Tuesday, 31 January 2017

O R I G I N A L F U T U R E | Release Review

This week started off with a brand new floor of Original Future, which is a store that often comes with some great items, mostly to my surprise as I don't think it's my style but it must be! The store usually has good casual pieces to style, which is exactly what I'm feeling like right now =D And again great to see real dolls on the advertisement!
Highlight So this was the regular one floor release with mostly clothing pieces, and everything for the girls. Overall there isn't a particular theme but a casual vibe definitely comes from a lot of the pieces in their relaxed fit and cool colour choices - I'm definitely looking forward to going through this store =)
Accessories As usual, there are minimal accessories released in this collection, a few pairs of shoes and some other small items. I'm immediately attracted to the Silver Sneakers, I think they are a fab style and will work for a lot of different people and in a range of looks. I'm also quite tempted by the pink of the Platform Hot Pink Sandals, even though I'm unsure of the platform sole, I think they could look good in a lot of outfits. The Bandana Headband is a very sweet piece, and I also think the Graphic Oversized Scarf will be a popular choice, especially for winter and street-styled outfits =)
Clothing The focus is definitely clothing-based, and I like the loungewear feel to a lot of the pieces in this release. I also really like that there aren't a huge number of prints or complicated pieces in the release, most things are one colour and pretty minimal. The little Original Future diamond logo seems popular this time with 4 items donning it on the front. For me the Cropped Black Turtleneck and Lycra Turtleneck Crop Top seem like good pieces to have as they seem the most versatile and could definitely be used for their polo neck under a range of other tops and sweaters, while the maroon Casual Two Tone Sweatshirt is more of a wear-alone piece but great for loungewear looks. Also good on the loungewear front are the Ripped Hoodie and Track Pants and I think they could be reasonably popular pieces. Outerwear in this release focuses on the puffer style with both the Green Puffer Vest and Black Puffer Jacket, initially I didn't like these pieces so much, but with just a little time, actually I think they're not so bad as I first thought, and maybe I'll purchase them to style at a later time =) For me the rest of the pieces are quite 'stand-alone' and don't fit so much into one type or style of clothing. The Ribbed Crop Basic Top is a fab minimal piece and is versatile, I think it's a good investment style piece and buying it wouldn't be wasting your money. And lastly two of the more colourful items in the release, the vibrant Mock Polo Knit with good shape all over and fit on the doll, and the Quilted Sage Mini Skirt which has such a beautiful colour, but I think the fit on the doll could be a little improved.
Prices Costs of this release range between 10 and 25SD's, with most items placed nicely in the teen range. There's also an SC choice as well as no items limited to just SS or Royalty members. I think the prices suit the items well and nothing seems overpriced at all. 
Styled Outfits I ended up buying quite a few pieces from the store and they really excited me about styling them from the get go, which is always great^ I styled all of the pieces I got, and I'm very happy with the outcomes. Firstly the Quilted Sage Mini Skirt and Silver Sneakers, not really a typical pairing, but both looked good with this silver polo and so that was that! I like the minimal style for it, but I look forward to a little more time with the skirt to try something adventurous. In the middle is the Mock Polo Knit and I took advantage of the oversizing to use fitting pieces like skinny jeans and boots. The black really lets the orange pop and look quite inviting. And lastly the Ribbed Crop Basic Top which so far seems like a great basic and I loved pairing it like that with black clothing. It works well with the waistcoat as it really draws the eye to the top-half of the look and therefore to the piece itself =D

Leather & Hoops

Hey! It's been a while since my last post and that's because of my lack of inspiration to make outfits lately, but I definitely can blame that on the weak collections we had in the past weeks, right? Anyway, so after a few attempts and struggling to make a new look in the last days, I've decided to style this beautiful bag from LE, which I always wanted to wear but never got the opportunity to fit it into an outfit. 
On this one i tried to focus on the hoops, they're everywhere: on the heels, the earrings, the necklace and the bag. I think the strap of this bag (similarly seen on ChloƩ's S/S 17 collection) is just amazing and makes this piece much more interesting, I adore it! The upper part of the outfit and also the shoes are low key inspired by the F/W 16 show of Loewe, which is one of my favorite brands. To finish this look and make it more elegant, I've put on these flare pants (Ellery inspired I guess) from the latest Subcouture.

