styles and colours of dresses that I think everyone could easily pick one that suits their doll. Moving to shoes and accessories - I feel the shoes are a little of a let down and none of them really work for me, but I'm sure some people love them! The bags and few pieces of jewellery, on the other hand, I think are great, the clutch bags especially, and I can't wait to wear both the Golden Minaudiere and the All Over Sequins Clutch!
I know many of us aren't big couture wearers on a day to day basis on Stardoll, so gowns like the Ralph & Russo Inspired Gown might not get many items for it's price (38/42SD's), however it is incredibly pretty - so if you want it and have the money to spend, then why not, I bought it and have no clue when it will ever get worn!
Moving onto the rest of the prices, they range from 4 to 42SD's, with all accessories priced at under 15SD's - I'm pretty happy with the prices, I don't think they're over the top or out of a range I expected. I ended up purchasing 8 items for 140SD's which I believe is a great price for the items.

I will be posting my Styled Outfits post from this Tribute release on Wednesday so take a look out for it =D 


Blue Monster Tote · FENDI Tribute
Tassle Belt Pants · Archive
White Cape Top & White Buckle Stilettos · Melbourne Minimalism Tribute
Black & Gold Coco Watch · Couture Tribute

Monday, 22 June 2015

Kiss Kiss

I needed a burgundy lip with one of my looks over the weekend, and that prompted me to look at the other lip colours I had - I do this every so often and for a while I'll wear pretty lip colours but then I fall back into my regular pattern of just nothing. I never used to think my lips really suited any colour but I think I'm starting to change my mind! I like all of these choices that I've shown above (I do have some really terrible colours in my beauty parlor, those never need to be seen, haha), particularly the coral colour in the second shot! {I think you should be able to click to enlarge the image}

How do you guys feel about lip colour - be it gloss or lipstick? Does it work on your doll? Let me know in comments!


Here's another look from aby400 - who is truly soaring up the fashion steps (had a feature at least every month this year so far!) =)This combination is amazing, and sells this YSL sweater (I've got it, I never wear it because I always get frustrated when I try) so well, huge tick in the box from me! And this skirt is pretty decent, not sure I've seen it worn before, but it's amazing here. A classic white addition from the blazer and I love these heels, sure there are many white heels that could have been picked, but I feel these ones are right on trend at the moment - fantastic job!

Sunday, 21 June 2015


I haven't found myself all that bothered about these little Young Hollywood - Celeb Weekend releases, and I don't feel a rush to go and grab all the items available (plus it's like a 9am release - weekends are the only time I'm able to sleep past 6 so I will take some zzz's over these items I'm afraid!). For me this is good progress, I remember rushing home from lectures during my undergrad to make sure I got LE etc.! Anyway, I did end up buying the Kendall Tote yesterday and after seeing a few looks around the site decided to give it a quick little Styled Outfits post =D
I'm finding it a lot more versatile than I originally thought and really am loving it in all 3 of the completely different looks that I've put together. I've included the classic white in the middle, but the combination is definitely a little varied from my usual one, and I really like it^ The first grey dress seemed quite Kendall (it might not, but it's 1am when I put this together, I'm tired, haha!) so it went in there too. The final look was a bit of an odd 'throw together' because I quite liked the colour tones of the sweater and bag together and white seemed like an obvious choice to finish it off!

What do you guys think of both these releases and my Styled Outfits? Comment below!

Glittered pastels

A beautiful, light and airy pastels look from Neon_Bones here! This mosaic style top is perfect and super versatile, but I love seeing it with classic white pieces. I think the baby blue heels are a thoughtful addition, they combine well but do stand out on their own as a great piece in the look. The jewellery is also very fabulous, and also pulls in the amazing glittered eye makeup - glitter and makeup is something a little beyond my makeup abilities, but I do appreciate it being worn well in looks around the site!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Wear Dem Jewels Challenge #6

Now onto part 6, featuring the Xoc Silver Necklace from Glam'R Us - it's not sellable itself, but it's gold counterpart is so you might be able to find it in the Bazaar.
So I was a little unsure whether to include this necklace or not because it is pretty small and delicate compared to the others and it's a bit more difficult to see, however I loved and thoroughly enjoyed styling it so went ahead! And it's dresses all round for this post, however there are so many tops which would work amazingly well with it too. Plus I feel like I got three separate feeling looks, they all have different vibes and don't have many similarities, which is a bonus in a post from me, haha! I loved wearing v-necks with the necklace because of the triangles on it, and I think that mindset has really worked for me, and it goes with colours as well as your traditional black and white! Plus I tried makeup - so many great things in this post =D
Anyway, I love wearing this pink dress because, well firstly I never wear it, and secondly because I never see anyone else wearing it, these LE heels are perfect with it, and I also wanted to give my Fendi clutch an airing. I don't think it fits entirely well, but hey, at least I'm attempting to get it in there^
Both the white and black dresses are great for the summer and this necklace - I think I've styled them fairly simply, but really gone for totally different styles which both work for the jewellery.

I think this must be one of my favourites of this challenge, but what do you think? Comment comment comment!


