Saturday, 30 April 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #43

A double feature for this Saturday challenge post! These bags are from Voile, and although the store pages aren't visible, you can still find them via the search in the catalogue =) This is the Loure Purse firstly, then followed by the Musette Purse both in pretty light spring looks! I stuck with similar tones in the bags for the clothing, but I do particularly like the contrast of the dark wedges in the first look with the pale mint of the bag. And also, two different lip colours which I liked experimenting with again - I think makeup is very timed for me, I like to do it for a few weeks and have changes then I give it a break and stick with something simple^

Dark on tan

A bit of a colour contrast look today from missselina22! Tan and black aren't colours I would automatically match together, so this look surprised me because I really love it =) These leather trousers work well with the laced top and the matching leather boots but the texture is really softened by the jacket with faux fur along with the furry bag, they add a whole new feel to the leather material - it's great!

Friday, 29 April 2016

T R E S S U P | Release Review

Last week we got some brand new Tress Up in the Plaza! This was super exciting because Stardoll have been showing a lot of new hairs in their adverts etc. and I was hoping for quite a few of them. From the homepage ad for this store you can see a huge braided focus, but also something for the guys =)
We got two new floors entitled 'fashionista' and I think all the pieces fit that name pretty well! As I mentioned before, there is a heavy influence of the braid, but there are a good mix of other styles for you to go for too. I'm gonna start with those non-braided styles, where there are a range of long and short styles and also a lot of curls going on! From the long styles I love the Long Sleek Straight Hair, and of the more curled pieces, I'm giving the Shy But Fierce Hair a go! Some of the slightly bulkier styles don't work for my doll but I do think the Runway Fresh Hair is pretty awesome. Of the shorter styles, the Surfers Hair is the first I tried and I love how it looks on my doll - I've seen quite a few others working this style too^ I really adore the Fashionista Messy Hair, it looks great and in the adverts that it has appeared it, it seems a great style, but it just doesn't work for my doll at all, which makes me pretty sad =( So not all pieces will work for everyone, but I suppose I knew that going into the store! And then the braided styles, which also came in long and short and also up-dos. Both the Big Messy Side Braid and Big Loose Braids Hair look good, but again are pieces which don't suit me. A surprise was that the Stylish Sporty Braids Hair looked not bad in the plaza - I purchased it on a bit of a whim as I didn't think I looked good in this sort of style, but actually this one worked out really well! It's now one of my favourites. I also like the Cute Braids Hair, and I've seen some people wear it so well, but it doesn't suit my facial features at all. In the short styles, I don't suit the Braids And Bun Hair (which I kind of expected), but I really like how the Twists And Knots Hair looks, it's got quite a few different aspects that really keep it interesting.
What I'd love from this store is the ability to try on styles and move them around on the head in the Plaza so you can see how each piece looks in different positions, which can be hard to judge when you're stuck with it just in the one place.
The prices for this release range from 13 to 30SD's. It's unfortunately only the beards which are at 13, and all the hairstyles apart from one cost above 20SD's which I don't think is so ideal, I'd like to be able to try the hairstyles more and in different positions and in different dye colours that I have in my beauty parlor before I might have to part wth 30SD's for a style. So that's something which could be improved upon I think.

I've bought a few hairstyles and given them a try, to truly get a feel I'll need to wear each for a little while and see the colours and clothing styles which work best for each of them, but I'm surprisingly enjoying the Stylish Sporty Braids Hair on my doll right now =D (Also wearing Surfers Hair and Twists And Knots Hair)
And the features - my favourite part! There have been many dolls trying out these new styles this week, but these were the 4 I saw first and loved, they've each really chosen something that suits their doll to perfection^

Casual whites

A super casual look today from fghghghghg! The trainers aren't a pair I'd wear but I think they work very well in this look, especially with the holed knee jeans which have been styled nicely and simply with just a tee. The outerwear pieces really make this look, and it's creative to see this long grey cardigan worn with another piece on top - it really works out nicely and is definitely something you'd see in real life on the street! Accessorising is awesome too, those sunglasses and the bag are pretty perfect together and for this outfit =)

Thursday, 28 April 2016

We Wear Hotbuys A P R I L | Red Silk Maxi

We're at the last Hotbuy of the month! I feel like we've had April's selection for ages =D This is the Red Silk Maxi from the Fallen Angel store and it costs us 25SD's. This is maybe a little on the pricey side, but have you seen it?! It's pretty gorgeous^
I think this is definitely more versatile that it first appears to be, and although I wanted to just wear it on its own, it was more wearing and not styling, so I added a little extra, and think the Fendi purses really work in a cute way!

