Sunday, 31 January 2016

We Wear Hotbuys J A N U A R Y | Fringe Earrings

And here we have the final Hotbuy for January - how the month has flown by, it's crazy! These are the Fringe Earrings from Fallen Angel and they cost 12SD's. As soon as I saw them on my doll I decided I really quite liked them so was definitely looking forward to putting my look together =)
I really like both our looks on this one - plus those beauty additions! Now for the poll:

Red boots

This look from catz_lola100 stood out to me with its use of those Hotbuys vinyl red boots - I haven't seen them worn this well! They look amazing with this style and the rest of the pieces chosen, and they both stand out and work very well with the trousers. A bit of rock chick with the shredded sweater and the chain necklace, but I really think it works with the designer footwear. And on the topic of footwear, this is one doll you should keep an eye on for some other great combinations^^


When Antidote dropped this week, I was on a very lucky late lunch break at work and managed to scoop pretty much everything I wanted bar the Braided Belt Moto. 
For me, it was all about the Perfect Studded Coat. I can see myself using this time and time again. I want one in every colour. It's just so classy. That's not a word I usually attach to Antidote, not to say that I haven't loved the pulpy poppy goodness of Moschino. It's just not been my style.  

This dress is pretty much the oldest thing I still own as I sold and recycled a lot of my original purchases from ten years back. It still remains one of my favourites - I studied art history at university and the dark suggestion of a Renaissance painting gets me all excited. I want this in real life.

I'm also playing with Stardesign hair a bit more at the moment - I may go back to my old hair soon enough, but this gorgeous wig by Sana_who_Sana has all of my attention right now.

Ingredient / You Will Need:
Perfect Studded Coat | Antidote
Renaissance Print Dress | Folk
Big Clutch | 400 Million
Shoes inspired by Celine | Callie's Picks

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #21

The next bag I've styled is the Transparent PVC Bag from the Dolce & Gabbana Tribute store from 2012, I can't believe it was that long ago! This is quite a basic bag with style, but I think the long-ish handle has been offputting for me to wear it more often. I love this combination for it, I think it suits the grey slouchy casual look quite well =)

Puffa PVC

Today's feature is from TAYLOR029, looking pretty stylish in a puffa and PVC combination, who knew it could look stylish! This puffa coat is from an old Apres Ski release and I'm thinking I might have to search it out in the Bazaar because it's starting to look worth styling! It works very well with this PVC skirt and the accessories really add to the overall look. Definitely surprised with my love for this^

Friday, 29 January 2016

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Release Review

It was our turn for another Callie's Picks release and this time some 60's style for us to chew on^ The homepage ad is so fitting and cute, and completely different to what we've been seeing recently so it definitely sticks in my mind!
We got two floors with this release, the first based on black, white and red (randomly with the green Pretty 60s Dress) and the second had a bit of a yellow touch - I quite like the odd bit of yellow, so no complaints from me on that one! I have to say that really most of the pieces fit the theme well, and the hairstyle (Jolene Hair) was a great choice to include^
With the accessories I didn't find myself too impressed over these pieces. The shoes just don't strike me as pieces I would wear much, nor that would easily go with items I already own. The bags are a little the same, although are much more wearable, particularly the Amy Bag, the Quilted Tote and the Bag Inspired By Chloe, and I really like seeing the Canary Chanel Tribute Tote there too, it's a piece I'm considering purchasing right now =)
The clothing is definitely much more successful in this collection luckily, and with 60s I feel like it's a very distinct style to fit into. There are a few good basics included, like the Cotton Leggings, but also classic pieces that slip into many styles like the Tiffany Top and the Voile Top. While still on the topics of tops, I'm so glad for those polos, the Velvet Turtleneck and the Stardoll Polo! These are great staple pieces and not only bring a 60s touch but also have versatility for styling. These tops are also good bases for the other items available in the store, like the skirts (BTS Black Skirt and the B W Stripe Skirt) and maybe also the Hotbuys Striped Blazer - I purchased this first time around, it's quite nice seeing it around again though! And I also very much love the Long Blazer, a pretty versatile piece that works with most colours and items, an easy piece to work with what most of you will already have. The dresses are really the key pieces from this release, with the Inspired By YSL piece front and centre. A lot of people will love getting their hands on this, I'm not so bothered about it really, it's an ok piece in an iconic style, but it's just not fitting with my style. I also didn't really feel like it suited my doll much. But there's also the Rare Inspired By Chloe (great design and styling with this piece!) and the Magazine Print Dress, a modern twist on the retro style which I really enjoy seeing =)
Prices for this collection range from 4 to 25SD's with most of the items ranging in the teen prices and below. I think the prices are pretty good for the items there are and I was happy to pay the prices for what I purchased.
And some styled outfits! Now I did also style the Velvet Turtleneck, however I wasn't really feeling my outfits when I was putting the images together so I decided to scrap them and stick with these 3 focussing on the Stardoll Polo. This is a piece I've been wanting for a long time so I'm super happy with this!

