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S E P T E M B E R 2018 | Hotbuys Review

Another month of Hotbuys has come and gone, here is the September review! These pieces were perfect for the season, completely spot on with styles and trends and colours - I am definitely pleased with this set and I think many of you are too^ I think there's a pretty good range and a good balance between clothing and accessories, so let's see how everything fares! I will comment that I think the HBs are getting a little expensive again, this month 3 pieces at 30SD's and another 3 over 25SD's which fairly adds up in cost quickly!

One Shoulder Cutout Bodysuit - I've not always been a complete fan or follower of bodysuits, but I'm really liking the look of this one! I like that the fabric and colour is a softer and more muted black rather than dark and solid, I think it looks great on the doll. The cutout shape is still current, I love the assymetrical style with the one long sleeve and the crossover - super flattering! Original Future 25SD's
Chloe Inspired Cut Out Boots - A very rock and roll pair of boots next up, I bought them immediately even though they're something different, I just think the design of the graphic looks amazing! Love the pointed toe and again the cutout detailing. These will be great for the winter season, and I've even styled them up already =) Fallen Angel 25SD's
Aviator Style Sunglasses - A pretty standard pair of sunglasses for our third HB this month, but I love the difference that they're brown rimmed, I think it really makes them stand out! And those blue-tinted lenses, I think they look pretty cool and retro too with the frame shape and style - yeah, I like these^ RIO 16SD's
Shell Choker - So this one isn't really for me, I thought we'd moved on from choker-style pieces really, we had a lot in the HB's in the past few years so I think the style has been exhausted a little. This one is shell-lined, so it does stand out in the crowd, but as it's quite a small piece, I do think there is the potential to get lost within a look. RIO 16SD's
Inspired Saddle Bag - I've been so excited for this bag! I love the Dior Saddle Bag, which have been all over the place recently, you can't miss them at all! I'm hoping we get Dior this winter Tribute season to have a printed one^ Anyway this one is a perfect burgundy colour, great for right now, and I love the gold hardwear detailing. I could give the 'HB' addition a miss, but it doesn't effect my love for this piece =D It Girls 26SD's
Oversized Denim Jacket - Fitting in with streetstyle trends, this jacket is the next HB. I like the grey wash to the colour, I think it works nicely for the season and makes a lighter change to black. I don't like the fit though, it's too oversized for my style, but that will work well for others, so I'll be giving this one a miss. It Girls 30SD's
Cropped Flared Pants - What I won't be forgoing are these trousers, super excited for these - they are even better than I thought they would be from the HBs advertising! I love a good pair of black trousers and I think these are it for this year. They fit the doll perfectly, they have a high waist and are fitted on the thigh but then flare at the crop, which is completely my favourite style right now. The black tone is perfect, just right^ I just love these so much, such a flattering piece to have! It Girls 23SD's
Vetements Inspired Floral Dress - Something a little different, this dress is full of rich blue and purple hues! It definitely is the most eye-catching and attention-stealing HB this month^ It's a mini piece with a high neck and long sleeves, when you buy it you also get the free matching gloves if you want to go all out too^ It might surprise some of you that I bought this but I think it will be super fun in winter stylings, let's see if I follow through on that! Velvet Orchid 30SD's
Gucci Inspired Over The Knee Boots - These boots are really something, loose over the knee and covered in the Gucci logo! I'm on the fence about them right now, I think it's mostly down to the high price tag, they're not cheap for boots, certainly a piece you don't love immediately. I think they will make some great looks, the colour of them is versatile and easy to style, but they're definitely more of a statement boot than something that could be added to every look, let me know what you guys think of these too =) It Girls 30SD's
Gucci Inspired Crystal Brooch - And something shiny for the final HB of the month released today. As it's quite a small piece, I think it's one that could easily be forgotten. When you see it up close it definitely is beautiful, but you're never really going to do that when wearing it. For me it's a 'no', but I'm sure some of you will love to add this to your wardrobe. Bizou 13SD's

First up in the features is Mia1435 wearing the Oversized Denim Jacket, which I think looks fab but just not on me^ I don't think it looks too oversized in this styling, it really pops in the styling too against the black base of the polo and skirt. Really like the use of the checked boots, they're just right and also loving the cross-body bag over the jacket too =)
Secondly millaxx wearing the Chloe Inspired Cut Out Boots - this outfit is absolute perfection for these boots^ They work very well with these matching leather trousers, and the black base of the look is just right for this fabulous coat, I'm so jealous of it!!! The rest of the accessories are cool too, this bag is just right - after seeing this I'm a lot more excited to work more with these boots!
And finally nonaaa11 also wearing the Chloe Inspired Cut Out Boots but adding in the Inspired Saddle Bag and the Shell Choker as well =) I think this oversized knit is great with the delicate size and design of the bag, plus the colours are a great match. The checked skirt just pops out the bottom of the sweater but I really like the print there. The boots look great with the opaque tights too^

And finally my own looks - as usual I've picked out the pieces not styled in the features =) First up the Vetements Inspired Floral Dress and Aviator Style Sunglasses which I really like together and also styled like this for winter, loving the colours of the dress against the navy of the coat and the brown on the boots. Secondly the One Shoulder Cutout Bodysuit which I found I had so many options for once I started looking for something - I haven't worn this pair of culottes in a while but I love the muted tones of it paired with the Body^ Kept my accessories minimal too, but I really think it works out very nicely =) And lastly the Cropped Flared Pants, oh man I just love these so much! They looked good with so many tops and shirts that it was hard to just style one look - in the end this cool black blouse won-out, the oversizing of the shoulders is great against the hem of the trousers. Even though I don't love platforms, the vibe of these trousers is just calling out for platforms, these silver ones are a great fit and allow use of silver in the accessories =D

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