Thursday, 31 January 2013

Olivia Palermo

I just want to express my love for Olivia Palermo - she has like the best style, she just knows how to wear clothes well, and she looks great in everything! I wish I looked as good as her in the same clothes! 4 of my favourites include:

Love the faux fur gilet paired with leather and  denim - it's neutral shade makes it super versatile
Floral patterned trousers are a perfect stand out piece, she's paired them well with a navy  coat ans a berry bag
This berry tee is so simple, yet she makes it look elegant, even with the jeans! The shoes are quirky and make a good addition
What's not to love, a tan coloured coat and knee high boots, a cute, yet warm winter look which anyone could pull off

I'm feeling I might make this a regular thing - choosing my favourite Olivia outfits and adding a little about each one - when I have more time, I'll recreate them on Stardoll, but right now I have a major test tomorrow which I'm stressing about so much, I'm glad I took this little relaxing break to post about O, the music below, and watch a cute little raccoon video{don't even ask}!

On another note, I also can't wait to take part in VC4 - this year they're singing Bliss, which is such a beautiful and powerful song, if you haven't heard the previous VC's I suggest you check them out!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013


The wonderful --Kayley donned this fab outfit today featuring these amazing velvet trousers! I'm excited to see velvet styled well on Stardoll, as sometimes it can provide difficulty, but not here!
I love the maroon combination with orange, some would protest against me, but I think the colours are a perfect match!

This look was a bit like a ray of light in a storm - it's been so hard to find great looks to feature recently - I've literally visited hundreds of suites everyday, and at most come out with only a small handful of looks. So that's why there's been less featured posts and also a few more suite posts =)

 I love these jewel coloured velvet pieces, the tones are great!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Maxi maxi

I love maxi dresses in winter worn with long coats over them, so seeing missytime30 dress in the style I couldn't help but snap a quick picture!
Hers is a much more formal style than I'm thinking of, but it's nevertheless pretty - she's chosen a good colour combination of mint and pale pink, and chose a great necklace to give it that extra little wow.

I'm a more casual maxi+coat combination person, kinda more like this:

Monday, 28 January 2013


I'm wearing: 

Heels - tingeling
Case - Mr.
Belt - Bizou
Blouse - Windows on the world
Trousers - StarDesign
xx angibitte

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Milestone 2!

And following yesterdays good news:
We've gotten 10,000 pageviews for January! That's our highest monthly views ever!!!
That little graph just shows how far the blog has come from the beginning - from getting a few hundred pageviews per month at the start, where we're now getting the same per day! Just amazing!
What a weekend for the blog^^ Thank you readers =D

Owl Print

Browsing suites this morning, I came across Dotka1995's outfit, and had to post it:
It's funny because last night I was flicking through some old magazines and this sweater(Burberry) had almost a whole page dedicated to it - it's such a cute print, I love woodland creatures on sweaters, they remind me of my childhood(I had at least 10 sweaters with different little animals on them!).
Kate Bosworth
Anyway back to dotka1995's outfit - I love this combination, even though it's actually a dress, it looks much better worn as a sweater! She has paired it nicely with black leggings, heels and that wonderful MMM coat which I love! There's also a little blue collar, which I think is a fab addition.

Polka Dot Jeans

 I couldn't resist a purchase of these jeans - they're designed by Kociara074, and inspired by a pair from Marc Jacobs. I styled them kinda smart-casual, I immediately knew I wanted to pair them with blue heels for some reason! So I added a simple white shirt and a navy jacket along with a black and jewelled necklace - which is quite unusual for me, as I never wear Beauty Parlor jewellery! Anyway, I love the look I've come up with =)

This is the original Marc Jacobs pair they were inspired by:

As well as this pair, there are 9 other items in his, what he calls, "Kociara Tribute Vol. 3" - there is such a variety I'm sure everyone will be able to find a piece for them!


We all love Lindsey Wixson - I mean like seriously, who doesn't?!?! So I was so pleased to come across Vikaka1995's doll :
Love it so much =D

Saturday, 26 January 2013


So literally right now we've hit a huge milestone with the blog:
I'm so overwhelmed with joy! 200 followers and 40,000 page views - just amazing =D


Today I came across blandinka1996's suite - and look how cute ans stylish it is! It's fairly simple with a wooden floor and white walls, but she'd arranged the decor in such a nice and endearing manner - it makes me wanna go and sit there and read by the bookshelf! I love the shelf below the window too, I wouldn't have thought of something like that - she's also chosen some perfect accoutrements for it =) 

So go and check it out! 
Remember to be inspired, and not to copy!

Love K xxx

Lace and print

I love zaro4ka07's combination of intricate lace with a ditzy print - the two would usually be too much for each other, but this pairing looks fab! The nude clutch is also a great accessory for this style of outfit, it looks fab but doesn't detract from the clothing.


Friday, 25 January 2013

Suede it up!

Today it's suede - I love this skirt, along with this whole outfit combination! These have been ones that other people have made, but I'll be adding my own shortly =D
The Bronze Age

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Tweed in my heart =D

In love with Tweed today, thought I'd share ^^
Untitled #79

EDIT: And here's my top choices =)


Tangerine Turquoise

Funky fashion has appeared before my eyes as I visited polinapolinka - I love both turquoise and tangerine, and her combination may look crazy, but it really does work (for me anyway!) - I'd be far too scared to pull something like that off!