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I N S P I R E D B Y F E N D I | Tribute Review

And our fourth, and possibly final Tribute of the season is here, Inspired By Fendi! I was pretty stoked from the spoilers and I've loved the previous releases so I have high expectations! I love the colours in the homepage advert, they're pretty cool and are unique to things we've had before. It shows off a minimal side to the collection with just a couple of pieces shown, but gives a neat introduction to this release =)
Highlights This release is split over 3 floors this time, with 4 stylings on each. The whole colour tone of this release is just beautiful, I love the muted-ness of it all and the whole colour of the store, it just completely appeals to me and my current style preferences. So this has a great start =D
Accessories There's a nice range of pieces in the accessories with this release, I think it covers the original collection quite well. There's just the one pair of shoes, the Fendi Inspired Wooden Heels which look retro but pretty sleek when you look closely^ There's a really nice selection of 4 bags with this release: the Fendi Inspired Tan Jade Handbag is the most 'classic' of the styles with the Fendi logos and the cute keychain. I like the neutral pastel colours in this bag, it's a perfect spring piece, and I love the trim on the bag, it's worth checking out zoomed in^ Then there's the Fendi Inspired Shopping Bag which also has the Fendi logos over it but the brown and black colouring disguises that a little. It's quite a large piece, which I find the offputting part of the bag, but I like the handle design and the colours of it. On the smaller side is the Fendi Inspired Lock Handbag which is such a beautiful detailed piece, like seriously, zoom in on this one and you'll be blown away^ What you see as blue on the top flap is actually a neat impressionist floral design ontop of Fendi logo-ing, it's sweet and matches the ribbon tied around the handle. The red on the body of the bag is a great tone and I love the hanging strap as well as the hanging chain. The final bag is one that I thought would be hugely popular but I've only seen worn once, the Cross Body Fendi Bag which is all strapped up across the body with a belt and shoulder strap. The blue is bright and makes it stand out, and it's a small piece which is just right for the style. While I haven't bought it yet, I might get it before the store leaves as I think it could lead to some interesting stylings =D The lingerie pieces are the next biggest category with 3 pairs of socks/tights ranging from ankle socks with the Fendi Inspired Sheer Socks, over knee socks with the Checked Thigh High Socks, then full covered leg with the Cut Out Luxury Stockings. While I do wear tights on occasion, it will always be black ones, so these muted toned patterned ones are quite out of my comfort zone - they do look good on the doll, but I'm yet to see anyone take them on! So maybe socks will work out better for me, I think the ankle socks would be the place to start, they're fairly minimal and neutral so the stripes will work with a lot of shoes that I already have. The Checked Thigh High Socks might be too much for me right now but I've seen so many people rocking them, they seem to win on popularity with this release! There's no belts or jewellery with this release, but you can add to your hair with the Fendi Inspired Catwalk Bangs in a bright jade tone, or add makeup with the Jade Green Catwalk Eyes; and lastly are the Fendi Inspired Eyewear, which are quite a sleek pair of sunglasses which actually look pretty decent =)
Clothing I'm impressed with this collection - I like the graphics and I like the pieces in the store, they get a big thumbs up from me. I feel like there is a lot to choose from, but with the pastel tones it's leaning a little towards the feminine side especially with quite a few floaty materials and styles. The store very easily splits into three categories
     Dresses The dresses are pretty big focal pieces in this release. There are 5 and they're all kinda midi length, which is a favourite around here^ I think we'll talk about my least favourite first, the Striped Diagonal Chiffon Silk Dress, which is a little like a beach piece with a bikini beneath and a silk sheer coverup on top. I like the material and the stripes too and the shape is definitely interesting, but I just don't like it on my doll at all, it doesn't come across as a flattering piece. Then two pieces which almost look like coats to me, the Fendi Inspired Cape Dress in a bright blue with beautiful flowers and a great shape and then the Fendi Inspired Pleather Dress which is in a tan leather again with some little cutout details. Both are belted and I like the overall shape of the pieces, plus they do look good worn. I'd definitely dress them as coats over dresses, but I do think there is potential in them, it's just deciding if they are worth the price tag when I'm not 100% sure on them! And lastly my two favourite pieces, the Fendi Inspired Ribbons Dress and the Fendi Inspired Chiffon Dress, both are navy and floaty and sweet^ I like the shapes of them both, they look good alone and on the doll as well. Both do have a summery feel to them, like the shells along the hem on the Chiffon and the cool cutouts on the cold shoulders of the Ribbons piece. I think these are pretty solid pieces, and they aren't obviously Fendi, I think you'd get good wear out of them, especially in the summer months.
