Saturday, 23 March 2019

N E L L Y | Release Review

I was literally just thinking it had been a while since a Nelly release, and then a few days later ... there is one! Nelly generally is pretty good with popular and trendy styles being showcased - I always find something to buy without fail! This new advertising method of showing some clothes on a background is pretty cute, I feel like I get a good idea of the styles in the store with it =)
Highlights This is a one-floor release, and it's quite packed - in the past we've had two Nelly releases that succeed each other quite quickly, but there are a lot of pieces here, so maybe we won't get that this time. There's a real mix of styles and trends, not a set theme, but something to keep everyone happy =)
Accessories The accessories really are pretty stand out with this release, and I have to say it's all about those shoes! There are 5 pairs of shoes and they're pretty much all trendy pieces. There are 3 pairs of trainers, or trainer styles - the Gold Digger Sneakers, with a bright white body and the most amazing gold sole, the Flirty Wave Sneakers, which are a white base with some cool black and neutral tones around the body design, I love the more muted vibe of these, and lastly the kind of super cool Knitted Sock Sneakers in a beautiful lilac, I wasn't 100% sure on these at first, but then I tried them on a few times and knew I needed them! Then there are the Slim Block Boots, a pretty pink pair in a very cool snake print design, that looks a little quilted from afar, but I think they look amazing. And lastly the Sharp Block Sandals which I just have no words for, animal print in a minimal stylish design - what's not to love?! I think these will be a subtly winner from the store that will be very lasting. There are a couple of bags, but for me the Tortoise Plastic Bag really stands out - the tortoise printing is still greatly popular and I find it's something that's easy to wear, it's also not too bold in this bag and there are other features included which will make it easier to fit in with a range of other styles and pieces. The Fishnet Ribbon Ankle Socks in Black and Pink are super cute additions to the store, as are the Heart Diamond Earrings, just super adorable and great little additions for looks!
Clothing There are just so many pieces, I don't know where to begin! I really likes the pale pastel feminine style tones features across the store, so pieces like the Tulle Dress with all it's cute ruffles and off-shoulder detail, the Sleeve Focus Knit in both Green and Pink which gives good options of the same design but the Pink has a sweet tuck in the front, and then of course the Tulle Party Top, that cool lilac piece with a very funky sheer off shoulder design with great sleeves! There are a couple of cool classic shirts, the Draped Shirt which would also look great as a dress, and the Soft Lux Shirt which is a half-tucked striped piece which looks super fun to dress both up and down. Also striped is the Striped Coat which looks pretty good, it's an oversized flowing overcoat in cream with the black stripes - it's a pretty versatile design and so I think will look good in a lot of styles. I'm not such a fan of the denims in this release but I do really like the PVC Cropped Trousers, they look really out of place in the store design, which makes them pop and catch your attention! I've seen a lot of people style these already and they're seeming very versatile.
Prices This release ranges from 9 to 22SD's, which is pretty good, nothing is too pricey at all. There are no SC pieces and nothing is limited to SS or Royalty only members.
Styled Outfits I bought a lot from this release and had too many looks to share, so today just the clothing styles and next week I will share my accessory stylings =) First up the Tulle Dress which I just thought was super adorable, I have some fun plans for this dress, but for now something simple with sheeny and sparkly pink accessories - really love these heels with the dress! Secondly the Tulle Party Top which is just the most fun piece to style! I love pairing it in an all purple styling, the deep tones are great with the lilac and I think these shoes add a little fun with the sparkle and make a good pairing for the earrings that you can just about see against my hair^ I'll totally wear this combination again! And then after all those pastels - something a little more rock chick! The PVC Cropped Trousers were so easy to style and I did get a little pastel and light silk into the look with the bag and shirt, I think it works! Even though I've added a lot of leather and black to the look, I still think the trousers hold their own, it's all about that sheen^
Features I really think this has been a popular and successful release, you guys are really styling up the pieces! First up a few featuring the Striped Coat which I'm now planning to buy and style up^ This one is from ClemenceMoss and I think the coat is looking great with these checked trousers, I love the print and the wide leg style with the oversizing of the coat, it looks great! The rest of the look has been kept minimal, the white shirt and black boots are the perfect neutral for all the stripes and this bag is a perfect colour match for the coat, that's a combination I will be inspired to wear^
And then ajenkam also styles the Striped Coat but paired with the Brilliante Bra Silver, the Knitted Sock Sneakers and the Studded Belt Bag! I think all of these pieces look great together, and the pleated golden midi is a great addition to them. The pastel tones really manage to pop while fitting in with the glitz of the bra design!
And then we have a few stylings with the Tulle Party Top - it's definitely popular! This first look is from Mh91 going all for the lilac, these trousers and the bralette are the perfect pairing for this piece, I love it =) I think the black shiny leather accessories work nicely as a contrast to the pastel, it really looks good and these shoes are the perfect choice - but now I must know where those cute earrings are from!
And secondly in the Tulle Party Top but also the PVC Cropped Trousers - the contrasting tones are clearly winning^ I love the layering of the two lilac pieces together here, the tulle really pops against the PVC of the piece beneath it and it adds such a flouncy feel. Love the silver of the accessories, perfect with the lilac, and the oversized hat is super mysterious^

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