Friday, 31 May 2019

M A Y 2019 | Hotbuys Review

The end of another month, here is the May 2019 Hotbuys Review! While I don't see these so much as Spring pieces and with a little more of an Autumnal vibe, I really like these pieces. The neutral tones work well for my style and taste but there's definitely twists added in the stylings and I'm excited to work with these items =D

Ring Sandals - I really love these shoes! The colour is a perfect neutral but the design has some stand out features - I like the texturing on the body of the shoes, and the studs added to the strap. The ring is such an interesting touch, something very new to the Plaza. And of course the open toe detail is perfect for the upcoming summer - I really like these shoes^ Bizou 19SD's
Lambskin Skirt - I wasn't sure how I'd get on with this skirt, but I think it's a pretty nice piece and I think it might be one of those items that I grow to love next season, as it's perfect for Autumn! The texture doesn't come across so much as leather as the original piece but it looks good. I love the gold zippers on the sides and the ribbons of leather connecting the zippers, a definite unique style feature. It also really looks great on the doll! Velvet Orchid 20SD's
Pearl Earrings - What a delicate pair of earrings! These don't look like too much from afar as they're quite small, but just zoom in and you will see the great design. They have a silver and diamond-style base with neat grips to the pearls, really looking like something special and they will be great for dressing up on the odd occasion when I do so - I look forward to wearing these =) It Girls 16SD's
Pearl Trench - Overall I like the shape of this coat, and the design is great, I love the pearls and the feathering on the outside of the coat. The shape of trench is a popular one, and would be easy enough to style, but it's the tartan lining that really puts me off - it makes the piece much less versatile and limits the styles of clothing that could be worn with it. For the price I need the piece to work better than just with a few items, so sadly I have to pass on this one. It Girls 26SD's
Panel Slip Dress - This is such a pretty dress, and at first on the advertising I just thought it was a top, so a very nice surprise that it's a dress. I love the feminine style of the pink tones, the detailing on the top half and the pleated skirting on the bottom, so beautiful^ It looks great on the doll, I'm super impressed with this piece^ Pretty 'N Love 21SD's
Triangular Sunglasses - I'm stoked for these sunglasses - they're something completely different to pairs we've had before and they're definitely super stylish! I love the purple hue they have, that's something I really like and am delighted with. The shape is something a little quirky, so I'm sure they won't be for everyone, but I like them^ I will comment that I think they are a little expensive for sunglasses - they cost the same as the dress before them. Original Future 21SD's
Burberry Inspired Bag - This bag is dreamy, so much love for it =D I didn't used to like tan bags, but they've really grown on me in the last year or so and I very much enjoy styling them now. This one has a great style, I love how it sits on the body and the shoulder strap, really perfect. The design is very nice and minimal and really makes it a wearable piece! It Girls 22SD's
Deer Print Shirt - While I wouldn't say this was my usual style, I really quite like this shirt, it's all about the fawn printing for sure! The cropped style won't work for every look, but I think it works for the design of the piece. The printing and text on the front aren't so much my thing, but I find I can overlook them this time around. Love the collar and the sleeve length on the design of this one - definitely a pleasant surprise =D Evil Panda 25SD's
Tape Pumps - These shoes are just beautiful, such a classic design! They don't entirely fit with the vibes I get from the rest of the collection, but I really like them anyway! I always like a white or cream shoe and these fit the bill, plus they have the addition of the toe-dip, I think the black and taupe colours work well together and for me provides quite a few styling options. Again I know these won't be for everyone but I think they have some hidden potential^ Bizou 21SD's
Stretch Skirt - And the final piece of the month, ending on a bit of a disappointing note I'd say. This skirt certainly doesn't live up to the rest of the collection. It's very basic, with few design features - in essence it's just a black pencil skirt with a zipper - I can't see it as something special or something that is current and I'd want to wear. I've not seen anyone style this so maybe this is a universal opinion?Original Future 22SD's

Our first feature, Andre1396 wearing the Pearl Trench and looking very cool! I love that the look has a more casual vibe about it and in this instance, I think the tartan lining works out well. The matching sweater is a cute touch, and I like the brightness of the white skirt here, along with being paired with the lighter trainers and socks. The bag is a perfect accessory for a finishing touch =)
And secondly a look from Jacquemus, featuring the Deer Print Shirt which looks great layered up like this! I think it works well with both the orange polo layered beneath it and also the green shiny off-shoulder trench on top, definitely not something I would think of but it works! I like the contrast in styles between the top and bottom of the look, and I just love the accessories on this one too, the perfect bag for the shirt!


