Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Time is passing so fast just now, like I literally don't know where it has gone! I had an idea a while back, pretty much taken by real life bloggers about how they get sent stuff for free to review, translated into SD, would be designers could send things for a low price in return for my reviewing them - I did this with my Celine tee's way back at the start, and I was hoping to open this up into being able to be sent things to review myself, however I just never got around to it, but today that opportunity came to me! Yay!
Karlla-Gaga, who we all know as a designer goddess pretty much(She has to be one of the most featured dolls on the blog here^^) amazingly has designed two fabulous Chanel inspired bags and has sent me samples to give you guys a little review on =D This is my first one of these, so hopefully it'll be ok!
{The two RL designs her bags are based on}
They both come as StarDesign hair pieces, which is a first for me, I've never particularly been into clothing or accessories as hair, to me it's just not logical! So I'm trying to push that out of my mind while my focus is on these designs. 
So I'll discuss the globe bag first:
My first struggle with this was getting it onto my doll, I'm no StarDesign hair expert, so I found this a little challenging, maybe you guys wont! But it is a well designed bag all the same =) I like it's very much glamorous feel, like I just feel like my doll looks elegant wearing it, no matter what clothing items it's with! It works well with pretty much all colours, so it's a very versatile piece, although it was so versatile that I struggled coming up with my top clothing items to wear with it! In the end I settled for a pink based kinda formal look which I'm really happy with. A point I will make it that as it will sit on top of any clothes you wear you might be limited with some skirts dresses and jackets which cover the hands, because then it just looks like a floating bag - not so good, but that's a design thing on Stardolls side! Overall, I do love this bag =D

Now the green Lego styled bag:
Out of the two, I think I'd pick this one as my favourite. Although it's green colour is slightly less versatile I actually had an easier time styling it! I went for a classic white, but I did find that black also looked fab, along with some other shades, it's pretty much a trial and error for you to see what works with your style and taste =) I found this bag easier to put on, so that drew me to it as well, it's also got a great shape and fit on the body. It also doesn't actually look like hair I find, like it could easily be a bag Stardoll has designed in the accessories section - to me that indicates a fabulously well designed StarDesign Hair item! 

I hope this was a good enough review and that I did the designs justice! If you're wanting to buy one, you can head on over to Karlla-Gaga's page and request one - they are around 100SD's, which may seem a little pricey, but the designs have clearly taken a lot of time and effort and some recognition is needed =) 

Love K xxx

Friday, 18 October 2013

Cheap Monday Release

Stardoll has definitely been on a bit of a roll recently with yet another big release of clothing in the Nelly.com store, this time from the brand Cheap Monday: 
I think this brand is a good addition to Nelly.com - it's young, modern and fresh, so I think it'll be an easy hit with most members! Even though I'm not so much a fan of the combinations that Stardoll has made on the mannequins, I quickly found many pieces I liked, so am very much looking forward to styling them with the rest of my wardrobe!
Prices range from 8SD's for a necklace or earrings to 25SD's for a dress, however most items cost in the late teens and early twenties - not too bad I don't think! I bought 11 items and spent almost 200SD's which is quite a lot, but the items I got are ones I know that I will use, so I don't think of it as being that bad! Although in the recent bout of expensive releases I am noticing my SD amount steadily decreasing! 
Here's a quick snapshot of some of the pieces I bought:
Sorry there's no styled outfits again, I am exhausted after today at uni, in literally 9-5, was so hungry by the end it was unbelievable, so right now all I wanna do is eat junk food, watch some junk tv and sleeeeeep! 

Wearing something from the collection? Send an imgur link below and maybe you will be featured!

Love K xxx

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Halloween Re-Release

Today Stardoll gave us another re-release, this time of the Tingeling Halloween Couture store that we saw a few years back:
I feel this move will definitely bring a mixed bag of emotions - those of us older members have already had these items, we might have even paid very large amounts for them as I know some pieces were quite highly sought after. But it is good for newer members who missed out on these items the first time around.
However they don't come lightly, all the items have a pretty hefty price tag on them, ranging from 12SD's for shoes to 65SD's for a dress, however most of the clothing pieces lie around the 30SD mark, which can be a large price to some.
I was around for these the first time, and bought a few pieces then, although I think I sold them all at some point or another, so I happily snapped up a whole bunch of items, including those here:
I got a couple of things I've been looking for for a while, being those two skirts above, but also got some riskier items to take some fashion chances with! I've been trying to add a few more daring pieces to my Stardoll wardrobe, trying to make myself look a lot more versatile while keeping to my usual style as much as I can. I spent rather a high amount for not so many items, but in all honesty I don't mind so much!

I would have a couple of styled outfits for you, but I am literally snowed under journal articles right now, like literally, I have the longest print queue in the world and the largest bundle of paper on my desk. Next to it are my last two sets of lecture notes that need written up. Kill me now! 

Hope you're all having a good day!