Suite Style

More suite - I do apologise if this isn't your thing, but they are definitely a part of the style side of Stardoll! This room is one of missiwantitall's and I think it's great, making fabulous use of this room interior =) This wooden flooring is nice to see as I think others are preferred over it, but it looks good with the black wall panelling. The greenhouse interior is tied in very nicely with the decor at the left, but also fitting with the abundance of flowers at the seating area - which has been put together very nicely itself. Minimal, but perfect^

Finding Mellow in Yellow

In my last post, I mentioned that I've pretty much transitioned into Spring regardless of whether the weather would like to join me or not, and this post does nothing to contradict that.

It doesn't matter the time of year though - if I am down, or hurt, or if sad things happen around me, I often seek solace in yellow. It seems silly and a little superficial, but it's surprising what power dressing can have on your mood.

I think I've been a pretty boring dresser the past few weeks (partly due to some personal issues) so I decided to choose one of the weirder things I've held onto and see if I could make it more of my aesthetic. 
This Melbourne Minimalism jacket is a failsafe way of neutralising the weirder elements of any piece, even a bright yellow skirt with grass (?) detail. 

Ingredients / You Will Need:
Resort Palms Skirt | Tingeling
Sheer Silk Tee | Bonjour Bizou
Satin Over Shoulder Jacket | Melbourne Minimalism
Lace Bikini Top | Melbourne Minimalism
Gigi White Purse | Young Hollywood
Yellow Smiley Hair Clip | Antidote
Purple Platform Pump | Nelly.com

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #20

Post 20 already, but I can't decide if it's been a long time or a short time to get to this point, either way I'm not nearly fed up with this challenge yet! This is the Everyday Bag from Nelly, something I think I pass over a lot simply because it's a little like it's title, an everyday bag. I liked this look and I think it suits the bag nicely, it's quite plain but then again, I must have followed the bag name^

Lily Vest

Coat-Callie's Picks


Loving some great leather combinations from ASMA-A here! This shirt is always a little of a favourite with me, and I think it looks great with these trousers and this Tribute coat. The heels also add such a touch of glamour and style to the look, and although they were an unobvious choice I think they've been perfect!

Duke Silver

Best Top – Nelly
Deep Velvet Trousers – Tingeling Halloween Couture
Drawstring Jacket – Rio
VS Black Heels – Young Hollywood
YSL Studded Purse – Saint Laurent Tribute

Aaaand I'm rewatching Parks and Recreation.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016


I featured these Slit Pants in a Plaza Picks post back in November and decided to show some different ways to style them in today's post =) I have to say, when I chose them for this [ost, these outfits weren't what I had in mind, but I like how they turned out.
Went for casual on my first look, pairing this knitted dress (a bazaar find for 20SD's!) with sneakers, I think they make the jeans into a good casual piece, but I love my addition of the Chanel bag^ My second look dresses the trousers up a bit more in a winter look, gone with a very nice knit with this great black trench (I wear this all the time^) and keeping it a tad classy with heels. Finally went somewhere in the middle. This Pretty 'n Love Faux Fur Top came to mind pretty quickly, and I feel like I went with a bit of a 'stock' combination for the rest of it, with the bag and fur and polo? Maybe it's just me, but nevertheless I like the look =D

Let me know what you guys think of these trousers and how you would go about styling them! 