Next the Guest Writer looks! Everyone has chosen a different piece and I think the different styles are highlighted very nicely across the outfits =) Cinderela23barb styles the Pearl Earrings to perfection with this short hairstyle, it's exactly what they need! The outfit is super classy, I love the black and white along with the cool shapes and folds in the fabrics, so stylish. Secondly, vogue_veronica styles the Pearl Trench and makes fun use of different tartan colours. I think the reds work out very nicely and the neutral accessories are perfect finishing touches. Miloshki then wears the Deer Print Shirt paired casually with denim. I love all of the brown accessories, the boots and belt are so perfect with the colours on the shirt, while the clutch and hat add light summer touches^ And finally AudreyHepburn. styling the Burberry Inspired Bag making the colour pop against the black and white base - I adore the shoe pairing with this bag, the brown heels work well with the bag, I might have to just copy it^ =D

And finally for my stylings - I loved working with these pieces, I had so much fun and an easy job putting together these looks. First up the Burberry Inspired Bag, I love it with these trousers, while the orange tone of the polo, bag and sunglasses really help keep the look from being too dark, the brown and the orange work together well and is a great Autumnal combination^ Secondly two pieces, the Deer Print Shirt and the Ring Sandals, I really knee immediately that I wanted to wear this shirt with these trousers, I've no idea where it came from, but I just knew! The lighter accessories really play on the deer print, and the colour of the shoes was really perfect for what I wanted. And finally the Panel Slip Dress in a styling I've been wearing for a while now - it's so cute! I like the dress layered up with this coat, I think it works in a classy feminine way. I chose neutral accessories, and I think everything fits together seamlessly. I'm particularly loving the bag choice, it's a perfect fit with the dress =D

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Spring celebration

I know summer is around the corner, we are approaching June, but but I'm still in mood to sway in spring.

Mood: Although black is not a prime choice for a spring look, but experiments! Moreover, elements like the lace on the dress, beads of the earrings, ribbons on the sleeves, bamboo design on the bag, chunkiness of the sneakers etc. go surprisingly well with each other.

Details: Working over the ribbon trimmed blouse (Voile holiday boutique) with hamptons maxi dress (MM fashion) and tying it together with Dior inspired belt (Fallen Angel). Combined the bamboo circle bag (Nelly) and bows pearls choker (Bonjour Bizou) to complement the aesthetics of blouse. Accessories include chunky trainers (Nelly), super sized beaded black earrings (Fallen Angel) and matching vivre glasses (IT Girls).

Tune in every Thursday to check up what I wore for the week! 
Find me on stardoll at Vogue_veronica x 

Signing off, Veronica

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Spring Wardrobe Winners

And now we are for sure at the end of the Spring season - it's time for the WARDROBE WINNERS post! Today featuring my top 5 pieces I've been wearing over this Spring season following on from the Winter post that I really loved compiling. I found these pieces very easy to choose out and it seems like accessories on repeat really worked well for me this season =)

H I G H W H I T E L E A T H E R B O O T S, The Jet Set
While these High White Leather Boots from The Jet Set only came out in February, I feel like I've had them for years! For me, these fit well into my style ideas and they work well with the vibes and looks that I go for, I'm sure their feature here is no surprise to most of you^ It's all about the slouched style for me, and I have loved styling these up with skirts and dresses. While I'll probably wear them less in the Summer I can see they will be re-appearing in the next Autumn and Winter seasons.

