Monday, 30 December 2013

And Today I Wore

So here is the outfit I styled to wear today - and although it's pretty different to my usual style, I really like it! 
Bought these trousers from the most recent release at Bizou, which are practically a steal at 8SD's. I paired them with this fabulous Saint Laurent shirt, which can seem a little pricey at 25SD's, but it really could be worth it because of the shape and way it sits, no other shirt on SD is like this, and personally I think it is incredibly popular to wear shirts like this - I was lucky enough to be gifted my shirt by a dear friend (possibly the kindest most selfless person I know on SD - you know who you are ;D)!

Went with basic accessories, picked up these heels a couple of days back from It Girls for 120SC's, I think they're definitely a basic essential for your Stardoll closet, and are a great price too! Chose the Saint Laurent Bowler Bag and then the DKNY Logo Necklace too - I love both these pieces and am glad they go together with each other but also the rest of the outfit!

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Today snaps

Snapshots of things I spotted today around Stardoll =)
(P.S. That last girl has an ahhhhhhh-mazing suite, you guys should check it out!)

Friday, 27 December 2013

Oversized and fedora

Another look spotted today which I fell in love with immediately - this time from Marbum! I adore this oversized coat, it's perfect for the season and has been styled in such a classic look with the simple black courts. It's been accessorised well too - I love the scarf, and then the colour picked out to match the clutch. Plus that fedora made an awesome touch =D


I couldn't help but feature this adorable boho styled look from Tite-Zouille - it's not Christmas based, but I think it's a great look! I love the tones of brown and I think the LE feathered necklace is a fab touch =)

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Lime and jewels

Absolutely adored this combination of lime and jewels from Fyusha, it's kinda like a great non-conventional Christmas outfit! I think it look perfect and suits her doll so much =D

Monday, 23 December 2013

Wearing Saint Laurent

I know I haven't done my review yet, but wanted to share the outfit I have styled with two of the Saint Laurent Tribute pieces that I have just purchased =)
I think this is quite a different look for me, but I really really love it! It has a perfect cold weather feel to it, and I don't think it looks to drab for a winter styled Stardoll outfit - I think I had that problem last year!

Colour splash

I loved seeing this look from --Kayley, it's got a little wintery feel with the dark colours, but also looks super glam with the glitzy skirting and the fabulous black peplum effect skirt ontop! Also love the addition of the silvery collar and the orange clutch - perfect accessories =)

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Hot HotBuys

So was planning on doing a little review of the Hot HotBuys/this years advent calendar at the halfway point, but I was suuuper busy, so a couple of days late isn't too bad! 

The above image displays my 3 purchases so far - normally I end up buying quite a lot of items from the calendar, but this year I just haven't found that a lot of the items are to my taste. And I think they are quite expensive for what a lot of the things are, for example, the Tartan Dress above cost 17SD's, which I think is quite steep for a basic dress, but I love tartan so couldn't turn it (or the trousers) down for a second! 
So far I've only worn the dress (some of you might have seen it if you visited my suite around the time it was released), but haven't quite gotten around to styling the other two pieces I have bought from the releases so far.
I think the tartan cropped trousers are really cute, but for me the style is much more spring/autumn rather than winter, so I think I'm kinda saving them for a few months - they'd look fab with a white shirt or blouse, and even maybe a really nice coat. With these I think heels a a must! Safe bet would be black or white, but silver or navy could come out looking great too.
The gold heels are a perfect winter staple - great for parties (I actually have a pair of gold heels in RL, wore them to a party last week!) and look fabulous with dresses. For me it has to be something with one main colour and little detail, but that's just me I guess - but I can see me styling them on my doll with the white dress from Stardoll And The City (we all know the one, I wear it too often!), but I'd like to try styling them down too, with some jeans or trousers, and I think they could be a great accessory to a perfect winter outfit =)

How have you guys been finding these Hot HotBuys?

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Valentino Looks

Consisting  my own Valentino Styled Outfit and also looks composed by other members of Stardoll - enjoy!

Valentino Tribute

*Well hey! Presentation done, just the report to go, but I'm so exhausted after yesterday, I think I can chill a bit today - so blogging =) Will get around to posting about everything but it might take some time!*

So Valentino Tribute was released last week (might have been the week before? Not very good with keeping up!) and I have to say I'm reasonably impressed!
{Click to enlarge}
I like the overall collection really, but there are a lot of pieces I'm just not interested in - I did find 300 SD's of pieces I was interested in though! There are several very much more formal pieces, but a lot of items which could really easily be dressed down. I think the cherry for me are the accessories - I am really loving the shoes and bags of this collection, and it really makes me smile as usually the accessories have been a little disappointing with the Tribute collections.
Prices ranged from 12 SD's for bracelets to 60 SD's for a dress, although most pieces range from about 20-40 SD's. I do think it's a little on the pricey side, like the Chanel this season - so I think this is becoming some sort of a trend with the Tribute stores. The more expensive pieces are those fabulous gowns though, which have been really well designed, and I would call them true designer pieces on Stardoll, so I think if you really want them, they would be worth it. Buying to sell on? I'd say probably no for these pieces. The only one I bought was the white one on the second floor (of the 5 I'd deem as "gowns", you can probably guess which they are) - and I'm pleased that I decided to buy it, I don't regret paying 46 SD's for it. 

I've got a post in production with some looks from myself and a few other members around Stardoll, so look out for that one soon^^

Love K xxx

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Chanel Tribute

Earlier this week the eagerly anticipated Chanel Tribute store was released! 
Stardoll treated us to two whole floors packed with a whole variety of clothing items and accessories. Even from just seeing the spoilers last week I knew this was going to be a pretty good collection - there's a variety of styles and all the pieces look pretty well made, Stardoll are definitely making an effort! But I did predict it would be a pricey collection, and that it was! More so than I thought it would be, I was guessing an upper range of about 45SD's, but prices ranged from 16-64SD's, with most pieces coming in around 30SD's. When I did my first browse and added all the pieces I was thinking about buying, the total price was just over 800SD's, and that wasn't even half of the pieces from the store! Don't worry, I didn't buy quite that much, I cut it down to about 400SD's, which I do see as a bit expensive, but I'm really pleased with the choices I made and I bought them as pieces to keep, I'm not someone who buys to sell at a later point.
So far on my very quick browse of suites (I've been at uni more than I've been in my flat this week unfortunately!), people have been incredibly taken by the collection and have been snapping up pieces left, right and centre! 

I did actually write this post the day after the store was released and I planned on adding some outfits with the pieces I bought - I just haven't had time to do that yet, I'm incredibly busy and stressed with my uni work, after Monday I should have a tad more time as that's when the big presentation is, but I do still have some work to do after that.