Friday, 27 February 2015

A Flash of Print

Hot Buys Coat & Tee · It Girls | Trousers · OTTO | Clutch · JETSET | Belt · GIVENCHY Tribute | Sandals ·  YH

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

X Awards! *Reminder*

So those of you who aren't Stardoll Facebook users might have missed out on this one - the X Awards, hosted by the one and only Jack! Nominations were announced a little while ago and you can vote for the winner in each of the categories. I'm so overjoyed that the blog has gotten a nomination, and if you want, I'd love to have your support =D Click on the image below to vote!

Monday, 23 February 2015

Cotton candy lip

Yet another amazing look from Miver - isn't this just someone who works it well ALL THE TIME?!?! Simply adore this basic outfit. Those wide leg trousers are spot on trend and they look great with the casual grey tee (love seeing formal and casual mixed perfectly like this!). Accessories are well chosen with that white Chanel bag, and the silver wrap on the head is great, who knew it would look so good?!?! And the cotton candy lip colour is to die for, it's perfection with this outfit! 

P.S. Also love the interior design of this suite room!

Sunday, 22 February 2015

LE Styled Outfits

So I ended up buying 7 pieces of the collection, less than I assumed I would, and I'm very much looking forward to putting together looks with everything! I'm only going to style a couple of the pieces due to my busy RL schedule right now, but if anyone has a special request for me to style an item I bought but haven't shown, feel free to comment!
So firstly the Sonia Culottes. I was on the fence with them, but after Jack sent me his stylings it pushed me into buying them a little bit! But I did have a great time coming up with two looks for you, and I was dubious at how it would be to find tops which would work, but I was able to pull about 7 or 8 from my closet which worked immediately, so no bother there! I didn't intend to go with two full black looks, but they both just stood out as good stylings of the Culottes so I wasn't going to delete one, haha! I also found myself looking to stick to the whole minimalism theme of the collection when I put them together.
And now the Camel Wool Coat, another piece I thought looked naturally good with black! However I did veer away from that, albeit not far, to white for my other two looks with this coat! I can't get over how great those DKNY trousers look with it, or that turtle-neck knitted sweater (HotBuys, although Nelly had a similar version)! I also went for a turtle-neck shirt in my 'black' look, I've been seeing these worn more in RL and found myself needing to give this one a go, in fact it's been chilling in my storage! I also wore a new pair of tights - managed to snap up this pair of 3rd Season LE ones in the Bazaar today for under 150SD's, what a find! 

Saturday, 21 February 2015

S T A R D O L L F A S H I O N W E E K | Kors By Stephenia Kors Review

So Stardoll Fashion Week started off on Thursday with a Cocktail Party for the opening event and then there's been a couple of fashion reveals/events each night. It's sort of all over Facebook, so if you're wondering why this seems new and all of a sudden, it might be because you don't use a Stardoll Facebook =) I haven't really felt the need to write any reviews so far (I remember writing reviews on my previous blog back when the original Stardoll Fashion Weeks happened), but I absolutely had to for this collection from tonight - Kors by Stephenia Kors.
It was hard to choose looks to feature because I honestly think they're all amazing! This collection was exactly what I was looking for in the Stardoll Fashion Week event - great graphics, perfectly chosen models for each look, a nice compilation of pieces, everything working together so well, and an overall awesome feel from the whole scene! The catwalk is sleek and minimalistic, but memorable, and allows the outfits to each have their moment. And the models have been chosen so well for not only the collection but for each individual look - I'm a little jealous my doll isn't up there in one of these amazing looks! Plus they all have great hair and makeup, beauty can be so important in collections.
The graphics truly are amazing. Each piece has clearly had a great deal of thought and time put into it, and it's the technique that I really think draws me in and steals my breath!
Not sure there's any more praise I could give this amazing collection, other than to tell you to check it out at the blog here, and to check out Stephenia's work on her Facebook page

Stardoll Fashion Week

Orchid Tulle Dress, Fallen Angel
Chanel Watch Belt
Archive Birkin Bag
Young Hollywood Manolo Blahnik Shoes
Leather Work Shirt, LE