Items used: Bratz earrings / Vinyl bodysuit & pantyhose / LE choker, bag & skirt (worn as a top) / Subcouture pants / Young Hollywood heels / MSTQ choker x2

Well, I think this is my last post here as january is coming to the end. It was a good experience being a guest writer here during this month. Thanks for all the great feedback on my looks!
Till next time!

Spring has sprung

Something light and bright in the mix from natusia_182 today^ And what really attracted me to the look was the cool use of a purple lipstick, it's perfect here, and it's great to see someone wearing it who suits it well =D It also suits the pink hair turban which is paired with the pastel pink DIY skirt with a sweet frilled front and double splits which highlight the use of the perspex thigh high boots. Great accessories too, love the snake-print bag and the big silver hoops, they definitely work well here!

Bag It Up Challenge #114

I realised recently just how many Fendi (and Fendi-inspired) bags that I have, it's actually a little ridiculous, and I've actually styled two already(!!) so my next 4 posts of the challenge will be featuring pairs of these bags, and some I'd totally forgotten about and I'm glad to see again, haha^ So first up on the left is the Silver Studded Handbag from last years Tribute release which I purchased as a last minute item as I thought it might come in handy although I've not ended up styling it yet! It was an easy piece to put into a look for this post though with the black and grey and silver tones and I stuck with those for my clothing choices although I liked softening the look by adding the furry pieces giving a warmer feel - I really like this one^ And then secondly is the Inspired By Fendi Cattle Bag which came out in the Minimalism decor store actually, and so is still available which is great! And going with the theme I went with a grey look and couldn't resist this pairing for it =D The minimal approach works for the piece, and I'm quite liking my shoe choice, love the style of the strapping and the slight difference that the pink brings to the outfit, awesome all round I think!

Monday, 30 January 2017

Hotbuys Chinoise Blazer # W E S T Y L E I T

Time for another We Style It post, this time wearing the Hotbuys Chinoise Blazer from Folk. It's an older piece that's been around a lot, and I see in the Bazaar a lot, but you never see it worn a lot - I do get it out once in a while, but it's an awesome piece that really can hold its own in a look^ Pink is an obvious choice to pair with it which both myself and AudreyHepburn. have gone for in different aspects, comparing these trousers with the pastel Dior bag, both work well and definitely highlight the printing in the piece. With the base colour of the blazer being a paler grey, I think black looks great as a 'rest-of-outfit' base which we've both gone for in our stylings. I'd love to see this blazer paired with something super out there, maybe some really bright handbag to provide a contrast and colour pop from the screen =D

Frills and flowers

This is a really great look from M.FENTY showing a good way to combine floral and feminine and flirty with the darker tones of these pieces. I love the combination of sheer pieces to make this look, love the highlighting of the criss-cross silver pattern on the top piece which is framed by the chiffon frill at the hem and the lace frilled sleeves on the arms, very creative! Accessories chosen well, the size of the bag is perfect I think =)