Orange flash

This is a great combination from laia_fergusson_ (can you believe I haven't featured his doll before?! I sure can't!). I loved the mix of casual and glamour, especially added by the LE Pom Pom Cape and the collar of the shirt added beneath. The orange flashes jumped off the screen and totally sell me the clutch and the use of an orange lip, it really does look great and is definitely worth a try =)

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

We Wear Hotbuys J A N U A R Y | Lace Tights

Another hotbuy - these are the Lace Tights from Fallen Angel and they cost 15SD's. I think that's a bit expensive for what they are, and for me they're not a piece I would style very often, so I don't think they have so much of the versatility factor.
This style seems a popular one for the piece - if you're big on dark dresses these might be good for you to spice up looks and styles a little^ And our poll:

Bringing summer

I really liked this look from elina2013 - it totally stood out with the bright yellow and really brought summer to my mind! The yellow looks amazing on her doll, and I love the styling with the white dress just peaking beneath the coat. Those boots are pretty amazing and have been a great choice, and glamour has been added with not only the bag but also a very nice hair and beauty look, well done =D

Monday, 25 January 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #19

This bag is the Boho Chloe Inspired Bag from the recent It Girls release - and finally with a look which has no black in it at all! I like this combination of tans and beiges amongst the dark pieces I've been wearing, and I'm also super glad the bag goes with this coat, was getting some loose strings over ways to wear it, and I know this combination is something I'd pull out again^

Suite Style

More. Suites! I've seen a lot of good ones recently^ This is a room in Rossemarry-cc's suite. I love the colour scheme of greys with the beautifully toned navy along with the white wood. The winter city view looks great and works with the styling. The furnishing is minimal but really works to the rooms advantage - there's enough to keep your eye but also good space to show off your doll and outfit! Great work =)

Sunday, 24 January 2016

We Wear Hotbuys J A N U A R Y | Cascade Necklace

It does seem to have been a while since we've had a Hotbuy, so here's the next - this is the Cascade Necklace from RIO and it costs 13SD's. It's not really my typical style, but I also don't think it works well with the shirt in the advert, as you can see above^ Here's what we've come up with:
This is definitely a piece that won't be dressed down often! And the poll:

Pastel jacket

Another double feature this afternoon, spotted two looks with this jacket and though I should just post them together! Firstly xCookie, pairing a darker look with this adorable tartan mini. I really like the violet touches in the belt (it's a Chanel sash, this is a good style for it^) and the shoes. Next zeynepmira9963 going for a lighter touch with cut-out white pieces in a lovely layered dress look. The accessories are fitting in silvers, and the hair and glasses fit the whole look very nicely =D

Saturday, 23 January 2016

O R I G I N A L F U T U R E S N E A K E R S | Styled Outfits

These sneakers have been catching my eye a lot recently in my wardrobe and so today I thought I'd post some styled outfits with these 3 pairs from Original Future! And as a great bonus, they're all StarCoin pieces, which is great for saving the pennies =D
Firstly the Platform Runners which were released over a year ago. I've dabbled with these a little in looks, but gone for the typical white and then pulled on the green for some colour in the clothing. I quite like these with skirts so this is something I want to play with more^
Then there's the Buffalo Inspired Sneakers, which came in the same collection as the first pair - I didn't purchase these until recently and they're definitely not my typical style, but I've enjoyed seeing what works with them. Went with black so they'd stand out nicely but also included some bright primary colours to catch the eye.
Finally the BW Zipped Sneakers, the most recently released last October. These are flat and not platformed like the other pairs, but I quite like the little details that they have and I think they stand out nicely in my black and white outfit. Loved pairing these with such a structural and formal piece like this Melbourne Minimalism coat, and I think the army-green bag fits in very nicely with their style.

