Monday, 30 November 2015

An Introduction - Money on My Mind

Hullo - I'm Miloshki and I have been invited to contribute as a Guest Writer. It's a real honour to join the ranks of the talented stylists on the roster and hopefully I can put my ten years of Stardoll experience to the test.

The Vivienne Westwood Tribute dropped in the plaza today and while I wasn't exactly raving about it as a whole, I did like the Money Top. 

(It's a metaphor, see: You put the spending thing right on your body, but you don't give it the power to do its spending...) 

 I've tried to play up the washed out blues with clean white lines and a slash of red lipstick. You might as well bury me in this fur wrap, because I'm never taking it off.  

Ingredients / You will need:
Money Top | Vivienne Westwood Tribute at Museum Mile
Satin Over Shoulder Jacket | Melbourne Minimalism Tribute
Solange White Capris | Young Hollywood
Hot Buys Faux Fur Wrap | It Girls
Lips Clutch | PPQ of Mayfair
Couture Rings | Chanel Tribute
Tiffany Shoes | Voile

M M F A S H I O N | Release Review

Last week we got a new MM Fashion release. It's definitely been a little while since we've had one so I was excited to see what we'd been given. The homepage ad is super stylish and minimal, the models have the alluring look about them and really draw you in, making you want what they have, so it really does the job!
It was just the one floor that we got, but there's plenty going on to look at and to choose from for different styles. Also including a male outfit - the Belted Resort Trench looks great and I think will be a popular choice among the guys!
I'll begin with the accessories, which I didn't really find myself falling for. The Buckle Up Boots are quite nice and I am loving black boots right now, but I prefer the pairs I have greatly over these ones. The bags on offer aren't all that bad, I do like the green of the Resort Cross Body, but I'm just not feeling the desire to purchase it right now.
I do like quite a few pieces of clothing - I think both pairs of trousers are particular stand outs in the collection and I'm glad of this! The Tailored Resort Pants are a classic in white, but the gold button gives them a unique touch, while the Millionaire Pants are a formal piece in navy, with the pinstripes and buttons giving them a difference to other wideleg trousers that we've had. To go with them, there's really not a lot of tops on offer - just one amazing one! I absolutely love the Embellished Collar Top and it's my favourite piece of this release. It's minimal yet has very cute small details which make it stand out in a crowd. I also love that it's in grey, because it's a versatile and easy to style colour. There are a few coats on offer to go with the bottoms as well, but none of them leap out at me as I look at the store. The Double Stripes Coat is definitely interesting, and I think I'd buy it in a sale as a challenge to style, but it's not for me right now. The matching Pocket Detail Shirt is pretty nice and I think could be styled well, so that's a piece I'm still thinking about. In the other dresses, the pattern of the Metal Plaque Dress looks stunning, and is another piece I'm considering, and the feathery/furry effect of the Fluffy Woven Dress is adorable and I think could make some pretty cute looks^
Prices for this release range from 11 to 23SD's, which is pretty average for a release these days, nothing stood out as being too expensive or put me off purchasing the item, so that's always great^

So far I've bought 3 items which I've styled for you guys:
Firstly the Millionaire Pants which I've tried to go for two different looks and different looks to what I'd usually go for with a piece like them. I really like the green with the navy and think this is something I should try out more often!
And secondly the Embellished Collar Top, which I am adoring with lilac and purple. I think this style of coat suits the top perfectly because the details are front and centre on show. Finally the Tailored Resort Pants, which are perfect with grey - could have gone more wild with them, but I had this coat and scarf in mind when I purchased them. I'm sure you'll be seeing plenty more of these trousers on the blog though in the future!

Lastly a quick feature - love this Miu Miu themed styling from DKNY4435, thought it was just perfect with the top:

Striped blues

Another great style with some YH pieces from anisa123 today, and I think that the LE nautical-themed shirt really turns the trousers, shoes and bag into whole other pieces to style! I also think the high neck under the shirt is a good addition to give the shirt a little more style, making it a good respectable piece. Beauty look is also fab as are those earrings!