Sunday, 29 January 2017

S U B C O U T U R E | Release Review

This weekend brought us the latest update of Subcouture which Stardoll gave us a little spoiler for on Friday, so we knew to be prepared! I really like Stardoll making use of real medolls in the homepage adverts right now, it definitely makes the collections seem more relatable and is definitely attractive, so kudos to Stardoll =) I also love the colours of the homepage advert, they definitely get my attention!
Highlights This release came with the usual 2 floors of pieces for us to choose from, and it's a pretty good mix and I like the size of the release, not too small, or too overwhelming. After seeing the spoilers I felt like I had a good idea of how everything would be presented as I think it's pretty half and half with more minimal styles against the more artsy and coloured items, but I was definitely wrong there! All pieces for the girls this time too. I also really like the jade-marbled background to this store as well, it's totally eye-catching =D
Accessories Although there are a small number of accessories I think the range is excellent. We have 3 pairs of shoes to choose from in a range of styles, heels with the pink Slip In Pumps which I absolutely adore for their great design, boots with the Black And White Striped Wedges, which I thought I might really like but I'm still a little unsure about, then lastly the Subcouture YSL Inspired Platforms which aren't really my style but I think will definitely go down well with the right people! There are 2 cross-body bags in the store, a style I really like and think a lot of others feel the same, so I'm happy about that. Both are mostly black however the Feathers And Stribes Shoulder Bag adds a fabulous orange flair while the Subcouture Love Bag adds a more subdued dash of colours with the 'love' print. Of the sunglasses I think the Hot Pearls Sunglasses will go down pretty well with their good shape and rather cool colouring - they don't suit me, but I have a whole handful of people in mind who I know they will work for! And then there's the Subcouture Trucker Cap which is an SC piece and for that reason I think most people will purchase, and also the Supersize Hoop Earring Left and Right, I'm very much in two minds how I feel about earrings coming as two separate pieces, but they're not an expensive piece in the store, so getting two won't put you out of pocket too much really^
Clothing The clothes are definitely the more exciting part of the release and as I mentioned before there's definitely a split in two, with one side being the minimal styled pieces and the other being colourful and artistic, and so that's how I'll split the discussion^
          Minimal For me the ultimate piece on this section is the Oversized Pearl Trenchcoat, not only does it stand out in terms of size, but it has a fab pearlescent pink colour and amazing design, after seeing the spoilers I knew I would buy it not even caring about the cost (it's not the most expensive item either, it's priced at 42SD's and is not SS/Royalty only). Then there are 4 pieces which group together based on their very basic design and cutout styles, so the paired Zig Zag Hazelnut and Black Crop Tops, good bases for looks especially for the summer, then the very bright Cutout Midi Skirt with a good shape and fit to the doll, and lastly a dress with the Mock Halter Dress which is my favourite of the four, I think it's going to be very versatile and easy to wear. It is maybe a little expensive for what it is and the minimal design, but I think in the long run it might be worth it^ There are two denim pieces in this category, both of which I really like, which maybe took me a little by surprise, the No Edges Denim Jacket with a nice oversized cropped style, and the Fryed Denim Top which I've styled already and actually am really excited to style in the Spring and Summer! And then there are a few co-ord pieces too, the Pinstripe Short Jacket with the Cropped Pinstripe Pants of which I love the trousers and look forward to trying out, and then the Victorian Sleeve Blouse which I'd really pair with the Bell Bottom High Waisted Pants, both of which I ended up buying, so I think it'll be an interesting time styling those!