Such a stand out look from Mery.- in this post! I am doubtful of this Fire Red Blazer for myself, but man this look is smokin' haha, you can tell I'm not good with puns! And the red lip is a perfect addition too^ I adore the rest of the outfit as well, love seeing this jumpsuit pieced together withe different items and I think the striped bandeau looks fab and works well with the red. And cute little dog - what's not to like =D

Friday, 19 June 2015

Fringing sequins

A great classic black look from AngelOoops at the end of the week here! I love seeing this skirt being styled, it's a little different with it's sequins and fringing, but I think it looks amazing here, especially with that new Crystal Wide Belt, it's a fabulous addition =) I also think this is a great styling of that blazer, a piece which can be a little tricky at times with it's shape. Also, want to point out some amazing makeup - drooling with jealousy over here^

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Wear Dem Jewels Challenge #5

Finally day 5! This time wearing the Rosegold Necklace from PPQ which costs 5SD's and is currently still available in the Plaza (under the Beauty category, not Fashion, that might throw people!)
I struggled a little, definitely not feeling in the creative mood for outfits, it's been a long week and my lack of other rose gold accessories really annoyed me! However I do think it looks nice with this yellow It Girls dress, I wish I had more yellow to wear it with =) Then I seemed to have gone with the pinks - I did want a full white look, but nothing was fitting well enough with the necklace, so that went out of the window fairly quickly. I love it with this white sweater (Chunky Polo Sweater, Nelly) despite it being a wintery look rather than a summer one! I'm surprised with these Fendi shoes too, they're growing on me a lot more with this outfit. The final look was a little thrown together, because I really wanted to get those DKNY trousers in, I suppose it works overall, but it's not the best styling - I'll be the first to admit that!

Anyways, thoughts? Comments welcomed as always!

P.S I also styled an outfit earlier this week featuring this necklace for Accaro, check it here! They are very much NOT fans of my style over there, always complaining that I don't use a jacket or a bag - it seems they are never pleased with any of my posts!

Dior blues

I know Minaj131 had a feature last week, but this next outfit was too good to miss! I've really always passed over this dress, but this look has me completely rethinking it altogether. It's a fab styling of a definitely usually unseen piece, and the accessories tie it together well and also really sell themselves too. This especially goes for that Dior bag which I am yet to style just because I've no idea how to wear it, but this is putting it out there in front of my nose - better come up with something quick, haha! Amazing look as always from this doll =P

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Such a classic black and white look from Isabella8103, and I think this zebra printed skirt really makes it! I love the addition of those Dior shoes, definitely not an easy feat to pull off, but worn in such a great manner here =) The jacket, earrings and deep burgundy lip really give this look a fab rock and roll edge - amazing job!

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Blue PPQ

I know I just did a whole set of features with this White Boxy Blazer however I loved this look from LadyTiffannie and felt like it was too good not to show you! Love it with the second white blazer underneath, which I've been seeing a lot, however the blue PPQ trousers really stood out to me as a great choice, but it was the accessories which made me go 'spot on'! The bag and shoes look great individually and together, and surprisingly they go super well with blue =) Also think that necklace was the best choice to complete the look. Hair - needs no words, it's great on her and with this look =D

Monday, 15 June 2015

I N S P I R E D B Y B A L M A I N | Tribute Review

Another brand new tribute store for the Plaza today, this time Inspired by Balmain! I'm not really a hardcore Balmain follower or have ever been, so I had no expectations upon opening the store, which I kinda feel like is the way to go! But from the homepage ad I do quite like the look of it - not the background, not a fan of that car, but onto the store:
I feel like this is quite a mix-match store of pieces, to me there doesn't seem to be a certain theme amongst the clothing, although others may disagree. I haven't seen much said about this store really, and what I have seen are mostly complaints on FB about how disappointed people are with the store. I don't get disappointment from it at all - of course I won't love every single piece, I never go into a store expecting that I will, but I do love some pieces and those are what I ended up buying.
There is a pretty good selection of accessories with the store, including belts jewellery and shoes, I could definitely use another couple of bags though, because although the Studded Crossbody Purse is great, a clutch or something would be nice^ The belts are definitely interesting pieces and I might purchase both the Tortoiseshell Belt and the Crystal Wide Belt to give a go at styling them, because they could be worked into something really great I think =)
Clothing-wise the store is much more of a mixed bag for me, some of the pieces are just a bit too out-there and I don't think I could style very well, namely the skirts really, but for the bottom half I did fall in love with the Striped Bianca Trousers which you can see styled a little later in this post! Other than that, only the Citrus Woven Dress really stood out to me to buy - it's not my usual sort of piece, but the orange colour really struck me and drew my eye, it's one of those odd pieces that exist in every collection that not many people buy and then it comes back into fashion later on, that's just my opinion though!
And finally two features - didn't really see many looks including the collection that I really fell for, but these caught my eye!

Meshed metallics

Spotted this outfit from B.E.A.T.K.A over the weekend and really love it so much! For me it is a little for autumnal than summer, but it's still a fab look. I love seeing this mesh dress being used in a way that's not just over swimwear as a coverup, it looks great as a stand-alone dress/tunic. The metallic feeling that the other items have is also perfect, and the silver goes particularly well with the mesh. That Dior inspired belt also is perfect over the top there =D

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Wear Dem Jewels Challenge #4

My #4 in this challenge, and it's the Teardrop Crystal and Pearl Necklace from Mawi, plus you can still get this for 5/6SD in the Plaza (I got mine for 3 so there must have been an offer on at the time I purchased it!)
I enjoyed styling this necklace, although I did find it a little tricky to go with a lot of the dresses I have, so the two trouser looks came to me first and I had to be a little more creative with the middle look pictured above. I am trying to keep the looks versatile between each necklace that I style so it doesn't remain too boring for you guys!
With the first look I definitely picked out the pink in the necklace for the trousers, and I did look at some different bags but nothing was working at all - maybe you guys have some good suggestions for it! And the third look I knew I wanted to use this lace blouse (from the recent VOILE sale), and so I came up with some white layering, and including the new Lace Bikini Top from Melbourne Minimalism so that gets me somewhere with styling that piece! I love these high waisted trousers, but I think I should have picked better shoes - these are the PPQ Pointed Mules but they looked better in my suite before I changed the pose in photoshop, whoops, my bad!

Anyway, what do you guys think? Let me know in comments!

LITTLE COMPETITION: Tell me which of the three looks is your favourite and why, and three lucky people will win this necklace gifted from me =) ENDS: 15th June 2015 @ 10pm GMT

Eye skills

Absolutely adore this look by JaquelineGlzM - styling the new Melbourne Minimalism to perfection with this combination! I also particularly wanted to feature the beauty look as well because that is some great eye makeup, why was I not blessed with these skills!!!! I also think the light highlighting and contouring works perfectly for her doll, and the hair suits her very well - overall very much loving =)

Saturday, 13 June 2015

PPQ CREAM LABEL | Release Review

Yesterday we got a brand new PPQ release - which I think we've sort of known about for a little while, the PPQ Cream Label! Which is also a totally separate store from PPQ which is quite a nice idea. The homepage ad firstly, and I don't really think it necessarily sells the whole collection. I love seeing the real piece and how they are very much similar, but I think there could be better ways to expose the whole collection to a bit of homepage-glory! But onto the rest of the store now =)
So we got a whole two floors of clothing, and the store is also linked to Very.co.uk so you can go visit the brand page there and purchase the items for your actual self and not just your doll if you so wish! There's a good selection of light and airy summer clothing and also a variable selection of colours and prints to choose from, which I like for the store. After trying everything on though, I felt a little disheartened - nothing seemed quite right on my doll and the styles didn't really fit 'me'. I love jumpsuits and there are certainly plenty on offer in this release, however I don't love the selection of prints available, or the shapes even - the Black Jumpsuit looks like a great piece, and it's one in the spoilers that I was like 'I will definitely get this!' however when I tried it on, the legs just didn't quite sit right and it's a little odd at the feet. So I haven't found myself wanting to spend the 18/20SD's that it costs. A clothing item I do love is the pair of Black Shorts, however I have a couple of similar pairs, each of which I might have only ever worn once, so I don't think I need another!
The Multi Coloured Panel Coat is an interesting piece, and I'm very almost tempted to make a purchase of it, but how I would style it is beyond me right now I think.
Fearnot, I did actually make a couple of purchases from this collection - the accessories! This category does only consist of two pairs of shoes, the Pointed Mules and the Minimalist Strappy Stilettos which are priced at 11-13SD's, and yes I'll admit those stilettos are very very similar to the Bizou ones and the YH ones, but you can never have too many pairs of them and I wear mine all the time, so this one is a purchase I completely don't mind!

No styled outfits this time - I don't think anyone really wants to see me wear black heels again, haha! Also no features - I've spent my morning browsing probably around 200 suites and not a single one was wearing something other than the Stilettos - not a long post I'm afraid! EDIT: I lied, I found one right after pressing post - typical! I think this is kinda selling me the Red Floral Print Jumpsuit, it's not looking so bad with those shoes, now only to find them...

What did you guys think of this release? Comments are very much appreciated!!!

Friday, 12 June 2015


Neon brights here from Minaj131! This one-sleeved top was a freebie a while back and I very much raised my eyebrows at it and threw it into storage, but here's a look that's wearing it very well! It goes perfectly with the sleeve size on the dress and with white, well what could go wrong =) Matching accessories have been chosen and I think this look really sells those shoes! And I also liked the room, the parrot picture and the plant just fit well, haha!

Austere finesse

When I think of austere fashion, I think of strictness and simplicity. The notion of refinement is always distinct in my outfits, and this ensemble included. It is my first time wearing a piece from the Melbourne Minimalism store. The crisp white blazer is my absolute favourit item! The pairing of the jeans give the look an off-duty appeal, and the addition of the YSL clutch gives the outfit an overall stamp! What do you think? Leave a comment, tick a box!