Sunday, 29 November 2015

We Wear Hotbuys N O V E M B E R | Cashmere Sweater Dress

The final Hotbuy of November (like seriously, how is it the end of November already?!) - this is the Cashmere Sweater Dress costing 20SD from Bizou - I really love knitted pieces, especially the collar on this one, and I really loved styling this:
I love that we've both gone for sparkles on this one! And the poll:

More retro

This look from Alenaaaa stood out to me in the crowd with it's amazing retro style! Pretty much everything about it stood out to me, from the patterning on the red skirt to the inclusion of the adorable neck-tie. I also love the glamour that the Chanel trench and those golden-decorated shoes add to the look as well. Plus - socks? Great! Such a wonderful look and I look forward to seeing more from this doll^

Saturday, 28 November 2015


Blouse-Callie's Picks
Dress-Original Future
Bag-Callie's Picks

We Wear Hotbuys N O V E M B E R | White Lace Ups

Boots this time - and they're not too much my thing really! These are the White Lace Ups from Velvet Orchid costing 13SDs. They're not all that bad of a piece, they just aren't my typical style, so I went in with it being a challenge from the offset. I'm also disappointed that noone else styled these, so I've put together 3 looks myself for you to vote between:
A definite surprise that I really quite like these boots with skirts! I think I like the first best, however that sparkly skirt with them is pretty nice. Now the poll for you guys:

Greys and Gucci

Absolutely had to feature this look from Mia1435 today! This styling of the Yohji Dress is fantastic, so perfect and much better than what I put together for the post last night^ I love the white and grey of the tops beneath it, making it a good winter look and that's tied together by the same colours in the cute slightly retro shoes. Gucci bag and that beret are great accessories to finish the look =D

Friday, 27 November 2015

We Wear Hotbuys N O V E M B E R | Yohji Dress

Finally onto a dress! This is the Yohji Dress from Fallen Angel and is priced at 21SD. I love it's draping and colour, so lets see how we got on:
It's a shame it's just the two of us again, but the poll:


Just a little notice about the sale this weekend - a perfect opportunity to pick up both new and old pieces in the plaza at a greatly reduced price!


A great retro vintage look from Mia1435 in todays feature^ I think this purple stands out so much, in a positive way - and I don't think purple has ever looked quite so good either. White was a perfect base for the colour, and the Dior adds a lovely touch of glamour along with those perfect purple lips!

Thursday, 26 November 2015


In preparing my closet for the Bag It Up challenge I stumbled across these sweaters in my closet - the Black and White Mariniere Pull. These come from the BASICS store and cost just 42StarCoins, a total bargain for you to have!
So I styled both, and I found it pretty easy to come up with differing looks for the two, something I didn't think would come to me. I stuck with dark colours for the Black version, just because I think it looks good that way, but I ventured into the realm of colour for the White version - the stripes look awesome with this Nelly Slinky Knot Skirt, but I adore my last look, these boots and skirt are so great together, and with the sweater^

What do you guys  think of these sweaters? Are they pieces you've thought about or styled before? Let me know in comments!

Beauty Snaps

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Bag It Up Challenge #2

Number 2 and a double feature from It Girls^ These are two adorable bags with a cute floral theme, much more suited to summer or spring looks which is what I've gone for. On the left is the Bow Bag, which 6SD's. I feel like I've made half hearted attempts with this before, but it is a pretty versatile bag as it's easy to style behind jeans as I've gone with. It's also a super detailed bag with a lot of nice jewels when you look up close =D On the left is the Prato In Fiore Shoulder Bag costing 95SC's, a bargain really! I've been desperately trying to use this bag and so I'm glad I got it checked off first, and I love it with this denim look, which I will try more of for sure!

Suite Style

Such a great combination of suite and a look from dkny4435 today! The suite room looks awesome and makes perfect use of that Young Hollywood garden interior (it's something I've never bothered trying to work with!) with this minimal and scandinavian-styled interior design. The woods, whites and concrete are a good combination together and with the original interior - it's exactly what I'd want in my suite, need to get working on that! Also loved the outfit making use of the MSW Lace Peplum Top, but choosing to avoid the lace aspect and focus on it's other details, such a great idea^ =D

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Y O U N G H O L L Y W O O D | Styled Outfits

Friday brought us a whole new Young Hollywood collection, two floors full! Now I didn't know about it until I saw it when I got home Friday evening so I had missed a lot and didn't really have a good amount of time to have a good look and think of what I wanted to say for a review - so I'm styling one of the pieces I bought. I did also purchase the Gaga White Evening Gown, but it does very much speak for itself, plus I also wore it in my MAWI post last week^ So I'm styling the Jourdan Embellished Skirt, I love this piece and was glad it was still available to purchase. It feels season appropriate with the colours of the embellishments and I was super excited to style it as soon as I purchased it =) 
This skirt looks good in other ways but I just went all black - tops, boots and jackets, totally unintentional but helps make the skirt stand out with the pretty flowers. A navy top could work too but the one I have has other embellishments and it was a bit too much^
I couldn't post without some great features of other items from the store as well:
Firstly Marbum, wearing mostly items - I think the Gigi Suede Vest and the Gigi White Purse look particularly good. In fact this look made me buy the bag^ This older YH skirt is a perfect match for the look too, great great combination!
Now Mia1435, always looking fabulous and totally selling the Emma Blue Pants and the Emma Blue Heels! They look surprisingly awesome with the green, so it's also a fabulous look with the blazer. The beauty look is also amazing^
Lastly xCookie, also wearing the Gigi White Purse but additionally the Gigi White Capris. This look makes them look pretty different to the store, I think I like them more now! The red was a great choice to make the look standout to me =)


