Saturday, 31 August 2019

A U G U S T 2019 | Hotbuys Review

This month the HB's were revealed a little late, so we've not had too long with any of the pieces - they're really not to my taste however! The style is pretty focussed into one, and it's really one that won't be widely popular, the vibes are pretty grungy which won't suit everyone. For me overall it's quite a 'miss of a collection, but let's have a look at the pieces individually, maybe there will be some surprises!

Red Glasses - I do love a pair of sunglasses, but these are looking a little too much like ski goggles for me to be sure about them yet! A good pair of red sunglasses will look great, but for my taste, I'm not sure if these fit the bill - they're very oversized on the face, so I know that will be a make-or-break for some people. I'm gonna give these a go though, I might not regret it one day^ Original Future 18SD's

Red Leather Body - This is a layered bodysuit, and I quite like the idea of it, contrasting the textures of the fabrics with the leather underneath and the sheer tulle on top, but I don't like how this particular piece looks on the doll, I don't find it too flattering on my doll as it looks a little shapeless. I also don't like the design at the crotch - this just isn't a piece for me! Bizou 19SD's

Red Leather Pants - When I first saw the advertising I thought these trousers might be the only piece for me, however I'm a little unsure now that we have them! I like the idea of having a burgundy leather trouser, because I wear a lot of burgundy, so colour wise, they get a big thumbs up^ But it's the style I'm not so sure about, mainly the elasticated cuffs as I think this does provide some footwear limits. Overall they're a nice piece and a definite strong point of this months HBs =) Bizou 26SD's

Red Platform Boots - Platform boots have just never been the piece for me, so these are quite an immediate 'no' for me. The colour, again, is good, I love wearing red boots, and I'd love a red boot with a square toe like this, that's a great feature to them - but it's the heel that lets it down! They're a very chunky pair, and really need quite a specific style to wear them with, so it's a pass for these from me. It Girls 21SD's

Fur Sleeves Coat - I find this next piece a little odd, like I'm really not sure what to make of it! I love furry outerwear pieces, and I'm all about wearing fun coats but I'm not 100% convinced on this one - I'm kinda tempted to buy it anyway and save it for Winter^ The fit on the doll is ok, but the sleeves seem quite bulky, but that maybe adds a little charm - the jury's still out on this one overall, but I'd love to know what you guys think of it! RIO 29SD's
Wrap Dress - This is quite a different piece of the collection, a super elegant and modern designed dress! The colour of this is beautiful, it's such a neutral piece in a sea of red, and the design really is very nice, love the wrapping and the different directions. The length is mini but there is a long train on one side which is fun. My only qualm about it is the overall fit on the doll, I find it comes across a little big and for this style of piece I think it would work better a little tighter on. Fallen Angel 26SD's 
Red Leather Gloves - I knew these gloves wouldn't be for me, and trying them on confirmed it - sorry, I'm just not a glove person! I did see one girl posting a great look with them on FB, and they looked amazing with the right look, but for me they're not so much a versatile piece that I would wear often. The design on them in quite nice though, if that could be translated into boots or something, that could look nice. Fallen Angel 17SD's
Red Jacket - Another jacket, and this was again something I thought that would work from me, because I think we're short a great red coat in the Plaza, but actually I'm not so sure after trying it on my doll. Alike the previous coat, it's the shoulders that are making me doubt it, they just seem a little bulky, and make the piece very much a 'trend-piece' where I am looking for something like this but in a more classic style. The colour is spot on though, and other than the shoulders, I'd say it's a pretty great item^ Velvet Orchid 25SD's
Belt Bag - Ok, I can start with a positive at least once in this post, I love this bag! I do love a trend-bag, and red pieces are ones I know I can wear a lot, plus this one isn't too pricey for a fun design. I like the neck strap along with the cross body design, and the silver details are nice, I like that they're not too big for the piece. I think this will work well with both dressy and casual looks, I'm definitely excited for this one! It Girls 19SD's
Metal Boots - The release of this piece has been delayed, the link will work when they are available in the Plaza, so I can't comment on them on the doll, however they're essentially the same as the earlier Boots just in a more neutral colour however with a silver platform. So overall, the style isn't for me, but I do like the suede texture and colour, so that in a different design, and I'll be all set^ RIO 20SD's

I think Andre1396 has done such a fabulous job with the Wrap Dress, what a perfect way to make it so wearable! It's been resized a little to get the tighter fit, and I think that really looks perfect for it, the shirt is a pretty good colour fit and I like the shaping of it paired with the wrapping of the skirting. The accessories are super fun, love the glitzy earrings and the blue printed Dior along with the orange shoes^
And then millaxx really has me tempted by the Fur Sleeves Coat - doesn't this outfit just look perfect for it?! There's super retro vibes added with the orange tones in both shirts (I love that layering^) and the wide leg jeans, love the contrast of the denim there. The accessories are great too, the boots look fabulous as does the pairing the belt and bag!

