Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year guys! Although it's not 2015 where I am yet, it is in some countries and will be soon in the rest of the world =) Hope you all had a great 2014 and I wish you all a wonderful and prosperous 2015!
To celebrate here at the blog, we welcome a brand new header with a graphic courtesy of Eamonn - it's amazing and gives a whole new vibe to the blog which I hope we can continue with through the year =D
Now to share what I've chosen to ring the bells in with - a treat I purchased in the Plaza sale:


Gucci Jacket
It Girls Stardoll Polo
Royalty Michael Pants
Chanel Clutch
Bizou Shoes

LE Black Basic Blazer
Dior Black and White Top
Archive Silk Trousers
Bizou Shoes

White Cotton Dress
Chanel Cardigan With Stripes
Young Hollywood The Row Bag
Antidote Moschino Shoes

Bizou Hotbuys Romper
Royalty Elie Saab Jacket
Fendi Belt
Gucci Trousers
Bizou Shoes
Lady Dior Bag


Tuesday, 30 December 2014

D I Y | Release Review

So this has been out for a while now, but I wanted to try it out and use some pieces before I wrote a review for it! We've had DIY release before, but nothing quite like this - I think it's great, and Stardoll is really starting to acknowledge interior design much more as a part of Stardoll, plus it helps incapable people like me really do something a little more with their suites^
The first floor consists of floors and wall coverings, while the second has a variety of windows and views - for a first release I think this is a good variety and really covers several bases for us. 
Prices are great with this store, from 4 to 13 SD - giving a pretty inexpensive way to make your suite unique with a new floor, window or wall covering! Just one set of window views is SS only, so it doesn't really take away from the collection as a whole, noone is really missing out much! 
For me this store is like a God-send, I go on about being bad at interior design all the time, so this really provides good bases for rooms for me to start with, which is exactly what I needed! (I just need the ability to do the rest now, haha =P)
...cleopatra... has gone for a basic look room, using wood flooring and a concrete wall - it's an effective look which I think is pretty popular now around Stardoll (I have in in two rooms *guilty* haha!), but it's also been further decorated well here, and the simple window addition looks fab!
Pink-Ashley007 has also gone for a basic look, but has included one of the new windows and a Paris scenery in the room, which really adds a light and airy feel to the room. And with the many different 'view' possibilities, it's easy to make a room like this your own. Plus I love the table layout, very chic!
Miver (along with a bunch of others) has really taken the view on - going for a full balcony with a pretty Eiffel Tower scene, which I really love! A simple foreground really makes this effective, and although simple, it works wonders for a suite =)
And finally a room from Marbum - choosing to edit one of the given interiors with some oh-so-stylish additions. I used the concrete in this interior too, and it works a charm along with giving a great base to start your room around! So much thought has clearly gone into this room, and I think it's a great inspiration to me!

What do you guys think of this new DIY store? Can't wait for more like me?!?! x

Monday, 29 December 2014

D & G | Tribute Review

Bit of a surprise today with this D&G Tribute release! Wasn't expecting it at all, but I definitely was looking forward to seeing the pieces once I found out that it was coming =) Love the homepage ad, it just has a vibe that draws you into it and made me excited to visit the store!
So we had three floors of items, although the first is just to showcase the main dress of the collection - the Alta Moda Gown (at 45SD's, this dress is the priciest of the collection). The other floors have a variety of tops, bottoms, dresses and accessories, including a male outfit. I think there is a good range, although there are other items from the real collection that I might have preferred a little more, which led to me only buying a couple of pieces. Accessories were a little of a let down for me this time - usually I'll buy a few things but this time I didn't really like anything. I'm not sure if it's just me, but none of the shoes or bags seemed to be that well made (the Knight Boots aren't actually that bad though, a good styling of them could persuade me!)
Despite it being winter and just wanting to dress my doll up warmly, I do really like the shorts and skirts of the collection, especially the Brocade Skirt - it can easily be styled into a winter look, but I can ultimately see it being an all-year-round piece! Although dresses having a prominence, the one coat is fabulous - the Fox Cape comes in at 36/32SD's and I can really see it being a popular purchase from this release! I bought it almost immediately and look forward to styling mine up. Its' real version is very nice, but I think Stardoll have done a great job coming up with one inspired by it =)
Prices overall range from 13 to 45 SD's, with only the one dress at that top end. I think these are as expected really, and about average - I just seemed to have picked the more expensive pieces, and even though I only bought a handful it cost around 100SD's!
This is very much not 'me' but I surprisingly loved this dress | Sicilian Traditional Lace Dress
Adore this shirt, but it would look amazing with the skirt that it was paired with in the real collection! | Flower Embroidered Top

What are your opinions on the collection? Got a favourite piece that you've styled? Let me know in the comments please!

