Saturday, 22 September 2018

The Season's Change

Well, I finally got my wish. The weather in the UK is UNPLEASANT. I've decided to update my suite accordingly. 

This coat is bonkers. I forgot I had it, but as with all changes of season, I've been clearing out my online wardrobe and there it was. I decided to pair it with some tartan vibes as I've been updating the Scottish side of my family tree this weekend. 

Tartan is difficult to dress up in my opinion. It's both eccentric heritage and devil-may-care punk, neither of which lends itself to easy sophistication. So you may as well embrace it, hence why I've thrown in a safety pin, some practical boots and enough eyeliner to shake a stick at. I wanted to add a thistle too, just to give it that edge of prickly disposition but I couldn't find one?? Stardoll, this is blatant thistle erasure and I won't stand for it!

Now I'm putting this post together I feel like my doll looks like she's waiting for a bus or something, having rolled out of a late night session of Scottish country dancing. That eyeliner's not going to last for long without an umbrella, that's for sure!

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