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S U M M E R 2 0 1 6
So for this summer at least, this will be the last Tributes Revisited post - don't worry, the winter ones are coming when winter does, but I think I'll save the 2017 Tributes to post about next year^ This summer gave us a lot to work with with a whopping 7 releases! That's John Galliano, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Alexander McQueen, Golce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo and Balmain - what a choice! I do think it's a little overwhelming to have too much choice sometimes, but this gave a great range of styles for everyone with versatility, so a pretty successful year I'd say =)

This release isn't so reminiscent of summer as it was a super dark one, but so many dreamy pieces in our first foray into Marc Jacobs! The clothes aren't hugely everyday-pieces, but the outerwear pieces are super versatile and are some of my favourite autumn/winter pieces! I didn't appreciate it at the time, but the bags in this collection are some of the best! I love the bags so much and I'm annoyed I don't own them all, haha, time to search the Bazaar^

Another accessories drop from Fendi, which is fabulous because we always need accessories^ I don't think this release was as strong as the previous, or the future ones, but I do think it had some key pieces included, and ones I haven't stopped using at all! The pieces are pretty close to their originals, I just almost wish this had been a clothing release too because now looking back at the inspiration collection there are some stunning clothing items to fit with the bags^ I love the colour choice with this one, there is something to fit with every style, black and studs, multicoloured, neutrals, and bolds =)
And a cool feature for this one, Bimbacoco styling the 2Jours Small Leather Tote with a fabulous mix of pink pieces to match, they're super cute, especially the shoes and the earrings! The look is minimal but a classic fit with the bag, love the lipstick-printed top in the styling, different but fitting well with the look =D

D O L C E & G A B B A N A
A classic release from Dolce&Gabbana this season, and for me these styles really speak about the brand and fit well with the overall image - plus they're pretty nice pieces when worn! Alike the Marc Jacobs release above, there are quite a lot of darker styles mixed in with a few bright and bold pieces, so definitely aimed at autumn, but some super cool versatile pieces in the mix. Looking at the inspiration collections now, I do feel like we missed out on some super awesome accessories though, that was one things I felt like the collection maybe lacked in, but I won't turn down golden shoes!!!

And the final Tribute for revisiting today, Jimmy Choo - solely (haha, get it^^) the shoe collection of the year that I truly loved having in the Plaza, more Jimmy Choo please Stardoll! I love that it just had shoes, although of course I over-bought and then had too many pairs to wear =) This release kinda had it all, minimal styles, fun pieces, bold colours and additions ... really a versatile collection which really added to the Plaza, I'm super happy about this one! There are a few pieces that really do get the spotlight still from this collection, namely the Faux Croc Metallic Heels in their beautiful navy with a pointed toe.
And a feature for this one too, of course wearing the Faux Croc Metallic Heels is 3Siostry in this super cool blue-based look! I love the split leg in the dress, it definitely highlights the leg and the shoe, showing it off. The addition of layering and sleeves to the top part definitely keep your focus on the feet which I love about this outfit =)

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