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Winter light

Collar from Sunny Bunny
Paris Lover Sweater from Hot Hot Buys
Two Tone Cotton Dress from Pretty'n'Love
Clutch from Antidote
Feather Couture Skirt from Chanel
Pink Shoes from Voile

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Chic, Black Christmas

Black Cape from Stardesign Studio
Chanel Tweed Coat
Premiere Watch Belt by Chanel
Dior Black Trousers
Dior Boots from Museum Mile
Fendi Peekaboo Tote + Bizou Belt

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

T R E S S U P | Release Review

Well this sure was a nice surprise - new Tress Up! I had just said in my Chanel post that I loved the little topknot from the homepage advert, and bam, here it is! Merry Christmas Eve guys =D x
Two floors packed with styles which make a great addition to our Plaza I'm thinking! I love a lot of these styles, and they have a good variety to really suit everyone. Not everything suits my doll, but that's all in the fun of it - trying on everything and seeing what works well and what doesn't!
Prices range from 16 to 24SD's, which is about average for hair, and there are a couple of SS only styles. I renewed my membership this week too, so as I'm a Royalty member there is also 10% off, meaning Royalties pay 2SD's less on each style - a pretty decent offer for Royalty members I's say! Although I don't think this affected how I bought, I bought the pieces I liked and not just because they were a little cheaper, I'd happily have paid the full price.
I ended up only choosing two styles - the Andrea Hair and the Pretty Girl Hair, but I think there will be other wildly popular ones out there, for example the Cara Long Hair, the Lena Styled Bob and the Lupita Hair. I've already seen a lot of members wearing all the different styles out there, so a pretty successful release!
Right now I'm loving wearing the Pretty Girl Hair and I can't wait to try my other purchase^

So what do you guys think of the release? Any favourite new styles? Let me know in the comments =)

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Classic black

Loved this look from NicollySuulz yesterday - it may be simple and a classic, but it's a look which is always effective! Normally I wouldn't find myself drawn to lots of different patterns on clothing in one look, but I feel like this works! The jacket and top look great together, and accessorising them has been easy - a great look overall! I'm excited to see more from this member =)

Monday, 22 December 2014

C H A N E L | Tribute Review

So we've been anticipating this release all weekend and it's finally here! All over the blogs and social media people have been talking about Chanel, so I'm being sure to get this review up promptly! I love the homepage ad, the models just really stand out to me (whether I've considered this before, I'm not sure) and really entice me to go to the store and purchase items (Plus I love that cute little topknot^)!
The Christmas theme is evident though both floors and the clothing items come from this seasons Chanel with a good mix of accessories in there too! There's a wonderful variety of pieces available in this release so I really think everyone will find something that works for them, although there will be some token very popular pieces amongst everything - this time I'm feeling the bags (particularly the Chanel Shopping Basket and the Chanel Pearls Bag), the Leather Trenchcoat and the Striped Cashmere Shawl
Prices range from 15 to 42 SD's, which is very much as expected for a Chanel Tribute, and I don't feel anything is overpriced that I wouldn't pay it (most items are 20's to mid-30's). Last years Christmas Chanel release cost up to 64 SD's so we're getting off a little lighter! I have seen quite a few complaints about the prices this time around, but in my experience most members won't be buying everything, so it shouldn't total to too much if you're careful about what you buy!
I ended up buying a lot (certainly helped fill up my gift-o-meter!), not really whole looks, but pieces that I could wear with other items in my closet already. Didn't buy any of the shoes, wasn't really a fan of them this time around, but did get most of the bags - these are great this collection! So now a couple of styled outfits, and I gotta say I'm loving the feathered fur pieces so much more than I thought I would:

Sunday, 21 December 2014


Miloshki has done it again with another great look! I love these leather-look pieces, and the picture panel really gives the look a kitsch-y styled vibe, which is only added to by the orange heel of the shoe and the very cute green fur bag! This is a style which suits this doll so much, looking forward to seeing more =)