H O T B U Y S P A T E N T C R E A M C O U R T H E E L S, Pretty 'N Love
A super neutral piece with the Hotbuys Patent Cream Court Heels from Pretty 'N Love, which really are just incredibly versatile. These have worked well this season to play prints and colours off of, which I love, but they just have such a classic vibe to them - I've really re-discovered them this season! They will work all year round, completely unseasonal specific, the whole vibe of them just makes them a great all round shoe, I can highly recommend them if you come across a pair in the Bazaar^

D I O R I N S P I R E D A C E T A T E A V I A T O R S, Inspired By Dior
I think it was obvious these Dior Inspired Acetate Aviators from Inspired By Dior would be a choice of mine, I rarely have them off my doll! Just a great all-round, across-seasons pair of sunglasses - for my doll, I think they suit well and I find them pretty versatile but then again I likely wear more yellow than most! I love the shape and overall design of these, they look fantastic and I'm so glad I have these, these will remain a firm favourite across the Summer months too =)

A L E X A N D R E B I R M A N I N S P I R E D S A N D A L S, Young Hollywood
Yet another pair of shoes, something a little fancy with the Young Hollywood Alexandre Birman Inspired Sandals in such a pretty golden colour - again I think maybe an obvious choice from me! I love that these work in both dressed up and down looks, I think they really manage to hold their own in styles and have definitely become one of my top 'go-to' pairs of gold shoes (I mean that really sounds ridiculous having multiple pairs of gold shoes!). These work well with both skirts and trousers, and again are something that will work year round^

D I O R I N S P I R E D T U I L L E S K I R T, Inspired By Dior
And I have managed to include one item of clothing - the Inspired By Dior Dior Inspired Tuille Skirt! I didn't buy this from the Plaza the first time around, but got it later at the Bazaar, such a great piece to have included in my wardrobe. It's been completely invaluable this season! This piece layers beautifully with a number of other skirts and dresses and I've really loved experimenting with that. The yellow is a bonus as it's one of my favourite colours to style and I'm sure that will last into the Summer =)

Ready in Red

A red wig can do wonders.

I don't know why, but while doing this look, I fell into this red and black aesthetic, these colors
are made for each other to be honest.

I went for the dark early 2000's mean girl vibe, let's say she's known for being popular and
turning looks.....

Stardesign Jewelry Earrings
1986 JPG Sweater - Museum Mile
Buckle Leather Belt - Voile
LE Wide Silk Belt - Limited Edition
Black LE Crepe Pants - Limited Edition
Jacquemus Inspired Red Bag - Limited Edition
Billowing Black Trousers - Callie's Picks
Sui Hot Glasses - Callie's Picks
Balenciaga Inspired Knife Pumps Red - Balenciaga Tribute

Beret Designed By MagdalenaDior


Tuesday, 28 May 2019

The Morning After The Show

So I've been a little bit country. Now I'm a little bit Rock and Roll. 

Specifically, this look is for standing on a balcony looking out onto a Parisian street after playing a full house show of something musically experimental. 

I think I've discovered something new about myself in this process too - leave me to my devices for long enough and regardless of the style, I will end up in what is essentially pyjamas. 

Ingredients | You Will Need

Multicolored Satin Coat | Voile
Soft Lux Shirt | Nelly.com
Babylon Tee | Fallen Angel
Slouchy Leather Pants | Inspired by Off-White Tribute
Trendy Sunglasses | Nelly.com
Red Twilly | Pearls
Jacquemus Inspired Red Bag | Limited Edition
High Top Leather Sneakers Female | Evil Panda

Monday, 27 May 2019

H I G H F A S H I O N H I D E & S E E K | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

We're coming up to the end of another month, so there are just a few days left to find the prize for May! This month the piece is the Jadore My Handbag, which is a Dior styled clutch bag in a perfect summery and versatile white with gold details - well, perfect for me at least! And it seems to have been popular with you guys too. Of course, Millaxx was the first person I saw to style it, and I love this minimal beauty. The white of the bag is bright and thus stands out well against the ecru of the trousers. The sweater is a sweet feminine touch and I love the accessories of the white bow shoes and the pearl earrings, great finishing touches for the look^
And a second look, super bright and colour popping, from Dommenica in yellow - it immediately caught my eye because I love yellow stylings! The bag really pops being in white against the yellow but I think it works so well. I also love that it's shorts in the styling, which are great for summer and this pair make such a smart look. The white sandals work well with the bag as do the golden chains layered around the neck - a great look overall =D
And finally my own styling of this bag - I can already tell it will do well in my wardrobe! I feel like this is a super simple outfit for me, I wasn't hugely creative, but the bag fits well into my usual style. This skirt is perfect for summer and the bag with it's golden colour, but I kept the rest of the look with white, I love these boots with the skirt and bag, a real winning combination^ I can see this bag will look great in both dressy and casual outfits, I'm excited to style it more =)

