Tuesday, 28 August 2012

We love you Stella!

Yes, Stella McCartney is who I'm discussing here! We've all seen the SS2011 RTW collection and fallen in love with it(well I have anyway!), and now our own dolls can have a bit of that with the help of --Kayley!
She's designed a whole load of StarDesign items inspired by Stella McCartney's amazing prints! She's turned one of her suite rooms in a fantastic Stella showroom to display all the different prints, plus they're all shown in her presentation so you can see just how many she has done! There's even a club so you can keep updated with her collection!
Here's her doll dressed to perfection wearing one of her cool designs:
I'm currently deciding which pieces I want to buy, there are so many good ones it's hard to choose!

Love K xxx


When? 28th August 2012
What?  Lace Blouse
Green Cropped Trousers
Pastel Wedges
Louis Vuitton Inspired Hnad Bag
Pale Sunglasses
Hooped Earrings
 Style: The outfit style is showing a perfect casual look for the summer months, she's not gone overboard with the colours and stuck with a few pastel colours which work really well together, tying the trousers, bag and sunglasses into the shoes! It isn't too fancy or over accessorised - overall a great summer look!

Bit of self promotion here!

So sorry, this is a bit of self-promotion for my new project - Step Up In The Graphics World!
The blog is for people who are beginners or newbies to the Stardoll Graphic world, and they can complete tasks and get feedback on their work from myself and other graphic designers! It's not like a contest really as readers are free to enter whatever tasks they like - so if they don't fancy one, or they can't make the deadline, that's totally fine! The aim is to help the people just starting out to get ready to enter the bigger graphics competitions like Stardoll's Next Top Graphic Designer, or to enhance their skills so they can have a chance at posting graphics at the wonderful Graphic Vault.
All the info is over at the blog, so go on over and check it out! 

Love K xxx

P.S. I've just moved into my new flat for uni, so I'm still getting things sorted out, I'll hopefully get back to normal posting soon!

Sunday, 26 August 2012


Who? Beeellaaa
When? 26th August 2012
What? Black Skinnies
LE Zip Tank
JPG Black Cape Jacket
Criss Necklace
LE Plastic Purse
Black Platforms
HotBuys Bracelets
Black Sunglasses
Style: I love this grunge styled look, it suits her doll perfectly, and her suite room too! All the items involved really give off a rock-chick vibe, so it's great she's stuck to one theme well. Overall the outfit has been well put together and really draws you in to her doll!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Skirt Inspired By Celine

The title makes it kinda sound like a graphic, don't worry - it's not! On Stardoll, there's this skirt Inspired By Celine, and it irritates me sooooo much! I've had it since it was released on Stardoll a long time ago, and I've never ever ever been able to style it well, no that's a lie, I've never been able to style it full stop!
This is how Celine styled it on the runway for the Sprint 2010 RTW show. I think this is like the perfect styling for it, the shirt and the shoes just fit so well with it - unfortunately this shirt doesn't exist on Staroll!!!
I managed to at least make a wearable outfit with the skirt today, I really didn't wanna wear a jacket with it, but I had to resort to one!
I don't think this looks too bad, but it definitely could be better.
The skirt just annoys me so much because I know it could look great!

You can still get the skirt, it's in It Girls and costs only 50StarCoins - a pretty decent bargain!

I'd love to see some of you readers styling the skirt - just leave an imgur link in the comments and you'll get featured here in the blog!

Love K xxx

Friday, 24 August 2012

Oversizing your coats

Yep, so oversized coats are one of the top trends this autumn. They were seen all over the runways and now they've graced Stardoll with their presence!

Jil Sander
Calvin Klein Collection

These coats are all beautiful, but I think my favourites are from the Chloe Fall RTW collection - they look so elegant despite being oversized, the two terms normally wouldn't go together! 

I used oversized coats in the TREND editorial, I picked one from Calvin Klein and another from Marc Jacobs:

And now I've seen oversized coats being used more frequently on Stardoll, this beige trench-coat style one looks great here on Katrian-G, she's paired it with some printed trousers(see post here), a simple blouse and some black pumps. The colours work well together and she is showing off at least two trends in one!
I really love oversized coats on my doll, it's quite hard to find decent ones on Stardoll, but here are my four favourite ones:

These are mainly darker colours, but I added the purple faux fur one as it's pretty playful and I actually find it easy to style, this is a look I wore with it a while back:
The first of the coats above is available from PPQ for 22SD's, unfortunately you'll need to get the others in the StarBazaar(if you search long enough you'll get a good price!)