          Artsy I'm definitely into the pieces in this half a lot less than the minimal items, so I'll do my best to cover them evenly! The 'Stardust' pieces (the Metallic Pants, Biker Jacket and Skirt) definitely grab your attention from the get go with their bright colours and glittery effect. They're not really the most versatile of pieces, so I think it will be interesting to see what people come up with for these items. Also very bright in pink is the Silk Slip Inspired Dress, which is designed to pair with the Tuille Corset Dress, I definitely find items like that hard to style as I can't imagine how they would look paired with the clothes I already own, but I think people with the right clothing will get them right^ The rest of the items are split into tops and bottoms and each is very individually designed and nothing is an obvious pair to each other. There are 3 tops and bottoms each to browse between. Casually there are the Subcouture Layered Tshirt which has rather nice chiffon sleeves, and the Beached Boyfriend Jeans and the Belted Stone Washed Denim Skirt which I think looks nice on it's own but then not so much on my doll, which is a shame because I think it's something that could be worked with a little^ And then not-so-casual are the Lace Up Barrock Trousers with nice neutral colours but a more intricate design, and then two tops, the Layered Silk Cami Sweater, which I quite like apart from the colours as they don't work so well with my doll, and the Lace Chain Top of primary colours which I'm actually a little tempted by! I haven't seen anyone style this piece yet, but I actually think it could look good in a reasonable range of looks, so this might be a last minute purchase for me =D
Prices This collection ranges from 5 to 47SD's with a couple of pieces for SS/Royalty only and also a couple of SC items too. I think the prices are fairly reasonable for the items, and they are on track with the prices of the previous 3 or 4 releases of Subcouture. As per past releases, pieces aren't limited by number, just by the time they are available for!
Features As there are a lot of features to follow, I'll be posting my own looks from the collection later this week because I think these looks from members should provide plenty of inspiration if you weren't sure about an item^ I knew the Oversized Pearl Trenchcoat would be a popular one and I was definitely right as I've seen so many great looks with it that it was tricky just choosing a couple - first up is CandyStarSmile4 pairing it with this colour-matched floral print perfectly, the tones are just right for each other. I like the addition of the fake back-panel, it works well here with the trousers^ Minimal pieces elsewhere in the look definitely let the pink pearl shine!
And next up with the Oversized Pearl Trenchcoat is SpaceShine going rather cool and quite a lot more casual choosing these great shimmering jeans as a good pairing choice^ I love the effect the two have, along with the shiny pointed heels - so great =D And a little streetstyle going on as well with the cap and glasses to top it off^
And lastly Marta-43 who I've spotted with two different looks, the first showcasing the Oversized Pearl Trenchcoat in this amazing neon look, who really would have thought it a great combination, but it really is awesome^ I love the skirt which combines the yellow with pink flowers - definitely a winning look! And then secondly wearing the Feathers And Stribes Shoulder Bag in this black and orange dress look, isn't it so cool^ Love the accessories in this one all round, the socks and shoes and sunglasses are great!
And then styling an accessory, the Subcouture Trucker Cap, is Hannahcool1232. I really think the piece stands out well in this look by pairing it with the black and red and white, and even a little more green^ I really like the style combination with the smart striped blazer and the smart white shorts, it works out really nicely, and the Dior clutch is a fab bag choice!
The No Edges Denim Jacket also seems to have been a popular piece with two looks with it for you today - firstly from LuluTelulu pairing is with ripped and hem-distressed jeans to match well with the bottom of the jacket. I really like the use of the long cardi underneath the denim jacket, I think it has a great effect and I kinda wanna try something similar now^
And also with the No Edges Denim Jacket going a little edgy with leather and studs and hoops is Bay_watch11. I like the contrast between the leather trousers and shoes with the denim, I think it works well, and I also like the use of gold accents in the accessories and the shirt, it works well!
And choosing an accessory, the Slip In Pumps is maria_lh with this sweet feminine styling^ I love them with these pink culottes, I think they work well with the length. The rest of the look is sweet and fitting, I especially like the beige bag, the colour is perfectly complimentary to the shoes =)
And lastly is ThePerpetua styling the Victorian Sleeve Blouse pretty much exactly how I imagined a lot of people would choose to style it! It works well with the dark jeans and I love the current style choice of the polo underneath it. The accessories are great, love the use of the belt across the body. And lets take a minute to look at those trainers because they're 100% StarDesign, that's so crazy - they look so real!!!