Friday, 20 February 2015

LE | Release Review

^To start with, they really had me at that word - MAXIMINIMALISM, this collection could very well have been made for lovers of the minimal look like me =) Anyway, after seeing the spoilers yesterday, have to say I was very excited for this release - so this morning I promptly upgraded to SS so I'd be sure not to miss out! Also, there were a pair of sunglasses (assuming accidentally) released early (the Sleek BW Sunnies, @ 35/32SD's, these are the "1st Edition" according to the tag now!), and luckily I was able to get a pair when I logged in just after 8 this morning. Plus I've already styled my look with them, which you can see here at Deep Fashion! So enough wittering on, to the review!
So we had a wonderful treat of 4 stuffed floors of LE, including a couple of looks for the male dolls out there! There was a pretty good range, from shoes and bags, along with a few headpieces in the accessories category, and then tops, dresses, skirts and trousers with some great coats thrown into the clothing category!
Accessories, for me anyway, were a little off this time - I thought most of them looked great in the spoilers and I anticipated purchasing a few bags and a couple of pairs of shoes. But in the end I only bought the Glass Heel Platforms (40/36SDs), which were a runaway winner with this collection!
I loved a lot of the clothing, although alike the accessories I didn't buy all the pieces that I thought I would after looking at the spoilers last night. I bought quite a mix of things really, which you'll get to see later on!
Prices range from 35/32 to 185/167SD's (with the 10% off Royalty prices listed second) - which isn't bad, most items are actually under 100SD's with just the bigger, more key items of the collection, being in the mid-100 range. Overall, not that bad for an LE collection I'd say. The hair cost 60/54SD which is a little expensive in my opinion, but it's not that bad a style and I've seen a lot of dolls working it so well so far! The interior is truly amazing, looks a little realistic, but it's still nice and it has definitely been popular - costing 85/77SD's. I bought it, but I'm yet to pop it in my suite and work out how I want to style it or if I just leave it as it is!

So I'll be posting my styled outfits over the weekend like I did with my last LE review post, but something a little bit different before I feature some of my favourite looks that I've seen around the site. I asked the ever fabulous Jack to style a mini-lookbook with some of the pieces that he got from the collection, so an LE inspired 'Styled By You':
And finally onto some features from around the site:

Street feminine

Miloshki has styled this Chloe Inspired Sweater wonderfully! Love seeing it combined in a much more street look than going with its obvious feminine style. The dark blazer and trousers go suprisingly so well with the piece, and I love it! Plus those accessories are fab, very well chosen =)

Thursday, 19 February 2015


Spotted this look from Miver this week and knew to feature it right away! I love the floating style of the white clothing chosen, it works so well here! Accessories have been simply chosen, but I love the effect of the gold necklace combination and the hard metal right with the loose light clothing. Plus it's nice to see those shoes getting an outing, don't see people wearing them too much^

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

X Awards!

So those of you who aren't Stardoll Facebook users might have missed out on this one - the X Awards, hosted by the one and only Jack! Nominations were announced a little while ago and you can vote for the winner in each of the categories. I'm so overjoyed that the blog has gotten a nomination, and if you want, I'd love to have your support =D Click on the image below to vote!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

New 70's

                                                       Jacket - Fallen Angel
                                                       Blouse - Moschino
                                                       Pants - Pretty 'n' Love
                                                       Belt - Bonjour Bizou
                                                       Shoes - Fallen Angel

Monday, 16 February 2015


Blouse · Bizou  |  Pants · YH |   Heels · YSL |   Purse · Versace |  Necklace · Voile


                                                             Dress - Archive
                                                      Belt - Rio + Pretty'n'love
                                                                Bag - Rio

