Sunday, 16 September 2018

M I L L I O N A I R E M A N S I O N | Release Review / / #MYSUITESUNDAY

It's been a little while since this Millionaire Mansion Decor release, but finally a post! This is actually the first MM Decor post I've done, which was a little surprising, but it's a good release^ The advertising is minimal in background but lets the pieces pop with their rich colours, and also who can't resist a cute dog?!?!
Highlights This is a one floor release which is a pretty stylish one! It's colourful with a mix of different decor tastes - and quite a few usable pieces.
Furniture There are a huge choice of seating pieces, 5 to pick from in a range of colours and styles. I'm really quite liking them all^ The Velvet Sofa really is the standout piece, it's great, I love it! The colour is beautiful and the shape is eye-catching and will work well in a lot of interior designs. I do also quite like the second sofa, the MM Day Bed, particularly for it's colours, they're so deep and different to other pieces that we've got in the same category. The Velvet Brass Chair also stands out, the brass base is beautiful, and I love the colour of the seat, a great muted moss green tone. And there are also a few tables, I love the Marble Coffee Table as it's not your average marble, the colour is fantastic. Or for metallic there is the Bronze Coffee Table which is definitely something a little extra^ I've tried it out in a few of my suite rooms and just can't get it right, so I'm excited to see someone use this!
Decor I feel like there are fewer decor pieces with this release than with others, but I'd say they're still pretty good =) Flowers always stand out, the Green Glass Vase has super bright white blooms which is super attractive and these will be an easy piece to style, as will the MM Juliet Roses Vase be, super minimal yet cute and feminine in pink. Of course also in pink is one of the stand-out pieces, the Gucci Inspired Cushion, which I had to buy immediately! It's awesome, super current and a great addition for any suite^ The Gucci Inspired Porcelain Vase also has some pink, and it's pretty good too, but the Cushion definitely wins of the two for my style =)
Prices This release ranges from 9 to 30SD's with good prices for the smaller pieces. It's not a limited release, and there are no SS or Royalty only items, so pretty good I'd say!
#MYSUITESUNDAY I didn't end up buying too much, however when I'm in a decorating mood I can see more purchases being made. I haven't gone for the Velvet Sofa yet because I have one from LE Decor which is super similar in style, but the Marble Coffee Table is stunning with it and I'm super pleased with this as an addition to my suite. It's definitely the seating I'll be reaching for in the Plaza in the future as these pieces really are fab =D

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