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I N S P I R E D B Y D I O R | Tribute Review

Our third release this Tribute season is Inspired By Dior - this was super exciting as Dior is a classic brand and has had some great pieces in past Tributes, so this one is bound to be a winner just from the name^ I love the homepage advert, the blue tones are beautiful and show off a great range of the collection - and the background is beautiful, shiny always attracts the eye!
Highlights This release has 2 floors full of pieces in 10 different looks - the size of the store is close to the previous releases and I think there's a really great selection of pieces, it's a pretty decent representation of the original collection which is massive! I really like this collection as a whole =)
Accessories It's an intimate collection of accessories with this release. There are two pairs of boots, the Dior Inspired Caged Booties and High Caged Booties and while these are very true to the original design, they're not a style that stands out to me as one to buy and I think it's because they're flat heeled. I haven't seen anyone else style them either, so maybe this is a mutual feeling? There are also two bags in the collection, the Dior Inspired Logo Saddle Bag and then the smaller Dior Inspired Flap Lock Bag which I love! It's in a fab yellow colour and has a great focus on details. There are also two headpieces, the Midnight Dior Inspired Felt Hat which is more of a classic piece, and the Denim Veil Barret which is a trendy styled beret which is generally a popular style^ Then there are the Dior Inspired Acetate Aviators which are pretty cool, the yellow stands out and the shape is modern. And lastly the Spider Lash Inspired Makeup, which doesn't appeal to me, but I think it will work out well for a lot of others =) 
Clothing I was really impressed with the clothing in this release - it's a mix of some great styles and designs, and a lot of the pieces are really stand out, if you wear them they're easily identifiable as Dior! The two floors have quite distinct vibes, with the first being more focused on blues and the second on black+pop of colour, which works well I think.
     Dresses The release has 4 dresses, two mini pieces and two which are split length. The Dior Inspired Light Wool Pleated Dress and Dior Inspired Pleated Dress are pretty identical, with the first being wool and the second being a shiny leather style. Both have a corset design on the top with shorts on the bottom and s split skirt over the top. It's not a style I've really thought of wearing but I think the pieces both look very flattering on the doll. The mini pieces are both completely different. The Spider Heart Dress is a black and white piece with a peter-pan collar, short sleeves and a nipped in waist before the skirt - it's not a piece that stands out to me, and it seems out of place in an otherwise great store. Then there is the Mosaic Dior Inspired Shift Dress which I think is quite a sweet piece and I like the glitter effect that the tiny mosaic gives when the piece is on the doll. The shape is good and I like the cutout on the shoulders, I think it's a surprise good piece from the release.
     Jumpsuits There's a couple of jumpsuits/body pieces in this release, so I felt they should have their own section. The Dior Inspired Boiler Suit is definitely somewhat of an odd piece, while I think the right stylish person could wear the RL piece, I'm not sure how wearable it will be in the Stardoll world - I think I'd quite like it open, or with the top-half tied around the waist, but I don't know how many different ways I could wear it as is even though I quite like the pleathery texture ... how do you guys feel about this piece?! Let me know in comments! Then there are two bodies, the Dior Inspired Striped Bodysuit which has a little retro vibe in the bright yellow and black stripes. It's got a slimming fit and I really like the look of it in the store. And lastly the Mosaic Orange Playsuit, which I think just looks awesome and it really stands out in the store. The colour is beautiful and I think it suits my doll really nicely, it's another piece that looks glittery from afar but is a mosaic when you look close up, and the bronze colour of the individual pieces is just great^ And again, I think it looks fantastic in the store.
     Tops Two shirts comprise the tophalf offerings of the store, and I think they are both good classic styles! You really can't have enough white shirts, the Dior Inspired Tuxedo Blouse is a great addition to my collection of white shirts and it has a fabulous minimal style with little details which make it a stand out piece! The fit is good and I love the detailing of the sleeves. And secondly the Dior Inspired Classic Striped Blouse, which is in a stylish and 'classic' blue and white pinstripe design with a masculine styling that I really like. The sleeves are very blouson-styled and I think it makes it an individual piece. Both look to be versatile and I think they will definitely be some of the most-bought pieces from the store!
     Bottoms I'm super pleased with the bottomhalves in the store - 5 choices, 2 pairs of trousers and 3 skirts. In the trousers are a classic style in the Dior Inspired Front Pleat Pants which were an immediate purchase for me - I love their minimalism and their sleek cut, they're flattering on the doll, and I also love that their in a navy, it makes them stand out in my wardrobe. The design is timeless and they're a lasting piece^ And then there are jeans in the Dior Inspired Wide Leg Denim, these are a funky pair of jeans with unique panelling, they stand out amongst all the other jeans in the Plaza! I like the blue tones they have, and the high waisted fit works well on all dolls. The skirts: the Dior Inspired Fringe Midi Skirt was the second immediate purchase for me, this skirt is amazing!!! I love the fringe design and the colours are so pretty, it's also in a great length and has a good fit overall, I don't see anything not to love about it! And the final skirts are essentially the same, the Dior Inspired Tuille Skirt in a yellow tone and the Polka Dot Dior Inspired Tuille Skirt in an orange - they're sweet pieces which look great in the store and make good layering options. They look nice on the doll and again they have a nice midi length.