Shoulder slung

Another awesome shoulder-slung belt-bag styled by ThePerpetua today^ The bag colour suits the text on the hoodie, and also the streetstyle of the hoodie, and the sunglasses tucked into the jean pocket - a great way to accent a muted orange in a look! Again the jeans look good, but I like the use of the draped grey sweater and the loose hoodie, I think it works nicely. Plus love a little glamour from the perspex heels!

Saturday, 28 January 2017

We Wear Hotbuys J A N U A R Y | Silver Sheerling Jacket

It's crazy that we're at the penultimate HB of January already! This is the Silver Sheerling Jacket and probably the piece I've been anticipating most of the month^ It's from It Girls and costs 25SD's. I think the price is definitely right for the piece, and considering the great prices we've had on the rest of the items I think it's fine to pay that for this piece. It's a very trendy and current piece, and I think the tone is perfect and something we don't have in the outerwear category at the moment - super excited to share these looks:
We're all looking quite similar in our black-based looks, but I can't really blame us, this jacket is just begging to be styled that way! I love all of the looks, and I think they do show some versatility for the piece as well as it being a good black-ish outwerwear item =D And vote in the poll too:

Sea pearls

Another look from lunavonputaine today, but I couldn't resist featuring this amazing outfit! The black base of polo and trousers is great for letting the ocean twisting turns and white pearlings stand out perfectly, the material really looks like waves and I love the addition of the self-created belt made of these draped pearls. Also like the little cold-shoulder-sleeves, they definitely add a little something to the look^ Plus those blue booties, definitely a tick in my books^

Friday, 27 January 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #113

This next bag for the challenge is a prime target for my avoidance - it's possibly the bag I avoid the most out of all of the ones I have! It's the Metal Hinged Shopper Bag which was a freebie quite some time ago (I'm not sure what from, maybe one of you guys has an idea?!) For me it's completely the slightly awkward shoulder-strap length and the position it sits on the doll and the large size that make it an offputting piece, and although there's gold on it, it's not quite enough to make up for those not-so-ideal factors! I have managed to come up with a look, and I think it's not bad, but I wish I had the perfect trousers for it, nothing I had seemed to match just how I wanted!

Winter sandals

A modern street look today from Mia1435, bravely styling sandals in winter - but I think they look good with the overall outfit =) Love these culottes styled, and it's especially creative pairing them with this wrap skirt giving a cool layered style. Great seeing this bomber jacket still getting use, it reminds me to use mine^ Accessories looking very nice, like the briefcase style and I think the hat looks particularly good - it can be hard to wear hats well on Stardoll, but this one is fab =D

Thursday, 26 January 2017


Spotted these Young Hollywood Stone Suede Ballet Shoes on a look last weekend and after seeing that there were rather a large percentage of them left in the Plaza I decided to purchase them and try them out with some stylings! I definitely think skin tone is a player in styling these shoes well, and I think my doll isn't quite right for them, but I'll give them a go anyway. Love these with cropped trousers so that was my direction and I tried out both a pink-hued pair and white, and both tones do work, I'm not sure which I think it better but I do quite like the looser style. Also stuck with paler colours for the top half, again I think it works but maybe I could have been more adventurous - you will however see a little purple in the bag of the first look^
Although I don't think these are an outright winner, I do think they're worth some time investment for a styling =D

Black on blue

A stylish black on blue styling from millaxx today in this Parisian street patio today^ I like seeing black and blue pairings and this one works well, making use of the Royalty Denim Embellished Coat and Back Piece with these quite awesome fitted cropped black trousers, and the cropped theme continues with cropped top, and I love pairing the mesh socks with the panel on there too. Classic accessories give this look an edge and really help make me go, yes, wow^

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #112

Posting another bag tonight in the lack of new releases from Stardoll, which is a little disappointing! This is a pretty recent piece from the recent Gift-O-Meter and is the Roger Vivier Inspired Clutch, and I couldn't resist pairing it with this almost-perfectly-matched pink rose Sonia Rykiel sweater! These pieces were made for each other and I think this is the perfect way to show off the bag, and in a more casual look too because the jewelled clasp definitely hints that it should be dressed up. The look is definitely edging on spring and Valentine's too rather than the winer that it still feels like =)

Olive display

Fabulous fruity display today from FunOpler in this beautiful olive-based look! I love the use of olive and this look pretty much gets it spot on, from the velveteen jacket combined with a dark polo and stylish stole (that's one stole worn super well too I may add^). The boots add a lighter tone but fit perfectly well with both the colour and the fruits of the skirt, it's a great choice and way to add brightness to a styling =D Also loving this belt-bag over the shoulder, that's quickly becoming a go-to style choice and I really love it!