Do you guys have a favourite oversized coat on Stardoll? Let me know which one!

Love K xxx

Monday, 20 August 2012

Retro room

So as I was doing my daily doll browse I came across KonnoEmiMiyako(ok, that's a lie, I've seen her before and even took a note to feature her but never got round to it!), and I saw her super cute retro fashion room!
She's dressed as the infamous Twiggy(major love from me!), and this room is designed like a retro fashion experience! It's filled with fab and funky dresses, and is well put together!
Although it's simple it still really stands out as something beautiful =)

Love K xxx


When? 20th August 2012
What? Black Trousers
Floral Black White and Yellow Blouse
Black White and Yellow Necklace
Yellow Courts
LE Yellow Skinny Belt
Black Clutch
Style:  I love this style put together, the focus of yellow with black and white looks great. I am a big fan of yellow and I'm glad to see it looking so pretty and fashionable!

P.S. I've just seen Kociara074 in this beautiful outfit - this is one girl you need to keep your eyes on!

Love K xxx


Just checked my blogger dashboard, and look what I saw!
Ahhhh! 10,000 page views! I can't believe we've reached this incredible mark!
I was going to hold a contest with a graphics prize, but I wont bother as there's already one happening at my graphics blog =)

Love K xxx

Sunday, 19 August 2012

I've filled up my closet with black jackets!

Yeah, so the title kinda says it all! I've noticed that my Stardoll closet is literally stuffed with black jackets and I just wanted to share them with you - haha!
Ok, so my closet isn't absolutely bursting because of these like I kinda made it out to be, but I have 12, yes, twelve different black jackets! I think this is kinda obsessive - even for me, I try and say that I can't possible need 12 different ones, but I always come up with a reason not to sell a single one of them when I'm clearing out my closet - I always find a use for them all! This is both good and bad, good in the way that it lets me know that I can come up with 12 different outfits, and bad in the way that I have enough clothes to make 12 completely different outfits! 
I know a lot of Stardoll members will have more clothing items than I do, but I like to keep with the basics and the essentials, having as few items as possible but still being able to wear stylish outfits while keeping a variety.
Every time I decide to clear my closet out and have a huge sale, I tell myself that I will simply just keep the basics, and if I have more than one of something I'll just keep one or two that I always use - but then I never stick to this, I would if it weren't for these jackets, or the white tops(don't even get me started! I think I have over 20 white blouses, tees and vests!), or pretty much everything in my closet that I love!

Love K xxx

Prints galore!

Yes yes, I know prints have been in for what seems like forever - but I don't class them as out of the picture quite yet! So yeah I was browsing the new Zara collection(again), and I couldn't help drooling over some of the trousers - the prints are all so different, yet look super chic and also versatile. Once I buy a pair, or two, or three I can't wait to wear them with all the basics blouses I got in the sales(I got a couple of black blouses and a couple of white ones from Zara for like a third of the original price!), and with a blazer(also got a fab mint blazer in the sale for £20 off! Ok, it's a size too big, but I can live with this - it has barely left my back!)
^These are my top 3 pairs of trousers from the new Zara collection. I really want trousers like this on Stardoll, they would be perfect and probably would never leave my doll! I could probably attempt a similar print in the StarDesign fashion, but I've never been great with prints that look good, I guess I'll just wait for Stardoll and right now live with the ones that are in the plaza.
For me these two pairs are the best:
The first pair are Bizou(12SD's) and the second are D&G(14SD's).
My favourite way to wear both of these pairs is with a white blouse or tee and then maybe a black blazer or jacket and a simple clutch or small bag - oh, and heels of course!

Do you guys have a favourite pair of printed trousers? If so, let me know which pair they are!

Love K xxx

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Media Partner Updates

So I've updated the Media Partner page, just given it a bit of an update, cleared the blogs which are no longer active and checked we have the right pics and links etc =)
And I'm also introducing out new Media Partner - German.Scene
 The blog is just new and was brought to my attention from our Media Partner Curious Stardoll Critics(Oooh did you see the uber cute header I made for them? If not, click here, I just love it!!!)
Anyway, German.Scene is a new blog by popelmagazin, she hasn't really said much about the blog as there's not an intro post or an about us page(so this is from my understanding of the blog), it seems a bit like us though, featuring medolls in stylish outfits! I love checking things like this because you can discover great new style talents among the Stardoll users =)

Oh, and if you're wanting your blog to be Media Partners here all you need to do is GB me explaining why you think our blogs would be good partners!

