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A P R I L 2019 | Hotbuys Review

Wow this has come around quickly - here are the April 2019 HB's! The month has gone past super quickly and now we've had all of these bright pieces. I love orange, so was immediately drawn to these items but wasn't so sure about the other items - I'd say it's a mixed bag of HB's, lets see how everything fares!

Yellow Shoulder Bag - This is such a sweet piece! I'm a huge fan of yellow, so this was immediately purchased and I love it^ It's a small shoulder bag and the design means it does kind of have to be worn like that, which I don't mind as it works well for me like that. I love the chain detail and the sweet detailed V on the front, a perfect new piece for the Spring and Summer seasons for sure! It Girls 22SD's
Versace Inspired Pumps - Another super cute accessory, these heels are gorgeous! The colour is a beautiful red/orange, it's not something we have a lot of so I think it really stands out. The golden sparkly detailing on the front is so pretty, I think it pops nicely. Love the thin stiletto heel an the pointed toe - I'm so excited to use these =) Pretty 'N Love 23SD's
Versace Inspired Stockings - So I knew from the get-go that these stockings wouldn't be for me, they're just not an item I really wear very much and the colour is pretty bold. I like the lace trimming at the top, it's definitely cute, but the turquoise (for me at least) makes them even less wearable, so it's a 'no' for this one. Velvet Orchid 15SD's
Versace Inspired Shorts - These are very much like the stockings for me, the same tight idea, and while I love pink, this shade is a touch too much for me for a piece like this. Again, love the lace trim, I think it could work in a very nice layered style, but for the cost, it's not worth it for me. I do also like the waistband though^ Original Future 17SD's
Embellished Mini - I'm quite undecided about this piece, on the whole I think it looks great, love the style of the wrapped design, the long sleeves, the little cutout section up top, and those jewel details are beautiful - but when I put it on my doll I just don't find it a flattering piece. I even don't mind the colour, it's quite fun for the piece, but I just find my doll looks larger at the chest and shoulder region which I'm finding off putting. I do think I could be swayed seeing the right styling with it though! Rio 27SD's
Versace Inspired Bag - Definitely a solid favourite of this months HB's! This is an amazing bag and I am delighted with it, and so are quite a few of you as I've seen it styled so many times. The size is perfect for a handheld piece, it's not too big or small. I love the hanging strap for sure, and again it's got great jewel detailing on the V on the front. Such a winning piece that I know will last =D Bizou 25SD's
Strap Orange Bra - Ok so on it's own, I'm not 100% on this one, but layered up I could go for it. The colour, for one, is amazing, it's perfect for what I like and what current trends are. For me it's all the strap pieces that I don't like, but that's completely personal preference, it will work well for some of your styles. However it is quite pricey for what it is, a factor which I think may stop some people from purchasing. Fallen Angel 25SD's
Silky Orange Sweater - So much love for this sweater, exactly my style - it's a stunning colour and a polo is a perfect and easy piece to style. It's got a great fit on the doll too. It does seem more like an Autumnal piece, but we're managing to get wear out of it now too, I look forward to seeing all the looks we come up with in the Autumn for this! Bizou 19SD's
Versace Inspired Shoes - Yet another pair of great shoes^ These are a little more simple, but I love them just as much as the first pair. Of course, the colour matches the above pieces perfectly, so naturally I love it, and there's even gold detailing, an extra bonus! The pointed toe is very nice and I really like the overall shape and styling of this piece, they look great on =) It Girls 22SD's
Duchess Satin Skirt - And the final piece, ending on a high I think, this skirt is awesome! Again the colour matches these other items, but the design on it is amazing. I'm so glad we have this piece^ The layering is fab and the golden chain looks great. The design of the piece is very current, and from my WEARING and PLAZA PICKS posts this month, this fits right in with my current style vibes, so glad to have this! Velvet Orchid 23SD's