I had a good time putting together these looks, but let me know what you think in comments!

Style basics

January has me down, I just feel like going into hibernation. But then, what's better than going back to basics when you're feeling uninspired? This is pretty much how I dress in real life.

Camilla shirt – Pals
Hot Hot Buys Tailored Pants
Pure White Loafers – Melbourne Minimalism
Jet Set Bag – Nelly

Suite Style

More suites! This time from Millaxx and it is one fabulous kitchen room - so stylish and very fitting, I love that things like this are possible on Stardoll. I tried a kitchen once several years ago but wasn't feeling it, this room totally changes the game for me! The black and white tiles and cabinets are modern and give a well-designed feel, and I adore the contrast of the dark wooden dining table with the fabulously chic stools. Such an amazing job!

Friday, 22 January 2016

B I Z O U | Release Review

Bizou released a new set of clothing this week, which I think was welcomed well to the plaza! The advert suits the store well and really shows off the different styles on offer, selling the clothes well to everyone. Plus the splattered watercolour background is very appealing and eyecatching^
I'm just gonna start off and say I really loved this release! I saw some people complaining about how all the new items all look the same and there's no style to the pieces, but I don't see where they are coming from because there's a whole lot of 'new' here!
There's a good mix of pieces available - trousers, skirts, shirts, dresses and jackets, and even a couple of male items, I really like that Tricolor Knit Sweater, I might even buy it for myself^ And with the accessories, it's a small but varied selection. Accessories wise, the Bally Inspired Bag is quite nice, but I wasn't all that bothered about the other pieces - I did purchase the Bizou Logo Belt because of it's StarCoin price and minimal style, I think it should be pretty easy to put together in a look.
The clothing on the other hand - amazing! I really love the style and feel of the store, and even though there are standout pieces, I think everything fits together very nicely. I like most of the pieces really^ For tops there's a few to choose from and in a small range of colours, I myself like the white pair, the Modern Pussybow Blouse and the Classic White Sweater, which I do view as more of a top than sweater. Both pieces are quite in the style of recent Nelly items and therefore fit well with those pieces. In outerwear, the Furry Pocket Coat is an amazing addition to this release! It stands out very nicely amongst the other pieces, and it's pretty unique in terms with other coats on Stardoll.
There are a couple of dresses with this collection - I don't really see the Belted Wool Dress as so much a dress but more a coat piece, I haven't bought it yet, but might find myself wanting it for the spring and summer. Then there's also the Missoni Inspired Dress, I love both the style and shape of this piece, the unique patterning makes it stick in my mind among other dresses I have - it's definitely got a nice spot in my wardrobe!
Finally bottomhalf pieces - those trousers! Just amazing! Love both the Tailored Wool Trousers and the Paisley Palazzo Pants. They are pretty different to each other but stand out well in their own categories of trousers. The grey pair fit nicely with minimal looks while the paisley print are pretty much on the opposite end of that^
Prices range from 8 to 20SD's, I think they're good prices and fit the pieces fine - although I ended up spending quite a lot by buying several pieces =D
Loved so much styling these pieces, they fitted very nicely into my typical style and I had no difficulties at all. I don't have too much else to say about them, although I feel pretty 'current' wearing these looks!