A very nice, smart look from tigre89 today. I've been loving long boots recently, so this fits perfectly in with that category. The dress is great too, which has been made from several white pieces with the grey one layered ontop, a great creation and unique use for this piece. Accessories and makeup also chosen well, good work^

Monday, 23 November 2015

Bag It Up Challenge #1

All ready for #1, and ended up choosing something simple to start off with. This is the White Large Clutch from Nelly, and is actually something I've styled specifically before. Kept colours simple with black and white, but this is a piece that you could go for a statement colour with, I'm feeling blue maybe^

Suite Style

It's been a while since I've shown a suite, but fearstar's was too good to pass up =) It's all Chanel here, and I love it^ The minimalism is perfect, giving a good basis to show off good outfits on, but it has enough details to make it stand out and look good amongst the other suites I see - great work!

Bag It Up Challenge

A quick intro post for my brand new challenge! Yay =D And I started this one especially for my birthday^ This is the Bag It Up Challenge where I'm aiming to style every bag that's in my closet - yep you read correctly, every bag! Now I calculated that I have about 180 bags, yikes, and I didn't want the challenge to go on for that long so I think I might do key pieces individually and them maybe a few categorised or themed with the brand or something^
The first post will be up tonight so keep an eye out for that - enjoy your monday, I know I will be with going to see Mockingjay Part 2!

Sunday, 22 November 2015

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Styled Outfits

Last week brought us the 53rd edition of Callie's Picks! This time with the theme of tartan - something I love and enjoy wearing but I was a little disappointed with the offerings this time. The only piece I really liked was the Tartan Cardigan which I already own. I did purchase one item though, the very much non-tartan, the Modern Blazer, which is a great versatile piece that I've been casually on the browse for for a while^ So this post brings a few looks for that:
Didn't mean to stick with the blacks and greys, but I clearly didn't try hard enough, woops^ I love the last look the most I think - just bought those Gucci boots in the Bazaar and really loving them so far =)

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!

Trouser layers

Such a stand out look today from twittersred with this black and gold number and fab red lips! I particularly love the layering of these trousers, it's a perfect work around for them both (the Sheer Lounge Pants and the Shiny Lace Trousers from this years MSW) - so genius^ Also the addition of this knotted piece from the latest Nelly is perfect. Accessories are great and the beauty is to die for - amazing overall =)

Saturday, 21 November 2015

We Wear Hotbuys N O V E M B E R | Fuzzy Heels

I feel like the name undersells this Hotbuy - the Fuzzy Heels are definitely more than just that! They cost 12SD and are from Pretty 'n Love:
The poll:


A little out of season with this nautical look from Polina_Bast, but I still think it's awesome! This LE shirt seems a bit underrated for me, because it can clearly look good. I like the Melbourne Minimalism lace underneath, it's a good wear for both pieces in that respect, and the white jeans are a classic. Also think this is a great style for those loafers - it reminds me that I need to wear mine more =D

Friday, 20 November 2015

M A W I | My Beauty Look | Styled Outfit

This week opened with a new Mawi collection, and it's been ages since we've had one! I debated back and forth over whether to post about it because I've just not had time to sit and think about a review, so instead, and inspired by my last challenge (Wear Dem Jewels) I've decided to post looks with the two pieces I bought, a sort of jewellery lookbook as such =)
Firstly the Spiked Deco Fang Earrings which cost 10SD's. I really didn't like the gemstone branding, those with the names on the pieces I mean, so for earrings these were perfect as they didn't include that! I love the bronzed colour and played on that a little with the brown liner. It's a look I think works better from afar, but I'm focussing on makeup with this piece. Wishing we had some bronzed shimmer liner or something right now, that would be perfect^
And secondly the Tiered Pave Gemstone Necklace costing 17SD's. I stuck with a pink lip to go with the gems on the necklace, and again I like it more than the ones with the writing on them. Went super simple with my looks and stuck with the basics of white^ It works though, so I don't see why not go for looks like this. Tried to choose both casual and formal, although I think a little more work is needed on the knitwear front, but it's definitely a look I wanna get right!

What did you guys think of this release? Which pieces were your favourites? Let me know in comments!


New day, new collection, this time Young Hollywood. I really liked a few pieces so I was for sure obliged to give myself a new outfit featuring at least one of them. 

