Wednesday, 26 September 2018

M S W 1 8 S T O R E | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

It's that time of year - MSW. I have no interest in the contest whatsoever, I'd kinda hoped it would be skipped over^ But we've started with a clothing release, and it was quite disappointing although I'm not sure if I really was expecting anything great as these releases haven't been to my taste in the past either. But I did like one piece which I bought, and so did Marta-43! This outfit makes the Embellished Lace Slingback Pumps really look amazing! The colour of the shoes is perfection against the shorts, and the white base makes the colour pop even more, it's perfect^ The red touches are super eye catching, and I love that the hair and lips match too. The belt bag and then the added one hanging from the belting is super cute and very trendy for the moment, I really love it!
I styled up 3 looks with the Embellished Lace Slingback Pumps too ready for autumn. Really love these with both trousers and skirts, prints and plain - definitely loving these snake print trousers, the jewels on the shoes really stand out and the pointed toe helps to elongate the leg, this blouse also has sweet details to pair with those on the shoes. The crossbody bags in the second and third looks both look awesome too, particularly with their metallic and jewel touches. The colour of the tulle in the skirting is a perfect match for the shoes, it's a combination I'll be pulling out again soon for sure^

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