Fading blue silver

Todays feature is Fashion.By who has gone for the RIO Silver Confetti Coat in this wintery styled look! The black clothing is a great base, even if it's designer with those trousers and it helps the blue and silver tones to stand out like crazy! I especially love the addition of this silver polo at the neck as it just works so well with the blue/silver tones of the coat. Also keeping on trend with the makeup going with a lovely bright blue and icey themed eye look - totally wow =D

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #42

Challenge post tonight, this time featuring the Skull Chain Clutch from the MSW '14 Store. This originally cost me 10SD's, and I really can't explain why I bought it - it's so un-me that it's ridiculous! And I did struggle with it for this challenge, but I'm glad I had it to work through the problem. It is a sellable piece, so if it's something you'd like then I'm sure there's a few in the bazaar to be had^ I went with something quite plain, but definitely a little more dressy that I'd regularly go for, but I like it nevertheless =D

Fendi all over

Some Fendi love in this look from ebrar846 today^ I think it's a pretty adorable tribute to the brand, going with matching bag, belt and scarf - in fact I don't think I've seen this scarf worn much at all and this is a great outfit for it! The beige trench is a good match for the colours of the Fendi pieces and it looks surprisingly goo with those jeans and trainers! I also like the inclusion of these sunglasses, they've been getting a lot of attention =)

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

We Wear Hotbuys A P R I L | Stretch Strap Bralette

So close to the end of April and still not finished the Hotbuys! This one is the Stretch Strap Bralette from It Girls and it costs 15SD's. It's got a great neutral colour but is contrasted by a complex yet pretty design that I think could work in a lot of different outfit situations =D
For some reason, I don't think this piece suits my doll at all, maybe it's just a little too outside my style zone for me to put into a look quickly! And our poll:

Citric burst

A sweet summer citrus look today from bey22304! I adore this skirt so much, and it speaks for itself so much in a look that it doesn't need much more to be awesome^ So the clothing and accessories are simple but work very well, I love the bright yellow belt, and even with other yellow in the skirt, it does stand out nicely on its own. Also love the simple hair and makeup choices, totally great for this outfit =D