Next the Guest Writer stylings! And of course tempting me with pieces that I was sure I'd talked myself out of^ Miloshki goes for the Red Leather Pants and I adore the pairing of this Valentino top with them, it's pretty perfect and totally up my street ... of course I want to pair them now! Vogue_veronica has styled up the Red Jacket which looks great with this cool printed skirt, the colours are completely made for each other. I think it looks great in a more dressed up look and provides more options that I was thinking of. And lastly AudreyHepburn. styled the Wrap Dress which is really working out much more versatile that I thought! The yellow is a fun addition, and contrasts with the blue very nicely, love the perspex bag and the fun earrings used^
Lastly for my stylings. I have only bought 2 pieces so far, but am still tempted with the Red Leather Pants and the Fur Sleeves Coat so there may be some last minute buying! First up the Red Glasses which I think I like, I'm about 75% convinced on them right now, I just with they could be resized a little smaller and one thing to point out is that they become more lens-like when trying them on in the Plaza, however remain a solid red when you put them on your doll which I find a little disappointing as I prefer how they look in the Plaza, nevermind! I did enjoy styling them, because I love a burgundy accent in a look, this shirt is perfect as it also adds a light touch to the look with some white, it was super easy to put together a look so I don't think these will be a hard piece to wear again. Then secondly the Belt Bag, which I've actually worn in a few ways now, this is one that I love, looking classy with this silver dress, I think the two pieces work together well and there are many other silver pieces which will work out nicely too. I think this will make a great Autumn/Winter accessory!

Seasons Change

I'm still trying to figure out that season change - here's some autumn fabrics in a summer colour palette. 

This look was a real ordeal as I'm a bit dry on inspiration at the moment. I'll save you my prattling for once and instead encourage you to wear the largest earrings that you can, just for the heck of it. 

Ingredients | You Will Need
Beige Sweater | It Girls
White Bow Collar Shirt | Callie's Picks
Checked Wool Coat | PPQ of Mayfair
Crisp White Cami | The JetSet
Balenciaga Inspired Blue Skirt | Inspired by Balenciaga Tribute
Square Brooch Earrings | Epiphany
Large Glitter Tassel Earrings | Antidote
Gold Heart Mini Bag | Pretty 'n' Love
Stacked Wood Wedges | Callie's Picks 

Friday, 30 August 2019

S U B C O U T U R E | Styled Outfits

I couldn't help myself! After buying the majority of the recent Subcouture release, and only styling up a handful for We Style It, I finished the task at hand and styled the other pieces that I bought, I'm pretty glad I did because these pieces are too great to not show off and feature =D
First up the Yellow Ruffle Skirt, which is pretty similar to an LE dress which I love, so this is fun to play around with more versatile stylings. It's a great colour for Summer and Autumn, and I've gone down a more Autumnal approach with these burnt orange hues, they look perfect paired together^ I've not seen so many people wearing this one, but I think it has pretty good versatility and I'm excited to try out more ideas with it. Secondly the Dotted Top, which I think I've only seen worn once or twice, but I knew it would be a great piece to style as soon as I'd seen it! Pairing it with these trousers was the first thing that came to mind when thinking about a look. I love the delicate strap across the neck, so it's not a piece you can really wear outerwear with as this totally needs shown off. I stuck with super simple accessories, but I think this is a top that really can handle some fabulous pieces - a dotted bag will look cool, I just didn't have the right piece in my wardrobe, so I'm on the hunt for that! I think it does have good styling options, it just needs a little time =) And finally the Dotted Skirt, which I think has been the most popular piece of these three. The loose midi length and the almost-leopard print are great selling points! I think black is quite an obvious choice for pairing pieces with this skirt, and it really works nicely^ I think all the pieces look great together, and none of the black blends together too much or looks too plain, particularly loving this little gold studded bag with the piece!