     Outerwear And the last category of clothing, the 4 outerwear choices. And I think they really are all fab pieces. 3 of them match bottoms in the release, while there is one stand alone piece, and that is the Oversized Dior Inspired Coat. I really love this piece, it's a masculine-shirt style but I adore the little details on the pockets and cuffs, they really make it an individual piece. Then there is the Double Breasted Christian Jacket, in panelled denim to match the Dior Inspired Wide Leg Denim, it's an oversized piece in the popular over-shoulder style, so that alone will probably make it a popular piece. I quite like the unique style for a denim jacket, we sure don't have anything else like it. Next is the Dior Inspired Fringe Jacket matching the Dior Inspired Fringe Midi Skirt, I think this is the best combination, I love the fringing and the colour, and this jacket has such a spring-jacket-shaping. It's a little loose on the doll, but not too loose so it doesn't look good. I haven't seen so many people wearing it, so I'm not sure how popular it is, but I really like this one^ And the final coat is the Navy Safari Jacket to match with the Dior Inspired Front Pleat Pants. It's a very neat piece and is fitted well to the doll. I think it will be a good layering piece with its minimal style and design, but again it's one I haven't seen a focus on in stylings.
Prices This release ranges from 10 to 38SD's, with none of the pieces being limited to SS or Royalty, so everything is available to everyone. These prices are in line with previous Tributes and I don't think anything is too outrageously priced for what it is =)
Styled Outfits So much fun working with this release! My first look uses both the Dior Inspired Tuxedo Blouse and Oversized Dior Inspired Coat, and I really liked using the accents on the coat in the accessories, so I chose these glittered boots and this pastel Dior bag to go with it and I love it! Also choosing Dior in these trousers, the minimal base sets it all up for the coat and accessories =) The second look uses the Dior Inspired Front Pleat Pants and while I was desperate to use the Dior Inspired Flap Lock Bag with them, it just didn't work out with the rest of the outfit, which I really like. The navy looks great with purple, I love pairing the trousers with these booties and jacket and the top came along very naturally. They are really versatile trousers so will work in so many different looks^ And the final outfit wearing the Dior Inspired Fringe Midi Skirt and I was feeling inspired by New Years for this one adding silver to it - this glitzy jacket is a fabulous addition and I think it looks good with the skirt fringing too. It may be a bit over the top, but I quite like it, and the boots too, loving the slouchy style of them with the midi skirt length =D
Features And now for the host of features - this Tribute sure is a popular one! First up larissa-goldie, wearing the Dior Inspired Classic Striped Blouse and the Dior Inspired Logo Saddle Bag. I like the shirt paired with the jumpsuit, it keeps the focus of the shirt on the sleeves, and I don't mind the large amount of black in the added clothing, I think it helps make the white on the shirt pop out. I like the bag in the look too, the logo is more minimal tucked behind the jumpsuit.
Next up is lilicyLady wearing the Polka Dot Dior Inspired Tuille Skirt in this sheer focused look. I really like the skirt on it's own without any layering, it really makes the look stand out, and the plan black suit underneath looks good. The glittering bolero looks amazing, it's a piece I've really never seen before and it's great here, it sits at the right point on the waist and it's got just the right amount of glamour^ The accessories are minimal but perfectly fitting to the style!
This next feature from MissSierr piles on a lot of the collection, the Dior Inspired Tuxedo BlouseDior Inspired Light Wool Pleated DressDior Inspired Acetate Aviators and the Dior Inspired Flap Lock Bag - you'd think it might be too much, but definitely not! I like the layering of the dress and shirts, the ruffled off-shoulder piece looks good to pair the skirting and the smart white shirt. The yellow pops out nicely and fits the overall vibe well =)
And some more yellow in this styling from SakuraDream using the Dior Inspired Flap Lock Bag and Dior Inspired Striped Bodysuit layered with some classic black pieces. I like the style of the body with that of the jeans, I think it suits really well, especially with the accessorising with this belt. It's a good way to wear this body in a winter styling, and fits very nicely with the January Wearing post as well!
Also going with one of the dresses is Vetala, choosing the shiny Dior Inspired Pleated Dress along with the Dior Inspired Logo Saddle Bag and the High Caged Booties, and while these boots definitely don't work for me, I think they look good on this doll and in this styling. The dress may be styled alone but I think it works to sell the collection. I like the beret along with the delicate jewellery chosen, but that deep lip is definitely a winner!
And the final in the clothing stylings, and a whole set of 4, from France25! I love the casual-ness and cool-ness of the whole outfit featuring the Dior Inspired Wide Leg Denim, they look great with the bright orange and I like the more formal style of the overcoat. Can't resist the silky pink with the Dior Inspired Fringe Midi Skirt too, but loving the final look with the Mosaic Orange Playsuit - it's another casual sort of styling and looks good with the neutral tones of the clothing and also the golden and orange accents =)
The final feature is one making use of the interior from the store from tolady - it's kept minimal, but with enough pieces to hold interest and make you have a good look around, and it's also a good space to show off an outfit! I like the use of plants and flowers, as well as the lighting branches at the ladder. I really like the use of the modern silver table on the right, as well as it's decor, it's a good fit for the room^

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