Monday, 25 April 2016

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Release Review

As usual, last week brought our latest drop of Callie's Picks, and it's called 'Sleek Chic', just from the name I'm pleased with this collection! I love the homepage ad, I think Callie looks amazing and really fresh, something I'd love my doll to be^
So two floors filled to the brim with awesome pieces for us to enjoy. There's a lot of white and black and minimal going on, so without even looking closely I know I'll be able to pick up a few pieces for my doll!
Firstly the accessories, and there really are a lot on offer this time around! There are a whole host of bags on each of the floors and they cover a range of styles and designs, so there's great variety - fab! I'm a huge fan of the Stripe Purse, which was originally a Sonia Rykiel piece, and the Classic Miss Sicily which was originally D&G and I styled recently in a challenge post! And for some glamour, there's the sparkly Shiny Bauletto Bag which is a little alike a DKNY one - so quite a few good choices there! The shoes are very much plain and simple with mostly black and white styles and a few bursts of colour (hello Platform Sandals and Midnight Rhinestone Stilettos) and print (Ankle Stripe Heels). We all know I love the classics, so the Black Classic Pumps (originally Chanel, I love my pair so these are great) and the Stiletto Heels are wonderful! I'm very tempted by the White Classic Ankle Boots, I think they really could look great but I don't have any style plans right now - so help me decide on them!?!?
And now the clothing, what excites me most in this release! I'm gonna dive right in with a piece that's been on my wishlist for what feels like years, the Classic White Shirt Dress! I'm ridiculously excited about this one, I'm not going to bore you with my description of why, but it's just a great piece^ I'll stick with the theme of white clothing, the White Tailored Trousers are just kinda fabulous with a great shape and gentle pleats. They look good on their own but also when paired with the White Tailored Overcoat as on the mannequin. This piece is SS, and I'm seriously considering topping up so I can purchase it, because it too is pretty amazing! It's got the stylish shape/design that everyone is wanting, and even better that it's in white! There's also quite a few other pairs of trousers in the store, but I'm particularly attracted to the Red Bell Bottoms (although I'm not sure they're entirely red). But if you're wanting something less wide there's also the Classic Skinny Jeans which are, as in the name, a classic - but it's really all about the wider pieces these days. And I can't forget to mention skirts, namely the Basic Miniskirt which was an Elle piece back in the day and truly regarded as a classic item for your doll to own! And then the smarter items really are focussed in on the blazers and more outerwear styled pieces. Both the Emerson Blazer and Prom Blazer really catch your eye in the store and I think are pretty versatile pieces with their minimal and neutral colour schemes. But the 3 4 Slv Jacket really fits in with them nicely to add a little something extra to sleek outerwear. And for something brighter, there's the Royalty-only Peach Suit Jacket, which I really didn't think worked for me at all, but after a few days of trying it on I might have been mistaken!
Prices for this release go from 6 to 30SD's, but it's really just one or two items that are over the 20SD mark, which doesn't sound all that bad, and there's also some SC items to be had as well. There are 4 pieces this time for SS/Royalty only, I'd have liked to buy one or two, but there's always the Bazaar after they become sellable!
I've just put together 3 looks with some of the pieces I bought for my styled outfits today, and there's a heavy white focus, which was unintentional! Firstly I've styled the White Tailored Trousers in what is my favourite look of this set! I love how they fit on my doll and they look pretty great with this LE tank that I've been trying to get into a look for ages^ Also love that they work with flats. My next look uses the Red Bell Bottoms with the Stiletto Heels, but I definitely umm'd a few times after I'd bought the trousers - they suit white well with this oversized-styled look but I'd love to get a really bright look going with them! Then finally the Classic White Shirt Dress, which I wanted to go for silver with, but it somehow came out gold. It really is quite sheer on the tophalf so I fixed that with a white top, but a fancy patterned bralet or something similar could give an interesting style =)
Lastly one quick feature, Fashion.By styling the Emerson Blazer in a super cool minimal look with splashes of red tones, I really love it, especially with these striped trousers =D


Yet another fashionable look from the one and only Mia1435! I love the tan tones throughout this look which are also replicated in the hair and lip colour. The stripes are fantastic, it's great to see the MM Fashion Double Stripes Coat getting a show, and it stands out well against the contrasting stripes on the dress, what a combination! Bag is also another great choice, and another piece that can finally get some spotlight =D

Sunday, 24 April 2016

We Wear Hotbuys A P R I L | Snake Print Blazer

I'd almost forgotten it was a Hotbuy day! This is the Snake Print Blazer costing 15SD's from the RIO store. I love it on the dark skinned model in the advert, I think it looks perfect with the tone so was definitely worried it wouldn't look so great on myself, but I like the style and design of it, it's a pretty decent piece =)
I think this is one you really need time with to work out what it goes with and what works best, and I think we kinda all agreed about that with this one! Our poll:

Blue printing

A cobalt look today from Alenaaaa, and it's a colour I love! These trousers look pretty great and they have a nice cropped style which has been used well in this look with the heels and compliments the filled upper half well. The top part of the look has both a collar and a printed tee to give a little mix, but also keeps it well dressed with the blazer. Dark accessories work well and have been chosen nicely, as has the makeup with a hint of blue around the eyes! Great job =)