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

H I G H F A S H I O N H I D E & S E E K | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

It's that time again, there's not long left to find August's trophy in the High Fashion Hide & Seek challenge! This month there's quite a fabulous piece to win, the White Elegant Dress, it's such a beautiful and classic piece. It looks amazing on the doll, just perfect for the Summer months, and it will be great in the Springtime too^ I've found so many dolls styling this piece so it seems to be pretty popular! First up Marta-43 who does an amazing styling with so much cool layering, I don't even know where to focus first! The addition of the flecked puffed sleeves is cool, and the frilled detail on the shoulder of the dress look great with this frilled collar, a perfect pairing^ The skirting added underneath adds such volume to the dress. And I love the elegant accessories added, really a perfect styling all round!
Next we have millaxx styling up the dress with a focus on accessories and using all this seasons trends. The rattan style mesh bag looks great, and adds a slight casual touch, the handheld style really works out great in this look. Love the delicate golden necklace added, I think it really stands out, and the earrings are also super intricate, really love these little details =D
And for my styling of the piece - I'm not creative enough to do cool layering, so it's all about the accessories for me. I went down a pink route, mostly so I could make use of this fabulous Chanel belt, it's a great style-match for the vibes of the dress^ The shoes are a good fit with the colour of the belt, and the little pearl details are beautiful - I was just missing the perfect bag to fit the colour scheme, but I'm sure I'll find it at some point!

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

In the Palm of your Hand

The weather is very weird right now. We've had incredible temperatures for this time of year in the UK, so I've been melting all over the place. 

Nonetheless, as soon as it hits 1 September, I'll be wearing my jumpers again thanks, 30 degrees plus or not. 

One of the hardest parts of the season change is transitioning your wardrobe. These new RIO palazzo pants are a great piece thanks to the muted tones that will go fabulously with more typically autumnal palettes. They are a bit...voluminous...but that's okay - the width helps to balance out the heavier textures up top and I've actually resized these a bit, so you've got options!

I've gone light on accessories because the print is rather excitable and I'm more of a low-key girl, but you could easily throw in some bright orange or even blue for a pop if you wanted.

Ingredients | You Will Need

Green Leaf Trousers | Rio
Chunky Roll Neck Knit | Nelly.com
Preppy Beige Blazer | Pearls
Twisted Huge Hoops | Antidote
Minimal Caramel Leather Heels | Callie's Picks 
Mini Me Handbag | It Girls

Monday, 26 August 2019

Summer Wardrobe Winners

I can't believe the Summer season is rounding up now - so it's time for my newest feature, the WARDROBE WINNERS post for this season! I found this a little tricky to do, as surprisingly I've been managing to style up quite a range of pieces, which is a good thing - but unexpected of me! This time I picked my top 4 items from the season and I think it's a really nice mix^

These Satin Shimer Trousers from LE have become a firm favourite in my trouser collection. They're a perfect neutral colour, I love the loose-ish fit to them, they're not too wide in the leg, just perfect, and of course they have a great high waist, which is a style I adore and find very easy to work with. They work with so many different styles and colours, and I think they will remain a favourite of mine through the Autumn months too^

Next up is another LE clothing item, the Pelle Shirt which we only recently got but it's truly made it's place clear in my wardrobe! It's a super smart piece with the high collar and the cuffed sleeves, but it definitely has an element of fun too and will work in casual stylings, I can see it pairing well with so many different denims^ I have loved wearing it with many cool bottomhalves, it really works with many styles and many colours, which is the beauty of a white shirt, so much love for it =D

T W O S I D E D B E L T, Subcouture
For an accessory next, this may be an obvious choice as I've worn it a lot - the Subcouture Twosided Belt! I've really been wearing belts a lot and the style of this is a bit of a classic, you can't go too wrong with black. I really liked the design element of the double-buckle, and I love the metal, it's not either bold gold or silver, so it doesn't force you either way into the metal for accessories, which really is perfect^ I've found it works so well with many different styles and pieces, this set of stylings really might be one of my favourites!