First up we have anaritamiranda styling up the Yellow Shoulder Bag in this cute look with it standing out beautifully against the black and white base. The bag looks super smart with the white shirt, the cycle shorts add a casual touch, and I love the use of the layers of belts, those are fab!
LakostaS does a great job with the Versace Inspired Stockings, in fact the colour match with this bag could be almost enough to change my mind^ The colour works well with the other blue tones featured in the styling, and the leg on show is minimal by good use of layering, they definitely look cool in this look!
Next up we have Velve styling the Embellished Mini which I think is looking really good - I think the long hair covering one side of the shoulder and chest really works to the dresses advantage because the dress looks great here^ Love the lengthening of the dress but this tulle skirting, such a fun idea, and the matching green heels, those look fab =D
There are two pieces styled in this look from RiManiKordenty, both the Versace Inspired Bag and the Strap Orange Bra in an all orange styling. This dress is a great combination with both pieces! The strapping on the top work well adding detail and I love the addition of the gold jewellery too^
And the final feature, Jacquemus wearing the Silky Orange Sweater which is looking stunning worn as a cropped piece - what a cool idea! It works so well like that and I think a lot of people will be on board with this for Summer looks. The colour is great with these brown trousers, which I'm over the moon about, I'll definitely want to pair them in Autumn, a great job with this one!

And now for the Guest Writer looks, which are all about those colours! So much fun^ Miloshki is all about the prints, layering up the Strap Orange Bra with this fun dress, the design of which is perfect to highlight the top which I love. Those perspex accessories are also super fun. AurdreyHepburn. styles the Versace Inspired Bag which pops against the black. This top is a great piece with the fun colours to match the bag well^ Also with a few florals, vogue_veronica wears the Versace Inspired Pumps which are such a perfect colour match to these trousers, so great! The touches of other colours are great too, especially this fringed coat, it's a great piece with the shoes. And finally cinderela23barb wearing the Silky Orange Sweater which looks great with the white, it really stands out. I particularly love the brown accessories with it, the belting and this bag both look fantastic with the colour =)
And for my looks now! First up the Versace Inspired Pumps in a look which I actually had originally styled with the Versace Inspired Shoes then realised the Pumps worked so much better with the colour, the peachy red tone of the skirting is just right for the shoes! I stayed in a Summer type of styling with this cami, I definitely think the black works well and isn't too bold. Love the touch of bright with the bag I've added, it's super cute^ Secondly I've really piled a lot in - the Silky Orange SweaterVersace Inspired Bag and the Versace Inspired Shoes, but hey, they all look great together. This skirt is a good balance for the pieces, it contains a little orange, enough to make it fit, while it is still light and the design really makes it an interesting piece with detail. Really love this look! And finally the Yellow Shoulder Bag, again really loving this look, the yellow based tulle skirting was perfect for this one and I think the bag does well to stand out against the skirting. The white base was perfect for it, but I think a darker black base would also look great with this styling =)

Western walker

Love love love this western styling from Isabella8103 today - incredibly spot on trend and perfectly executed! These pieces work together so well, you'd think they'd all come from the same collection. The baroque design on the vest is super pretty, I've really not noticed it before, and how cool does it look with the pattern on these boots?! So nice, and the silver detail on the boots makes all the difference. That matches the silver bag and brooch too^ Love the puffed sleeves on the blouse and the hat and bow make great finishing touches!

Pinky Promise

Another excellent item from Velvet Orchid: this dress. 

I'm not 100% sure why it cropped up here - I feel like this is a much classier piece than the Velvet Orchid label seems to be about. 

It's mostly the colour that I love - a little bit salmon, a little bit rosy. I'm not sure what you'd call this shade, but it's very on-the-button. A grown up take on millennial pink if you will. 

My look started to edge a little bit towards Gucci as this is a silhouette that I've come to associate with them after their last handful of seasons. The collar and neckerchief don't hurt either! However all these piece are proof that I'm stuck in a 70s rut and I don't know how to escape...

Ingredients | You Will Need

Ruffle Long Dress | Velvet Orchid
Ellery Inspired Collar | Stardesign by AURA.
Silk Scarf | Special Offer
Pink Velvet Clutch | Pretty 'n' Love
Monse Inspired Paper Leather Bag | Antidote
Gold Chain Bag | Pretty 'n' Love
Leather Trimmed Satin Mules Pink | Limited Edition

Monday, 29 April 2019

Sunday, 28 April 2019

H I G H F A S H I O N H I D E & S E E K | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