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Subcouture Styled Outfits

Finally time for my Subcouture looks - I had such a great time putting these together so I hope you enjoy it =)
This first group is a little more accessories based. Firstly the Armani Inspired Shoes W Socks, which are different for me, but I knew I wanted to go blue for them, these trousers were an easy choice and I stuck with simple. I really wasn't sure how else to style the shoes well in a super cute way, so I'd love some inspiration for that! Then I wore a whole lot in my second look, the Perfect Tulle Bow, Fendi Inspired Purses and the Spiked Pink Stilettos. I had to go pretty girly with that pink and tulle, so this skirt fitted very well and I kept to white to really let the Subcouture pieces shine in the look. I can't wait to wear the bag again soon though, plenty of ideas for it =D Then the third look uses the Rocker Studded Bag and also some clothing, the Shredded Denim Jacket. I love white for the bag so that it stands out in contrast, but I was definitely unsure of the best way to work with this jacket, especially with the ripped shoulders - outfit works, but I think there could be better ways to show off its assets!
And next a little more focus on the clothing! My first look is the very first one I styled after purchasing the Subcouture Pink Faux Fur but also include the Spiked Pink Stilettos and the McQueen Inspired Body Jewelry, body jewellery isn't entirely my thing, but I'm giving this one a go! I went super simple really and only put on a dress, so it's not so much a styling, more just how I wanted to best show the pieces^ Then my second look uses the Subcouture BF Jeans and I tried to go for much more a casual look but I did like heels with the jeans. This grey sweater is probably one of my most worn items at the moment, but as you can see, it really works nicely with a lot of different pieces, I really like it with this navy sweater. Then finally I've styled the Fluffy Mint Skirt, and I think this might be my favourite look in this post! I adore it with white so the colour really stands out, and this cropped blouse was a good match and I love that I've gone with flats, plus their little gold detail matches that on the bag, which has a perfect green colour to compliment the mint!

Let me know what you think of the looks and how you styled the pieces in the comments below!


A smart D&G inspired look from golda89 today^ This D&G shirt is really a focal point for the look with both the logo and the fancy tied collar, but I like that she's added a long sleeved shirt beneath to change up the tee a little. This over shoulder blazer is a perfect fit, and then basics for the rest of the look with black leggings and these wow-factor silver detailed lace-ups, they definitely hold your attention, and they work nicely with the Chanel silver bag - what a designer-fest in this outfit!

Oh, p.s. I love the pink tones in the hair, they're awesome =D

Friday, 22 April 2016

N E L L Y | Release Review

More Nelly as expected - and this time it's all about that sparkle and shine as you can see from the advert, and it totally sells it to me =D Again the models also have great beauty and hair looks, I'm desperate to get that for my doll too^
Yeah so lots of sparkle and 'going out' clothing in this one, so you can dress up to your hearts wishes and not have to pay all that much to do so^
I'm gonna dive right into the accessories, more specifically the bags - both of which I love! They're both cross-bodies but are two completely different styles. There's the kind of YSL-ish Small Chain Crossover, which is perfect with darker colours and probably most every-day looks too, then there's the Fluffy Mini Bag, a perfect feminine piece with fur and a delicate gold chain, great to go with pastels I'm thinking right now! There's a few jewellery pieces on offer, I really favour the earrings - I think both of the Black Crystal Earrings and Pearl Detail Earrings are good pieces and think they could feature in some pretty great stylings. And lastly shoes! There's a pretty good variety, mostly darker pieces really, but there are a few different styles and heights to go for. The Metallic Strap Sandals definitely stand out and I think they could be good in a lot of different styles, although if it's classic versatility you're wanting then I'd go for either the Sequin Platform Sandals or the Structured Heel Sandals which have classic colours which will be easy to match with.
And now clothing! There are some awesome pieces and sets available in this release, I'm particularly impressed with the co-ord styled pieces like the summery bright red Lace Glam Set Top and Skirt and the darker, but also lace-styled Maxi Tulle Set Top and Skirt - they are obviously great together but I think they'd look good individually too. And they definitely have coachella vibes about them I think^ A lot of the clothing is very evening-wear themed, but they're probably just about versatile enough to make some daytime looks out of the dresses too. I really love the different textured pieces available and I'm drawn the the red Long Sleeve Velvet Gown and the similarly designed Lurex Wrap Dress both with their trendy slits up the leg. Another textured piece I love is the pair of Structured Jazz Pants, they look awesome and I'm excited to style them =) And while we're discussing trousers lets not leave out the Wide Pants, a great style which is similar to those LE culottes and that I think a lot of people will appreciate! Then there's a lot of glitz and glamour to be had from the release with the glittery Scoop Back Sequin Dress (if only we could see that scoop back!) and the Skater Sequin Mesh Dress.
Pricing for this release ranged from 12 to 24SD's - not bad for the items, although maybe a little high for starting prices if you end up buying multiple pieces. But nothing is too expensive for what it is, which I can't complain about!
So I bought a few pieces and decided to style both the Structured Jazz Pants and the Wide Pants in a bit of classic-me looks, but hey, it works, and it means they fit well into my style and will therefore be worth the purchase =D The first pair had to be worn with these pointed flats, and then I obviously had to go with one of my often-worn shirt and sweater combinations - I mixed it up with this Ruby Red Clutch. For the second, I also added the Small Chain Crossover and again chose a shade of red for some colour infusion, this is definitely a look I'd replicate again!