That's all for now!
Love K xxx

Friday, 10 August 2012


When? 10th August 2012
What? Single Shoulder Dress
White Shirt
Black Knee Highs
Black Platforms
Clutch Bag
Round Sunglasses
Style: I love her office-chic look, it's a cute and stylish outfit which fulfils many purposes - she's definitely used her initiative to create the look, and I love it!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Something to look out for ...

This is the Cover spoiler of ROUGE magazine for their August issue which is set to be released tomorrow! It's not your usual magazine cover, but I like it because of it being different. It can always be a risk doing a close up on the cover because of needing fine details, but I think they've done a good job with the graphic. 
Their magazine as a whole seems to be different - their last issue was very fashion focused more than graphics which is great, plus the content was great - a lot of thought and work clearly went into, so I can't wait to see this new issue =)

A classic style

I love seeing dolls dressing in those classic styles we all love, but I rarely see it. Everyone says "Oh I love classic styles", and with that we all just know what they mean. Today I want to share a pretty look from one member who has dressed in black and gold - which I see as a classic.
Go Team Dress, MSW Heels, Hotbuys Bag
This is ALEJDREO, who is wearing a super stylish sleek black and gold look. I love the combination of the clothing and accessories - plus she looks crazy hot next to her fab pool(haha=D)! The makeup also helps to complete the look witth her going for smokey styled eyes(most always a winner with me!) The shoes look great - I've never seen anyone wear them, let alone wear them as well as this!
Plus the outfit reminds me of Versace SS 2012 RTW:

That's all for now! Love K xxx

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

D&G Tribute Review

I finally finally finally managed to fix google on my computer - yay! So I can finally use blogger to post, I'm soo excited, I'm also pretty impressed with myself actually figuring it out, my dad couldn't even do it and his job is about computers and stuff!

So the Dolce and Gabbana Tribute store came out this week, and I have to say - it's about time!
The store looks really well presented and compiled, although I feel that the collection of clothes don't flow well, to me all the items should run on a similar theme or style, but this collection is pretty mixed - an advantage on Stardoll though as there will probably be something for everyone there.
I only bought a couple of items actually, but I am tempted by a few more after seeing some stylings by Stardoll members - it's amazing how people can take one item, and each person can make it look so different! Here's a couple of my favourite stylings from around Stardoll:
thedresdendoll wearing Black Gem Playsuit, 25SD's
xXxDeliaxXx wearing Jeweled Skater Skirt, 21SD's
xxlovexx wearing Pink Lace DG Miniskirt, 18SD's; Jeweled Leopard Heels, 12SD's; Metallic Woven Purse, 12SD's
The jewelled playsuits are really good, I think they're the best part and really epitomise recent Dolce and Gabbana:
When I first saw them in the store I wasn't sure they were for me, but after thinking about it and looking at them more, I think I might get one or two.
I'm not really that impressed by the shoes of the collection, they're designed alrightly but I don't think I'd wear any of them, they don't really go with the clothes I have or they're similar to pairs I already have.
So far the only clothing piece I've bought are the Jeweled Leopard Pants - they're affordable(only 12SD's) and are just radiating with Sports Luxe!(Pretty sure that's grammatically incorrect, but oh well=D) I can't wait to style them with a white top and some heels =)

Overall it's a pretty decent collection, not my favourtie Tribute of all time, but it's well designed and I think it's fairly popular!

Love K xxx

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Dior Addict - What's not to love!

I'm referring to the amazing advert of course!
It's been out for absolutely ages but I kept forgetting to post about it! As a whole - it's perfect! The music is exactly right for it, and I can't stop listening to it - soooooo addictive! And Daphné Groeneveld looks amazing =)
The song is "I Love You, Ono" by Stereo Total =)

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Bad blogger!

Sorry I've not been posting, my computer is having some epic vendeta against google and blogger, so I can't log in to post at all - it's very annoying!My laptop os fine, but I hate using the mouse track pad thing, I much prefer an actual mouse [the one for my laptop is in storage with all my things for uni]!

I hope to get it sorted soon - but I am one of these people glued to the Olympics, so I might not post until they are finished!

Love K xxx