Monday, 7 August 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #175

Next up in the challenge is the Bizou Hotbuys Classic Flannel Purse which came out close to two years ago, and I definitely prefer my styling now than then! I have to say though, this hasn't been neglected in my wardrobe and I do recall wearing it a few times - I think I don't wear it loads is because it looks like a Chanel piece, and I like making sure the outfit is super special for items like Chanel ... though I think this one is pretty good! I decided to go with silver because of the chain on the bag and I'm pleased with that decision as I love it against the red. Then I also used red in the shoes, again another decision I'm pleased with^ Stuck minimal on the trousers but love this loose fitting but not wide legged pair in white, I think it works with the red and silver and again gives something for the bag to pop out against =)

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