Tuesday, 11 September 2018

T R A I L S | Styled Outfits

Our last summer release I suspect, new TRAILS! I've found this before with TRAILS, but I never feel initial love with this store, I need to give the pieces a year to settle in! It's not a huge release, so doesn't really warrant a review, but I picked up a piece, and was very kindly gifted another piece by a friend so decided to style them =)
Firstly, I didn't mean for the looks to match quite like they have, but I'm quite enjoying it^ The Espadrille Wedges are on the left, and cost just 5SD's which I think is a great price. I love how slimming they make the foot look, and also love the black against the classic pale straw-based sole, I think it looks very streamline. I based my look on the black, with this cami one of my solid summer staples and I love the style of it with these shoes. The yellow trousers add a light touch and work perfectly in the styling with these earrings by the wonderful aeyafternoon^ And the yellow pairs nicely with the second look featuring the Frill Mini Skirt which is just adorable, I wish we'd had it earlier in the summer! After the first styling I decided to keep it in the same vibes, and chose to use black in the accessories with a similar belt and these fab summer flats. The white off shoulder frilled top adds a lightness to the look and I love it paired with the frilled hem of the skirt!

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