It's the end of the month and that means just a couple more days left to find the APRIL High Fashion Hide & Seek trophy to win the piece for this month, which is the Button Embellished Blazer. It's a little dark for Spring, but it's a pretty nice piece - it has a good fit on the doll and I love the gold button details, I can think of all the golden accessories that it will look good with!
A feature to share first, millaxx who does a stunning job styling these monthly pieces! I love the pop of white in the bag, with the golden details it's a perfect piece for the Blazer and it pairs well with the shirt too^ The shoes are a great fit with these items. The yellow skirt is perfect for Spring, it's definitely a smart look! The glasses of course are also a favourite of mine - such a great job with this styling =D
Of course, using gold in my look too, but stuck with the darker theme of the Blazer to choose not so much a Spring look. The black polo really lets the gold buttons stand out, while the skirt adds a light touch. Adore these booties in the styling, it was an accidental stumbling across them and I'm glad I did, they're perfect, I will re-wear this combination for sure! And my current favourite gold-chained bag, the leopard print adds a little extra detailing to the look and I couldn't forget my favourite sunglasses^
The best piece from the Limiter Edition collection for me was this coat. I LOVE big coats. They are versatile, you can wear them with anything basically. Especially neutral coloured like this one! I borrowed these Subcouture peachy earrings from my lovely friend's, Mollie's, closet and added a little sparkle and peachy tones here and there. The green bag finishes the look, it looks really nice with the denim! 

Spring lace

Such a beautiful elegant styling for your Sunday today from SoItGoes! Minimal can be so beautiful and this look shows. I love the layering of the pieces, it works beautifully - the collaring on the simple white sleeveless top is perfect, it's such a great idea and makes a stunning piece. The lace skirting also looks great ontop of the lilac print. The accessories are neutral but very fitting to the style, love the bag especially and the matching gold earrings^

Saturday, 27 April 2019

Limited Edition SPECIAL # W E S T Y L E I T

And today bringing you stylings from the latest LE release, but a special We Style It edition - all of us giving some of these pieces a go today! It's great to see how versatile some of the pieces really are and how differently we've all styled them, which is super fun =) Hopefully you enjoy!

First up, the Oversize White Coat, which I for one fell in love with immediately! White is an easy colour to style into many different looks and I think we've successfully shown you how well it looks with a range of colours and cool prints. It works well with skirts, dresses and trousers and I think it is a perfect Spring or Autumn accessory. 

I was pretty stoked to see both of these guys had purchased the Black N White Hat, because while I know I won't wear it myself, it clearly had potential and options - as proven here! These looks are both awesome and show how creative you can be with this piece. It works well in a classic colour combination of black and white and is a super addition to dressy stylings^

We had a lot of love for the accessories of this release, styling up another of several, the Crossbody Bag Blue which just looks great - it's all about that colour! We've styled it up in light, dark and colourful looks, really showing it's got a styling range, and it doesn't have to be worn exclusively crossbody if you can be a little creative about it^ There are many other blue pieces on Stardoll with this tone, I'm particularly loving Miloshki's shoes and cinderelabarb23's earrings with it!

The Jacquemus Inspired Yellow Dress was a firm favourite over here - we all bought it and had to share how it can be worn 5 ways! I think we succeeded in showing the versatility that this dress does have, it looks great with a wide range of accessories and different colours, looking cool with light and dark tones. There are creative ways to layer it up and wear it just as a skirt too, which provide even more options for it. I love classic matching tones with it, but it really does have so much potential with other pieces =)

Another accessory, this time the High Heels Crystal which are super beautiful and kind of understated in the store, I feel like they've slipped past some people who might love them. We feel for them hard, they were one of the first pieces we discussed after the release - and look how versatile they are! They work with classic matching silver tones well, but it doesn't end there, they're fab with muted natural colours, greens and even some pink - that's pretty super. We're loving them with skirts, but they look awesome with trousers too^

And the final piece to style today, the Jacquemus Inspired Red Bag, super cute handheld and mini, it ticks the boxes for some of my favourite bag trends this season! I really love the looks as a set, we've all got a little bit of extra red in the styles, and I love that it's been done differently in every one - plenty of options for this piece! It's a fantastic accessory which works well in a range of styles, we've got super dressed down to casual in denim in these stylings and the bag is great in every one!

Velvet Vixen

This suit is just *chef kiss*, it really is. Thank you Velvet Orchid for this suit. It gives me major Cate-Blanchett-in-Oceans-8 vibes, which I love. 

Such fabulous seventies velvet androgyny deserves fabulous seventies colours, so I had to pair the rich red and blue with a mustard turtleneck. These Aquazzura inspired boots are also a perfect match, throwing in a little glam rock too. 