Miss Sixty White Sunglasses - Miss Sixty
HotBuys Geometry Dress - Original Future
Riri Embellished Neck Top - Young Hollywood
Silver Mirror Clutch - MSW
Silver Paulista Stilletos - Rio

Did you like the collection? 



A great look with these Sienna trousers from Marbum! They suit the leopard printed shoes a lot, along with this StarDesign Fendi sweater - the peak-a-boo eyes are great, made possible by some fabulous fur! Accessories are great too, love the combined gold detailing and not sure I've seen this YSL hat styled so well either^

Thursday, 19 November 2015


So I mentioned in my last LE review about spotting these Snake Print Clogs in a look and having to buy them - so here (finally) are my looks for them! They are sold in Bizou and cost 11SD's.
I thoroughly enjoyed putting together these looks, it made me so glad that I did end up purchasing them =) So focused on simple colours really because the print itself has at least a few involved. So the typical white and black have been heavily involved^ I think a slight crop looks better than a long leg on the trousers with these shoes, so that's what I went for, but it's just my opinion, you guys may have some amazing looks with long legs! Heavy on the polonecks too with the first and third looks, but I also got that chunky knit too which keeps a hold of my recent Nelly Plaza Picks. I think the green of the Faux Fur Top is a great colour match, and this look seems so different for the stylings of it I did for the Pretty 'N Love review, so it's great to see the versatility coming through!

Let me know what you think of the looks and the shoes in comments! =D


I always love seeing looks with the Sheer Lounge Pants, and this one from lacky_girl.. is no exception. They suit the horizontal stripes of the cropped shirt surprisingly well, and it's a good piece to see being used. Accessories are classic in black and the bag works well. The cute Mickey Ears Headband gives a nice touch, not something I'd usually like in an outfit, but it definitely works here =D

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

N E L L Y | Release Review

Should have guessed there'd be more Nelly, there usually is! Yet another floor added on Friday to this store, and it complements the last release well as well as contrasting it - being the dark to the lights of the last items. The ad fits nicely with the last and I think sells the items and highlights the models, they look great and I just wanna be them=P
Again, another floor where I don't know where to begin! I like the darker colours this time, as I've said, so the releases are very complementary to each other. There's a lot more emphasis on knotted pieces this time, and I love seeing this. And the details on them are great, especially in the Front Knot Dress - it's crazy good! I'll keep going on the dress theme - there are a lot to choose from actually, and with a good range of colours. It's great seeing the emerald of the Teal Turtleneck Shirt Dress and the burgundy of the Jersey Deep Drop Dress mixed in with all those black pieces! Another piece I want to point out is the Fringe Lace Dress, it's got amazing details with lace and fringing, I really love it =D It also reminds me of the Tasseled 20s Dress from MSW this year.
A couple of skirts are included, both of which I love! The A Lined Black Skirt is the equivalent of the Beige A Lined Skirt, so is naturally a pretty good basic piece to purchase. And the Slinky Knot Skirt is great in both style and colour, I loved styling it for my look and I look forward to styling it again already =D Trousers round up the bottom halves, with my favourite being the Slashed Superstretch Jeggings. The fit is ahhhhhhh-mazing, like I seriously never wanna wear another pair of black jeans that aren't these - a definite must from this collection!
There are a few outerwear pieces, nothing stood out to me much at first, but it was actually on of the features below which made me take a second look at the Cape Coat. I haven't bought it yet, but it's a piece I'm going to think about for a while.
Compared to the last floor, I really liked the accessories this time. The one bag is a great piece in terms of versatility, and I really think these shoes are pretty good too. The styles suit black a lot more than the pale colours last time. I think I'll probably end up buying the Thigh High Lace Up Boots because they could make some pretty good stylings =)
Prices range from 6 to 23SD's and most pricings are nicely in the middle of that range. No surprises and I think pieces are definitely worth the prices they have been given - so no complaints at all^
So now some of my styled outfits:
Firstly 3 looks with the Uneven Top. I really like the colour and sort or marled texture it has. I assumed it would be fairly easy to put with looks, but I definitely found this a little challenging. I'm not sure I love all the looks I presented, but I like that it does go pretty well with skirts as well as trousers. I'm looking forward to seeing others wearing this top^
And now my bottomhalves looks. I styled all the pieces I bought, and I am very pleased with all looks and how they turned out for these - not sure I want to say anymore!
And features:
Mia1435 looks amazing in this casual-mix look featuring the Slinky Knot Skirt.
And nicki_-_-minaj in a tad risque of a look but also featuring the Thigh High Lace Up Boot and the Cape Coat.