Silver sparkle

Silver and shiny for a Friday with this look from xshortyx! This look has so much layering involved, it's crazy - there are so many different components and I really applaud people who can make things like this, because I just can't at all, so well done! My favourite part is definitely the Saint Laurent bolero sleeves with the Palermo Long Vest, that's something that definitely works, plus love seeing this large silver clutch get an airing =D Also pink hair = amazing^^

It's cold outside

Hello!! I was trying to style this pink fur coat and now with my newest suite I got the chance to use it, I like the contrast of the light pink and black, it makes the fur appears even more!! 
Hope you guys like it!!
Earrings - Bratz
Necklace - PPQ
Shirt - Archive
Fur - Subcouture
Belts - YSL/Callie's Picks
Purse - Decades
Pants - Callie's Picks
Shoes - Museum Mile

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #41

It seems like ages since the last challenge post! This next bag is the Gucci Yellow Shoulder Bag, and I got mine from Callie's Picks so it should be around the bazaar quite a lot for you to get your hands on^ I always try and style this and I think I've given it a lot more chances that many of my other bags, but I just really like it, both the colour and the style =D Anyway, I wanted it to really stand out with its post in the challenge so I felt like white was a must, this is a dress I bought recently in the bazaar and the shape is pretty interesting at the neckline, so I added an extra polo to make it a little moreso!

Smart split

I love this smart spring styling from emipaula! It really brought my attention to this Bizou Two Tone Pleat Dress, which although is a recent release, I'd really skimmed over it before. I love it paired with a long sleeve, it works so well for it! And the colour scheme has been stuck too as well, going with black shoes, bag, watch and earrings, then keeping with two-tones for the sunglasses^ I really love it =D 

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

We Wear Hotbuys A P R I L | DSquared2 Inspired Jacket

The next Hotbuy out is the DSquared2 Inspired Jacket from Original Future and it costs 17SD's. This is a piece I've been excited about getting for my doll^ It does seem a little similar to a recent SubCouture jacket, but there's enough small differences for me not to mind - our looks:
For me this piece is all about those colour stripes at the shoulder, I think they're awesome! So the poll:

Striped orange

A bit of a different look today, but one that is definitely appropriate heading into spring! This is a look from ania_bania, and I really liked seeing a styling of this pinstripe blazer, it's an unusual piece but not one that should be passed over! Going for simple clothing definitely works in its favour, but it's great getting the orange pop from the clutch and the headband - a pretty cute quirky look overall =)

Tuesday, 19 April 2016


I am in love with these wide leg culottes from Nelly.com. 
They're dressed up, but not too dressed up, you know?
Pairing it with the loose cut jacket and top, as well as casual flats, asks the question - am I working hard or hardly working?

Ingredients / You Will Need:
Wide Pants | Nelly.com
Perfect Boxy Blazer | Limited Edition
Monochrome Tank | Limited Edition
Skull Brooch | Mr.
Michael Watch | Young Hollywood
Black Pleather Man Tote | Mr.
Sneakers | Stardesign

Bag It Up Challenge #40

Number 40! I'd can't believe I'm at this number and still have like 100 bags left to go ... ! Anyway, this is the Zig Zag Clutch from the Subcouture release before this weekend's one. It cost 11SD's originally, so I'm sure you can find it for a good price in the bazaar. Yellow and orange can be typically difficult colours to work well with, so this bag is definitely something I've avoided, but for this I knew I wanted to use this cardi =)

Layered skirt

I love this super cool layered look from alexbang57! I just noticed the skirt layering firstly with the denim skirt that I've been attempting to wear for ages, this is like perfect^ Then there's the shirt layering too, with the slightly sheer long sleeved top with the LE vest ontop, again, another piece I've been trying to wear! The white blazer and heel combination is a bit of a classic too =)

Monday, 18 April 2016

We Wear Hotbuys A P R I L | Lanvin Love Necklace

The second Hotbuy from the weekend, the Lanvin Love Necklace, a cute jewellery piece from Bizou costing 11SD's, a good price I'd say! What I also like about this is that it's a suite piece rather than a beauty parlor piece of jewellery so you can layer your clothes around it to your hearts content^
I enjoyed styling this piece and ended up having to choose between a few combinations, I can see this being in a great valentine's style next year =D Our poll:

Dress greys

A pretty white and grey look from nicki_-_-minaj today! I love seeing the Nelly Cowl Neck Dress getting a really good styling, and this one is added to that little bundle =) It looks awesome with this trendy white flares and it's another great way to wear the It Girls Palermo Long Vest. I also love the quirky use of the bag, it really adds a nice flair to the overall feel of the outfit =D

Sunday, 17 April 2016

S U B C O U T U R E | Release Review

We received a brand new collection of SubCouture on Friday, which was super exciting! I definitely enjoyed the spoilers alone, so the store held a lot of anticipation for me =D The homepage ad really has a few different styles and so gives a good idea of a few pieces in store, but it definitely doesn't cover everything. Those hairstyles are pretty awesome though, I'm wanting those next!
We got two floors this time around, which I believe is a first as the previous collections have just been kept to one. I do feel the slight difference in themes between the floors, with a little darker and grunge-esque on the first floor and then mixing some paler colours and girly items into the mix on the second - I think both work out well!
I'll start by quickly mentioning the male pieces, there's not much on offer, but I think the Hooded Denim Jacket could be a good one for you male dolls - I'd kinda like a female version to give a try!
So plenty for the girls on the other hand, and I'll begin with shoes^ There are a real range of shoes of different styles and colours on offer, which is awesome and I really think there will be something for everyone! Now I'm not a fan of pieces like the Chunky Subcouture Platforms of the teeteringly-high Minty Platform Heels, but I do love a lot of the rest, no surprises there for my poor purse of SD's^^ I took an immediate liking to the Spiked Pink Stilettos, there was a freebie pair very similar to these a while back that I've been wearing out, so these are very much welcomed into my word =P Also liked the Armani Inspired Shoes W Socks, a little different to my usual style, but I've featured a few of you guys making your own pieces like this with socks and heels so this can be my little dip into the ocean in that style category. Lastly I surprised myself by deciding to buy the Flying Butterflies Sandals - I have no style plans for these, like, at all, so I'm looking forward to seeing how I end up wearing them myself, haha! Next in the accessories category is bags, and I have to start with the beautiful pair of crossbodies, the Fendi Inspired Purses - I have no words other than love for this piece!!! I like everything about them. Then there's another crossbody piece, the Rocker Studded Bag, something else I really like after that last LE collection, so I'm happy about this - and the theme of studs continues in the Studded Black Weekender. Maybe some other small pale bags would have been a nice addition, but realistically I would have been content with just the Fendi alone! There's a few other pieces in the accessories category, like the super trendy Catty Headband and the McQueen Inspired Body Jewelry - so really quite a lot to choose from in terms of all the accessories which definitely makes me happy!
And now the clothing =D So there's a huge focus on the dresses and skirts with this release, with quite a lot of wide ballgown style pieces to choose from. If you're wanting colour and flair, then you'll be looking to the Marchesa Inspired Gown, while the other pieces are more on the minimal side with pastel tones. Pinks and purples win out with the Maticevski Inspired Gown and the Armani Inspired Lilac Gown, and I love the little shimmer it has to it. Then there's the Fluffy Mint Skirt so you don't have to have a dress to wear the style - I think this is one of the most popular pieces from the collection. Also in dresses, I really quite like the Subcouture Black Gown. It's not entirely fitting to the rest of the collection, but it's a beautiful piece with a great design and I can see it being worn in many great looks =) Now the trousers, for which there were two options, but I particularly love the Subcouture BF Jeans. They have a modern patchwork style, small rips, and a pretty good length. I think they'll be good in so many looks and paired with so many other items. Speaking of said 'other items' I'll move onto the tops! The jeans are paired with the Philipp Plein Inspired Top on the first floor of the store, I bought this top on a rather large whim, I really amn't sure how I'll wear it yet, but we'll see^ Also in terms of minimally there, is the Stunning Sheer Blouse, which is a lot more sheer than I really realised, but bought anyway. It has great detail and I think a lot of dolls will make use of this well. And on the darker side of style is the Subcouture Glitter Collar Top, something I know I will umm about until the last moment! I love the idea of it, along with it's shape, but I'm trying to think about how I'll wear it (seeing as I clearly didn't on some of my other purchases!) before I buy it or not! And then outerwear and how could I not start by mentioning the Subcouture Pink Faux Fur! This is a stunning and beautiful piece in colour, design and style and I think it's loved by a lot of us, which you'll see in the features at the end of the post^ Then there were two denim pieces, the Shredded Denim Jacket, which I think looks quite similar to a HB piece we'll be getting this week, and the Acid Wash Denim Vest, which wasn't something I thought suited me, but given a few days now, I think I'm changing my mind!
