Friday, 29 March 2019

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As the month comes to an end you have just a couple more days to find the hidden piece for March! This month are the The Beige B Pants, a neutral pair of slim fit trousers with a very cute red-white-black scarf detail belt at the waist, definitely a super cute piece^
The features firstly, Millaxx choose a look totally up my street, the white shirt is a perfect base to make the scarf design pop out, and the style of the two pieces fit together very well. The accessories are chosen perfectly, love the neutral shoes of course, while the black bag is a contrasting choice but makes those little details on the scarf stand out more. Also love the brooch to add extra detail to the shirt, it's perfect!
And secondly pradavsversace, going for pink - which really highlights a blush tone that the trousers have, I think it's a great choice! The jacket is also a great fit, the pink furry trim and sleeve are perfect in colour and the red trim works well with the belt. I love the simple white boots added to work with the belting, and the pearl earrings are a glamorous touch for the styling =)
For my look I decided to make use of the red on the scarf and kind of went all out with one of my favourite tops fro the square neckline, and these pointed heels, I really like it^ It's definitely a lot of bold colour, but I think it does work out^ I kept the other accessories neutral in black, the bag and sunglasses are simple yet stylish pieces that work in a lot of different looks!

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