Ingredients | You Will Need

Velvet Duo Jacket | Velvet Orchid
Velvet Trousers | Velvet Orchid
HotBuys Silky Orangr Sweater | Bonjour Bizou
HotBuys Gold Rope Necklace | Pretty 'N' Love
Red Carpet Golden Belt | Special Offer
Byredo Inspired Handbag | Runway
HotBuys Gold Chains of Chains Choker | Rio
LE Aquazzura Inspired Velvet Booties | Limited Edition

Snaking skirtng

Such a cool styling today from Scarpin, I'm loving the minimal glamour vibe going on! I thought this was a cool red body when I initially saw it, but it's a cute tube top paired with a black bikini bottom, it looks so seamless, and the colour is perfection with the tulle skirting, super high fashion^ The snake belting is a great addition, the vibe is spot on and it really highlights that section of the styling. The accessories are minimal yet great, love the bag as well as the earring combination, these delicate hoops are stunning!

Friday, 26 April 2019

1 Piece 1 Week | India Blazer By Malina

I spotted someone wearing this, the By Malina India Blazer By Malina recently and decided I should also revisit it, but to really challenge myself, style it up for a whole week of looks! It really seemed a daunting task - I was a little lost after pairing it with it's matching trousers, the colour is a little unusual, and the shape is a bit different, but I think in the end I came up with some fun ideas and tried out some things that maybe didn't work out. Maybe this will inspire you to give this piece a chance!
Being typical me but smart in trousers
Of course, the blazer comes with matching trousers, so they're a must, but other pairs work out too and it can be super fun to try a print - I am delighted that the snake-style works out well. For that to work the rest of the look can be super minimal and nude tones work beautifully to highlight the fab pairing^
Adding the blazer to trendy nude
These nude tones are very current and I don't think they don't go with the tone of the blazer, but it won't be a combination for everyone. These nude boots are a great base to style anything with, and work well with short and long lengths. I love the quirky designs of these pieces, the loose shorts with extra ties and the detail on the lace dress, I think they do work out nicely with the blazer. The white shirt is great, and shows that an all white style could be perfection if nudes aren't your thing!
Playing around with fun prints
Definitely the most bold of the stylings, a huge and colourful print, but actually the green tones in it fit well with that of the blazer, I'm delighted about this as I might have been a little stuck if not! Matching tones in the shirt, sunglasses and bag are great, but it's all about the contrast with these snakeskin-esque boots, I think they're great here! The colour is spot on with the dress and I think they're not too close to the blazer to be a bad fit, hopefully I'll repeat this combination some day =D

Tiger tiger

All about another animal print today, Lawliet. is bringing it in tiger style! This dress is looking super cool with all the layering, it really seems a wearable piece like this. I love the use of the long sleeves beneath it but with the gown skirting through the tulle, a fabulous style choice^ The yellow boots are the perfect choice to fit with the tiger colour, and I love the rest of the accessories, from the dinky beaded bag, the slim sunglasses and the glitzy tiger belt, super cool!

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Co-ord cool

This look is just adorable and the perfect style mix for Spring and Summer - coming to you from Marta-43 =) I love this polka dot co-ord a lot, and this is a cool creative way to style it up. The white shirt looks great, I love the open collar and the long cuffs. The white belting is great over the top, it splits up the pieces and looks really fab creating a focal point. The accessories are fitting and perfect, adore the little golden details in them, they're really highlighted in the styling =D

Orange-lemon-cream tart

Summer on my watch. It reminds me of refreshing hues. Like a orange lemon tart, with a dollop of cream. Yumza!

Mood: Summers has hit this hemisphere. There is hot winds going around, the temperature is rising up. In such scenario, what can be relieving than a fresh orange and lemon tart, with cool cream on top? Reviving the same vibes into this outfit! The juicy flavor of orange, mixed with sour lemons and sweet chilled cream! Is your mouth already watering?

Details: Outfit comprises of puff sleeves top (Antidote), romantic white crop top (Trails), toppled with Florida orchid minidress (Bonjour Bizou), and bottomed with summer day flowy skirt (Bonjour Bizou). To make it more of a fruit salad look, added pineapple earring (Rio) as a brooch on the mini yellow bag (Antidote). Complimented the tones with yellow stretch jersey thigh high boots (Subcouture) and oval vinyl glasses (Vinyl). Used the yellow silk tube top (Rio) as a scarf around the neck.

Happy summers!

Tune in every Thursday to check up what I wore for the week! 