Pricing for this release ranged from 5 to 45SD's, with really only two or three items above the 30SD mark which I think is pretty great for a collection on limited time! There's a couple of Royalty or SS only pieces which is to be expected, but the majority is available for all - so really this collection is a winner in that respect =)
Now there are a huge number of features to follow because I just saw so many amazing looks with this collection and so I'm saving up my Styled Outfits for later this week so there's not too much to overwhelm in this one post!
So firstly here we have anisa123 styling the Fluffy Mint Skirt with the Minty Platform Heels - I love sticking to the mint theme with this sweater and it adds a nice small touch of colour which has been held onto in the cute bag. Also love the mint fur piece under the arm, it's a great addition! Plus not stopping short at clothing and going for a classical pair of earrings too^
Another Fluffy Mint Skirt and Minty Platform Heels combination from Green_Eye_Angel, but I think this looks completely different! It's all down to the funky collared shier and the office-appropriate slicked back hair, I think it's pretty perfect^ And the whole beauty look really stood out to me on this one, really feeling it =D
On the same theme in terms of colour but moving towards the blue tones with this look from aby400, who has gone with the Subcouture BF Jeans and the Fendi Inspired Purses in this amazing casual all-round denim look - what's not to love with that coat?! It's a perfect way to get Fendi in a casual style especially pairing with that tee, it's never been something I've really looked at, but I'm sure looking now! 
Moving into super all pink next with Mh91's look^ She has gone with the Subcouture Pink Faux Fur and stuck with the colour throughout the whole look. I love it with these hareem-style trousers, and who would have thought they would be good in a pinstripe style?! Love the sheer panels in the top, I think they really make the fur and trousers work together, plus you can't skim over a Dior bag, it's a great addition, as is the beauty look!
And then keeping with the hareem trousers for our next feature from Heneda, going with horizontal stripes this time to pair with the Fendi Inspired Purses. They really stand out against the stripes and the colours of the rest of the look, I particularly like the baby blue contrast with the red, it's all working out nicely here =)
Changing tact a little with a darker look from Pervuhina styling the Subcouture Glitter Collar Top - this is one person who always styles dark well, so it comes as no surprise that this is no exception^ I love it tucked into these wide legged trousers and it really doesn't take away from the piece at all considering it does have a bit of a draping hemline.
More light and pink from millaxx wearing the Maticevski Inspired Gown. I love it as a skirt, it's a perfect piece for that, and it;s also perfect with the style and design of the cropped top with the little sleeve details. Minimal accessories work well here to make the dress skirting stand out well, and that's also reflected in the beauty, love the sidesweep hair, it's perfect for this look and her doll altogether^
And bright colours with missiwantitall for her look featuring both the Fendi Inspired Purses and the Spiked Pink Stilettos. The sky blue top is great for the blue bag, while the red-y orange skirt is great for the pink and the heels, it's a colour combination that pulls my eyes every time^ It's great to have a bit of calm in the white jacket, I think it really adds to the look well! 
More pink! The Subcouture Pink Faux Fur again styled in total pink from kaka4444 - I love it! This stood out to me immediately and I knew I had to feature it, I love all the clothing choices and even those booties which are pretty hard to get right^ What I liked the most really was the bag, this is such a good way to wear it =D
And one final look with the Subcouture Pink Faux Fur from miver - going for super casual and street and current going with this grey laidback short jumpsuit. As a piece on it's own I'm not so much a fan, but with this fur? It totally works! The accessorising is pretty good too with a visor and chunky heels =)
And last, but not least, sindiralle styling the Stunning Sheer Blouse in a smart, yet fun, outfit! I love the skirt combination, it's great creativity and is excellent with the style of the blouse. Again using a Dior bag, but I love the pink pop in those perspex heels, it's great seeing them out and about. Another great beauty look too, those eyes and lips have got me all the way!