A slouchy-dressed-up-casual look from Marbum - what a lot of words to describe a look, but I think it covers it^ Both the slouched top and trousers work so well together surprisingly, a combination I'd love to work with myself. Also love the poloneck beneath the top, it works very well. The trainers add the casual feel and I think they're a great shoe choice for the look. A glamorous accessory and beauty combination give an overall great vibe^

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #18

Next up in the challenge is the Romantic Ballerina Clutch from last years Tingeling Halloween Couture, I'm sure there's some in the bazaar if you missed it back then^ Again a lot of black, but I chose some grey to add to the soft and fluffy lavender colour of the bag so it wasn't being swamped in darkness too much^ I really like this combination and I love the lightness and femininity the bag adds to the whole vibe =)

Suite Style

Another suite - this time from jufashionista4! And another one with a makeshift ceiling, and I think the wood looks amazing here and such a good use for this flooring style! The room has a minimal but shapely layout and the basic grey colouring gives a good background for the furniture pieces. Everything is laid out nicely and evenly throughout the room, and there's a very casual yet glamorous feel to the whole place. I really love this room so it's definitely worth checking out in suite^^

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

D O T | Release Review

We got a brand new makeup drop from Dot at the weekend which was lovely to see - I feel it's been a while since we had new products to choose from! The collection seems christmas themed with all the glitter on the ad, so it would have been great for before the holiday season, but oh well, at least we have it now =D
The collection is based around four red shades, mostly deep colours with particular interest in burgundy. As usual there are the typical products - eyeliner, pencil, shadow, shadestick, mascaras, eyebrow pencils, lipstick, lip liner and blush - it really is a hefty amount if you think about it! For me these colours in blush or mascara aren't ideal, they don't work well with my skin tone, but they might for you^ On the other hand, the lip and eye products are most definitely right up my alley, and they should suit most skin tones.
Of the lipsticks, they're a good range of shades, with the Bright Spark Red at the paler, vibrant end, and the Darkest Burgundy at the deeper end. For me, I feel like I have quite a few dark red and burgundy lip shades from other releases, but I found the Red Velvet Lipstick a very nice shade. It's not too dark either, so makes for an alright day-shade as well as night.
For the eyes, for my doll, the Bright Spark Red products are just a little too bright for my style, and I can't see them as products which would easily slip in with my current selection of colours. The darker burgundy shades on the other side, are very nice items. I found the Perfect Burgundy Eyeshadow and Liner a good combination together with lighter shades and it was easy to match them with light greys and white to help the colour stand out. Going darker, I found the Darkest Burgundy Eyeshadow, Liner and Pencil went very well together as a trio on their own and held their ground as a stand-alone eye look. Going with the darker eye I would definitely stick with a more neutral look on the lips as the shades can be quite powering themselves.
I enjoyed using the items I bought and definitely look forward to using them with what I already have, I definitely think there will be some good combinations to be had with the other crimson and burgundy eye products that we've had before. 

Fur and fringe

What a great combination of textures from Mia1435 today! I love seeing this Hotbuy, Novembers Loom Coat, being worn, the colours suit the mustardy-ness of the shirt beneath and go surprisingly well with the burgundy and red tones of the other items involved. The platforms and flares add a slight 70's touch which is quite nice. Also love the minimal makeup along with the hairstyle choice for this one^

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

We Wear Hotbuys J A N U A R Y | See Through Shirt

Glad there's no issues with this next Hotbuy^ This is the See Through Shirt from It Girls and it costs 16SD's. I'm glad it's more of a paired piece and includes the lace bralet underneath, although maybe on its own would open more options for versatility? Who knows, it's been a long day I'm probably talking rubbish^^
Just two of us for the poll today, and I really like both of our looks, not sure at all who I'd give my vote to!

Suite Style

An adorable cosy suite from Mery.- today! I love the shape of the room and the DIY ceiling, I think it's a great use of the space, plus offers use for some of the ceiling lights on offer^ I love the mix-match of furniture and decor pieces in the sitting area, something about it makes it seem so liveable and realistic. I like that there are a few things on the walls but they're not overdone so there is focus elsewhere, I think it's great =D

Monday, 18 January 2016

We Wear Hotbuys J A N U A R Y | Wrap Up Booties

Time for another Hotbuy, it seems like ages since we've had one, especially with the issues we had with it yesterday! These are the Wrap Up Booties from It Girls and cost 14SD, maybe a little much for what they are, but nevermind - here are our stylings:
I feel like these are perfect for winter looks really^ And here's the poll: