Friday, 4 August 2017

F Y ! | Release Review

This is the first opportunity I've had to post about a brand new Plaza store which was released last month - fy! It's certainly different to what we've currently got in the Plaza. From the advert it looks pretty quirky and does have an emphasis on accessories, although I feel with a younger target audience from the additional novelty items. 
Highlights I struggled to decide what to categorise this store as - it's not fashion, as there's no clothing, but also not decor as there's only a few pieces but also accessories ... it sorta reminds me of Urban Outfitters if you removed the clothing section, you'd be left with a bit of a random assortment of things! The general vibe of the store is quite nice, I love the interior design with a shiny marbled floor and the neat black and white boxed display patterning along the wall - I think it works well in this case where there are a lot of individual pieces to show off.
Accessories The store is mostly filled with accessories, ranging from bags to jewellery, and I think that the prices being right will really help in people buying the items! There are three styles of bag, although one of those styles comes in three colours - the Pewter, Blue and Bronze Empress Glitter Bag which is in a sweet over shoulder style and their in a very glittered design^ It's hard to pick a favourite colour of the three, I think the Pewter will be the easiest to wear and style into looks, but I am quite tempted by the Blue! Then there is also the Munro Mini Backpack In Silver and the Marble Clutch In Black, which is a very cool pattern for a bag and I think it should stand out really nicely in stylings. Then the jewellery - first up the Orka Earrings Right and Left which are quite glamorous earrings with rich pink and purple tones in addition to their golden portions. Also in earrings are the Space Earrings Double Set In Gold, in the cuffed style that was popular a while back - I like that this comes as a pair, as I already have similar individual ones, and I don't find the space style of them is too bold, being all gold it kinda fits in nicely and does look pretty delicate. The Fringe Necklace In Teal And Gold is pretty cool, and affordable in SCs, I like the colour combination, I think it looks great my only desire is that the fringe wasn't quite so long! Now it took me quite some time to figure out what  the The Berlin Special Glitter Pack was, and for quite a lot of money, then I spotted it on someone - it's a set of 5 different glittery eye-makeups and lips, and they come in some super cool colours and I'm feeling the gold, I would just prefer if you could get the colours individually.
Homewear I'm not sure why I made a homewear section really as there's only a couple of pieces in this category! Anyway, not a fan of the Neon Cactus - I prefer the more natural kind of plant for my suite. But I do quite like the Albino Lion Print, although I do feel like it does have the potential to raise certain questions - and as much as I love pink and think I could work this really nicely into my suite, I think if I'm going to have a picture of a lion, I want it to be natural and not a pink lion!
Prices This store ranges from 3SD to 36SD's but most of the pieces are well priced and most things are under 20SD's, with a lot also under 10SD's. Nothing is SS/Royalty only, and there are also items in SC's available - overall, pretty good =)

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