H O T B U Y S V E R S A C E I N S P I R E D S H O E S, It Girls
And the final piece, a second accessory in the Hotbuys Versace Inspired Shoes from It Girls. These came out back in the Spring, and I've really enjoyed having them in my wardrobe. Having golden details like this pointed toe really makes them an easy piece for me to style as it can be highlighted perfectly with a long pair of trousers. I love citrus tones, so the orange works naturally well for me. The ankle detailing is super pretty and does make the perfect pairing from a cropped length too. Super versatile, and I can see these doing well through the autumn as well =)

Sunday, 25 August 2019

1 Piece 1 Week | White Leather Party Shorts

As we approach the end of Summer I decided I'd give these fabulous White Leather Party Shorts from PPQ a chance to prove themselves to you - I've really gotten on their bandwagon in the past year or so and they've featured in quite a few stylings and a dedicated post, here's another one - styling up a whole week of outfits with them! I wasn't sure how much of a challenge I would find this, I thought it might be tricky to work with shorts, but it wasn't and it was super fun =D
Be smart casual in blazer stylings
I am in love with a blazer-shorts combination and these are perfect stylings to end the Summer with. The looks are neutral and the styles show off the shorts well, and they're a twist on a classic smart styling. For these looks I like the longer lengths of the blazers, and I adore my accessory choices, from the heels to the sunglasses hanging on the bags^
Dressing up in designer
Smart black and white stylings with a focus on 'designer' pieces from limited stores or Tribute releases. The style of the shorts lean well to this vibe, even  though there are ankle straps on the heels, the legs look super long in both stylings. And the black details add a classic theme to the piece =)
Ready to go for the new Autumn season
And finishing the week of stylings with looks to transition into the upcoming season - I like trying out both bare legs and covered with the different boot choice, both are great with shorts. The white pops whether with a contrasting black or with something lighter, I think these outfits work perfectly. I love the chunky size difference with the first style, and the printed top in the second for different warm looks!

Red and White

Somethins simple and classy today – you could wear this both in the everyday life or in a more formal occasion. Those are the outfits I like the most, formal and chic but still wearable! 

Saturday, 24 August 2019

Subcouture SPECIAL # W E S T Y L E I T

It's finally time to share our huge number of stylings from the recent Subcouture in this WE STYLE IT post! We all bought a lot, and really we could have picked out an additional several pieces to style, but we kept it to a manageable 7 (haha) today. This release really had a lot of great pieces in a range of styles and I think we've done a great job showing the versatility of items in this post - we hope you enjoy it!

First up something that we all purchased, the Pink Coat which I think is one of the most popular pieces of the release. It's got a great fit and works well in both smarter and more casual stylings as we've demonstrated. There's also great colour pairings, it looks good with neutrals, darks and contrasting tones - it will be perfect year round for stylings =)

Choosing an accessory next, the Cream Handbag - which I didn't pick for it's larger size, but I love what these guys have done with it, how awesome is it with these super fun skirts?! I love the glitter in Miloshki's styling along with these fabulous shoes, and the details added by Vogue_veronica to the piece with the faces and the belt really make it one of a kind!

And our second accessory, another bag, the Belt Bag Black, another super popular piece of the collection - it's really everywhere! These guys really demonstrate that this bag gets top points for versatility, it goes with such a range of colours - even pastel pink in Miloshki's look! - and styles, I'm loving the leather of the top in Vogue_veronica's styling, and the denim in AudreyHepburn.'s =D

The Cream Ruffle Skirt is such a fun piece, I'd love to see more people wearing it because it's fabulous to style! Both of our looks really highlight the piece, it looks great with other neutral tones, but the pops of black in Vogue_veronica's look are super fun - I think this piece has great potential for super stylish looks^

Another super popular piece, this one on the casual side of things, the Marni Inspired Tshirt which of course we love because we all have a bit of a thing for yellow! It's pretty versatile for styling, but we've all gone a bit classic with white pieces, it looks fab with jeans, skirts and trousers, so I'd say that's a pretty good piece^ It layers pretty well with other shirts too as you can see.

This piece is definitely less styled, I've not seen so many people wear the Ruffle Blue Top but I think it's one that deserves a chance. We've both gone for navy skirts, haha, and also highlighting red in our looks - but they work out in different ways^ It works pretty nicely with high-waisted skirts as it's tight around the waist, I've got a few ideas for this one and these looks are a good start for inspirations!

And the final piece, something else we all also bought, the Beige Sweater (SD spelling, not mine!) - such a great piece! It's funny how we all went with skirts with no knowledge of each others stylings, and I love that it works so well with skirt pieces - such a vive for autumn as I'm really feeling that in all of out looks. This is a great layering piece, I can see if working with dresses too, and there will be some fabulous looks with trousers over the next few seasons, because clearly this works beautifully with a range of prints too =D

Back To School

Everyone's three favourite words....?