Saturday, 14 February 2015

H O T B U Y S | On the ball

I really feel like these February HotBuys have been very on the ball recently and I've really been loving them! Sometimes releases can be quite hit or miss, and I find myself paying no attention to them, but I've purchased the majority of February's HotBuys so far (4 of 5 actually!) which is unusual for me! Wasn't such a fan of the Armani Inspired Dotty Dress, but everything else has been great I think =)
I already styled a couple of looks for the Lace Print Sheer Blouse in my post here and I had so much fun and ease coming up with looks for it, it's a versatile piece that has great potential for outfits! But since then there's been another 3 HotBuys released which I've bought and have decided to style today!
At first I wasn't sure about the Shiny Disco Pants because of the shape, but I love their colour and the texture that they look like they have, so I bought them anyway and popped them on right away to come up with a couple of looks:
Couldn't resist another look with the Chloe Inspired Sweater(other styled outfits here) and I think the colour tone works well with that of the disco pants, also loved getting out this D&G top from the release at the end of last year, glad I could finally use it! Another piece I am glad to finally use is that furry Apres Ski vest, but I think wearing it still needs a little work!
I bought the Gold Luxe Necklace just about right away as well, even though it's not something I would typically go for, but I wanted to give it a try, and the same goes for today's release - the White Ruffle Dress. Even though it is quite pricey, I do quite like it and so far have no regrets about buying it, if you're on a little of a shoe-string budget I'd say it's not the first thing I'd spend my money on though!
Went for two different looks with the necklace, actually both differing from the first look I ended up wearing it with, but I'm still happy with them none the less! Love it with the slightly more edgy look, but it does also fit into a more done-up feminine style too.
The dress completely speaks for itself and hardly needs styling at all - I ended up just wearing simple heels and choosing a stand out lip colour. Speaking of lip colour, I used 3 different ones in this post, I'm pretty impressed with myself for that haha!

So I'm very much looking forward to the rest of February's Hotbuys because if the first half are anything to go on, I think they're set to be a winner in my books =D x

Thursday, 12 February 2015

"Where Have You Been"

Hey Dolls!
Im finally back in action and coming at you with my new RIHANNA inspired look! 
This perfect outfit brings together street and chick in a flawless matrimony! I hope you all love this look as much as I do!
Also let me know what you think of my new doll? Should I go back to Beyoncé or keep Rihanna or maybe make a non celebrity inspired dolls :)
Comment below x
HotBuys Striped Blazer • IT GIRL
 Belt • Bonjour Bizou
Marlin Trousers • Miss Sixty  
HotBuys Tisci Hat • Original Future
Buffalo Inspired Sneakers • Original Future    

Romantic Leather

                                                         Top - Saint Laurent Tribute
                                                        Belt - Riviera + Callie's Picks
                                                           Skirt - Givenchy Tribute
                                                          Heels - Young Hollywood 

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Top · Bizou & Lanvin  |  Trousers  · Bizou  |  Bag · Royalty  |  Keychain · Fendi  |  Stilettos · YH

On Wednesdays we wear pink!

Blouse - Film Theory  /  Vest - It Girls  /  Necklace - Voile  /  Trousers - Archive  /  Bag - Rio  /   Shoes - Decades

Monday, 9 February 2015

P R E T T Y ' N L O V E | Release Review

Presumably for the upcoming occasion that is Valentine's Day, we have a new Pretty 'n Love release to start our week with! It's been a little while since we've had one of these and usually I find a few things to add to my wardrobe, so I'm excited to get going with this release to check all the pieces out!
So we got one new page of clothing and accessories this release, all themed on pink with quite a 'lovey-dovey' feel to them all! I like the idea really, but for me not all of the pieces translate that greatly in reality. I love the amount of sheer going on, quite a few tops there, and the glam-type knit pieces - it's good to see some of those! But they don't really leap out to me as great pieces to purchase, so I passed on those this time. Also passed on the accessories - don't know if it's just me, but they're a bit lack-lustre this time unfortunately.
Prices ranged from 5 to 17SD's, with most items in the middle range, so not really too bad - just a shame the best item is at the top end! The StarCoin items disappointed me a lot - the Dusty Pink Cami and matching Silk Shorts really didn't hit the mark at all, if someone styled these amazingly then you'll have blown me away!
So, my favourite piece of the collection, which in my opinion is by far the best piece of the collection and worth the small expense - the Chloe Inspired Sweater! It's very much more coat-like than a sweater, but that's just a tiny technicality because it's a GREAT PIECE!!! Loved styling it so much for these looks and I can't wait to make more =D
Managed to get it looking fab with jeans, a dressy (and pretty annoying to style right) skirt, and a pair of loose printed trousers. And I was pretty desperate to make it work with those lips, think I did a decent job on that front!

