Friday, 21 September 2018

1 Piece 1 Week | Layered Garden Heels

Picking out shoes for this weeks 1 Piece 1 Week - the Layered Garden Heels from Nicholas Kirkwood/Callie's Picks! Definitely seeming a more spring piece, but I think florals can work in this summer-autumn transitional period too. I love the print on these, the bright colours against the white base, and the straps across the foot, they're cute and different. Plus these are a piece I really haven't seen styled at all, so I definitely want to give them a chance!
All about those garden greens
The flowers immediately make me think of gardens and green, I adore the shoes with this butterfly appliqued coat, it's a super fun pairing despite the dark base to the piece, the muted greens work just as well with these shoes as the lighter minty tones. The flounce in this skirt works with the flowers femininity as do the frills on the shirt - all about the volume!
Dressing with dresses
Fancy shoes of course call for dressing up, done with dresses in these stylings^ Playing with prints and minimal stylings, both look great. I love the similar tones in the fun picture print of the first piece, and I think the pops of turquoise are beautiful in the overall styling and help draw the earrings in. Love this for something different. Sheeny and ankle-skimming in the minimal styling, but I love it, the shoes pop perfectly in this look while the jacket adds a casual feel to the styling =)
Bold and bright colour pops
This Satin Shirt is a great fit for the shoes, the colour is a good match - so I took the pair on to style for the last set of looks. Colour is a must with all of the neutrals and the red and yellow in the shoes were great choices for that. Can't get over these contrasting accessories, so much love for them and I think both looks really let the floral printing stand out and be eye-catching^

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