Sunday, 24 March 2019

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We've recently had a new release of Original Future! Not typically my thing, but every so often I might find a piece or two to style up - I did this time^ So a stylings post rather than a review, but I can see it's been quite popular across the site with people being pretty creative with the pieces.
First up the features, ajenkam is styling up the Transparent PVC Jacket and the Silver Y Project Earrings, the pieces are perfect together and I love the beautiful pastel pairings in the look. The lilac is great with the white which really comes across as a glittered silver, and the pink pop of the belt bag is super fun. The plastic booties are spot on for the look and the earrings are the perfect finish!
And then millaxx is styling the Green Stripe Tracksuit in this sleek look! The colours of these trousers are really great, they're kind of the perfect green and the white stripes make an obvious choice for clothing combinations - this is exactly what I would have done! This white denim cropped jacket is perfect with them, the oversizing is a great style pairing and the hem length is great with the fit of the trousers. The bag is perfection, I love it as a choice and the green is an exact match =)
So this time I bought the Neon Ribb Top - I think it's kind of unexpected for me because I'm not a huge neon fan, but I liked the fit of this, and I've seen a few people wearing neon styles that I think I could manage! I'm sticking with safe choices using black with this piece, I thought it was green at first glance, but it's almost a green-yellow cross when styling it up, I love it with both of these neon handbags, which are more yellow based, but it's super fun with the leopard print in the first one^ Keeping the rest of that outfit simple makes it work really well with just the top and bag focus. For the second look I went a little more adventurous and tried out a skirt, I think it works, but it's not my favourite, I do love the accessory choices with this look though =D I have to say upon looking back now, I am quite liking the look of the High Waisted Bodysuits in Pink and Red so I may be making another purchase^

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