Fun with feathers

What a great angelic feathered look from turkiye today! It really just shines off the screen, such a beautiful outfit^ I love a good white blazer and this one looks fantastic tucked in to this amazing layered skirt - the feathered top half and sheer floor length skirting just are angelic, and the overall fit and style are great with the blazer. The accessories are beautiful and stand out - so cool to see this artistic bag being styled and I love all of the jewellery pieces used, the necklaces and earring are fab and really catch the eye^

Sunday, 26 May 2019

1 Piece 1 Week | Donatella Purse

I had a quick look through the recent posts in this series to see what I was maybe missing in my stylings and I very quickly realised that I'm a little biased towards trousers - oops^ So an accessory for this months 1 Piece 1 Week post - the Donatella Purse from Versace. This is quite an old piece, coming out in 2014, but I only bought it in the Bazaar maybe a year or so ago - however it's really been a great addition to my wardrobe as I'm sure you've seen it pop up in stylings fairly regularly!
Being bright in summer yellow
I love yellow, and with the golden chain detail on this piece, it's the perfect opportunity to bring out yellow dresses for a summer styling. The balance of the bag and the dresses gives a wide scope for accessories and dark or light colours work equally well - I have a soft spot for the Rockstuds for sure though^ The looks are minimal but the dress designs really are enough to hold focus =)
Go wild with more animal prints
I love animal print a lot, and this bag is one of my favourite pieces to pair with more animal print, particularly this silk skirt that I've featured - I know this look won't be to everyone's taste, but it's a combination I just love together! Or for a little less in your face, the leopard shoes make a good choice and I love the neutral clothing that works to highlight the accessories^
Working with skirting
I've definitely gotten a lot more into skirts the past few seasons and I found it super easy to choose pieces to style with the bag - in fact I really love both of these looks, they're definite winners from this post! Both long and short styles work, and the pieces I've chosen contrast with light and dark but work equally with the colours of the bag, and I've managed to highlight golden tones too! In the second styling I love the stand out of the logos on the pieces, I think that's such a fun touch to have on the look.


Happy election day! I hope everyone living in the EU remembered to vote. My voting day style is very summery with sheer midi skirt and flowery blouse with this lovely greyish purple tone. Looks really nice with golden accessories, in my opinion! The flower blouse is actually a dress from Decades, I continued my journey to the last pages of my closet and found it! Such a cute piece.

Lilac love

Who doesn't love a good lilac styling, especially a head to toe one?! This look from Lawliet. is awesome, a great combination for the colour^ The knee-length skirt is making a smart look and I love the different layering and draping of the pieces on the top half, and the white panels split up the colour well and work nicely with the pearl necklaces and the glamorous earrings - those touches are my favourite! The heels are a beauty of course and the bag pops well, the perfect pair of accessories for a lilac styling =D

Saturday, 25 May 2019

R A M A D A N G I F T - O - M E T E R | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

There is still over a week left to fill the Ramadan Gift-O-Meter with your Plaza purchases! This G-O-M has been running for quite a few weeks now so it's really been easy to see the spending fill up the bar to 300SD's! This G-O-M has had a mix of fashion and interior pieces, which is good if you like interiors as these aren't always included in campaigns like this - I lean to the fashion side of things and am pretty happy with the clothing we could get. First up a feature, ayselevi123 styling the Buket Ozkalfalar Inspired Kaftan (achieved at the 80SD spend point) which I just thought looked so cool! It's been a long time since I've seen anyone work with this black coat, and I really think it's a great piece to pair with the kaftan, and all those black accessories too, the tan colour pops! I love the feathers on the heels and the cool choice of bag and sunglasses, this look is fab =D
I've styled up 3 of the pieces from the G-O-M - they're pretty simple stylings but all would be perfect for warm summer weather! Firstly the Elie Saab Inspired Kaftan (at the 270SD spend point) which is in such a beautiful lilac with lace panelling. For me there was no obvious place to add clothing so I focussed on accessories, I think this works out pretty well for me - it's stand out without being too complicated^ Secondly the Safiyaa Inspired Top (at the 300SD spend point), which is such a versatile piece and looks so classy, it's really great and I found it easy to style, especially with skirts so I kept it bright with a yellow choice along with yellow accessories - definitely ready for summer =D And finally I also styled the Buket Ozkalfalar Inspired Kaftan although it's definitely not as impressive as the feature^ It makes a great dress and is a great piece for pairing with accessories, I went neutral as beige tones work perfectly. I love the look of these blue tinged lenses of the sunglasses with the look too, definitely a cute piece!