Love K xxx

[P.S. Have you guys seen that new Hunger Games video that was released yesterday? I watched it like 50 times, I cannot wait at all, 5 weeks tomorrow ... here's the song to keep you going, a lot of people have said they really dislike it, but I totally disagree!]

Monday, 14 October 2013


Snapshots of Stardoll things I have taken today - had a busy day in uni, thankful for this little bit of downtime I've had =)

P.S. Please please please be sure to check out HAUTE Magazine, run by the sweetheart that is Lindsey! She has just released a fabulous new issue =D xxx 

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Today I saw

Here are a whole bunch of looks I came across today - didn't want to bore you with several posts each with one look, so popped all the pics here - enjoy! Hope you're all having a good week so far =)

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

YH Mini Release

Today saw a mini collection release of Young Hollywood based on the street styles seen at the recent fashion weeks. There are three different outfits available for purchase, one based on NY, one on Paris and one on Milan. For me out of the big fashion month I only really followed NY and Paris, no idea why, but those just seemed to be the ones I was more interested in looking at pictures from =)
So I managed to snap up a whole bunch of these items (slightly ashamed at the total price!) - I'm thankful that they are available for all members and not just SS, so those of us who have spare SD's, yet their membership has run out, can enjoy the fun too! Prices range from 45SD's for a hat, to 115SD's for a skirt. Probably a little on the expensive side for what the items are, but they are pretty limited and when I last checked, had been being snapped up at a reasonable pace!
I've styled two of the items so far:
Firstly the NY Used Denim jeans, costing 78SD's(850 pairs available) - I knew I had to have these as soon as I'd seen them. Yes, boyfriend style jeans have been in for a while, and I know some people consider them overrated, but I don't! I still love them and will wear them! They are distressed, but I like that it's quite minimal, too much isn't my style at all. I paired them with a simple white shirt, and chose other coloured items to spice the look up. The shoes felt like a no-brainer to me, for some reason, blue shoes came to my mind immediately and these were the first I saw in my closet. I ended up going with the pink cardi, and I'm happy with this choice - keeping up with the trends, and it sports that style, we all know the one, draping your jacket/coat/cardi over your shoulders rather than wearing it like a normal jacket/coat/cardi with your arms in the sleeves. I'm such a sheep for these sorts of style, honestly, you should see my pinterest boards! 
The second look:
This one uses the Milano Blouse, costing 90SD's(750 blouses available). To me this is quite a classic piece, white lace. Or maybe I've just seen a lot of it around! I felt inspired for this look by one of my favourite fashion bloggers, and really decided to try step out of my comfort zone to make it. I knew I wanted to wear a skirt with it, but choosing one wasn't quite as easy as saying it! Literally every skirt I took from my closet worked well with it, so coming down to this one was quite a task. Like that last look when I just knew about the blue shoes, well I just knew about the gold in this one! For some reason, gold was the colour I had to go for, so I selected these Hotbuys Stiletto's quite quickly from my selection - I wouldn't normally wear a strapped shoe with leg showing as I am literally all about making sure legs don't look short or fat(in RL, don't even come near me with a knee length/midi skirt - on my body? Just NO! Haha), but for some reason, these shoes with this skirt looks fine to me ... phew!!! Chose this cute little heart bag which I find myself using fairly often, it just works, and for some reason always reminds me of fashion weeks, why? I have no clue! 

Anyway, enough of my ramblings! I'll get back to reading science articles/writing lecture notes/coughing and choking all the time/reading and writing fanfiction/watching LoveFilm and you guys can let me know what you think in the comments! Come on, you know you want to =D 

Love K xxx

Futuristic tones

Such a fashion week outfit that I've seen from sweet_gal11! I love the choice of colours, going for mainly neutrals and additing a modern twist with the metallics and also the pale pink and bold purple which are seen in hints. This is such fab modern day look, can't wait to see more like it!

Monday, 7 October 2013

Plaza crazy!

Hmm, so I don't remember posting on Thursday or Friday, was full on prepped to come and apologise, but it appears I did! I was out on a course social on Thursday which pretty much took out functioning on Friday too, then I was studying on Saturday and came down with a sore throat /illness yesterday!

There is a lovely huge 50% sale at the Plaza right now - I've just spent the past 30-40mins having a good browse and deciding what to buy, and even though I'm always convinced I have everything I want and need, I always end up coming out with some purchases! Set me back 100SD's today, but I really like everything I decided to get =D I got several dresses and snapped up quite a few PPQ items, which I feel are much more worth it at half price!