     Tophalves Stripes dominate this category by a mile, there are so many on offer in the store! There are 5 striped pieces, the first two are more structured, the matching Fendi Inspired Diagonal Silk Blouse and Fendi Inspired Diagonal Stripe Blazer which are a grey and brown stripe design with quirky cutouts and a really smart look on the doll. The other three pieces are tight-fitting and sheer based, the Sheer Stripe White Collar Blouse which is my least favourite because of the collar styling, then the Thin Knitted Turtleneck and Sheer Turtleneck both of which I really like. They have good versatile colours and a really nice fit with a polo design and cute sleeves with individual designs. The final two tophalves are outerwear pieces, the Fendi Inspired Jade Jacket and the Faux Mink Bomber - both of which I'm completely on the fence about! I quite like the styles, they're both individual pieces and they definitely stand out in a crowd with their design and colour, but I just don't know how much wear I'd get from them. I wish I could style them a few times before committing to buying them!!!
     Bottomhalves And the final category of the bottomhalf pieces, which I think might be a popular one with everyone and not just us here at The Stardoll Lookbook! Firstly the trousers, the Fendi Inspired Jade Green Pants which I just love, a great colour and a fantastic shape, it's one of my favourites for trousers and it just works so well and looks flattering on the doll. And then the 5 skirts that you can choose from - all midi pieces and all quite something special^ So the two striped pieces are fairly fitting with other items in the collection, the Fendi Inspired Diagonal Stripe Midi Skirt matches nicely with both the Fendi Inspired Diagonal Silk Blouse and Fendi Inspired Diagonal Stripe Blazer and makes a cute co-ord look with either of the tops, and the Sheer Diagonal Stripe Fendi Skirt pairs with the Striped Diagonal Chiffon Silk Dress, and I definitely like the skirt more than the dress as it'll be easier to work with in terms of layering to work around the sheer material. The Green Laser Cut Skirt is a structured piece, I like the tight fit on the waist and hips then the more A-line look in the midi length. The colour is pretty and the cut-out pattern makes it stand out - overall this one looks good on the doll. Then my favourite two skirts, the Shiny Pencil Skirt which is a workwear style piece in leather and a dark colour, it's not quite blue or black, so some people may be put off, but I think the style of it beats that out of the park^ And the Peach Leather Skirt which is feminine despite the leather material, I love the colour of this one, it's a perfect spring tone and the shape is beautiful when worn, I also quite like the belting added to this piece, it's a nice colour contrast =)
Prices This release ranges from 10 to 38SD's which is perfectly fitting with previous Tributes. Nothing is limited to SS or Royalty as usual with Tributes, which is good. I only found it pricey because I bought so much and it all added up!!!
Styled Outfits I went a little crazy and bought most of the collection, it would be boring to see me style everything in this post, so I've just picked out some of the skirts to style today and I'll be posting more looks next week^ First up is the Shiny Pencil Skirt which I've styled very simply with sheer and faux fur and velvet boots, I think the skirt texture still stands out and I think it looks ok amongst the black with it's slightly confusing colour^ I also used the Fendi Inspired Tan Jade Handbag, I really like the light tone of it against the skirt, I think it works =) Secondly I've styled the Sheer Diagonal Stripe Fendi Skirt, which I've smartened with the use of this white shirt, I love the two together and I've added a white pencil skirt beneath to sort out the sheer issue too. I kept pretty on theme with the accessories being on the brighter blue tone, and I just kinda love this one as a whole, it works for me and my style and I can see it working with a lot of different accessories! And the final look with the Peach Leather Skirt and this is my favourite look of the three =D I found so many good tops to wear with this one, but this tight polo was the perfect fit for the colour of the belting, I love the contrast against the peach tone. And I accessorised with some older Fendi too and I love it! These shoes and the bag are perfect for the skirt and I'm so glad I had them to put this look together =D
Features I've seen such a great range of the collection styled, which is fabulous, I'm glad it's been a popular one =) First up lawliet. wearing the Checked Thigh High Socks in this cute, almost preppy styled look. I like the addition of the large checked oversized sweater and the navy split mini, I think the pieces suit the socks well. The accessories are just right, and I love the chained pointed heels, they really stand out paired with the socks^
This feature from lilyhippo makes use of the Sheer Turtleneck in this blue-based style. The top looks good with the tight fitting trousers and the fact that they're navy, plus the blue shoes are fitting with that too. The black in the bag and the belt really makes the two pieces stand out, but not in a negative way, I think they work quite nicely =)
This neutral styling from Miver is ready for the Parisian spring and summer! The nude clothing looks good and makes a good basis for the Fendi accessories used - the Fendi Inspired Eyewear and Fendi Inspired Sheer Socks which fit super nicely with the gold heels. The gold is a great accent in the styling and to highlight the Fendi pieces!
And the final styling, from skycloudgrant wearing the Fendi Inspired Jade Green Pants, Fendi Inspired Tan Jade Handbag and Checked Thigh High Socks - these pieces look fab together! Naturally I like the green, but it really looks good with this frilled white shirt. I love the quirkiness of the leopard print heels, they look so good and have been a fantastic addition to this styling =D

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