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

We Wear Hotbuys J A N U A R Y | Silk Platforms

Speeding along again with the next Hotbuy, the Silk Platforms! These are from Pretty 'N Love and can be yours for just 12SD's, a great price for the piece and definitely a selling point =D I loved these as soon as I'd seen them, the colour and minimal printing is fab and the shape is unique and stylish and right on trend, so I'm very excited to get them onto my doll =)
We've all chosen different tones of pink to go with these shoes, and I love the range we show, even if they're all pink, I think there's a little something for everyone there from minimal to a lot of printing^ Please remember to vote in the poll too - we love seeing your thoughts!

Sunset sporty

Bright and bold with this feature from ThePerpetua! I love the smart styled-sporty look that's presented, especially seeing these wide leg orange trousers get a use, with their low slung fit I definitely think it gives them a little of a disadvantage but it hasn't affected anything here! I think the colour is perfect against the smart blue pinstripe shirt and the blue-toned-street-style coat, who would have thought to make these a match?! Also totally on board with the accessories, from the earrings to the belt combinations, and the use of this belt bag slung over the shoulder - perfection =D

Bag It Up Challenge #111

Good morning, a challenge post to start your day off =D This is the reasonably recent Hotbuys City Bag from It Girls which came out in the HBs last January (it really feels more recent than that!). I really liked how I styled it back then, but it really hasn't had any focus since, and I think this look is perfect for it with a focus on gold and black tones, and making the outfit jump out with those printed trousers =D This bag is an easy-to-please piece and it's definitely not a difficult one to tick off the list!

Monday, 23 January 2017

Y O U N G H O L L Y W O O D | Styled Outfit

Stardoll released a special Young Hollywood window based on the recent Golden Globe Awards. I'm happy to say that I really wasn't a fan of the pieces chosen for the release, and I had a quick browse of what people did wear and I found a lot of nicer pieces that I think would have gone down well on Stardoll, which is definitely a shame! I did purchase the YH Silver Platforms to give a go of styling and here is my outcome:
I'm quite surprised at how easy these shoes were to style. I don't typically like platform styles, but these ones didn't feel like them at all, and it was quite a painless process choosing out items from my closet to work with them - I really liked going for pieces with features, like the frills on the trousers in my first look and the glittered coat in the second piece and really emphasising the silver with other accessories^

Let me know what you think of these looks and the collection in the comments below =D

Garden green

What a beautiful spring styling today from lunavonputaine! I adore this combination of pieces, I think it's been so thoughtfully done^ These lace sheer trousers are just kind of calling out to me, they're awesome, and I think using the printed dress like that is so creative, compacting the print is fab and I think it works out really well in a DIY cold shoulder top-styling =D Accessories pretty spot on, great floral shoes and a pastel pink bag to compliment the green!

Sunday, 22 January 2017

We Wear Hotbuys J A N U A R Y | Red Metallic Bag

Our next HB is ready, and it's the Red Metallic Bag! It's from Bizou and costs 13SD's which I'd say is pretty fair. I'm not sure I like the patterning on this piece, as you can see above from close up, it doesn't look so metallic and more just a criss-cross pattern, which I don't think makes it all that attractive however from afar you really don't notice it so much. I do like the red colour though, and we've had some good red HB bags in the past so maybe this one will be better than I expect!
I think it's growing on me, seeing how the others styled it definitely helps, and I do think it is a pretty versatile piece that a lot of people could style well into their own ideas and looks^ Plus vote in the poll:

Shiny style

Shiny and street and stylish with a lot of designer thrown in there too from dm2udm2u today! Love the combination of these Chanel trousers with the emerald toned fur, plus with that navy, an excellent match together! Love the further use of the Chanel pieces in the bag and cap, which give the look its street-style aspect, but then those pointed heels (awesome choice^) really give a classy touch =D