It's been a hot minute since I was in full time education, but I love the academic aesthetic. I've been watching Mindhunter recently and the 70s student look has been playing on my mind, so this look is channelling that - the perm helps!

Tan courdouroy is like...Professor dressing 101 (you know if this blazer was turned around there'd be patches on the sleeves) and my usual choice would be a turtleneck. I've gone for a striped tank instead for a more casual, normcore vibe. With the practical sneakers and jeans, it says, I'm awake and present for your class....what more do you want?

Ingredients | You Will Need

Stripe Tank | Evil Panda
Levis Vintage Inspired Belted Denim | Vinyl
Courdory Blazer | Bonjour Bizou
Chic Two Tone Earrings | Bonjour Bizou
HotBuys Musubi Mini Tote | It Girls
Chestnet Shoulder Bag | Bonjour Bizou
Flirty Wave Sneaker | Nelly.com

Thursday, 22 August 2019

The Renaissance

Mule-ing my way into the Renaissance!

Mood: These mules! I am so so obsessed with them at the moment. I honestly think they are super underrated, I've seen a very few users styling it. But, here is my classical take on it, playing with colors and patterns.

Details: On the combination of renaissance print dress (Folk) and stardoll polo (IT Girls), goes the immense layers of bedazzled flapper dress (Decades), asymmetrical peplum frock (Archive), lace tuille floral dress (Fallen Angel), all toppled with dark rose minidress (Bonjour Bizou). Accessories include dot gold mules (Subcouture), Prada inspired cat eye glasses (Limited Edition) and methacrylate bag (Vinyl). 2 x rock crystal and gold ear pendants (Epiphany) in parlor.

The Renaissance promoted the rediscovery of classical philosophy, literature and art. If you do any outfits inspired by this period, do comment below or in my guestbook, I would love to check it out!

Tune in every Thursday to check up what I wore for the week! 
Find me on stardoll at Vogue_veronica x 

Signing off, Veronica

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Y O U N G H O L L Y W O O D | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

This Young Hollywood release came as a little surprise, although maybe it shouldn't have - it's a window release based on the Teen Choice Awards 2019, which is a theme we've had before. There are 3 looks to choose from with a mix of styles. For me it wasn't a huge success as the styles weren't so much to my tastes, but I've loved seeing you guys work these pieces into your looks^ First up is starsuepretty wearing the Taylor Jacket, Maddie Earrings, and Maddie Chanel Bag paired very well. These trousers are a great match for the jacket, the colours are super fun and draw you in completely. Love the little touches of gold through all of the accessories, those work perfectly, I'm especially loving the belt and booties combination added to this styling!
Then we have France25, also styling the Maddie Chanel Bag this time very cutely added onto a belted piece. It's a tiny bag, so it naturally works very well in a styling like this. The look is super fun, I love the pairing of the black and white checks with the navy of the trousers, it provides the perfect background for the classic Chanel design to pop out of! 
And the final feature, millaxx styling up both the Maddie Earrings and the Hyland Shoes in a cute mixed style look. I love the use of jeans, showing the versatility of these heels, then they pair well with the colour of the blazer. The earrings add a glam touch along with the belt bag, it's a good twist on style^
Then lastly for my stylings - I only bought the Hyland Shoes in this release, I was thinking about the Maddie Earrings however in the app, they came across as if they were a Beauty Parlor piece, which I don't like so much, however they turned out not to be, so it was my loss there! However I'm very happy with the Hyland Shoes! I think anyone who has read this blog even for a short time will know my love for orange accessories, so these were a must for me! They were super easy to style up in a range of looks, and I came up with 3 fun ones. They work well with both trousers and also skirts/dresses, so plenty of options, and look good either smart or casual as well. The first look didn't work out exactly as I wanted, as I was missing a few key pieces, but love the shoes with the white trousers, I'll definitely repeat this pairing! For the second look this Louis Vuitton shirt is such a great piece, the orange is really balanced nicely against the black through the whole styling, it's such a trendy smart look^ And finally something more on the fun side, this dress has the perfect little touches of different colours and the orange flower is perfect for these shoes! A simple styling, but there's so much going on, and I can see something like this being easily transformed to work in all different seasons =)