N E L L Y | Release Review

December has brought a brand new Nelly collection - ready for party season I think! And the ad from the homepage just screams that at us with the glimmer and glam and gold, plus the fabulous look that the model is donning!
The two new(ish) floors are packed with items - new shoes and bags along withe a good selection of dresses and tops and bottoms for our dolls to choose from! There are also a couple of SS only items in this release, but I don't feel like they take away much from the collection for nonSS's, so far I haven't felt the need to buy a membership just for these items! Prices range from 9 to 28 SD's, with only a couple of items reaching the top end of the scale - pretty average for a Nelly collection I'd say, plus the items are generally always wearable, so we're getting out money's worth here =)
I loved going through these floors and choosing items to buy, although I was finding it getting expensive, so in my first look through I did limit myself to what I bought, however now I'm considering going back to pick up a few more pieces to add to my haul.
The Distressed BF Jeans stood out to me immediately, and I knew I had to have them - I was able to quickly style them into 3 looks, hopefully showing their versatility:
It barely took me a few minutes to think of items to pair with these jeans, and there will be hundreds more out there. At 20SD's I do think they are rather pricey for the store, but if you're happy to make the spend, I'd say they are worth the splurge =D
I also picked easily from the accessories and happily purchased the High Heeled Slim Boots and the Decorated Sandals, which seemed to fall together into my first look below:
Jumping back to clothing, I also quickly put together 2 further looks, the second with the Twisted Luxury Top, coming in at 15SD's which is super fun but also pretty formal, this is the sort of thing I'd wear to a work Christmas party, it's dressed up but not serious (think I kinda conveyed that in my look)! The last outfit there uses the Chunky Polo Sweater - and I think I'm trying to let you know that I don't only wear black here, haha! But this look is pretty casual winter, I love the sweater with white jeans, and I think this combination is easy to find coloured pieces to go with. I went for pink, but you could go for anything!

Styled something from this release? Send me a pic in the comments! xx

Saturday, 20 December 2014



My name is Luiza, nice to meet you! I am the new writer of THE STARDOLL LOOKBOOK. My username is Blinnes. I like to dress my doll with classic colors, but sometimes when I'm inspired, there are different shades in my outfits. Golden and silver accessories. And now I'm ready to live on the cities, where everything happens and the fashion too.

1. Bonjour Bizou Agyness Hat, Strike a Pose Charcoal Streetstyle Overcoat, Zuhair Murad Black Suit  Blazer, Strike a Pose Trousers, Pals  Jennifer Pumps and Black LadyDior  2. Hot Buys Heart Shades, Subcouture Fendi Inspired Sweater, Decades Tonal Printed Full Dress, DvF Flamenco T Strap Heels and It Girls Olivia Shoulder Bag  3. Young Hollywood Chain Dallas Hat, Zuhair Murad White College Shirt, The JetSet Light Asymmetrical Skirt and Pretty n' Love White Point Heels.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Red Taking The Spotlight

Dior Diva Sunglasses from Special Offer
Black Polo from It Girls
Netted Faux Feather Sweater from Tingeling
Dior Trousers
Fendi Peekaboo Tote + Bizou Belt
Studded Heels from Velvet Orchid

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Robot Took My Clutch

Black Polo Top from It Girls
Belted Waist Blouse from Archive
Faux Fur Trousers from Fallen Angel by Chanel
Mawi Glitter Bag Iridescent
Dior Shoes from Fallen Angel

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Lazy shades of Grey

Dior Diva Sunglasses, Special Offer
Grey Oversized Sweater, New Stardesign Item
See Through Purse, Hot Buys Weekly
Chanel Backpack, Special Offer
Leggings With Holes, Bonjour Bizou
Dior Heels, Museum Mile

Monday, 8 December 2014

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Hotbuys Hedi Black Vest - Styled By You

I hadn't actually taken much notice of the Hotbuys Hedi Black Vest until this weekend when I noticed these two great looks including it!
The first is from SarahVIP - who has chosen a super casual and street look pairing it with ripped jeans and black leather loafers, while xCookie has really dressed it up with a formal knit and a sleek black bottom half really showing off the versatility of this piece! Kinda makes me wanna buy it, though at 28 SD's you'd really want to be sure!

The New Chic

First of all, I want to say thanks for accepting me in the team! I am the new writer, Filip. Some of you will probably recognize me, or my doll SoniaBellaStone

 Open Black Cape from Pet-a-Porter 
Striped Silk Blouse from It Girls
Dior Black Trousers
Heels from Museum Mile inspired by Dior
Fendi Peekaboo Tote (with Bonjour Bizou belt hiding the ''Monster'')