Hope you picked up some good deals too^^

Friday, 4 October 2013

And Today I Wore

Here is the look I am currently wearing (well technically I've worn this for a few days now). I know this sweater/shirt is used quite a lot, almost being overused, but I have been yet to style a look with it. I was just in the mood for it when I was coming up with this, and wanted to keep the whole thing looking quite simple. I chose to wear the lace detailed shorts as I think lace peek-a-boo can be quite cute, and it's something I've not done before on SD.
Accessorised with simple black shades and heels =)

Thursday, 3 October 2013


A nice surprise to log in today and find two new floors of Nelly.com! I love the clothing available for us at the store, so this is a great thing =)
I bought rather a lot of items right away from these two new floors, so many great items which I love and which I'll be able to slip into my closet - I got around 15 things which did cost almost 300SD's, quite a hefty price, but I don't mind paying it for these great items! Here are the top 5 items which immediately caught my eye:
There weren't many accessories in these two floors, so I found that "The Bomb Necklace" easily stood out to me, it's a pretty piece and is definitely in time with current trends, I think it'll be easy to add to any outfit. Most of the dresses in the store stood out to me as they pretty much are all spot on trend! But these ones stood out to me most, the "Snowled Dress" has a modern shape and fit, but my favourite thing about it is the texture/pattern that it has, it's reasonably simple, yet will be very easy to pair with other items to complete an outfit. The "Marion Dress" has a perfect midi shape, it's exactly the sort of thing I've been wanting for my doll! Plus I adore the print, very dalmatian =) The "Bally Dress" just reminds me of fashion week - like I can't describe it at all, but that's what I feel when I see it, and it made me immediately want it! Finally the "New York Sweater", this is a great casual piece thrown into the collection, will be incredibly easy to style and I can see it being popular with everyone, no doubt there will be a whole ton of outfits to show which have all styled it! For me it will look great with black skinnies and some great accessories, the options are just so varied!

Maybe have some styled outfits up over the weekend, have a good Thursday! 

Love K xxx

Monochrome meet print pairing

RituskaRitka wears this beautiful print based outfit in monochromatic tones. I love the print combination on the top half of the patterned sweater with the dalmatian sleeved blouse. I adore the zipped vest on top, I think it gives a fresh modern feel to the look. It just screams Paris Fashion Week to me - and it's great! 

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Wearing MSW

So with this years MSW fairly underway (I'm really not paying much attention to it, so there wont be any posts on it, sorry!), a second set of clothing has been released in the store. This year I have to say, I'm not a fan, to me the clothes look kind of lacking in the graphics department, they seem to be almost tacky in some cases, and not what I remember from the stores in the past(in the first one(2010) there were some great classic pieces(not available in the Plaza unfortunately)). I have bought two or three things from the store, and that was only shoes, so not enough to style an outfit with, but I did so two dolls dressed fabulously in items from the store:
EugenieS wears the Faux Shearling Jacket, 24SD's with a midi skirt along with pastel coloured accessories(her lip colour matches perfectly!) while Mia1435 wears the Glitter Brushed Gown, 40SD's as a skirt, while pairing it with a black cropped tee and a floral embroidered leather jacket, the necklace was chosen greatly, easily tying the skirt colour with the jacket! 
Love these looks so much =)

What do you guys think of the store this year?

Love K xxx

P.S. Yes I did order my Hunger Games:Catching Fire tickets yesterday - splurged and got VIP ones for my cinema at home on my birthday(which is just after the release), but also got a ticket bought for me for here from my friend(her present to me=P) for the 21st itself - we would go to the midnight showing, but we have a class 10am-1pm, which we don't think we'd make it up for, so we're just going afterwards! I am like beyond excited for the film, even ordering the tickets gave me so much nervous energy, I had to go for a run to work it off! Ridiculous! My dad has since claimed that I'm "not the full shilling"! Haha, probably correct =D 

Mint shine

Krab_ololo wearing a fantastic futuristic styled outfit of mint and silver. I love this use of these Royalty store heels, they're fab and I've struggled to find a good way to style them myself - this is perfection!

Fashion Week Pick

Don't want to make a whole big thing of this, if I wanted to I should have done it from the start, but oh well! Just wanted to make a little feature of the Collette Dinnigan show, which I fell in love with in an instant! Here are some of my favourite looks from the collection:
I love these designs so much - and the rest of the collection is just as stunning! I adore the femininity, the colours, the small details, the fabrics, everything! The whole look of each model is just right - their simple hair and makeup emphasise the clothing, but also make the girls look radiant =)

What do you guys think of Collette Dinnigan's collection?


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Monochroming to Fall

Manson41 shows us this beautiful monochrome look which I think is perfect for fall. I love the leggings paired with a classic white shirt, then keeping up with current trends with a large faux fur coat. I adore the tote bag and those fabulous heeled boots, which I have never seen before! Love it so much, and hope you do too!

No I didn't forget!

Took a 2 month break - I needed it for myself, it's good to get away from blogging from time to time, and this was the first real time I have done so! I wanted to sort some things out with myself, not things I'm going to share, but I feel so much happier with who I am and such, yada yada yada! You probably all know the drill! 
Term started last week (though I managed to get just a couple of meetings and a few hours in a lab, no classes! Unfortunately those 3 hour beauties come this week!) so my time will be focused on studying, though everyone needs a break, this is something my studies coordinator has literally shaken into me after my ridiculous personal study timetable last year, so in those breaks I plan to make time for blogging =) It might not be posting every day, maybe just 3 or 4 times a week, but I do want this blog to have something
I'll be posting later!

Lots of love, K xxx