Saturday, 21 January 2017

B I Z O U | Release Review

It feels like ages since our last Bizou release, so I'm happy that we got a new one this week - and even from the homepage ad, I think it looks good! I like seeing more real Stardoll users get featured in these rather than the usual models, it definitely helps make the collection seem a lot more 'real' =D
Highlights There's not a clear theme in this new floor of clothing, but I do feel a winter-style from a lot of the pieces, which I like because I'm all about seasonality on Stardoll^ There are a good range of items and styles of prints and designs and I think people will easily find something to suit them!
Accessories There is a small range of accessories, although shoes do have most of the focus with three pairs to choose from - I particularly like the Silk Bow Slippers and I think they will easily be a popular piece from the release. The two pairs of heels, the SJP Inspired Disco Heels and Velvet Toe Around Platforms, are alright, but I don't feel like they have any wow-factor or have anything special that other pairs in the Plaza don't have unfortunately. The bag on offer, the Marsala Side Fringe Tote, is in coins and also a beautiful colour which I think will really help people to give this one a go - I for one can't wait to style this one in my challenge posts^ And there's also the Patent Leather Buckle Belt, another piece which I think will be popular due to the awesome silver circular buckle =) 
Clothing Red dresses are a pretty popular piece with two different ones in the store. Personally I love the Silk Slip Dress over the Bizou Red Dress. Although the later has great long sleeves and a polo-neckline, I just think the slip dress suits my doll more and has a fab midi length. It also reminds me a little of the November HB Slinky Dress and I really like wearing that one, so a red one should work out well! Another, sort of more glamorous piece would be the Sequin Loose Pants which I adore with great shape and fantastic blue colour, and I think they do have a reasonable level of wearability. The store offers a few choices for florals and prints, firstly the Folklore Half Tuck Shirt which I think is just awesome, combining sweet spring florals with a great design-piece that I think people will really go for, and secondly the co-ord set Mustard Paisley Top and Midi Skirt which I think have good designs but I'm not so sure about the print design and colours on my own doll. The rest of the pieces have quite a casual orientation, which will make a lot of them appeal to a lot of different people. There's the Loose Knit Breton Sweater, slogan tees with the Bizou Sequin Tshirt and Jaime Melange Tshirt, and also outerwear pieces with the Chunky Oversized Poncho and the rather awesome looking Faux Fur Denim Coat with great length and colourings. Two of my favourite clothing pieces though have to be the Silk Cold Shoulder Top, good colour, fit and design, and the Loose Fit Aubergine Pants, a piece I wasn't sure would suit me until I put them on and loved them! They too have a good fit and design and I really think they could be worked into some interesting outfits =)
Prices The release ranges from 9 to 23SD's and there are a couple of pieces in SC's in the store as well, and nothing is SS or Royalty only. This is just about on par with the last few releases from the store, so no complaints in this area.
Styled Outfits I styled my two favourite items today for my Styled Outfits, the Loose Fit Aubergine Pants in this dressed up sporty style which I just wish I could have found the right bright colour to add to give a pop, and then the Silk Cold Shoulder Top which is so versatile - I found several pieces just in the first few pages of my wardrobe which would have worked well with this item and I really look forward to exploring looks with them^
Features I saw a really good range of the pieces styled, which I think is great for this review post! First up is GossipGirlSBC going with the Folklore Half Tuck Shirt in this minimal but perfect styling pairing the piece with these light highwaisted jeans in this great spring style. Really like the use of the darker shoes too, totally working out =D
Secondly pandaribbon (whose account is now called kat) wearing the Sequin Loose Pants in this rather fabulous smart styling pairing them with yellow accents! A great combination which works well for both the sequins and the yellow pieces, that bag and those shoes definitely stand out too^
Next up a perfect winter look from Marta-43 who has worn the Burgundy Pinstripe Scarf in this look. It's not a piece I'd really go for myself but I think it suits this style very well, especially like the use of all the draped pieces to put the look together =)
And last but not least, with an accessory focus, is rob_in wearing both the Silk Bow Slippers and Patent Leather Buckle Belt just how I imagined they'd be styled^ They work perfectly in this all black styling, especially with the cropped trousers and the almost matching buckle on the bag, great great great =D