Signing off, Veronica

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

I T G I R L S | Release Review

A brand new It Girls arrived in the Plaza, and I'm excited (as usual^) - we can always rely on this store to have some great pieces for the current season! So lets get inside and take a look =)
Highlights This is the usual size of release for the It Girls store with clothes and accessories, I have to say at first glance nothing really jumps out immediately, the colour palette is quite muted with this release, but of course I'm going to dive in deeper =) *Note there are a couple of pieces over on the next floor*
Accessories I definitely think the accessories win over the clothes with this release, they're pretty spot on in terms of current trends and they're pieces that are wearable on our dolls. There are 2 pairs of shoes perfect for Spring and Summer, the Transparent Vinyl Straps shoes and the Leather Sandals, I'm loving the Transparent pair, these will be super fun with a lot of styles! There are 3 bags and all are pretty great, the Printed PU Bag fits with the transparent theme, the burgundy colour and the magazine inside are such great touches. Then there is the Net Bag, which is completely on trend, I like that it's a darker brown tone, it really stands out, but of course I will take this style and paired straw bags in any tone^ And lastly the Raffie Flower Basket which is adorable, the straw style is another one which is perfect right now, and the flowers are sweet, but it would be nice to have a straw bag option which doesn't include flowers as quite a few of these in the past also have flowers included. There is just one other piece, the Marble Earrings which look super stylish, I love the burnt orange colour and they've got a nice shape and design. They definitely stand out on the doll but are fitting at the same time, they don't draw all the attention unless you make them, which works well for me^
Clothing For the clothing, I think it's a little mixed, definitely not my favourite It Girls release. At first glances, my eyes go to the lilac Long Purple It Dress, the colour is beautiful and I love the bodycon fit with the long length and long sleeves, but I'm not so much a fan of the strapping around the chest. While I normally love an oversized coat, the Oversize Trench in either Beige nor Green really appeal to me, I think their style isn't quite there and they don't look so good on my doll for the vibe I would want. The tops in the release however are pretty good, I really love the Gathered Top White, it's super sweet and looks a perfect Spring piece in a soft light fabric and a pale colour. I love the V neck design with the gathering and ties, but it's done very well and isn't too revealing. Also very much enjoying the Silk Gathered Top Red and Beige, these are perfect for summer, I love the tied spaghetti straps and the ruched detailing along with the beautiful silk texture - excited to style these in Summer!
Prices This release ranged from 9 to 19SD's which seems pretty average, there are also a couple of pieces available in SC's. And no pieces are SS or Royalty only.
Styled Outfits I'm loving the Spring style vibes that these pieces bring to my stylings! First up pairing the Gathered Top White and the Raffie Flower Basket which are super cute together, especially paired with these beige trousers, perfectly complementary for both items. I kept neutral in the shoes and glasses and I think it's successful in letting these new pieces shine. Secondly pairing the Printed PU Bag and the Transparent Vinyl Straps together, not so Spring with the deep burgundy trousers, but these are a great colour with the bag design. The white shirt adds a smarter touch, and works well with the transparent features. And finally the Net Bag, which pops amazingly with these white jeans, and any white really, so I can see it will be easy to style in light summer looks^ I've gone with matching sandals, which are a super cute pairing, and a light sweater, perfect for Spring =)
Features And so many features to share today, you guys loved this one! First up FREIHEIT1993 wearing both the Gathered Top White and Printed PU Bag, I love both pieces so much with these yellow trousers, that's a winning combination! The red blazer on top works well to pari with the bag and also means the darker sandals don't look out of place. Also loving these round design earrings, they're a super cool addition^
Also wearing the Printed PU Bag but this time paired with the Silk Gathered Top Red is a look from anaritamiranda which is very city summer chic^ It's cool to have them with the checked trousers, a bit lighter than black but still looking pretty smart. These burgundy sandals are a fab choice, really perfect for the look, and I love the use of the jewels at the waistline =)
This styling from somonica also features the Silk Gathered Top Red but in a very Spring styling. The top layers very nicely with this thin polo, and detail is added with those sleeves. The red pops paired with these ankle booties and the bag, it looks great against the dark denim skirt!
RiManiKordenty is doing a cool layering look with both the Cargo Denim Shorts and the Distressed Jeans, it looks fab! These were pieces I really didn't like so much on my doll, but they look great in this styling. The white shirt is a nice minimal pairing, so focus is on the pieces. Love the matching pale blue accessories, the bag and sandals are perfect^
And in the final feature turkiye styles up the Long Purple It Dress in a look that's making me want to buy the piece^ It looks great here with the silver boots and all the jewels added at the neckline really don't make you notice the details that I wasn't so fond of. The bag is perfection in the look, I love it here so much, as with the earrings and sunglasses - perfect accessorising completely!