Sunday, 3 March 2019

Elbow Peek Trench | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

I spotted up this look from MissDark1990 wearing the Elbow Peek Trench, re-released into Callie's Picks, along with a few other dolls, and it really made me rescue it from my 'sale room'! I'm terrible with these things, it's one of the pieces I've been holding on to for such a long time and hadn't styled it at all - now I finally have enthusiasm for it =D
I loved MissDark1990's styling, the pretty lace detailed dress in nude looks amazing with the tone and design of the coat. The accessories totally transformed the styling, the darker heels and bag really pop nicely, they're small so not overwhelmingly dark, and I love the cute neck scarf added. The body jewels manage to stand out nicely against the dress detailing and I love how sleek the straw hat and golden earrings look, very Mediterranean style and it looks amazing^ For my styling I've really been feeling all the beige tones, some will find this a lot more overwhelming that a dark colour might, because it's a lot of 'plain'! But I really like it for me, especially these boots, a current favourite being featured in many of my looks. I struggled to find an ideal bag for this look, so that's my task for next time when styling this coat! 

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