That's all for now!

Love K xx

New Classic

                                                            Jacket - Decades + Fallen Angel
                                                            Blouse - Moschino Tribute
                                                            Skirt - 3x Basic + Belts
                                                            Bag - Gucci Tribute
                                                            Heels - Young Hollywood

Friday, 6 February 2015

Leather shorts

Who says shorts just have to be for summer? I love this winter look from RockinEllee with these fab leather shorts! This pair are from Nelly and aren't available in the Plaza anymore, however there are a couple of alternatives you can go for.
The textures of the leather and the knitted sweater are great and a perfect combination, and although I wouldn't normally go for combined shoes like this, these two pairs seem to work in sync =) Plus hat and hair? *win*

Thursday, 5 February 2015

C A R N I V A L O F F E R | What you could buy

Earlier today Staroll introduced us to a new Plaza offer - spend 100, 200 or 300SD's in the StarPlaza and get these free Carnival-related gifts! T&C's are that spending is before the 11th of February, so there's plenty of time to make decisions if you decide you'd like to go for one (or more!) of these free items!
I will start by saying that 300SD's is a pretty large sum of money, so I can't see everyone aiming for it, or maybe even the 100SD mark - it's a pretty high start point! Personally I'm only a fan of the hair, so I might try and aim for 300, but it would be good to see it on some dolls first before I start throwing my SD's towards the till points in the Plaza =D

So - what could you buy to up your spending?

Well the Tommy Hilfiger Tribute is departing the Plaza on Sunday, so there's just a few days to buy any pieces you might want - you can check out my review here.

If it's new releases you're after, then Riviera has had a new drop this week with a whole floor especially for the Carnival theme!
There are some kinda out there pieces that I think could be tricky to incorporate into an everyday wardrobe, but some of the accessories could work a lot of different looks and styles - my top picks include Macrame Shoulder Bag, the Luxe Straw Tote and the Full Of Love Scarf =)

Or there's the Hotbuys - right now the Hot Buys Lace Print Sheer Blouse has been released at 14SD's, and it's a pretty piece which I can see a lot of dolls working well, I've given it a go below. And if you can wait another few days there's a pretty Hot Buys necklace coming out on the 10th too^
I loved styling these looks with the top and am looking forward to working it into more looks hopefully soon - it was definitely a good purchase I'm thinking =)

So that's just a little start for you guys to think about if you want that cute hair but maybe are unsure where to start! There's still a little while left for the offer so there could easily be some new collections released or maybe even time for another of these posts, with a little more detail if that's something you'd be interested in - let me know =D 

Snapped Today

Love this top-half combination - very creative use of the Zuhair Murad top, it looks fab with denim and faux fur! ||| Pati3107
This is such a great combination! I love seeing this skirt being worn, and it can be tricky to get right, but it looks amazing here =) The over-the-shoulder-jacket is fab and this is such an obvious combination that I wish I'd though of! ||| Aby400
And finally this classy combination! Love the lightly striped sheer top, it could easily be an essential piece of any wardrobe and could be worn in a multitude of styles! The cape is a perfect addition and the hat adds a certain flair =) ||| Crystal-Castles

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Black n' gold

Coat - It Girls  /  Jacket - Front Row  /  Telt - Wild Candy  /  Bag - MSW  /   Heels - Valentino Tribute

Sunday, 1 February 2015


Dress - Rio
Heels -Pretty n' Love
Clutch - Zuhair Murad