Stuck at the Garden Party

Yes I'm using the same interior two posts in a row. My doll is just attending a garden party for a really long time. 

This is actually quite a simple look for me - I'm not usually this sleek. I just felt like dressing up and these two pieces - the Chanel top from the recent Callie's Picks and the super-high waisted trousers from the Ramadan Gift-O-Meter - went together beautifully. 

You could make this much sleeker with a smooth hairstyle like a pulled back ponytail, but I want to keep my fashion-shag for a bit longer. I think it imbues the overall look with a bit more of a rock'n'roll vibe.

Ingredients | You Will Need

Blouse Inspired by Chanel | Callie's Picks
Safiyaa Inspired Pants | Ramadan Gift-O-Meter
Silver Moon Necklace | Subcouture
Cordoba Sash Tied Belt | DVF Holiday Tribute
Lumiere Clutch | Royalty
Balenciaga Knife Pumps Black | Inspired by Balenciaga Tribute

Spring flowers

A super cute and bright Spring-Summer styling today from Marta-43^ I love the combination of these classic white fitted trousers with a pleat down the front with the bold retro-style top, they're really cute together and super smart. The accessories of course make the look, the white heels are fitting, and the handbag combination is so cool! The mesh bag is stylish and I love the addition of flowers, plus the floral sunglasses really pop with the colours =)

Friday, 24 May 2019

B A S I C S | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

It seems like it's been quite a while since our last BASICS release, and the one this month is full of beautiful colours to really get you into the Spring and Summer styling mood! I've seen so many of you guys working with these pieces and really giving all the colours a go^ First up in the features section, --kayley styling the Basics Summer Linen Shirt Dove Blue and matching Basics Summer Frill Top Dove Blue, but in a very cool combination, flipping the top into a strapless piece, and using the shirt for sleeves, isn't that so creative?! I love this darker midi skirt, it looks super smart and very fitting. The accessories are great too, love the tied details on both the shoes and the bag^
Next up we have Green_Lady_M styling the Basics Summer Frill Top Mint Green and the matching Basics Summer Penn Skirt Mint Green - the colour is looking so great with these bold pops added in! The yellow is a great pairing with the mint, I love the cute cardi and the bag pairings. These skirts are definitely some of the most wearable pieces of the collection =)
Sticking with the same colour, missGiyonela wears the Basics Summer Slacks Mint Green which look very cool, I know I've tried the mint trouser thing and it hasn't worked out for me, but this just looks good! The tee is a good casual touch, but I love the bold floral booties and the use of the plastic jacket, it really changes the overall vibe of the trousers, I really like it!
And the final feature, also wearing the trousers, but this time the Basics Summer Slacks Powder Pink is millaxx looking super feminine and ready for business! I like this girly touch to a work style, the style of this shirt is great with the trousers and of course this beige coat fits perfectly with most things^ Really loving the accessories, particularly these frilled shoes, those are great =D
And now for my stylings, so far I've gone with the Peach pieces, but on my doll they really look more tan/beige than peach. First the Basics Summer Slacks Peach, which I've really not styled in a summery way at all, haha, but they work with this fluffy jacket so well! I did choose sandals but I'm definitely a fan of the darker browns with this light colour. And then I also styled the Basics Summer Penn Skirt Peach, it's just got such a workwear feel so I went with those vibes in choosing a shirt, albeit a sheer one which really drove my perspex accessory choices in the shoes and the bag, I think it's a cute styling and I'm definitely going to give other pieces and colours a go!